Server Terminated: Some Posts & And Accounts were lost!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Dear Members,

    On Tuesday Dec 4 around 2PM or so our servers were terminated by a malicious source. Complete utter wipe out of all content, pages, accounts, and database.

    Fortunately, we had a recent working backup of the servers. <i>Un</i>fortunately, the backup is only as recent as 4am of the 3rd. Any content, accounts, posts, etc done after 4AM of the 3rd are GONE.

    If you recently registered after 4am of the 3rd, you will have to register again. If you made roleplay posts, posted in a topic, a blog, or anywhere on the site - you will have to post it again.

    We are VERY VERY sorry, and equally as pissed. This was an event out of our control. We thank everybody for their patience and support!
  2. No no Nooooooo! *rages* We need to find who did this and commit some very serious crimes against them!
  3. I say we wage war against the internet.....
  4. For now, stay calm, be ready to point people to this thread if they are confused or worried. If you are worried, back everything new you intend to post up as a word doc or a notepad file. Copy your new PMs if you want, too. Otherwise, the admins and staff will be doing our best to get things back to normal.
  5. while I am pissed about this I am also happy that you were able to get everything back up again, thanks for the hard work you guys I'm sure everyone is grateful for your hard work.
  6. Thank you so much for your hard work and I am so sorry that someone would do this. At any rate, lost posts are the least of our worries.
  7. Who? Why? What in every level of Hell?
  8. Why Why would someone hate Iwaku so!?! What kind of horrible human being!?!
  9. If this is someone we've banned, they've proven they needed to be banned. :]
  10. Given that they had access to all that what information was exactly affected? Is this a site wide call to change passwords? Or should we chillax and be extremely appreciative of the staff's abilities to recuperate from such a disaster.
  11. Either that, or someone REALLY didn't like their stat rolls for my D&D campaign...
  12. >.> IT TOTALLY WASN'T ME! I had awesome stat rolls. And now I have to do another character with more stat rolls grrr.
  13. Sometimes being inactive works to your advantage. All of you learn from me.
  14. Well, whoever did this: Cute little joke. I hope you now feel vindicated and empowered and whatever. You got us sooo good.

    Now, everyone, let's get back to our roleplays.
  15. Is there any evidence that this was a personal attack and not just some random goblin with a little too much time and a willingness to grind his axe against anything/one? Thar' be existing in ther' internets, mark me...
  16. I do not believe any data was compromised and user passwords are not stored in plaintext. As far as I can tell whoever did this just terminated the virtual servers.
  17. There is currently no evidence of who did it or why so it would be best not to guess at this point.
  18. There's only one logical solution.

    Find the fucker who did this and have him hung, drawn, and quartered.
  19. Probably won't ever know who did it or why. But I trust Diana and Jared to fix things and do their damnedest to make sure it happens again. Sure we lost some posts, but compared to what we could've lost, a few posts is fine.
  20. Why would you want them to make sure it happens again? Unless....

    *GASP* It's you! You're the culprit! *DUN DUN DUNNNNN!*
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