Servant's Secret

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  1. Servant's Secret

    In the city of New York, a family, obviously wealthy considering they reside in a Penthouse, are living the life. The mother is a dance teacher with her own studio, whilst the father is hardly ever home, running a large business that rakes in millions. Two sons, one eighteen and one twenty, are having fun with what they have. The eighteen year old is enrolled in an online college course and has a job, and the twenty year old, well, he's his brother's polar opposite. Parties all the time and takes life for granted, drinking away his problems.

    Little does he know his life will be turned upside down when their maid comes into his journey. Will he become a better person because of her? Will they fall in love? If they do, there are many problems ahead of them. His parents scowl upon a woman who cleans after them, buys their groceries, and does the smaller things.

    It'll have to be the Servant's little Secret.


    Alexander Jay Mercer

    Aiden Edmund Mercer

    Mackenzie Lynn Hamilton

  2. Mack ran a hand through her hair, frustrated. Spencer sat in the living room of their apartment, playing loudly with his toys while she searched for the white blouse she planned on wearing today. It was her first day at her new job after all, she had to dress to impress. Well.. She would dress to impress if she could find her blouse! Letting out an irritated sigh the blonde woman slumped down onto the bed. She looked everywhere in her closet--the place she remembered putting it. It wasn’t like there were many places for it to hide in their small apartment.

    The sound of pattering feet told her Spencer was on his way into the room. When he appeared his blonde hair was a curled mess atop his head and his eyes were filled with worry. “Mommy sad?” He asked with an innocent voice. Mackenzie couldn’t help but to crack a smile at her son, pulling him into her arms with a small grunt of effort. He was getting so big!

    “Mommy’s looking for her shirt...” She trailed off, an idea coming to her head. Might as well... “Have you seen Mommy’s shirt?” The little boy perked up, glad to be included.

    “White one?” He asked. Mack was taken aback. It was like he knew exactly what one she was talking about even though she didn’t tell him the color of it. She nodded her head slowly as Spencer climbed off her lap and toddled out of the room, returning moments later with the white shirt in his hands. Apparently he used it as a coloring book. Colorful stains decorated the pristine white blouse, obviously from marker; but upon further inspection Mackenzie noticed some crayon on it too. As irritated as she was, she couldn’t be angry at her boy for long.

    She took the shirt in her hands and brought Spencer close, placing a tender kiss on his forehead. “Thank you for decorating Mommy’s shirt.” She said, attempting to tame some of his curls. Spencer beamed a bright smile, blue eyes sparkling; happy that his mommy was happy. One more kiss to his forehead and Mack got to her feet. “Now go play. Mommy has to change. Reenie should be here soon.”

    “Reenie!” The boy squealed with joy, pattering out of the bedroom with happy giggles. He loved Maureen, also known affectionately as Reenie because he couldn’t say her name when he was younger.

    With Spencer out of the room Mackenzie took to Plan B: a blue blouse to replace the white one, the stains of which she would never get out. Once she was ready--blue shirt wrinkle free and black pencil shirt smoothed down--she left her bedroom to see Spencer playing with Maureen.

    After saying goodbye to her son and Maureen, Mackenzie left the apartment with her bag and trotted downstairs to the main floor where the cab was waiting to take her to her job. She rode the elevator of the immaculate building up to the penthouse floor, nervously switching from foot to foot. What if they hated her? What if they fired her on the spot? What if they were horrible people? Now was not the time to break out in an anxious sweat. Halfway up to the noted floor Mackenzie began pacing with her arms raised above her head in an attempt to prevent herself from sweating. It didn’t work as well as she hoped, but it was too late to think about that anymore as she stood in front of the listed penthouse door, hand poised and ready to knock. Gosh, she was so nervous.
  3. Alexander had just gotten home, actually. Mrs and Mr. Mercer were both busy at work, whilst Aiden was upstairs in his room, probably being the nerd he was and studying. At least that was Alex's viewpoint on his brother.

    The twenty year old flopped down on the couch, looking hungover. Well, he was, to be honest. The man had been out all night at a club with a couple of friends; that was his basic Friday night, though. Saturdays consisted of being a lazy slob and sleeping in until noon, only to wake up and snack while watching TV. It was his plan today- that is, until those plans were cut short by a knock on the door- the sound made the dark haired male wince.
    Giving a huff, Alexander stood up, looking like a mess. He'd been wearing a tux sine last night's occasion had been his best friend, Jackson, getting married. Alex felt a little bad for him, giving up his life so early for a woman. He figured, though, it was his life and he could ruin it any way he wanted.

