Servants of the Multiverse

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  1. Yet another productive day, Jade thought to herself as she leaned back in her cushy office chair in her office. She closed her eyes, and the ever-present worlds swirled behind her eyelids. Some moved so quickly they dizzied her when she stared too long. Some rotated so slowly she was never quite sure if they were alive.

    The stars, the asteroids, meteors, debris of each world—technically plane—moved among the others like insects trapped in an invisible web, and she was the spider. It was still intoxicating to her, even after she'd been given this gift years ago by the previous incarnation of the multiverse.

    She absently wrote a few coordinates and notes as she spotted a few worlds in need, and then opened her eyes again and looked over those notes.

    Phil would be suited to that issue, paired with Caen and Kael to obliterate a werewolf pack that was regularly attacking towns to kidnap, rape, and eat the elven denizens. Taking someone to use as bait for them would also be useful, and paused thoughtfully for a few moments before she wrote a few names with question marks beside them: Bim, Kira, and Cath. Any of them would make good bait that could protect themselves.

    Rare and Brock would do well with making peace between elves and humans with their unique dynamic.

    The goblin problem... She had a feeling a peaceful solution could be found, so assigned Seela and Rocky. Even if things couldn't be settled, the pair was adept at fighting, and uniquely covered each others' weaknesses.

    Next, some dryads were taking to murdering children for fertilizer. Kira would be ideal, if not sent with Phil. If that wasn't an option, Artemis and Tybalt. The old bard needed some exercise.

    That task finished, she leaned her head back against the chair, exhausted. She didn't get any sleep last night, and likely wouldn't tonight either unless she went to her twin for help or exhausted herself. She could close her eyes and doze at will, but it was rarely restful.

    Absently, the young demigoddess tightened her grip on her pen as the thought of sleep began to irritate her. The small blonde placed her pen down suddenly and stood. She turned to look at her adviser nearby. "Father Ortega, I'm going to blow off some steam. Could you please assign some Hunters to these? I left notes on who might be well-suited." Her smile was sweet, but the rest of her face was tired as she began to head toward the door, her movements those of someone accustomed to being much smaller—as she had been, until about eight years ago, when she, on apparent whim, took on her human-seeming form and did not change back.

    On being asked, she remarked that she wished to be seen as a being more reachable than a cold doll, and she also began to endeavor to feel emotions in the same manner as others around her. She was often up late, watching television or playing games, or even watching the Hunters to try to understand them.
  2. The old gentleman, with oddly white hair for his supposed agelessness, nodded, a light smile on his face at the order. “Yes, Lady Jade… though, might I ask why you have such large dark circles under your eyes?” He knelt down in front of her, to be more at eye level with the much shorter woman he called Boss. His bones creaked and popped, but he paid no attention to it, merely sweeping his leather jacket out of the way of his knees before he met her gaze. Pale skin, blue eyes, none of it played to the color of his hair save a few well earned wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and lips, especially when he smiled. No one knew why the man had seemed to age so much, but it did lend some credence to his Pastor status.


    Kyoko winced as she stretched out her back, rubbing the back of her neck and upper back with one hand. The welts and slices were already nearly healed, the blessing of her blood, but the bruises and pain of the lashing she took would still take some time to disperse. As she walked back to the lounge, her steps were near silent on the stone floors. The heat was gentle on her soles, though, and she wished that she could just lay out and enjoy it. She dared not ask for a break, however, as she needed to focus on her work. The only reason for this dalliance was to get yet another male to get off and get going. She needed to practice more, though, as she had noticed he seemed concerned about her enjoying herself. She sighed and rubbed at her jawline through her black cloth mask, before gingerly sitting on the sofa in the lounge that most could usually find her on when she wasn’t working. A small phone was pulled from a pocket, and tiny beeps could be heard as she worked on one thing or another.
  3. Jade met his blue eyes with her red—gifted by neither father nor mother, but instead by chance. She gave a brief smile. "Sleep eludes me if I don't pester my sister, and sometimes I prefer to get work done rather than spend time on sleep." She looked away, only to yawn. The dainty woman barely covered her mouth in time. "Sorry." Jade shook her head. "I got a lot done last night, at least. All trainees have files now, both hard and digital. I'm halfway through the updates to Hunter files from the recent war, too." Just saying that left her feeling exhausted.

    So much happened in that one war, but thankfully there weren't any deaths. They nearly lost Kinny, but that was because he did something reckless to protect his mother. She couldn't blame him for that—even though she and her own mother weren't very close, she would protect her if the brunette scientist needed it. Speaking of... "I forgot to check on Mother." Her shoulders slumped at the idea of still more to do before she could let off some steam and exhaust herself to get some sleep.

    Geraldo looked over at Kyo. Keen eyes watched her closely as she sat beside him, likely full-aware of his presence. "Long day?" He asked quietly. Somehow, her presence both attracted him and repulsed him into a sort of strange neutrality where both feelings were present. "Seems to be going around." He continued after a moment.

    He was well-scarred himself, and with his bald head and piercing blue eyes, he was still an object of much fascination, especially since he only rarely wore shirts, and often wore rough brown pants that were fairly tight around his rear and legs, tucked into knee-high boots.

    He looked more like a veteran soldier than the templar and prince that he'd once been, especially with the huge, X-shaped scar on his torso, visible between the sides of his jacket. Absently, he leaned his head back, to stare at the ceiling as it rested on the back of the couch, while his hands rested on either side of him, and he let his long legs stretch forward until someone came near, and he closed and pulled them back to allow the pair of huntresses to pass.
  4. “One’s mind works sharpest when fully rested. You know this.” He sighed and straightened up to his full height before he tugged at his jacket once more to straighten it. Even so, it brushed the backs of his ankles and he stepped aside for her to pass him by. He had no real power to stop her, and he tucked his hands behind his back out of respect for her. “Perhaps you should get some assistance like Alorsin has to help you with all the work that remains to be done?”

    At the mention of needing to check on her mother, his eyes brightened some. This was something he could do. “Perhaps I can assist in some way? Would you like me to check on her?”


    Kyo’s shoulders jerked some and her eyes shot to the man next to her. In her glorious haze of pain, she had not noticed him sitting there for a change. She edged closer to the arm of the couch, however, to give him the space she thought he deserved. The man certainly knew how to take it up, at the very least. He was definitely an attractive man, and the fact he had visible scars also had appeal. Surviving those wounds that still left marks… they were usually a point of pride for Hunters at the very least. In her case, her scars, hidden under a tight black body suit and various other pieces of clothing and the leather jacket, were a point of shame. As a stealthy fighter, she should not have gotten caught, and her scars reminded her of that. As such, she never showed them to anyone besides those that she ended up bedding. It took her a moment to gather herself again, however, and with a long exhale of breath, she looked to him. “Some are more aggressive then others, unfortunately.”

    She didn’t enjoy the masochism, but it kept them from getting closer, kept them at arm’s reach… That strange neutrality lingered in her system, and she tried to drown it with sex, but it never worked, and she never asked, as instinct had her favor the repulsion then the attraction. That still did not mean to be rude, though, especially when she was directly spoken too. “Are you feeling alright, Prince Geraldo? You look worse then I possibly feel.”
  5. She thought a moment, then nodded in reference to both suggestions. "Both are good ideas. I will see Alorsin, and would you mind checking on Mother for me? Just make sure she ate and left her laboratory at some point. Maybe send Morgan in to extract her—she has mysterious ways to lure her out if the door is locked."

    Jade paused a few moments. "Thank you, Father Ortega." She smiled at him, glad to have him at her side and helping her through her crazy duties. He could only help with so much, but what he could help with, and his concern for her, were a massive relief. "I will go to the infirmary now, if you are handling my mother." She walked past him, long braids hanging down to her waist as she absently rubbed at one eye.

    As she headed toward the infirmary, she paused by the lounge to look in for a few moments of people-watching.

    Kyoko and Geraldo were both there—far from uncommon. Had she not known better, she might have assumed them friends, but Kyo stubbornly refused friendship from most, save Kina. She watched them for several moments.

    The urge to send both through a hole for her own sadistic enjoyment was... particularly strong. She shook her head, and decided that no, she would wait for a mission to send those two out of her sight for a while.

    Don't be a jerk, Jade. She reminded herself. Don't be a jerk.

    When she shifted away, he did as well, to give her a bit more room. "Just feeling listless is all. Is it strange that I almost miss my time as a Templar?" Back before he arrived, before he felt such a muddled and confused emotion as the one he felt when he looked at the lovely Huntress beside him.

    Why did she make him feel this way? He ran a hand along his scalp, using the motion to get a good, long look at her before he looked away.

    Maybe... He stood. "There's a gathering on Dead World. You're welcome to join us." He slipped her a piece of paper with the coordinates. "Kina's going to be there. It's just a small gathering with maybe some drinking. Definitely a hot spring. That should help with your soreness." He was quiet for a few long moments, as though he felt like he should say more. No more words came from him though, and he simply watched her for a few moments before he began to walk off, tired after a long day of dealing with the interpersonal problems of other Hunters as a sort of counselor when Al and his assistants were otherwise occupied.
  6. "It will be done milady." The older man bowed elegantly, a hint at past training in the way of propriety, before he stood, and with a swish of his jacket snapping at his ankles, he headed towards the portal and the lounge that it resided in. The portal that took him to where Jade normally lived when she wasn't busy dealing with relatively new responsibilities. The tingle as he passed through the portal was exhilarating, and gave new life to his steps. It never got old, that sensation. He hummed a soft hymn to himself as he walked the metallic halls towards where Jade's mother was most likely to be found. He knocked on the metal door.

    "Miss Biocybera?" His voice was inquisitive, though respectful. If he couldn't get her to answer, then he would find Morgan, as she was more easily located then most he knew, but for now, he waited.


    Alorsin, as usual, was in his small office, checking on those that would give birth either that month or the following. Like a hummingbird homing in on one flower after the next, he flitted from one patient, paid them the attention they deserved, and then flitted to the next. They were busy the most these two months, followed by frequent supply requests in January. He looked up as he sensed Jade, and he smiled. "I will be right with you, Miss Jade. Let me finish with this one here, and I will be right over."
    He was far older then anyone else on Hunter Headquarters, but he certainly didn't act or look in. Soft leathers clung to his form, allowing him movement and comfort as he deftly moved. His black hair was tied back, hanging in a long ponytail down his back, keeping it out of his eyes as he worked. He acted more like a young horse, sturdy and calm, but still full of vitality.


