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  1. Hello.

    I was trying to edit a discussion in my clan "Cogs and Fire", but I keep receiving a server error whenever I hit submit. The strange thing is, it's only when I'm making a specific addition that the server error appears. Below is the text that I'm trying to add to the thread.


    Generally a lean people, lacking the lanky thin frames of some races while also not girthy or stout. Their skin tone is sable, taupe, and ashen-brown, often freckled and sunspotted with darker starlike scattering of points, and constantly moisturized. They have soft white hair that is somehow both curly and fluffed much like a looser version of wool, but also fine and hardly ever tangles, and their eyes are some shade of violet or other. They are generally average in height to humans.

    As for anatomical anomalies set apart from the average human, their noses are more goat like, can be closed as easily as others would be able to blink, though are not part of a snout, and while incredibly soft, aren't typically referred to as "fuzzy" or "furry". They have full bottom lips and thin top ones almost as a rule, with the top lips falling down over the bottom ones before lifting back up, almost like fangs or a very squashed, upside down suspension bridge. Their eyes are catlike in that the pupils can shrink down to slits but also expand out to larger than human pupils for better night-vision.

    Their forearms thicken instead of slendering, and their hands are proportionally large to their bodies, though not disparingly so and while not flatter, smoother overall between transitions between knuckles and fingers. Their fingers are proportionally shorter and fit together more seamlessly than the average humans with naturally black, shiny fingernails.

    Generally they have faces not considered "traditionally beautiful"(think Audrey Hepburn/Anne Hathaway, ) or "fine featured"(Mia Wasikowska, Orlando Bloom), their more attractive population is more often described as "swarthy"(Emily Blunt, Chris Pine/Nathan Fillion) or "exotic"(Zoe Saldana/Mila Kunis, Yul Brynner/Antonio Banderas). Otherwise, like any other people, they also range down to the "plain" and "homely".

    In olden times everyone from the most knowledgeable and wisest elder to the youngest babe could shape-shift into their original forms, but now most of their people have been humanoid so long they've all but forgotten. It is seen as considerable skill for anyone who hasn't studied, meditated, and devoted their lives to the old ways for decades to do even simple shifts like pushing out their antlers, fangs, tail, or crystals.

    Those who can transform their whole bodies are called Faoppi, or "True Ones". When transformed Faoppi stand on all fours or their hind legs like a bear can. Their hind legs are much like a bears but with longer paws. Their forelegs are more like a wolf's or a tiger's down until the elbow where the limb becomes basically an extended flipper like seal's have. Their necks are long and strong like a horses, and covered in a large, thick, cloudlike mane in either whites, blues, purples, pinks, yellows, or oranges. Their faces are Tiger-like with the goat nose, ears are small and thick, red antlers, the brightness and luster of the color previously indicating age, spring from just above the brow ride and a long, thick tail tapers a whole second body length behind them with a beta fish like fin around the end. In addition there are crystals that grow in a ring cluster around their ankles that can come in any color, and a circle of moonstone pebbles embedded in what would otherwise be the wrist of their flippers evenly spaced and decreasing in size as they work their way from the front of the hand around the wrist and to the back. It is possible, though extremely rare, for a Roppi to fully transform without the study of the Faoppi

    Roppi are fantastic swimmers with a high lung capacity and a top swimming speed about half the top speed of a dolphin(~10mph). They are proportionally strong, with a typical Roppi being able to lift and move an average of twice their body weight with ease, more than 5 times if they try, and with their strongest specimens recorded as having gotten 12 times the body weight overhead before, though with visible strain.

    A residual power from ancient times, all of them have some ability to manipulate earth and stone. Mostly this translates to moving it or shaping small area's of land, usually not reaching further than their armspan for someone with no practice and around two men away with practice. It also allows them to find differences in the earth- to place their hand on the ground and sort of use a more sensitive version of echo location to a depth of around two men to see not only objects but be able to identify them. For example the average male Roppi of mature age after about 40 years would be able to locate exactly and identify an underground boulder, roots of different plants, types precious stones, water, and any changes in soil through any layers of the designated depth.

    Transformed, Faoppi can live in the oceans and rivers as easily as any other marine mammal. They possess I heightened ability to manipulate earth and stone, and it was said that the first Faoppi group that wished to have a land to live on shaped the island into an Eden-esque paradise with it's Mountains, volcanoes, covered coast to coast in large forests of tall trees, fruit bearing plants, and perfect rivers. A single Faoppi generally can create a formation 3 men tall or deep, see deeper and wider into the earth, and more finely manipulate earth, as to say a Roppi can create a bowl from a round boulder, but a Faoppi can sculpt a provential head(like the Olmec heads or The Easter Island ones, not like a Greek or Roman statue). Those rare few who can change without study, though, are imagined to be able to split mountains with devoted study and practice, but none have ever shown such an ability.