    As Alex headed towards the door, he didn't even bother to try and make himself decent in appearance. His tie was undone and simply draped from around his neck, and his hair was disheveled- in a cute way, at least. The man's sea foam green eyes looked tired, since he didn't get an ounce of sleep the night before.

    Yawning as he opened the door, he was greeted by a blonde whom was nicely dressed. "Look, I'm sorry I never called back and all but I have a life," he said in an emotionless voice. It was clear he said that often. Meaning that he slept with women on a regular basis and that was his practical answer to any unknown female who showed up to his door. An ass of player? Indeed, he was.
  4. It took a few minutes, but the door eventually opened after she knocked--quite loudly, for which she blames her nerves. The man that opened the door was a... pleasant surprise. Well, he was good looking. Disheveled hair that men worked so hard to achieve, tie undone, shirt wrinkled and half tucked into his dress slacks. The man was a hot mess, an air of carelessness surrounded him; any niave woman would be swooning at the appearance of such a goodlooking man. Not Mackenzie. That's not to say she didn't give herself a split second to appraise him either. She was a female, she had hormones running through her. Admiring a nice hunk of man wasn't illegal.

    No. But it is unprofessional.

    Right. She's there for a job, not to admire the man. Taking the whole situation in stride, Mack thrust her hand out at the man and put on a bright, effortless smile. "As I'm sure you do. I'm Mackenzie Hamilton. You aren't by chance Mr. Damon Mercer, are you?" There was no way in hell he was the reknowned businessman raking in millions every year. He looked far too sloppy for the title; must be one of the two sons. Mackenzie knew some basic information, such as the fact Damon Mercer had two sons, however she knew not their ages nor their names.

    A soft giggle left her lips, an answer to her rhetoric question. "As I said before, I'm Mackenzie Hamilton, feel free to call me Mackenzie, I'm not one for fancy titles. Anyways, I've been hired as the new maid just last week. Today is my first day on the job." Another smile. Charm was the name of the game, and if she tried hard enough, Mack had a lot of it. "Mr. Mercer wouldn't by chance be here? Mrs. Mercer either?" A brow arched delicately in question as mossy green forests locked onto sea foam orbs, head tilting mere degrees to the side as she awaited his answer.
  5. Alexander simply arched an eyebrow, but managed a light, tired smile after a moment and shook her hand. He was careful not to be too harsh in grip, considering to him, her soft hands felt delicate and fragile.

    "I'm actually his son, Alexander Mercer. Pleasure to meet you, Mackenzie, and no, my parents aren't home at the moment. Hell, they're hardly ever here anyway," Alex seemed to grow slightly bitter towards the end of his sentence, but it faded away as quickly as it came and his signature smile returned to his sculpted jaws. The man's teeth were whiter than the shiniest pearls, giving him an air of charm. It was clear he knew the game better than Mack did, though what could you expect?

    The twenty year old stretched, "I don't think Damon will be home until late tonight, so allow me to show you around the apartment."

    A mess and careless, perhaps, but it was clear Alex didn't lack in manners or intelligence so much as he ignored it to be someone who fit in with the title of being rich. As soon as they walked in, they were greeted by a large living room. An eighty-two inch flat-sceen TV hung upon the wall, above a fireplace that looked perfect for a colder winter. There was a glass coffee table and two leather sofas, decorated with pillows, in front of it and on it's left side; on the right were two matching recliners that pulled out to provide a footrest. They also seemed to be able to vibrate for more comfort- an end table was placed neatly between them, coasters available as well as a couple magazines and a few books. The hardwood, dark flooring was practically unseen due to a huge circular rug that was beneath all that, it's pattern dark as well. Above them, a chandelier. Of course there were some accents, like paintings on the walls as well as a couple video game consoles and a large radio set on the side of the fireplace. On the coffee table was a vase filled with Orchids; Mrs. Mercer's favorite flower. It created a nice aroma.

    "This is the den," Alex told her, beckoning to everything in sight. "I was just about to fall asleep on the couch before you came knocking on the door," he grinned playfully.
  6. Mackenzie smiled when he introduced himself--his name definitely suited him--but her smile faltered when he brought up his parents, a soft wrinkle forming between her two golden brows before she managed to catch herself. Professional. Act professional. This is a job. “They must be busy. Your dad is very successful, your mother too. You should be proud.” Maybe she pushed the envelope a little too far, but she very well couldn’t take it back. Her smile widened when he smiled, pearly white teeth given a grand reveal by his plush pink lips. She instantly caught on to what he was doing though she made no sign of recognition. Had he been any other person but her employer’s son she would’ve initiated a challenge, and beat him, but it wasn’t the right time to do such things.

