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  1. Ashlyn fiddled with her quill as she finished making her own application to join the crew that she herself was building. For the magic on the pages to work, every crewmember needed to make one. The pages had a binding spell on them, the applications would be tied together after the crew was complete, the pages would melt into the crew member’s hands, leaving a tattoo like mark on their skin. She glanced down at the application again.

    Reaching over she gripped the glass of water that a bar wench sat down for her. The soon to be captain looked up and gave the girl a once over.

    “Thankya,” She spoke before her eyes watched the wench retreat back into the main part of the tavern. Picking up the salt shaker, the siren sprinkled a large amount of the white substance into its depths. As the salt shaker clinked back onto the table, she picked the water up and chugged it in two large gulps, her pupils slitted for a moment before bouncing back to their more human appearance. She hated waiting. She truly did. She glanced around the room, taking in the darkness of it. It reeked of secrets, just the way she liked it. A smirk curved over her lips.

    Her eyes went to peer out of the curtained archway towards th main part of the tavern, wondering if she'd see anyone coming her way, application in hand.
  2. Ashta wandered over towards the back of the tavern, application loosely in her grip. She headed over to the captain of the ship and gave a slight bow towards her, acknowledging the abnormal aura around her to betrayed her alternative species to the young Veela. "I heard you are looking for some crew, yes?" she says with a slight curl to her R's. Ashta puts down the application among the papers on the inhuman's desk and steps back with a bowed head. Blonde hair is pulled back and bright eyes swirl with spiritual power. A slight smile shows pointed incisors.
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  3. Mumbling to himself with his head down. "well I've done it, signed the papers blue You just take it easy".

    Scrubz walked over to the man behind the bar "Hey up dude whiskey please if you don't mind...... better make that 2".
    The barman slides the whiskey down the table to him closely followed by another.
    Scrubz grabbed the first one and downed it then caught the other one with his free hand.
    "Thanks Barkeep"

    Scrubz looked over at the lady who handed her application in at same time. "Hey Ashta isn't it, care for a drink Names's Cap....." He paused just realising what he was going to say. "Name's Scrubz How be you"
  4. Ashlyn glanced up at the woman before her and flashed hr own smile at her, Her own fangs hidden in her human guise. The soon to be captain went ahead and unrolled the application that just landed in front of her. An eyebrow shot up.

    "We have very similar names." Amusement flashed through her eyes as they shot up to the blonde. "It shouldn't be too hard to remember yours then." She inclined her head to a seat next in the room. "Take a seat, Miss Ashta, why should I take you on?" She asked as she rolled the parchment up and set it back on the table before her. She let her elbows rest on its surface as she intertwined hr fingers and let her chin rest atop them.
  5. Ellen walked over to the back of the tavern. She spotted two women with powerful nonhuman auras. Smiling, she made her way over to the two of them.
    "Hope I'm not interrupting. I'm Ellen Lancaster and I'd like to join yer' crew." She said, placing her application near the women giving off the aura of a siren. "I'm assuming yer' the one who'll be my new captain."
  6. Ashlyn's eyes turned to take in the new figure that had walked into the dark room. Again she flashed a smile.

    "Aye, if all checks out well." She answered, she opened the application and gave it a quick read through. Her yes darted up to meet the redheads. she took in the girls size. "Are you sure you can handle being first mate?" She asked, her eyes getting a sparkle as she teased the shorter woman. Ash's eyes flicked back down to the application and a worried frown flitted over her features. "How sensitive are your bombs, Miss Ellen?" She asked, worried about the safety of her ship.
  7. "I can handle myself just fine. Oh and don't ye' worry yer' pretty little head about my bombs. Each bomb I make has an enchantment on it and won't blow up if I don't want it to." Ellen said, fingering her belt which held bombs of all shapes and sizes.
  8. Ashta moves over to wait in the seat motioned by the siren captain as other possible crew members arrive. "You can decide why you think you should take me on or not," she said with a small smirking smile before sitting back and looking at the other humans and nonhumans arriving. Ashta nods at Scrubz with a smile. "A small drink can never go awry in the name of a good captain." She turns back to the small red-head and listens to her talk about her bombs.
  9. Unim smiles at the barkeep with strangely white teeth. He could not contain the excitement bubbling from his core. Meeting one of the people of the seas is quite exciting indeed. Unim then frowns. If only I can take off that silly disguise and dig deeper into the flesh. He pauses for an awkwardly long moment, imagining cutting things, severing things, and exploring the innards. After a few unfriendly glares from nearby patrons, he finally snaps awake. Unim waves energetically farewell to the barkeep and heads to the back as instructed.

    What he saw blew his mind. So many different kinds... all in one place. If he was the type to drool, he would have began drooling. But proper actions fit a proper gentlemen. With an erratic grin, he marches towards who he assumed to be McClain. There are many things he saw in McClain: ocean waves, black chains, and a faraway fish. McClain exuded danger and excitement to be had, and Unim found it simply exhilarating.