    "Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Despite all the life here, it almost feels... empty here." She mused before she glanced at him, following every movement of his from the corner of her eye. He was certainly something to watch, she admitted. Kyoko gently took the paper from the Prince, and though it was faint, it was possible, if he looked, to see her smile crinkle at her eyes. The idea of a hot spring sounded quite wonderful, honestly, and she could still work while she was there... unless Kina stole her phone once again, at least. "I will see if I can be there, Prince Geraldo. Though if there is a hot spring and possibly sake, I will definitely be there."

    Sake. The one drink she could definitely get drunk off of. The one drink that muddled her senses and let her forget almost everything that bothered her. The only thing that truly let her feel free and secure in herself, like she used to before she was captured and tortured. Kina possibly remembered those days, as even then, the two had been close to friends. And the only one who still hung around after everything Kyo put her through to try and drive her off. At least with Kina there, she would be safe.
  7. Biocybera's voice didn't answer, but after several moments, the door hissed, then slid open as the busty woman blinked and looked out, then up at Ortega. "Oh. What day is it?" She was covered in grease and slight singe marks. Her tight vest barely contained her breasts, and as she absently adjusted her skirt, it was clearly just as tight on her, with how it cut into her thighs and waist. She hadn't been to the clothing lab in some time, or had gained weight. "I'm nearly done with something. You can test it." She turned from him, heading into the lab again. The woman fully expected him to follow her. "Even though you're a hunter, you should do just fine."

    Jade nodded, though she wished she'd walked on by now that she saw how busy he was. Too late, now. She'd not hear the end of it. She entered the infirmary and stood out of the way as she watched several hunters dart about helping him, each looking so similar, they could have been related to the dark-haired man.

    Kheerokhe was proving himself yet again, managing multiple pregnant huntresses at once with ease, grace, and a warm smile that left little doubts of his capabilities. He was easily the most gifted of Al's assistants, and Jade thought it likely she could get away with setting up a second infirmary on the other side of HQ with him as the head, in case some sort of emergency came up and speed was vital to someone's life or limbs.

    Yes, that seemed like a good idea. She made a mental note to speak to the artisans and Al about it—probably when Al wasn't quite so busy.

    Absently, she wondered if Al could identify the cause of her conflicted feelings about her sister, but decided now wasn't the time for psychoanalysis. He was busy, and all she needed was a sleep aid.

    "I'll let Kina know to look forward to your presence." He smiled at her.

    Her smiles, though rare and faint, were rather cute. He coughed slightly and looked away, a faint redness to his cheeks. "It already started an hour ago, so you can go anytime. I've been putting it off, I admit. Kina doesn't quite get the purpose of hot springs."

    He wanted to speak more, but the words evaded him—the ideas even evaded him. "I'm going to go get ready." With that, he began to walk away, to head toward his bunk, where other templars shared a room with him.
  8. "..." His eyebrow lifted at the state of her apparel and he brought his fist to his mouth, clearing his throat into it before he found the words to speak. He never could quite get over how 'gifted' this woman was, even though he was happily taken. His thoughts went to his mate for a moment before Bio beckoned him to follow. Hesitantly, he did. "Its Tuesday, ma'am. When was the last time you were out of here? Your daughter, Jade, is quite worried about you. In fact, you should probably get some new clothes before you lose a limb."

    He stopped in the door, determined not to move until she at least acknowledged him beyond a test subject.


    After he had finished with the last huntress in his queue, he turned, wiping his hands off of liquids he had been using to soothe pain in his examinations. He smiled at Jade, and the expression was distinctly parental as he approached her. "Would you like some tea, Milady? You look tired."

    Without even waiting a response, he gestured for one of his 'sons' to bring him a cup with the brewed relaxant tea. Chamomile was a popular one that he kept brewed, as any number of people, wanting sleep but unable to get there on their own, came for it. Unless they didn't like tea, that is. Most would at least tolerate his concoctions, however, as they were the easiest to ingest compared to most modern medicine.


    The black haired woman smiled faintly behind her mask, before she looked down at the coordinates in her hand. She swallowed as a slight amount of nerves reared up in the back of her head. What was she doing? And what would she even wear? Naked was how she usually made use of the springs, but if there were other men there, what would she use? Unless in privacy, no one needed to see her scars. The paper crinkled in her hand as her grip tightened, and she curled her legs up underneath her in an unconscious attempt to make herself smaller. She looked down at her phone in her other hand, before she pulled up Kina's number to call her.
  9. She turned back to look at him, then looked down at her clothes, puzzled. "I suppose I have grown a bit." She sighed, then undid the button on her vest, only to gasp in shock as suddenly, she breathed like she'd forgotten she needed to. "Oh my god, no kidding!" She rubbed at her head. "What's the date? Month? Thank you, Ortega." She rubbed at her breasts again, wincing as her fingers grazed against the red indents in her skin. "Sorry." She smiled at him. "Mind locking me out of my lab? You can use your portaport to get out. I... clearly need a break." She looked down at the red, indented V that bisected her breasts. "Owww."