    She nodded. “Okay. He won’t mind, would he? He was the one who offered me the job and set this up. I wouldn’t be intruding?” She added the last part as an afterthought, hesitantly following behind him as he lead her into the penthouse. Green eyes looked around curiously, taking in every last elegant detail of the room from the main components to the subtle accents that pulled it all together. She was thinking things couldn’t get any better until she looked up at the grand chandelier.

    Mack couldn’t help but to slacken her jaw in awe, lips forming a petite ‘o’ as she admired the piece. Hands down, that was her best part of the whole place.. She was busy looking at the chandelier when Alex introduced her to the room and let out his playful quip. Again the wrinkle made an appearance between her blonde brows out of concern, guilt swirling around in her stomach. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Because of her son it was second nature to nurture and care. Mackenzie took a slight step in his direction, a hand ushering to the couch. “Lay back down. Sleep. Are you hungry? Do you need a glass of water or milk? I was hired to be the maid after all, so it’s my job.” She offered with a bright smile that reached her eyes with little effort.

    The woman closed the distance between them and, with a hand on his shoulder, gently nudged him to the sofa. “I’m serious. The tour can wait till after you sleep; I’ll get you anything you need from... the... kitchen.” Realization struck her, and struck her hard. Innocent round cheeks were dusted with a light pink of a blush. The kitchen. Where was the kitchen?

    “Okay. Maybe the tour is greatly needed, but it’ll be quick, I promise. Then you can sleep.”
  7. Alexander fell back into the couch, and just began laughing. His snickering had a deeper tone than his voice already did; the man had bloodlines of a Russian, which was a good explanation.
    Standing back up, Mercer let arm extend backwards so that he could rub the back of his neck, feeling her eagerness to do anything for him a bit awkward. Alex just wan't used to ordering someone around to do something as small as get him a glass of water.

    "How about I show you the kitchen and I'll sleep for a couple hours, yeah?" The twenty year old grinned, "All the rooms are just upstairs, so it won't be hard to find those. There's a bathroom up there too, as well as one down here."
    Alex had to admit, he found her constant worrying and babbling rather adorable. Though he couldn't worry himself over a woman- she was a maid, perhaps a friend, nothing more. He was sure she could agree. Alex had better things to focus on.

    The dark haired male lead her to an archway, which opened up into the kitchen. It wasn't too big, but awfully fancy. There was an island in the middle, which contained a sink and some dish-washing liquid such as Dawn and other brands. A drawer beside it contained colorful, soft rags. Other drawers had kitchen supplies as well as silverware and cooking utensils like wooden spoons and other things. On top of the counter was a stand that contained fruits such as oranges, apples, and grapes. There were a couple stools on the other side; the rest of the kitchen was marbled counters which matched the island, a large, double door fridge with a freezer at the bottom; all it's contents were neat and organized. There were other large and small appliances such as a dishwasher, trash compacter, microwave, stove and oven, coffee maker, blender, even a snow-cone machine( courtesy of Aiden ). The windows provided light to come in; it shined upon the glass cabinets overhead the counter tops. Beautiful china was found within, plates and glass cups of all kinds.

    "I hope you know how to cook," Alexander smiled, "You might be doing that for us sometimes because I get lazy, Aiden doesn't know how, and I get tired of takeout. It's actually been a while since I've had a real dinner."

    Alex was about to whirl around and leave her to it, walking up to his room, before pausing. "Oh! Mackenzie, there's one more thing I need to show you."
  8. Brows furrowed and a look of confusion crossed over her delicate features. He couldn’t be laughing at her, could he? But he had one of those laughs that made people smile just hearing it, even brightening their mood. A small smile curved her lips upward, though she was still hung up on the fact he was laughing at her. Alex, she decided, had a very nice laugh, and she would jump at any chance to get him to laugh again.