    With a overdramatic bow, Unim introduces himself, "Greetings Captain McClain. I am Unim Kiliem the traveling doctor, and I wish to join your most intriguing adventure. " He extends his hand with the application. "Oh imagine the great fun to be had!" It was no mistake. I had found something most excellent. I can't imagine the discoveries to be made, the things to learn, and oh how long I've waited to cut something new!
  10. Walking along to where the Captain and the rest of the crew was forming, Scrubz was carring all sorts of drinks on a large tray towards them all. "Help yourself ship mates". Scrubz picks up one of them up randomly and raises his bottle up "TO THE CAPTAIN"
  11. Ashta smiles and grabs a drink from Scrubz's try but doesn't say anything just chugging it down in one throw. She watches the amassing chaos of the crew-gathering with a shake of the head. "What kinda addled dogs am I getting myself stuck upon a vessel with..." The auras of all the creatures amassed in this room was started to become troublesome with pulsing red and silvers. Ashta's pupil's turned to slits and lit up, much as the man-eating wolves she was named after must have when smelling fresh flesh. There were so many beings. So many possible specimens for her..... "spice" collection.
    This was going to be a rather messy voyage, she could tell already.
  12. Scrubz nudges Ashta "It could be a lot worse you should of seen some of my crew back in the day". He chucles to himself remembering his old crew.
  13. Ashlyn had smirked.
    "Aye, I do have a rather pretty head, don't I?" She chuckled at the fairy. She tossed an amused look over at the veela and had opened her mouth to respond to the girl when a very humany human came nearly prancing forward. SHe blinked and looked at him before a slender brow rose.

    "You're human." Her head tilted to the side as the smell of him made her hunger kick in some. Human men had always been the favored prey of her kind. She glanced down and took the application from his hand, careful not to brush skin with him. She opened it up to read. But before she could begin, a vampire was offering alcohol. She gave him a smile.

    "If you don't mind, I'll just stick with water." She commented, even as the bar wench from earlier came in with a pitcher full of the clear liquid. A laugh danced from her throat at the toast the other man was making, she reached over and managed to barely snag the vampire application, now she had two unrolled before her. "Don't toast me yet, you might wind up dead." She reminded the man lightly before she switched focus back to the human before her.

    "Especially you." She licked at her lips. "I believe, seeing as you could read the ink, that you are aware what you are getting into, correct?" She asked, even as her eyes lowered to dance over the two applications before her. "Why don't you all take a seat,t here is still some time yet for stragglers to appear." She glanced back up, eyes storm blue, dancing with silver sparks as she met each of their eyes. "Welcome to the crew."
  14. He listened to the tale seemingly spun through the lips of the old barkeep, a tale he had heard a million times and yet even now it seemed so new. It did not take long for the tale to end and once again the sounds of the tavern to rise up and overpower the silence between them, a nod of his head simply in thanks to the tavern keep seemed to follow a slight piece of gold that would land spinning on the counter in front of the barkeep and he would disappear into the back leaving behind not even a slight trace that he had ever been there, as he walked no sound came from his feet and even the normal sound of a beating heart was not even heard. He stopped in the back behind the group simply slipping the application forward and across the table towards the woman that was to be their captain, he gazed around at the rest of the group. His gaze fell upon each individual person one after the other before coming to rest upon the captain awaiting her words.
  15. Scrubz chuckles "Winding up dead?" He ponders for a moment "wouldn't be the first time. It hurts like hell though".
    Looking at the Captain she wanted blood he looked over to see where the bar staff was and secrtly handed the captain his personal bottle from inside his cape. "Try that you will not be diapointed"
    Scubz nodded to the elf as he handed in his application "Help yourself to the booze more the merrier"
  16. Ashlyn looked up as another application just seemed to appear before her. Looking up again, she blinked in surprise. She hadn't hear the newcomer come up. With a raise of her eyebrow she unrolled the application, only to pause and glance up at Scrubz's bottle. Her eyebrow rose again, it seemed to be doing that alot. She took the bottle and examined it before handing it back to the vampire.

    "I can tame my urges." She laughed quietly. "I will drink another time, perhaps, thank you." With that, she focused her eyes back to Viper.

    "Your application is rather vague. Also," she paused and her eyes grew serious. "You do realize you won't be 'paid' until we find the treasure, correct? Or unless we come across other spoils to divide." She quizzed the short man.
  17. A Grin went across Scrubz's face and places his bottle back inside his cape. "My pleasure Captain jsut ask if you would like a try in the future" He then grabs his booze to take a swig
  18. Ellen sipped her drink and laughed at her new shipmate's antics. She eyed the newcomer, smirking. A siren, a veela, a vampire, a fairy, a human and an elf all traveling together. What a fun adventure this would make. Maybe she could even find a few new bomb recipes if she was lucky.
  19. He only allowed a smirk to cross his lips at the captain's statement, his golden like eyes fell upon her as he listened to her statement. "I understand that much, I have worked on ships before." He looked around at the rest of the group his eyes seeming to take in the crew he would be working with, he reached out and took one of the mugs of beer, his hand seemed to appear and disappear with the same quickness a silver look would be all that came from the quickness. "And so you know I show loyalty to anybody that goes after that tale so no worry there"
  20. Ashta leans forward on her hands. "And quite a tale it is to go after," she mutters to herself while looking at the crew. Watching certain members with a bit of caution or interest she started to decide which ones she would try to avoid being stuck in a room with. Something was telling her that one of the crew members wouldn't turn out to be so quest-happy after all. Oh well, more adventure for her.
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