Servants are people too. Or ARE they?

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  1. A human of good standing has contracts for an unspecified number of servants. Here's the catch--Each one of them is a different type of paranormal creature. Remember, this is Victorian England, if anyone was to find out, certainly it would be bad for him, as people are all superstitious. If anyone did find out, his reputation would be irreparably sullied, and he would have to leave the country for fear of lynch mobs.

    I will play the master and one of his servants. Basically, you are a paranormal creature, in lieu of fantasy month, who has a specific job in this large mansion. Of course, a vampire wouldn't have a job as a gardener, because, think of it. He/she would be dead in minutes! So, have some common sense. Also, only one of each race is allowed. If you are a vampire, you can't just be a vampire. You have to be a specific species of vampire, that's what Google is for! Try to be as specific as possible when saying what race you want to be, so it leaves room for others to be a different race like it, but different. Understand?

    Character Sheet

    Reason for Taking this Job (Can be protection, safe place, etc. Get creative!):
    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know!:

    If you are interested, reply with your character below, and we'll get this party started!

    I also do not want any Sebastian-like characters, got that? You cannot be a demon who is one hell of a butler! If you think you have a good character for a butler that ISN'T a Sebastian clone, PM me!

    Note that if you are absent from posting for three days when it is your turn, you will be skipped over and will have to wait until it is your turn again to post.

    Our posting order as of now!
  2. Character Sheet

    Name:cornelius vanderbilt (he couldn't come up with an original name so he borrowed this one)
    Age:53 (doesn't age the same as a human)
    Race/Species:malevolent spirit/Kallikantzaros
    Personality:Mischievious and aggressive
    Appearance:Although he looks human he is really using a spell to hide his real form, his real form is that of a rotted body
    Reason for Taking this Job: Was actually saved by his master when one of the towns he'd been terrorizing revolted and chased him out. He now works as both a night guard and one of the attendants in the underground wine cellar.
    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know!: Hates every human except his master and will do anything to protect him, he is very smart and cunning, also he likes to torment any tresspassers who are dumb enough to try and sneak in. Sadly his is unable to escape his nature and must be bound during the twelve days of christmas (12/25-1/6) when he must go out and find an unsuspecting person born within twelve days of christmas so that he can turn said person into a Kallikantzaros as well.

    human: (his other form is a slightly rotted form of this.)

  4. Name: Olina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 73
    Race/Species: Selkie (Hawaiian Monk Seal)
    Personality: Olina is normally sweet and joyful in demeanor, thought there is always a lingering sadness about her eyes as long as she out of the sea. She is fun-loving and boisterous, and must be reminded periodically to keep her voice down. She loves to cook and loves to eat!
    Olina is wide-hipped and dark-skinned, with thick black hair indicative of her island home of Oahu.
    Like all other selkies, she appears to glimmer slightly, as if she is just barely damp, and there is always a slightly oceanic smell lingering around her.

    Reason for Taking this Job (Can be protection, safe place, etc. Get creative!): Olina works for her master in order to have a place to stay and money to support herself, so that she can continue her search for her missing seal-skin. Without it she is unable to take her seal form and return to the ocean permanently. She mostly performs cooking duties, but also enjoys light cleaning. Olina is a very strong, skilled swimmer as well.

    (click appearance for accompanying picture!)
  5. Character Sheet

    Name:Eveline "Eve" Blake
    Race/Species: Flame Elemental
    Personality:Fiery(excuse the pun), strong-willed, and loves fighting
    Appearance:She has unnaturally red hair, her irises pure black, that seem to burn like coals when she is angry. She has a relatively curvy body, as well
    Reason for Taking this Job: After getting arrested (again) for burning someone, the master bails her out, and in exchange she "sells her soul" as she will put it.
    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know!:

    Character Sheet

    Name: Connor Arron Hunt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Race/Species: Human
    Personality: Quiet and soft-spoken, but VERY controlling and OCD
    Appearance: Tall, easily six and a half feet tall. He has salt and pepper hair, piercing blue eyes, and a monocle.
    Reason for Taking this Job: HE'S THE MASTER~!
    Job: HE'S THE MASTER~!
    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know!: Don't screw with his shit unless he says it's okay. If you don't listen to him, he won't hesitate to get mad. Okay???

    I'll add more later~!

    View attachment 12313
    ^This is Eve when she gets excited, angry, ready to fight, etc.

    View attachment 12315
    ^Eve normally. Obviously, when she is in the house, she dresses more contemporary.

  7. Name: Lucian Ravenscar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 252 Moon cycles (21 years)
    Race/Species: Fae (Earth Elemental)

    Personality: A quiet man, Lucian tends to enjoy his solitude away from sentient creatures, preferring to lose himself in his work instead. His species has a natural affinity towards plants and plant life, which allows him to know exactly what a plant needs. He's protective of his garden, and can become rather vexed if he finds people destroying his hard work. When Lucian does open up to people, they usually find him distracted, and are constantly needing to repeat themselves as he doesn't seem to pay close attention to what they say.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Reason for Taking this Job (Can be protection, safe place, etc. Get creative!): When an Elemental Fae reaches adulthood, they are given a piece of land for them to claim and protect as their own. Lucian's previous land was handed down to one of his younger siblings to give them an easy start, and he was sent out to find another. He took a job as a Grounds Keeper for his master, protecting the grounds and caring for the natural life that grows on the land.
    Job: Grounds Keeper

    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know!: Lucian feeds off of the energy of all living things for sustenance. The longer someone is around the Fae, the more tired and exhausted they will feel.
  8. Looking great too, Lulu~! xD
  9. Name: George R. Franklin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 56

    Race: Great Werewolf


    Personality: George is quite formal and respectful, even towards those he considers to be "lesser" than him. He takes his job very seriously, but it is not uncommon for him to crack a sarcastic joke with his dry sense of humor. He is very protective of the estate and the servants and master that live within it. He tends to refer to the master as "Sir Connor" and other servants/visitors as "Master" and "Miss."