    "Thank you." She took a seat nearby, in a spot where he could join her. "Just a bit tired. Very tired." She accepted the tea gratefully when one of the man's assistants offered it to her, then took a sip as she cradled the cup in her sore hands. Just a bit too much desk work... She could feel the thick spots where her callouses were getting bigger again, and the sore joints that, though already healing, made her not want to move her fingers.

    The tea was relaxing, certainly, but it wouldn't be enough, she was sure. "Do you have anything like an elephant tranquilizer?" Absently, she twirled some of her blonde bangs, then sighed. "I could use some rest, and so far the only way I've gotten it is to exhaust myself physically."

    Kina answered, as always, promptly. "Hi, Kyo!" Her voice was high and peppy. "Did Geraldo relay the invitation nicely?" As always, she sounded very excited. "It's just going to be a small group, all people you like."

    If you used 'like' loosely...
  10. Ortega's hand went to the bridge of his nose, where he rubbed some of the frustration away. At least, he tried to, before he looked back towards the brunette and shook his head, and after he told her the exact date, he asked, "What were you working on this time, dare I ask?"

    Part of him was curious, but another part of him really, really didn't want to know. Even so, he began fishing through one pocket in particular, feeling for the lithe band that was his 'portaport' as Bio had so succinctly put it. His fingers bent around it and he pulled it out, swinging it up absently before catching it in his palm without even seeming to look at it.


    Alsoome's smile was still faint and a twinkle of amusement touched his lips and eyes as he sat down across from her. "I unfortunately do not have that at the moment. Is there something troubling you that you cannot sleep, little one?"

    He wasn't trying to be rude with calling her a little one, but it was more like a parent calling a child by a nickname. He leaned forward in the rickety seat, his arms draped over his knees and his hands held in the gap in between. She had his entire attention.


    Kyo let out a slightly frustrated sigh at Kina and her fluid definitions. She stopped, took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out. "I already assured Prince Geraldo I would be there, Kina. The problem is what to wear. I normally go nude in the springs, but..."

    Her scars. It was unspoken, and she hoped she didn't have to spell it out for her only real companion. She disliked backing down once she said she would do something, but if she needed to, she would pretend something came up and not go entirely. "And what may I ask did he mean by you not understanding the purpose of hot springs...?"
  11. Bio shoved her hair out of her face and adjusted her headband before she answered. "Not sure, probably some kind of armor. I haven't been thinking about the purpose too much, but it can take a beating." Her headband slid up past her hairline, pushing her dirty, tangled hair back, away from her face. "Thank you, Ortega. I don't know how I'd manage to do survival things without you and my kids pestering me every so often." She smiled at him, then pointed to the pad by the door. "Just press the lock button to get the door locked, and then you can scramble the PIN however you like. Keep me out for a bit, yeah?" Absently, the woman laughed, though it didn't meet her eyes as she looked away. "Anyway, off I go."

    The leader of the free world left the laboratory and began to head toward her room to get a shower, leaving Ortega in her lab.

    Jade watched him a few moments. His affections were far from unwelcome, and the diminutive nickname was normal enough for someone to call her—she looked young, and she was very short, besides.

    She took a deep breath before she answered. "I have no idea. I have not been able to sleep easily for as long as I can remember. I am fairly certain it is just the hereditary insomnia or restless leg syndrome, since I do take after my mother in regards to medical issues." Another sip of the tea calmed her nerves as the topic of her sleeplessness began to stress her, and she closed her eyes for a few moments to enjoy its peace before the swirling worlds returned to her vision. "It became worse when I took on my current position as multiverse. I see everything, like all of the worlds are zoomed out at once. It is... disorienting at times."

    Another phrase clung to the tip of her tongue, but refused to make itself known, either to her or to the kind medicine man.

    "I have a swimsuit your size, and your mask is waterproof, right? That covers the worst, doesn't it?" Kina tilted her head absently as she held the phone with one hand, and rested her fingertips against the receiver, absently tapping it a few times. "As for not knowing how to use hot springs, it's not my fault this one's huge, unused, and deep enough that it's easier to swim across than to go around." She tilted her head absently and thought a few moments. "Even if you only put your feet in, you better come, Kyo. I won't let you bow out, and I know how to find you when you want to disappear." The grin in her voice was as obvious as her excitement to have her favorite friend come join her. "The sake's top notch, you know."
  12. "Perhaps a husband would do you well, Miss Biocybera." The old man chuckled, though whether because of the absurdity of that statement, or at her pouting, it wasn't entirely clear. "You have a good one, miss. Do remember to sleep, though, alright?"

    Once she was out of sight, he shut the lab door and hit the indicated 'lock' button, before typing in a PIN number that very few knew: his own birthday. After that was done, he threw his portable portal against the wall, where it shimmered and gleamed for a moment before the records room clarified, as if like a channel was changed and came into focus. He stepped through the portal before pulling it back down and pocketing the yarn and beads that it looked like when not in use. He looked around the records room for a moment, before he flipped on the light. If Lady Jade wasn't there, then he could certainly do some work himself. Possibly give her a slight reprieve to enjoy other things. Like maybe a movie or something in the lounge on Base. It was a thought.

    Now... where to start?


    "I can only imagine how seeing so many worlds passing by your mind's eye." Alorsin looked over at a noise, but seeing that it wasn't important, he turned his dark eyes back to her. "And having your mind so distracted while awake can keep sleep from coming to find you as well. Have you tried taking up any kind of relaxant activity or perhaps... Yoga? I heard it is great for calm and serenity, though I have never tried it myself."

