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    The server (a machine/computer that runs the website) died. Crashed hardcore. Hostman had to get us a new machine. Then it was discovered the backup was corrupted. Hostman did the best he could to find me a backup, and what we're left with is what I managed to salvage out of the database.

    Posts, Private Messages, Social Groups. ALL GONE. I was not able to recover the data from those tables.

    Accounts and Forums. I did the best I could to puzzle-piece everything that was unmolested by the crash. Everything else I had to reinstall from scratch.

    Start from the beginning. Again. Content from Olf Iwaku in the archive is still there, but everything we've worked so hard on the past five/six months no longer exists. We have no choice but to restart all of our roleplays and projects from scratch again.

    So, the steps:

    1. Report ANY errors, bugs "this looks weird" or "I can't find ___" in the Feedback. I don't care HOW small the problem is. I need to fix it. Lord only knows how many errors might be lurking. c__c

    2. Restart your roleplays how you deem fit.

    3. Restart cults/clubs.

    4. Post, post, post, post.

    You may now commence rioting, ranting, crying, death threats, and rebuilding. x___x
  2. I should've known all my allusions to Majora's Mask woudl become Foreshadowing! CURSES!
  3. Well I seem to disappear for a week and all hell breaks loose. I guess it means restarting and getting back on track again. Here's to round 2, lets make it better.
  4. Wow, I can't believe this happened....
  5. This was SO not Isabella's fault!
  6. Oy, oh well. I'm saving my bios and completed RP posts on my computer and email from now on, I'd like to encourage everyone to do the same..

    Meh, did have some partial back up for ICSYL2 though so...But RaC, GG and Final Fantasy Universe. Oy..Gonna have to restart.. But oh well..I don't think it'll be all that hard since most of these Rps just got started anyhow.
  7. I'm pretty new to the site, but I'm very glad its back. As I only had a few posts I can't begin to imagine what some people have lost. Anyway thank you to everyone who got it back up so fast and THANK GOD that damn Bitch Box character I made, Bringer of salt, is dead forever.Amen.

    -October Knight
  8. Why did you make that in the first place?

    Anyways, I'm glad it's back...

    *Sighs happily*

    I'm so glad...
  9. Cos I'm weird...............I thought once I started I should stay in character.
  10. *Tackles hugs Iwaku* OMG! I AM SOOOO DAMN HAPPY YOUR BACK! Thank you Diana! *Cuddles*
  11. hmm crap I'm gonna have to remember what rp's I had posted here ^^; well not that they were really doing well most were just puttling along hmm hmmm....

    *Hugs Iwaku*

    <3 Diana for being awesome and helping get things back up! You did all you could and that's all we can ask ^^
  12. Man, I am so totally bummed about all this. I guess the only thing to do now is to rebuild and move on like this thread is suggesting.

    Just bear in mind that I'm doing this of my own free will, and not just because someone told me to do it.
  13. Thank you Diana!!!

    Im so glad to have Iwaku and Afata back. Im play on both and man I was gonna lose my mind without them... *Huggles Iwaku* there.. there it will be okay*... Everyone just be glad Diana saved what she did... Thanks again Diana... *hugs*
  14. *staggers in on his happy-pills*

    *hugs Palonis*

    You.... you're you.... yeah y'are....

    *staggers out*
  15. Okay, that settles it!!! From now on, Im backing up all of my posts on a flash drive!
    Stupid server machine... Oh well, we'll get through it.
  16. *salutes every derp*
  17. Something is better than nothing. =]
    Thank you Danana-chaan ~
  18. Well I guess it's time for round two.
  19. Whoohoo! We're back on!
  20. lol i had all of my posts saved. TOO BAD NONE OF THE THREADS SURVIVED. Oh well

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