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  1. Hey, i'm sure at one point or another everyone has gotten the server error. The server is too busy at the moment thing? I posted this in bug reports and never got a reply. Is there anything being done to try to expand the server so we won't get kicked off the site or something? I can barely manage to get on before i'm kicked off most of the time. All I wanna know is, is there anything being done to help fix this. Please and thank you!!!

  2. I was JUST about to reply to it. XD

    It's not an error so much as a crash prevention. If too many people are loading up the database at once it'll crash the whole server. D: Better to block a few people than everything going BOOM.

    It's not suppose to be happening this often, though, so we're trying to sort out the problem and get it fixed. >< We have a VERY VERY VERY large system in comparison to our actual activity, so we have a weird bug somewhere.

    And since I am a retard and Vay is still learning, we're taking forever figuring it out. XD
  3. Lol was just curious. Thanks Diana!
  4. Yes, I was getting it at some point. But, that is a really good idea as well, Diana. I myself, wouldn't want this awesome site to crash! D: