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    The server (a machine/computer that runs the website) died. Crashed hardcore. Hostman had to get us a new machine. Then it was discovered the backup was corrupted. Hostman did the best he could to find me a backup, and what we're left with is what I managed to salvage out of the database.

    Posts, Private Messages, Social Groups. ALL GONE. I was not able to recover the data from those tables.

    Accounts and Forums. I did the best I could to puzzle-piece everything that was unmolested by the crash. Everything else I had to reinstall from scratch.

    Start from the beginning. Again. Content from Olf Iwaku in the archive is still there, but everything we've worked so hard on the past five/six months no longer exists. We have no choice but to restart all of our roleplays and projects from scratch again.

    So, the steps:

    1. Report ANY errors, bugs "this looks weird" or "I can't find ___" in the Feedback. I don't care HOW small the problem is. I need to fix it. Lord only knows how many errors might be lurking. c__c

    2. Restart your roleplays how you deem fit.

    3. Restart cults/clubs.

    4. Post, post, post, post.

    You may now commence rioting, ranting, crying, death threats, and rebuilding. x___x
  2. I should've known all my allusions to Majora's Mask woudl become Foreshadowing! CURSES!
  3. Well I seem to disappear for a week and all hell breaks loose. I guess it means restarting and getting back on track again. Here's to round 2, lets make it better.
  4. Wow, I can't believe this happened....
  5. Second one here!

  7. I'm a little overwhelmed.

    I'll start working on putting up most of our old threads though.
  8. Why did you make that in the first place?

    Anyways, I'm glad it's back...

    *Sighs happily*

    I'm so glad...
  9. *Tackles hugs Iwaku* OMG! I AM SOOOO DAMN HAPPY YOUR BACK! Thank you Diana! *Cuddles*
  10. hmm crap I'm gonna have to remember what rp's I had posted here ^^; well not that they were really doing well most were just puttling along hmm hmmm....

    *Hugs Iwaku*

    <3 Diana for being awesome and helping get things back up! You did all you could and that's all we can ask ^^
  11. This thread is for remembering the people in our lives who have left us or to celebrate what we already have. I'll be leaving my original post for this thread intact as it was below.

    I've saved an html file of the original thread so that the past content may be viewed. Link

    I called this the 'Memorial Thread' initially as I only had one thing in mind when making it. However, as I thought about it more, I wanted it to be more than that. Right now, I'm not here looking for support, but I want this to be a place where we can remember the amazing people in our lives and come together in support of one another. This will be a positive place. If someone wishes to bring up their personal religious beliefs in the context of finding solace in awful events, then that is okay and there will be no judgements on the matter.

    So, on to my personal matter to kick off the thread. I'm sorry if this is a bit self-indulgent of me, but it's something I wanted to share with all of you.

    Last month, I mentioned that a long-time friend of mine, Ziogen (Meira), had gone missing. I told a few of you that I would update the group on the situation if it progressed, and I've found that to be a monumentally difficult task. I'm sorry for the delay in this info, and I hope you guys will understand. My friend was found, but he had died.

    I met Joel online about nine or ten years ago on the IGN forums of all places. There was a series of RPs in the SSB forum that was basically about putting characters into a Big Brother style house or something. Joel had made the latest one and I joined it, but then some drama happened and it got locked. He moved the RP to a Proboards site and a bunch of us moved over there. I can't say my memories of that RP and website are great, mind you. I've made quite a habit of making fun of it nowadays with some of the people I met there. Joel, including a few others, are people I've continued to speak with despite our early angsty RP days. That is how we met, and it feels rather unorthodox, especially compared to friendships made offline, but I'm incredibly thankful for that website's existence. Bad memories or not, that website (and Joel, by extension) brought a group of people together.

    In the years since, I had ups and downs with Joel, and even though we didn't get along all the time, we always stayed in contact with each other. We participated in an enormous number of just... stuff together. We'd buy or download games to play with one another. We'd find movies or shows to watch together. I can barely even think of an RP I participated in that I didn't get Joel into. He was never the happiest person, but (as I think most of you know), he was an incredibly funny guy when he wanted to be. In the few MGs he participated in, I think he really did exhibit that. I don't think he ever really gave his full performance to these particular RPs, but Joel had improved immensely as a writer and RPer since the days of our dumb IGN RPing. It's just a huge shame. He'd just graduated university. I thought he was going to do so well.

    I feel dumb trying to summarize the friendship I shared with someone I knew for so long into a couple of paragraphs. An online friendship or not, he knew more about me than most people do offline. I used to talk to him almost every day, and now I can never talk to him again. It's an incredibly strange feeling.

    I know he didn't get particularly close with anyone here, but if any of you could share some kind words about him... maybe something you remember about Zio that you particularly enjoyed, that would be great to see. Please don't force yourself to do so if you don't want to or can't, it's just the thought that counts.

    I'm not going to beat around the bush on how he died, as it is something I feel I need to talk about. World Suicide Prevention Day was on September 10th, and maybe I should have tried to get this up on that day, but honestly I didn't know that it even existed until recently. Perhaps I should be surprised suicide has not personally impacted me until now, considering how common it really is. Hundreds of thousands of people die through suicide every year and it is not something to take lightly. I'm not an expert on the subject, and I'm not going to list off statistics or whatever, but I do want to put it out there. Talking about suicide should not be taboo and can make people aware where they may not have been otherwise. Allow me to steal a quote from this website: International Association for Suicide Prevention - Home - IASP - Suicide Prevention

    "The act of showing care and concern to someone who may be vulnerable to suicide can be a game-changer. Asking them whether they are OK, listening to what they have to say in a non-judgmental way, and letting them know you care, can all have a significant impact. Isolation increases the risk of suicide, and, conversely, having strong social connections is protective against it, so being there for someone who has become disconnected can be life-saving."

    I don't want anyone to blame Joel, or his family, or anyone. I don't know why exactly he did it, nor do I know what exactly had gone through his head at the time. I will never know, but I don't think it really matters. I want this thread to act as a source of comfort for everyone within this group, new and old. We are like a family. No matter the drama that happens, I want us to come together to talk about our troubles and support each other through them. This group has gone on for a year now, and I believe it will continue to go on strong for a long time. This thread is dedicated to Joel and all the people like him who may be suffering with depression in our world.

    If you are feeling suicidal or know of someone who needs help, please find a crisis center anywhere in the world.
  12. Atomyk's Character Roster

    You can find my roster over at my blog over HERE.​
  13. *staggers in on his happy-pills*

    *hugs Palonis*

    You.... you're you.... yeah y'are....

    *staggers out*
  14. Okay, that settles it!!! From now on, Im backing up all of my posts on a flash drive!
    Stupid server machine... Oh well, we'll get through it.
  15. *salutes every derp*
  16. Something is better than nothing. =]
    Thank you Danana-chaan ~
  17. Well I guess it's time for round two.
  18. Whoohoo! We're back on!
  19. lol i had all of my posts saved. TOO BAD NONE OF THE THREADS SURVIVED. Oh well

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