    In the old days of the race, they all lived as their shifted forms, swimming in the oceans and rivers. They would bury themselves in the shallows to sleep where their mane's and antlers appeared as coral reefs, and would come to land for mating seasons and to raise the young, but always on someone else's land. They came to want a land of their own, and so four old and wise Roppi(Back then they were all called Roppi, or "Original Ones") dove deep into the ocean and worked together to build a volcano, and cause it to erupt, shooting lava up toward the surface where it cooled into a land mass. They then boarded the new island and threw up it's mountains and volcanoes each creating one river with a law of their people.

    The Morn River law: Never fear the future. Always reach.

    The Noon River law: Live your life with light and joy. Share it with each other.

    The Eve River Law: Work hard, and Bring up your young with respect and care. Take Responsibility.

    The Twilight River Law: Never forget or be ashamed of where you came from. Show Respect for yourself and your ancestors.

    And if all the laws were obeyed the island would forever thrive. For a while this held true, and Roppi lived in peace and health.

    Later, explorers, conquerors, and settler's would come to take stock of a new land and whatever spoils it might possess. Conquerors were easily kept at bay with relatively little violence- just volcanic and earth manipulation, which sometimes caused oceanic manipulation but not much. It was the explorers and settlers though that came onto the island. They were generally peacefull and so wishing to interact with them, the Roppi reached out but were seen as lower animals because of their forms. Thusly, they began shifting into forms like theirs to share the land with them and teach them about it. For a long time more settler's came after hearing news of land so fertile "you could throw a rotten apple core over your shoulder and turn around to find a grove of apple trees in it's place." The land eventually became overtilled.

    The volcano below, though, had not simply stopped leaking lava and other, smaller islands had formed. Most of the settlers migrated, leaving behind the land quite barren. Unfortunately, tragedy struck- the smaller islands were not the carefully built project as the first one and one suffered a terrible Earthquake that shattered it and the other two were engulfed in a following volcanic event that left them black and desolate, also effecting the Twilight river.

    The main island alone remained, but now with most of its vegetation gone, seeing as farmland had been cleared for use and then abandoned when it became more barren, the fast growing Choke root was able to take hold and suck up soil nutrients before the indigenous plant life could start over. Many blamed this unexplained and seemingly causeless outbreak of a foreign plant no one of the Roppi had ever seen before on the Roppi breaking the fourth law. For generation after generation of Roppi, they had remained humanoid, living among the settlers and refusing to change back to their original ones. Many traditions were forgotten and customs dropped. The newly blackened Twilight river was renamed the Pitch river and seen as the physical manifestation of their crimes, but as all the old ones who knew about the old ways had died off and the general population had all but forgotten how to change their forms back, they could not rectify it and have been living their lives working harder ever since along with any of the settlers who had remained from before.

    Behavior: In a general effort to not break any more laws, Roppi try to be as obedient as possible to them. They share when and what they can whenever they can, they celebrate life and what they can remember of their ancestors, and the lives they have now, and they do not fear change but welcome it as a sign of the future. They are not highly developed in the technological sense as they try to stay as close to the old ways as they can fearing any more distance from it will push them further from the laws. They are an adaptable and peaceful race shirking from war, senseless bloodshed and violence generally. They have an unusually high alcohol tolerance though, which could be why one of their most valued exports is their sweet, fruity wine and delicious very, VERY potent spirits. They handmake everything they need from glass, to tools, to clothes, to homes for themselves, and are very independent in that way. They appreciate their neighbors and fellow Roppi, but community was never something that a large emphasis was put on, so while small villages are not completely uncommon, they are generally made up of one extended family, and a city of Roppi people does not and probably will never exist.

    *Earth Manipulation
    *Night Vision

    *Hand to Hand/Weapon Combat
    *Heights/Flying - Roppi prefer to be close to the Earth, and generally being to far away from it means they can't manipulate it, and being far from both the ground and water weakens them, though it won't kill them.
    *General Magic - Can't use/understand it and are weak against it
    *The Cold- they can put on more layers but will always feel cold in low very temperature environments, and ice on/in the ground dampens their ability to manipulate the earth.
    Created by @CasmiRari[/tab]
  2. Try adding [tabs] before the [Tab] code and again at the end to close it ([/tabs]). Not sure if that's enough to cause a service error, but I've seen all sorts off BBcode errors that can mess with the site.
  3. I have the [tabs] and [/tabs]. It only provides a server error for that particular body of text. I can type in anything else and it accepts it. Kinda weird.
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