    Now it was Mack’s turn to laugh when he stood back up and awkwardly scratched at the back of his head; a classic embarrassed guy move, and quite cute in Mackenzie’s opinion. She could tell his discomfort derived from her eagerness to wait on him--which was completely understandable. From the looks of it he didn’t even know she was coming by for her first day of work, likely his parents hired her just to look after their two boys and make sure they weren’t getting into any trouble and eating proper meals. “Sounds like a plan.” She said, proceeding to take a mental note and file it away in her mind with all the details he gave her. It was nice to know if she had to go to the bathroom when she was on the second floor she wouldn’t have to travel all the way down to the first floor bathroom; though with how rich the family was she was surprised their penthouse wasn’t more elaborate and bragging of their status.

    She spoke too soon. The second she entered the kitchen her mouth dropped. Small it was, but the high end appliances made up for it. It was basically her dream kitchen. Mackenzie wandered through the kitchen, a hand outstretched to run over the smooth marble of the island counter top as she looked around with a bright smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. She listened attentively to his descriptions and instructions; taking note of the accurate organization of the refrigerator and the freeze all the way to the small drawer of colorful rags he had shown her. Mackenzie’s favorite had to be the snow cone machine; if only she could bring Spencer to work! He would love it.

    The thought of her son brought a downtrodden smile to her face. She was missing him already and she just left them not even an hour ago. However Alex quickly took her thoughts off her son and settled them onto her job. The smile on her face brightened significantly when he mentioned cooking.Mackenzie definitely had experience in the kitchen, courtesy of her son, who quite frankly needed food to survive. “Of course I can cook, I have a son after all..” The words left her lips absentmindedly, but once she realized what she said she almost regretted it--it was way too personal for the professional work place.

    Quick to turn Alex’s attention to something else, Mackenzie frantically made her way over to him, green eyes wide with shock. Food! Food was always a good distraction for the male gender! “I can make you dinner right now if you want! Your brother, he’s upstairs, right? Maybe he’ll want some too.” Just as she was about to run past him to the upstairs, he called out to her one last time, making her freeze momentarily. “Yeah, what is it?”
  9. Alexander stifled another laugh, biting it back this time. "Here, I'll show you," he said, walking past her with bright eyes, her actions and movements stuck in his head. It seemed she was distracted easily, at least, that was from what he gathered.

    "You know, I decided that some nights you might have to work a little late or something of the sort, we have a guest room in case you were too tired to go home. I just thought I'd offer it to you," Alex said as he walked to a room, opening the door and showing her a large bedroom that was rather beautiful, "Now that I know you have a son, though, it probably wouldn't be the best idea. You can always bring him over if work is in the way, though, I'm sure I can watch him. Aiden is always busy, the weirdo."

    Suddenly, a door at the far end open, a blonde guy stepping out. The boy looked a lot younger than Alex, but was only two years short of his older brother. Bright blue gaze showed with excitement and friendliness, "Hey there. I heard my name; lemme guess, Alex is telling you how much of a dork I am?"

    "Getting to that," Alexander smirked.

    Aiden rolled his eyes, "Name's Aiden. I'm hoping you aren't another random girl Alex brings over for a night only to never be seen again? You're too overdressed."

    Alex now had his thumb and index finger pressed against his forehead, annoyance clear on his face as his head tilted downwards, eyes shut tight as he bit back and angered retort. Aiden would never hear the end of that statement. Never.

    The eighteen year old winced apologetically as the room got hysterically tense and awkward. "Right. Apparently not. Well... Nice to meet you..."
    Aiden backed away into his room, and the door shut silently. Laughter was heard behind it, after a moment.
  10. “Okay..."Mack followed after him with a pink tint on the apples of her cheeks, clearly embarrassed to have such loose lips and a knack for getting distracted so easily. It wasn’t her fault her mind was always going a mile a minutes--always on the move and get things rolling.

    She listened intently as she walked behind him, eyes trained on the floor so she wouldn’t trip over anything... or her feet--another tendency she had when flustered and nervous, which Alex was undoubtedly making her. Her green eyes examined the room he showed her with awe. “Wow...” It was a bedroom, why should she get so worked up over one? Because it was gosh darn beautiful. It was massive, decorated elegantly, Mackenzie could see a feminine flare, so she assumed his mother, or at least another woman, designed it. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to go jump on the bed like the classic scene in cliche movies, but she held back the urge with a small bite to her bottom lip, sparkling eyes turning to Alex as he spoke. Mackenzie wasn’t sure she would feel comfortable leaving Spencer in the care of some playboy like Alex, but the offer touched her dearly. “Thank you so much.” She said in a tender voice, though her attention was immediately snatched away when a door ‘whooshed’ open and another handsome boy popped out.

