Setting & Pairing Ideas

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  1. Pairings:
    Grown up Red Riding Hood*xThe Wolf
    Princess*xCourt Wizard
    ThiefxRunaway Princess
    Body Guardx Princess
    Evil King/QueenxKidnapped Princess*
    Elf x Human
    DragonxDragon Priest(ess)

    (would like to keep this with OCs only but canon characters can be okay)
    Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender
    Minecraft (ideas for sentient monstersxMiners)
    Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age
    Fullmetal Alchemist


    *= roles I'd like to play

    Plot Ideas (some of the above pairings are incorporated)
    Big Bad Wolf (open)

    Red Riding Hood x Wolf: Instead of the Woodsman getting a chance to tear The Wolf a new one, the wolf managed to escape. Years after the "Grandma's House" incident Red is a happy 18 year old, she still battles with some trauma from the incident, but she continues to go out to her grandmother's house and help her in her final years. One day when returning from her Grandma's House, Red comes across a half conscious, and bloody man in the middle of the road, and takes him back to town. Little does she know that he's actually the Wolf that haunts her childhood.

    RobotxMechanic (open)

    Far off in the future, when robots are common, and used amongst military, and day to day life. One day a mechanic finds a discarded military robot in the wastes outside the city. Not wanting to waste such a great opportunity, they take the robot back home and fix them up.

    WitchxDemon (open)

    After a brutal attack, a witch is dying alone, afraid to meet their fate they accept a deal with a demon and they bind their fates together and will save their life.

    Smut tropes I'm interested in:
    Light bondage and BDSM
    Multiple partners/Polyamorous relationship
    Age differences (6+ years)

    Smut tropes I'm NOT interest in:

    Willing to mix and match any of the pairings to create a polyamorous relationship. (Like SupernaturalxPrincessxThief, PrincessxCourt WizardxDemon, etc.). LGBT+ friendly RP. Can make any pairing above into a lesbian, gay, polyamorous, or heterosexual pairing if desired. Wanting to go at least 50/50 on plot to smut ratio, but also willing to have just porn with out plot.​
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  2. polyamorous relationships interest me, though I prefer more romance to smut
  3. I added some plot ideas!
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  5. Still looking!
  6. If you don't mind running more than 1 rp with me I'll gladly take one or two of these off your hands.
  7. i wouldn't mind doing the Little Red riding hood with you or Evil King x Kidnapped Princess ^~^
  8. I'm looking for partners again!
  9. I've added a new fandom section! Take a look and hit me up if anything pops an interest~!
  10. Hey for fullmetal what did you have in mind?
  11. @AprilannSummers it'd depend, figured something with alchemists or automail workers though, military may or may not be included. Also depends on if we'd do FMA 2003 or Brotherhood.
  12. Lol brotherhood but nvm
  13. No sorry im kinda looking for someone to ro as Greed
  14. Oh alright then!
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