Sesame Street now on HBO?

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  1. so, yeah, this is a thing:

    There Goes The Neighborhood: The Story Behind The New ‘Sesame Street’ And Its Journey To HBO

    Due to cut funding, Sesame Street has now moved to HBO. It will then play on PBS 9 months later, and PBS will do reruns.

    Yes, the channel known for Game of Thrones and the Sopranos now has Sesame Street starting tomorrow. (Or today depending on where you live.) Not even joking.

    I just hope we get a GoT/Sesame Street Crossover called 'Game of Elmos' where Oscar the Grouch becomes king of Westeros.

    So, what are your thoughts on this piece of wacky news?
  2. Sesame Street is about to get a whole lot of gratiuis violence and nudity
  3. Sexame Street.
  4. If they still do things the way I remember them (which was literally almost 20 years ago), they show a crap load of kids shows somewhere around the 6-10 AM area of time.

    Mutha fuckin' Babar represent.
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  5. Here's to hoping that Sesame Street doesn't take a real nose dive for the worse! I know a lot of kids still watch it, and would be traumatized if they saw it on HBO and that channel is for adults. >:/ Just saying... they should keep it clean.
  6. According to the article, it doesn't sound like Sesame Street is really going to change at all in terms of what it offers. They're just moving it to HBO because PBS can't keep up the funding for it anymore.

    Besides, it says that new episodes will be airing on HBO first and then PBS nine months later. So, it would still need to be suitable to air in its original setting.

    So, really, this isn't at all about re-branding Sesame Street as an adult show or anything: it's the same show, just being funded by a different source.
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  7. good to know! : )
  8. I saw this! I am so happy about it. I love Sesame Street, man!
  9. They should put good old King Joffrey into Sesame Street. :3
  10. Joffrey becomes Mayor of Sesame Street.

    The Night's Watch becomes like Sesame Street's Neighborhood Watch Program.
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  11. Can't wait to see Cookie Monster beat the living hell outta Big Bird.
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