    Mackenzie knew instantly that the boy was Alex’s younger brother, the aforementioned Aiden. She decided that good looks must run in the family. Their mom was beautiful, Alex was quite sculpted, Aiden was insanely adorable, and their father... well, he had money.

    A sheepish smile appeared on her face at Aiden’s words, cheeks turning pink once more as she shook her head. “No... I’m the new maid...” She wasn’t too sure just yet, but she felt what Aiden said was an extremely indirect compliment--she’ll take it.

    Once the younger brother was out of the picture her eyes settled back on Alex. “Is there anything else you need to show me?”
  11. Alexander's fingers slowly fell from his forehead and the dark-haired male cleared his throat. "No, you're good. Just ah, yeah. Welcome and be the best damn maid you can be," Alex chuckled awkwardly. "I'm sorry, by the way, about Aiden. He's a problem, but I'm afraid pest control doesn't cover dorks."

    There was a bang on the wall, "Heard that!"

    "Don't care!"

    Alexander rolled his eyes, and gave a kind nod and smile to Mack before heading to his room- which was cleaner than Aiden's, if you could believe it. "I'll be in here if you need anything," he called from inside his bedroom, as he settled down at his desk began doing whatever it was the Alexs' do.
  12. The brothers were very comical. They acted exactly how brothers should. Mackenzie found it endearing, a small part of her saddened by the fact Spencer didn’t have a sibling--well, not yet anyways. The future didn’t always go according to plan, Mack found that out the hard way.

    With both Alex and Aiden retreating to their rooms, the woman was left alone to her own devices. The house already looked spotless, so there was little she could clean unless she really wanted to re-clean everything. A waste of energy, she decided as she padded downstairs. Her legs instinctively carried her to the kitchen, fingers gently running over the smooth marble of the counter tops until an idea popped into her head, at which her body came to a sudden halt, a smile forming on her plump pink lips.

    Mackenzie roamed through the cupboards, pulling out various ingredients; flour, sugar, chocolate chips, salt, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. From the refrigerator, after some intense searching, Mack finally found the necessary eggs, butter, and milk required for the regular chocolate chip cookie recipe she had in mind. After preheating the over, which also took some experimenting, Mackenzie placed two baking sheets filled with cookie batter in to cook for ten minutes. It took only five for the smell of the delicious cookies to waft through the house. Hopefully Alex and Aiden won’t mind.
  13. Alexander sniffed as he took in a new scent. a very delicious one at that. Swinging out of his bed, now in a t-shirt, pajama pants, and socks, he headed downstairs to find out what it was making that intoxicating smell.
    "Cooking?" Alex asked as he arrived to the kitchen, head tilted in question, "Whatever it is, it smells really good."

    "I second that," Aiden smiled as he appeared around the corner, nudging up his black rimmed glasses with a finger as most people who wore the aids of the eyes did.

    Alex was about to give his brother a harsh and teasing retort, but Mack whirled around to face them. He smiled lightly, admiring her beauty. It was hard not to stare at a woman that brilliant of a sight. Thing was, she was gorgeous inside and out, he could tell. It was rare in a person.
  14. Mackenzie whirled around to face the two boys, brows drawn together. “I hope you don’t mind. There wasn’t much to clean and I figured it would be a good way to surprise you...” Maybe she should’ve made the cookies at her apartment, use her own ingredients, rather than using their kitchen and ingredients. A palm slapped against her forehead at the thought, an embarrassed groan leaving her lips. “Sorry. I should’ve asked. I’ll pay back what I used..”

    She trailed off when the oven timer dinged. Grabbing the hand towel she found in one of the various drawers, Mack bustled over to the oven, opened it, and pulled the cookies out, setting the hot pans on the stove so they could cool. A few experimental pushing of buttons and the oven went off, no longer heating its innards. “They’ll need to cool before you can have any.” She said with a stern look at the brothers, a smile on her face. All previous worries were out of mind, or at least she did a good job at hiding them. One wouldn’t be able to tell from the genuine smile on her face that lit up her eyes effortlessly.
  15. "You talk to us like we're two," Aiden snorted, and walked further into the kitchen, studying the delicious looking cookies. "Are they cool yet?"

    "See, you might as well be two, you moron," Alexander said, and gave a grin to Mackenzie. "Thanks, and no worries about the supplies. To be honest you just helped out, not like we cook or bake around here. Food probably would have gone to waste, anyway. I think you've paid us back with the cookies, though. That is a nice surprise."

