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  1. I thought I might give this worldbuilding challenge thing a try after I saw an image earlier today that got me inspired. The idea with this challenge is that you have to find a picture that doesn't openly reveal anything about a possible setting, and use your imagination and worldbuilding skills to create a worldspace based on the image. Here's the image I developed a setting from earlier today:

    This broken mechanical building could be anywhere. It could have been destroyed in a recent riot, a meteor storm, or left to rot by a fleeing civilisation. What I'm trying to say is that it could lead to loads of different interpretations, and it's this kind of open ended image that I like to develop settings from. The one I developed from this will likely be used in an RP sometime soon.
  2. Ummm... What picture?
  3. Any picture, provided it's of a small scene - a cityscape or a rolling landscape wont work
  4. Isn't it obvious? It was destroyed by the Sentient banana armies who grew tired of having witness their brothers be eaten by those foul humans!

    And don't even ask why I did this.
  5. @Archwar damn how could I be so blind? It's so obvious now.
  6. Don't you remember what happened AFTER the bananas? It was the sentient ORANGES that rebelled, and this building is what remains of the banana government hq.
  7. How? Both sides were in on it!
  8. It must have been the apples...
  9. The God damn apples!
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  11. And we all thought the apples were too busy with infighting between the red and green variants to mount such an assault!
  12. On subject please, people~ <3

    Your apple/banana silliness might be better suited to PM than a worldbuilding exercise, though I'm glad to see members having fun and getting along ^.^

    This is Lenny vanKlerk's family home. It's got a posh feel, because the house is an old, Victorian one that was in the family for many, many generations, but it's furnished simply and dcorated with modern themes. Lenny's family is fairly well-off, being able to keep the house and even employ a gardener and housekeeper, but they make a point of living in moderation. The house is expansive, with several guest rooms as well as generous quarters for Lenny and his parents (Lenny is an only child). As a child, he was surprised at the smaller size of his friends' houses and properties, but learned quickly that it was impolite to criticize or brag. As a child, his favourite past-time was sliding on his socks over the waxed floors, as an adult, he likes to drag a beanbag chair down from his room to sit in front of the fireplace and work on whatever hobby has taken his interest this week.