Set Upon by Hyenas. Gladiatorial Combat in Africa Proconsularis.

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Set Upon by Hyenas

A questionably historical and completely unfair RNG gladiatorial death fest. Will your poor gladiator survive a day in the pit?


(I'm 98% sure this image is public domain.)

It's 130 BC or thereabouts and Rome is still riding high on their victory in the Third Punic War. Africa Proconsularis, formerly the state of Carthage, quickly establishes itself as one of the wealthiest provinces in the empire thanks to grain exports. To celebrate prosperity the governor of Africa Proconsularis has announced a day of games in the newly built gladiatorial arena.

His understanding of such games is lacking however and he has thrown out all semblance of rules or sense. Gladiators of all types shall fight one another and whatever beasts dragged in from the greater African continent. More maddeningly, all fights are to the death, or at least to the sufficient maiming. What's the point in letting losers live? Any combatant who shows and modicum of mercy to their opponent shall be set upon by trained hyenas, as is the will of the governor.

Character creation:

Unlike other RPs which features silly things such as player agency and fun Set Upon by Hyenas determines players roles through one simple role of a d6 die. Those who want to join this madness for whatever awful reason just have to roll a d6 in this thread using the on-site dice roller and post it to this thread. That's it. Don't need a name or any other nonsense. Names'll just get in the way anyways, no need putting in all effort only for your poor guy to get killed one fight in.

Anyways, after rolling just look at the following list to determine your role!

1: Murmillo - Sporting a snazzy fish-crested helmet (of which their name derives) and wearing an arm-guard, Murmillo are what you think about when you think gladiator. They carry a short sword and large, legion style shield, making them one of the heaviest armoured combatants.

Counters: Dimachaerus, Velites
Countered by: Retiarius, Cestus

2: Retarius - Armored only with a large arm-guard that extends to their chests, Retarius are the second thing most people think about when they think about gladiators. Famously, they carry trident and net. The latter of which the Retarius is named for.

Counters: Murmillo, Velites
Countered by: Dimachaerus, Cestus

3: Dimachaerus - There is conflicting information on what these combatants wore, or even they were really a class of their own in the first. For the sake of simplicity, they are lightly armoured in Set Upon by Hyenas with only a few leather wrappings here and there. What defines Dimachaerus is the two swords they carry, usually gladius.

Counters: Retarius, Cestus
Countered by: Murmillo, Velites

4: Velites - Wearing no armor, this class of gladiator shared it's name with similarly equipped Republican army units. They carry only a few spears with attached thongs for easier throwing.

Counters: Cestus, Dimachaerus
Countered by: Murmillo, Retarius

5: Cestus - Completely unarmored excepting the strange weapons they share their name with. These combatants wear armored bladed gauntlets and were pitted against apparently better armed opponents in which they did oddly well for themselves.

Counters: Murmillo, Retarius
Countered by: Velites, Dimachaerus

6: Lion - Yep, that's right, you're a pluto-damned lion. No fancy intelligence or anything, just a good-ol' ruler-of-the-savanna lion. You've probably been beaten and starved for the last bit of your life, so show those dirty hairless apes who's the real king of the jungle.

Counters: Nothing
Countered by: Nothing


The meat (and honestly everything else) of this RP is RNG rock-paper-scissors combat with flimsy roman framing. Combat is quite simple and requires almost no effort for both the players and (most importantly) myself.

First off you are set up for a bout by me using the built in dice roller. This dice roll will determine if you're fighting a player or NPC and what role you are going up against. After that your announced WWE style and the fight begins.

Each player rolls dice using the in game roller. If one class counters another then the counterer rolls a 3d6 while the countered only rolls a 2d6. In neither class counters one another they both roll 2d6. This is done until someone wins three rolls. You may roleplay the fight if you wish. If you lose your character is killed or horribly maimed and removed from the RP. You may roll another if you wish.

There are also special fights including small teams and large animals but those will be explained when/if we get to them.

All rolls are final, anyone who attempts to fudge the system will be set upon by hyenas.

After the day of games the RP is over. There are no winners. Have fun.
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