    "Well," Aiden started, "Alex and I are going to the living room to watch TV while we wait."

    "Care to join us?" Alexander invited. "Trust me, we don't watch cartoons," he laughed slightly at his lame joke.
  16. Mack gave Aiden a teasing glare, stifling her giggles when he strutted into the kitchen and proceeded to question, much like a child, if the cookies were cool when they were only taken out of the oven a minute ago. She was just about to give him a witty remark when Alex cut in, causing a whimsical giggle to fall from her lips at his teasing his brother. “I thought it would be a nice ‘thank you’ gift.” She said, grabbing the spatula from the counter so she could begin lifting them off the baking sheet so the cookies wouldn’t harden on the pan. Each cookie was set on a plate she found before, each one had steam rising from its little round body. Still hot, but cool enough to remove from the pan.

    “Are you sure I should watch TV? I’m the maid, shouldn’t I do... maid things?” The last thing she wanted was their father, her employer, to return home and see her slacking off the job. A horrible end to the first day of work--and most likely her job there as well.

    At his mention of watching cartoons Mackenzie chuckled, giving him another teasing look. “Wow. I took you for an avid fan of Dora the Explorer.” She mused with a playful smile, setting the plate on the counter to let the cookies cool the rest of the way down.
  17. "Psh," Alexander shrugged her comment away, "What is there to do? I think it's fair that you're treated as a human being, not as a working dog." The man beckoned her to the living room. Then he realized her last remark and scoffed loudly.

    "I'll have you know only Aiden watches Dora! I hated those TV shows when I was little. I only liked Clifford the Big Red Dog," Alex laughed.

    The dark-haired male began walking towards the living room, just barely getting into the room before he was tackled roughly to the ground by his blonde brother whom had to put all his force into the push. The two began wrestling on the ground, laughing and growling playfully. Finally, though, Alexander managed to sit on his brother and keep him to the floor. Aidan nudged up his glasses, and huffed, pouting. "Could you get this cow off me?" He pleaded to Mack.

    "Oh, I see how it is!" Alexander laughed.
  18. A light giggle fluttered through Mack’s lips when Alex poked fun at his brother. It was very endearing. They got along so well, despite the play fights she assumed they had frequently, just like how siblings should. She could only hope that if Spencer got a sibling they would act the same way--maybe without all the fighting, but would be comfortable enough with one another to tease and love each other.

    At Aiden’s plead for her to step in she did just that, making her way over to them. “Children, stop fighting.” She chastised with a mock-stern voice and narrow of her eyes. Grabbing Alex’s arm she attempted to pull him off of his brother, though with their difference in size it was near impossible to do all by herself, so she gave that plan up when he didn't budge and took a step back into the kitchen. “How about this. You get off your brother,” She said, turning her gaze to Alex, “and you both go watch TV. I’ll wash up the stuff I dirtied and when I’m done I’ll bring you two cookies and milk. Sound like a plan?” Round green eyes twinkled with amusement. Mackenzie had a feeling she was going to love her job.
  19. "Sounds like a plan," Alexander laughed, "but I've never felt more like a three year old. Cookies and milk." The dark-haired male stood, helping his rather pissed off brother up. The two punched each other in the arm, and Aiden walked into the living room.

    "Do you need any help?" Alex asked, hand on the archway as he peered at Mackenzie. Honestly, he was too lazy to want to do it, but he felt the need to at least ask. His fingers tapped the wood, and he gave an impatient smile. Probably hoping she'd say no.
  20. “Since you offered…” Mack trailed off, walking over to the refrigerator where she pulled out their milk, setting it on the counter before she went off to grab three cups for them all. After filling each cup up she handed two to Alex and took a nice swill of her own. “Take that out to your brother. And when you’re done you can come back for the cookies—God only knows how long it’ll take before he’s back in here asking if they’re done.” A soft giggle fluttered from her lips as she gave Alex a playful look.

    Once she was done eliciting her instructions Mackenzie turned towards the sink, grabbing all the dishes she dirtied and setting them in the sink. After a quick rinse she put them in the empty dishwashing machine—the dishes were basically clean enough to eat off of before she put them in the dishwasher. Next Mack grabbed a towel and washed down the counters, being sure to toss the wet rag into the dirty clothes hamper before she finally made her way out to the living room where the brothers were watching tv, glass of milk in hand.
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