    He leaned back in the seat, draping an arm over the back of the chair, which creaked a protest, before his other hand connected with it. His hands were always moving. Whether massaging the back of his hand, rubbing his fingers on the opposing hand, or touching his patients. They were in constant motion, even as his eyes rested steadily on her.


    "Depends on how open the back is." Kyoko rubbed the back of her neck as nervousness ate at her. She flinched, her eyes slamming shut as her nerves flared with their periodic pain before it was gone again. Yes. She was definitely going. As for finding her when she disappeared, she had no doubt that Kina would find her. They had known each other for too long for the other woman not to have figured out where the ninja hid when she wanted to be alone. "I was planning on soaking in the springs anyways, friend. It has long been overdue."

    Slowly she pulled herself from off the couch, the phone still to her ear as she stretched. Her spine cracked in several places and she gave a soft moan of pleasure at the sensation before she started walking to the nearest wall. The mention of sake though was a definite plus, however. "Just do not let me hit the bottle too hard, alright, Kina?"
  13. "Ha, a husband!" She laughed and waved. "I'll try, though no promises." She waved as she left, then looked around the metal halls of her home.

    More, she looked past the walls. Numbers slid and fell around her as she looked for whatever she should do first. As always, there was one annoyingly bright spot where the code was... muddled. Xenos. She bared her teeth briefly, then turned away from that direction, opting to avoid the Generals' quarters and instead get some air.

    His existence hadn't always irritated her. In fact, it hadn't at all until the time she... She shut out the thought and glared at the floor. Ever since then, everything just seemed wrong about being with him, like he was some kind of bastion of religious zeal like Izrael had been before the amusing (if dangerous) bastard had passed away thanks to some surely preventable heart attack while he was trying to chase one of the children around.

    The woman paused outside the cosmetics laboratory and punched in the design for her vest and skirt, then had the machine scan her measurements before it spat out an identical, slightly larger outfit for her, and she carefully transferred her capsules, mindful to avoid the buttons.

    The records room was neat and organized, making whatever he wanted to start on easy to access. Right now, Jade had the dossiers and files for every Hunter on her desk that hadn't yet been updated, and the computer showed several tabs of files on the Hunters as well, including strengths, weaknesses, background, birthday, traumas, and even a portion that was hidden and password protected. Jade was nothing, if not thorough.

    "I have not tried yoga, but certain..." She coughed briefly and glanced away. "Exercises do seem to help me relax. I may try it, since it may prove more effective." Her delicate, light brows furrowed briefly as she pondered it. It looked easy, but she had tried it once with a few Huntresses, and it left her shockingly exhausted, and her night after had been restful, leaving her energetic and focused the following morning.

    "Yes, I think I'll sign up for yoga." She mused as she turned her attention to her cup, then took a sip. This time, she would have to set an alarm for herself on her phone.

    With that sip, she glanced back at Al. "I do need something for tonight, though. The chamomile helps, of course, but not as much as I need tonight." Her mind wasn't moving quicker than her hands now, at least, and the hydration was nipping the growing headache on the bud.

    Quite helpful. Now, if only her eyes would close without seeing all those worlds...

    "No harder than I'd let myself hit it." Kina reassured. "The swimsuit's cute, though, and covers your most nervous spots, so no worries, no worries. Now I just need to get the others here for sure, too. See you shortly!"

    Before Kina hung up, Kyo could hear a splash in the background. "Hey! No splashing!"

    "Sorry." A familiar Hunter's voice came through fainter than a whisper—Twiggy, who'd been (shockingly) responsible for saving several lives when he ran out onto the battlefield during the war, shouting 'duck!' frantically before he tripped over a fence and landed on his face just in time to avoid a rain of silver bullets.

    Kina shook her head. "Anyway, see you soon! Now you know at least one person who won't see anything." She beamed, then hung up her cell phone.
  14. Topaz, in her birth given female form, paused as she saw her mother and stepped aside for her to pass. "Afternoon, mother. I was wondering when you'd emerge from your lab."

    There was no sass to the comment, no real anything, really. Well, there was a hint of surprise, and a little relief, but they were small doses, and as usual, the tall woman looked like she hadn't slept well or had just gotten up from a not so restful nap. She lifted a hand and waved to her mother. Her long blond hair had traces of brown to it, but her father's genetics had taken over when it came to her genetics, and so she looked more like a female version of him rather then her mother... save for in the chest. That was distinctly a gift from her mother, and it was clear she wasn't wearing something to support them. Chances were, she had forgotten to put a bra on in the first place. "How are you feeling today?"


    "I might have some narcotics that will last a long while, regardless of metabolism. A small dose might work for you. Does that sound acceptable?" Even as he spoke, he began to get out of his seat, his dark eyes scanning the wall of shelves filled with canisters and other containers filled with unknown substances. He edged around the table and went to a small display that was actually locked and started patting for the key. He had it on his person... somewhere.

    "It is a powerful herb that I need to keep under lock or else it would walk off." He smiled back at her, more out of amusement for the herb walking off then annoyed at it disappearing. It was a hard to get herb, and he only used it when there was extensive damage that needed to be taken care of. He didn't like his patients being in pain. He glanced back at her again as he pulled the key out. "I advise you not do anything that might injure you for the next few days if you do agree to take it. It slows the body's healing process, including the stemming of blood with a cut."


