Setting up DnD 5e campaign, players wanted! ówò

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  1. hOI! I'm not temmie!

    I'm looking for 4 or 5 players for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I'm setting up on Roll20.
    Preferably, all players should be from Europe, for schedule convenience. Though I'm more than fine with people from anywhere joining, so long as they're willing and able to fit early morning/late night sessions in their schedule.
    I haven't planned on using a premade module, but I'm open to doing one if the party would rather play a module before trying a completely fabricated story.

    The game will likely be played on a hex grid, unless it proves seriously inconvenient.

    New or inexperienced players are welcome.
    Players should look into getting the following DnD books for character creation and references:
    • DnD 5e Basic Rules (Free download on Wizard's of the coast website)
    • DnD 5e Player's Handbook
    • Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
    • Elemental Evil Player's Companion
    Players also need to sign up to , as this is where I'll be hosting the game for the time being.
    (If possible, it'd be great if someone were willing to explore the roll20 browser application with me, as I've only ever used it from a player's perspective. This way I can avoid having the players wait when we get into it.)

    I plan on using Discord for voice communication. It works in most browsers and has an application for those that would rather not use a browser app.



    -Edit- The purchase of the books is not a necessity. I can supply players with the bare basics.
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  2. Here's the handbook for anyone who needs it.

    Hi Saisentan! I might be interested in joining, but I'd rather see the campaign's roll20 page before anything.
    I'd appreciate if you would post the link when it's finished.

  3. I would be so down, but I'm from the Free States of United Freedom.
  4. I am pretty interested in this, but i agree with Redsun, could you link the d20 page?
  5. I'm interested, though you'll be dealing with a dirty yank with a job to worry about. I'd like to know when these games will go down so I can prepare accordingly.
  6. pretty sure this thread is inactive, unfortunately :/

    *unwatches thread*
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