    Kyo shook her head. She remembered a time when Kanna and Twiggy had been inseparable, and now... something had happened. She couldn't quite place her finger on it, but something had changed between the two of them that had driven the two of them apart. Kanna was no doubt still there, yearning for that re-connection... She shook her head. Now wasn't the time to ponder that. She had to think of herself first in this instance. Geraldo came to mind and she shook her head again to clear it. That man... or at least, her feelings about him were infuriating. On one hand, she was drawn to him. He was the intellect type she was most attracted to. He could keep up with her mentally when they spoke more then a few sentences, and yet she found herself wanting to run from him when he got too close. Infuriating and frustrating. She pulled the yarn and beads out of one of her pouches (she was usually without her jacket nowadays, as it was too heavy and too noisy for her to maneuver in) and threw it against the wall once the correct bead sequence was in place. Each bead was imbued with magic, and each bead represented a segment of the coordinates that Geraldo had given her.

    She wondered if he would even be there yet. Possibly not. She stepped through and pulled it down quickly before pocketing it again, and her phone went with it into the same pocket. The mineral rich air pulled at her and she took a deep breath, before letting it go again. It had been too long. Far, far too long.
  15. Bio's expression brightened as she heard one of her three daughters speak up. "Topaz! Good to see you awake." She hurried over and gave the tall girl a tight hug. "I'm doing fine. One of Jade's Hunters locked me out of my lab after he told me how long I'd been in." She smiled as she pulled back to finish dressing, unmindful to her own or her daughter's lack of modesty. "Would you like to get something to eat with me, dear? I'm thinking ice cream, and you can have lemon bars." She reached for her oldest child's hand once she was dressed. "I need some food after working so long."

    "I trust whatever you offer me, Alsoome." She smiled at him, grateful to have someone like him working for her, keeping her people healthy and happy. Absently, she wondered if he could identify why she became more and more uncomfortable around her twin—why the girls who had been inseparable throughout childhood became suddenly unable to be around each other for long periods as they grew into women.

    She absently shook the thought away. No, she was sure it wasn't anything other than interests pulling them apart

    "So, just avoid getting hurt while it's in my system? "She touched the small scar that crossed one side of her lips, then asked another question. "Anything else about it that I should know?"

    "Yay! Kyo!" Kina waved from the springs. "There's a shelter we made over there. The swimsuit's in it for you!" She pointed with the phone, then pulled it back to her face. "Yes, Geraldo, you have to come. Why?" She huffed. "Because you haven't tried sake yet and you have to try it at a hot spring the first time, duh!" A pause, followed by. "I will haul your butt here if I have to, and I'll strip you before I do so everyone can see your bubble butt." She huffed.

    "Of course you have a bubble butt. It's the kind of bubble butt from those comics I showed you-Yes, exactly." She was silent a few moments. "That better be you coming through the portal now." She giggled, then hung up as Geraldo walked through, a half-hearted glare on his face.

    "What's the occasion, anyway?"

    "I felt like it." Kina beamed as she let her eyes travel over Geraldo as he stood there, wearing only a European-style brief that not only left a bit too little to the imagination, but also gave him more support than some bras gave women. The man looked around, and his eyes landed on Kyo.

    Only... instead of that strange mixed sensation...

    He felt his whole body grow hot, despite the chill in the air. He hurried into the water as he tried to hide the red to his face. She wasn't even in her swimsuit yet! Why was he getting like this?

    Kina could only blink at the man, then shrugged. "Odd one." She giggled.
  16. Topaz gently took her mother's hand and squeezed, a gentle, faint smile gracing her thin lips at the gesture. She missed her mother when she went on her experimental binges like she did. Granted, Topaz herself hardly left her room save for on rare occasion herself. That was because she was generally asleep, though today the limiter her mother had invented gleamed on her left wrist. Which explained why she was even awake in the first place at this hour of the day. Her blue eyes brightened, though, at the mention of lemon bars. Her preferred food out of everything else. "Do we have some already made, or am I needing to make some?"

    She didn't trust her mother's cooking. Not. One. Bit. When it didn't blow up the kitchen, something else always went awry. She smiled more at the thought as she walked with her mother towards the closest kitchen.


    A piece of knowing entered the older male's eyes as he studied her, his head tilting some to the side as he considered. His assistance knew that look. He was perceiving something that no one else really could. He went back to the cabinet, where he pinched some into a bag and folded it shut. He slid the door back shut, locked it, before he stretched up again to his full height. He turned to Jade and offered the bag to her. "You may have odd dreams and have more of an appetite then usual, but that is what the hunter's report, so do be careful. And Miss Jade? Talk with whoever your thoughts are on, as they may shed light on why you are sleepless."

    With that, he turned and smiled at another would-be mother, greeting her by name and leading her to a seat. Only Alsoome could probably get away with such a dismissal, but his thoughts seemed to run far quicker then anyone else's. They had to, to remember all the names of everyone he treated.


    One look at Geraldo, and Kyo was glad her own cheeks were mostly covered by her mask. Even still, she didn't like the sensation of the blush on her face and she hurried to the makeshift shelter the others had made. Securely behind it, she pulled her mask back down and rubbed at her face, trying to get her face to stop being so red. The flood of sexual attraction was not something she had expected. There was no confusion anymore, though, and she leaned against the wall to the shelter, her thoughts spinning. She had no idea what the sudden 'awakening' meant, not really... No... it couldn't be that. Her head began to throb and she rubbed one hand against a temple. Distraction. She needed a distraction.

    The woman stripped carefully out of her gear. Two belts with pouches, her baggy pants, tank top over the body suit, and then finally, the bodysuit was peeled off. She gave a soft gasp of pleasure as cooler air touched her skin, before she quickly turned to the bathing suit. Ah! Perfect. A smile spread over her face as she unbuckled her bra and let it drop, and then her boy boxer short panties. Stepping out of it, she turned again to the mizugi styled bathing suit Kina had picked for her. She turned it over and her smiled widened more out of appreciation. It covered most of her back, even. Kina, with all her spastic minded antics, really surprised her sometimes. She pulled the top portion on, before sliding the lower half on as well. Carefully, she folded her clothes and set them aside near the shelter to keep them dry, before she pulled her mask back up over her face. There were scars, even there. Thoughts drifted, driven by a horrific voice from her path and she stopped, shaking some.

    To a passerby, it would be nothing more then a reaction to a breeze, but no... She whispered a mantra under her breath, over and over again. The repetition drove the thoughts away, and she only stopped when she saw her hands were no longer shaking. She swallowed and exhaled a breath she didn't even know she'd been holding before she emerged, glancing around for Kina's safe face and to see where Geraldo was. If she could keep her distance from him, she could think... though with Kina here, that was sure to be a near impossibility. Either way...
  17. "I was thinking somewhere in France. They should be waking up about now, and they probably have very good lemon bars and ice cream." She paused halfway to the kitchen. "Though we might have some already, if you don't want some frou-frou country's take on them." She winked at her daughter.

    The bracelet on the blonde's wrist meant she could go somewhere, and Bio always had extras if the wakefulness of a shop in Paris was too much for the younger, taller woman. Absently, she began to adjust her watch, setting it to locate an establishment that was open that served lemon bars and ice cream.


    Jade listened to him as he spoke, then nodded, assuming the herb was best used as a tea. "Thank you. I will keep that-" The woman paused as he spoke of who her mind was on. Her smile became strained as it fell from her eyes, and then, mercifully, he moved on.

    Thanks already said, she departed quickly. His words niggled at her mind, but she wanted to reject them—especially the idea that she should seek out her sister and talk about something she couldn't even understand enough to put into words. Jade's throat felt tight as she opted to, instead of go to her own room, to rest in the small office just off the records room. There was a cot there that, though not very comfortable, wasn't terrible to sleep on, either.


    Kina was nearby, chatting with Twiggy as Geraldo sat at the opposite side of the hot spring, trying hard not to look in her direction as he sat, back stiff, against the natural stone bench.

    His shoulders were stiff, and his face was unmistakably red, though he didn't hide it like Kyo did.

    Kina glanced toward Kyo and grinned, a sudden, wide grin as her nose twitched slightly. If she hadn't been up to something before, she was now.
  18. "I haven't been out in a while, so sure. I can have some fun with it." Mischief gleamed in her eyes as she followed after her mother, stopping just short of running into her when Bio stopped. The idea of visiting France did indeed sound nice. People may have been awake, but their energies were more subtle and almost calm, which was a boon to the demigoddess. It at least meant she'd have a bit more energy herself to function. That was part of why she stayed away from the more active parts of Base when she woke up. Those sapped her like nothing else. She smiled at the mention of lemon bars again. "And perhaps something a bit more substantial then just our chosen foods, yes?"

    She may have been the child, but someone still had to look out for her mother and her eating habits. Ice cream would not due on its own.


    Ortega glanced up as he heard small steps approach, and he smiled when he saw Jade. Carefully, he put the file down he'd been transcribing to the digital format so it wouldn't spread all over the place before he stood to properly greet her. He grinned some when he saw the bag of herbs in her hand. "That isn't quite what I meant by getting an assistant, but I suppose if it helps you sleep tonight, I won't complain too much."

    He walked into the office ahead of her to start prepping her Kuerig coffee maker, though he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. He stood there, scratching at the back of his head as he looked at the machine. This was not what he was used to at all.


    While Geraldo wasn't looking, she shot a glare at Kina before she hurried for the water and slipped in. She gave a quiet noise that almost seemed like a suppressed child's squeal, but this was Kyo. She didn't make noises like that! The water, as expected, felt wonderful, though, and she ignored the look Kina was giving her. She merely perched on a stone bench and looked around at their surroundings, assessing any potential threats. The fact it was just the four of them was nice... The number of them at least, but at the same time, why the two males in particular? Why Prince Geraldo and Twiggy? Uneasily, she glanced to Kina before she merely leaned back, her head laying back against the wet, warm stones, her eyes closed.

    Geraldo was acting strange, as was her own system. Why? Ever since she had known him, the man had invoked that strange neutrality in her, but now, off the safety of headquarters, her body suddenly decided it wanted the attractive man. She wanted those arms around her, those lips whispering things in her ears... Her face colored as her thoughts took a very decided perverse turn and she sat up, enjoying the feel of the hot water moving and caressing her skin. The thoughts still wouldn't stop and she turned to Kina. "Kina. You said there would be sake?"
  19. Biocybera pouted. "I suppose that would be a good idea. Let's see where the watch takes us."

    Now that the device gathered data from Google's so-pervasive searches, Biocybera's family didn't need to know a place to get to it anymore. It was useful, but at times she worried about Google knowing where she was. Last time someone knew, it had been a miracle that saved the lives of her, her generals, and her soldiers—pure chance, entirely.

    She disconnected from Google as she got a result, then imported the coordinates into her watch, careful to shift them enough that it might seem the watch's accuracy wasn't pinpoint, and then... "Shall we go? Hold on, dear." She held her arm out to Topaz for the girl to grab, other hand ready to press the wide button on the face of the watch that would transport them.

    Only once Topaz was holding on did she press it, and before either could comprehend how they arrived, they were in an alleyway in France. "If nothing else, these surrender-monkeys can cook."


    "Oh." She blinked at him. "I must be more tired than I had thought." She laughed, grateful he pulled her from the thoughts of her twin. She shook her head as she watched him puzzle over the Keurig. She approached and stood next to him, then reached for the refillable.

    "If you want regular coffee, you open this," She opened it to show him, then closed it again. "And you stuff the grounds in from the tin. Then you put it in the top." She flipped up the silver arch, which raised the lid, and placed it in, empty, to show him. "The fancy ones go in the same way, and you close it so it pokes a hole in the top. The smaller the size you press here," The tiny woman pointed to a row of three buttons with different styles of cups on each, "the stronger the drink." She opened it again to retrieve the cup so she could let him put grounds in, or pick his own cup. "Once your drink is prepared, throw away the cup you put inside the top, unless you are using the one you have to stuff with grounds—that one, you simply empty of grounds and rinse."

    An assistant, though... She looked toward the ceiling as she thought about it a few moments. "There are not many I trust with these sensitive files, but I will think about the suggestion that I hire an assistant. My first thought is Kyoko or Kina, but I have the feeling Kyoko would feel useless if I used her in that capacity, and Kina would be unable to sit still. There are my council-advisers I could utilize as well, but..." Her voice trailed off as the chamomile finally caught up to her all at once, and she lowered her gaze from the ceiling, to stare forward as her mouth continued to move.


    Kina looked toward the ninja with a smile. "Mhm, just waiting for it to arrive! I pulled a few strings, so we might end up with another guest that none of us know all too well, but the sake should be worth it." She narrowed her eyes at Kyo, like a pleased cat who was about to get her way, then leaned toward her and whispered. "What's with you, all red and riled?"

    Twiggy, while his eyes weren't visible, quite clearly rolled them as he rolled his head skyward. "Kina, you shouldn't be a pest to her."

    "I'm her best friend, I get to tease her." She huffed and leaned against Kyo, directing a big, over-dramatic pout at the blind man—not that he could see it. She then looked back at Kyo. "It's not Twiggy, is it? That would be weeeird."
  20. "Mother... something that's always made me think. We're worried about being found, yes? Why not just take the most advanced navigational system and use that for our purposes?" It seemed that there were some brains in her head after all. She was quite intelligent, but it never showed in the ways her mother excelled. Even still, it was possible for Topaz to have an idea worth investigating once in a while. She smirked and nodded. "And yes, they certainly know how to cook."

    She sniffed the air, and without much thought, began walking in a direction, following her nose to something that did smell heavenly indeed. She paid no attention to being watched or to being followed or anything most would worry about. Then again, Topaz herself was rarely seen in the public eye, if at all, and so her identity was surely safe from discovery. "Mother! Over here!"


    Ortega smiled at the lady he now served at her comment about being more tired then she had thought. He held his hand out for the bag of herbs. The machine seemed simple enough, if that was all there was to it. "I can make your tea for you, if you'd like, M'lady Jade."

    That's why he had gone for the coffee machine. He had wanted to help take care of her. "I could always be at least a part time assistant, if you think that'll work. I don't normally have enough to do when I'm here, so that shouldn't be an issue. As for Kyo, I agree. She needs to feel free and not like she's being punished for some misgiving. She's very harsh on herself in that regard."


    Her skin prickled some, not just because of that smile, but that fact that there would be an unknown factor amongst them. She'd have to keep an eye on them when they arrived. By now, it was possible the red in her cheeks was more from the hot spring then her own system betraying her and she leaned back, looking at the sky and the trees that were around them, as most hot springs still kept a wild aesthetic to them at the very least. "No, it isn't Twiggy. We both know that is Kanna's area of interest and definitely not mine..."

    She paused and leaned forward to look to Kina's other side. "No offense meant, of course, Twiggy." She leaned back again. "And I am still coming down from an earlier foray. You know it takes a while for my system to come down from a sexual high."

    Even now, her skin ached for more deliciousness as that. Her body was still sensitive, even if her mind was trying to stay turned off to the idea... with Geraldo across from her, however, that was a near impossibility, though. She shifted her weight to try and disperse the building sensation, and it momentarily worked. If she kept shifting, though, Kina would grow suspicious. As it was, it could have been seen as her getting off a pebble or just shifting her weight on the bench. All were viable.