    Job: George is the butler. He answers the door, he takes out the trash, he cleans up the estate, he makes sure people are doing their jobs, and he does whatever else Sir Connor wants him to do.

    Reason For Taking This Job: Before becoming butler to Connor, George was a member of a squad of vampire hunters. The squad was led by a True Werewolf, George was second in command as a Great Werewolf, and the rest of the squad were Wolfmen. One night, they fought a group of vampires of equal number. One of them was a girl who lived in a nearby village that George had fallen in love with. He suddenly grew fearful of both having to kill her and of losing his own life of he hesitated to do so, so he fled, leaving his companions to die. George lived as a recluse for many years after that, unable to face the shame of his own cowardice. One morning after a full moon, George woke up to find a much younger Conner standing over him and observing the damage that he had caused to a small village. He offered George protection, a job, a place to stay, the companionship of himself and all the other beings in the estate, and most importantly, peace; the promise that George would never have to fight again. Needless to say, George accepted his offer.

    Additional Information: Every full moon, George locks himself in his room with a deer carcass. He is not to be disturbed at this time, except by the master. Woe to the intruder who decides to invade during this time, for George as requested that Connor let him out should such a thing happen, but only as a last resort. He would seek out any unfamiliar scent, but he would have to be contained afterwards, the reason being that he would not stop with killing just the intruder(s). George has informed Connor that he can use a .577 caliber Snider-Enfield musket with proficiency should the need arise, but he would much prefer not to. While in human form, his senses may be heightened but he is weak as a kitten, which is why he would have to rely on the rifle. He also has a horrible cat allergy. His eyes water, he gets a runny nose, and his skin itches whenever he is near a cat of any sort.
  10. Character Sheet

    Cylom "Cain" Tasnnal


    343 (looks 24)


    Cain is a womaniser out and out, though he is charming and friendly he is not manipulative being far too light hearted for that.


    Cain has shocking electric blue hair with navy blue streaks through out. His eyes are a deep rich purple. He stands at an imposing six feet eight inches, his build is muscled but not embellished. Still he is light of foot and seemingly moves with grace and elegance like the very flow of water.

    Reason for Taking this Job (Can be protection, safe place, etc. Get creative!):

    Cain made a pact with the master, he serves him faithfully and in turn he learns all the master knows upon the masters death. So Cain took the most easily open job for him. Cain serves as the masters body guard.


    Cain serves as the masters body guard. Both his height and imposing look make this an easy feat to detter other s from attempting to harm the master. Seeing as his job is to protect the master he is often seen with the master.

    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know!:
    Cain is a master of water manipulation, this includes: Raising the temperature of the water (Bringing it to the boil then using as steam and controlling it as ice.) and manipulating the weather. ( I.e. only weather with water molecules within.)
    cannot however manipulate the water in living things.
  11. Great! I will leave signups until Wednesday, maybe, and I'll have the main thread up by TOMORROW! There will be a posting order, which I will assign based on who posted a character sheet first. This is because I do not want somebody getting left behind if they have to leave for a couple days. Hope that this is okay for everyone. The thread begins at the moment when Connor is telling everyone what he expects of them and what their duties are. xD

    Yes, I do need a butler, but I would need to see the character sheet before I approve it because I don't want him to become Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.

    Liro--You're character looks great, can't wait to have you!
  12. Name: Danae
    Gender: female
    Age: 67 (looks about late teens or so)
    Race/Species: Nymph- dryad
    It is quite easy to assume the spacey eyed Danae as another scatterbrained young woman that is so prevalent in the Victorian era with no apparent ambition in life other than skipping merrily along the outdoors and fluttering her eyelashes at random people... and in some ways, the assumption is quite right. True to her nature, Danae embodies the stereotypical shy maiden with a love for dancing, unintentional flirting and wine that can easily lead people on into believing her as easy going. Until, that is, hunting is involved. Dogmatically tenacious and passionate, Danae will not hesitate to assert herself in a situation that demands of her opinion or question her standing in the household. Whilst seemingly unconcerned with the other servants and even the master, she is one of the most loyal staff. Or so she thinks.
    Gamekeeper- Danae is bound to an oak tree within the area of Connor's land and will (and had) flipped her shit when her home is threatened. To protect her home, and therefore herself, she maintains the ecology of the area in an almost obsessive fashion.
    When she gets mad, she gets real mad. Also, she'll die if her oak tree dies.

  13. Nope, character looks great, and glad to have you along *v*
  14. Check the main post for the posting order later today, okay~! Also, Napolataine will not be included into the PO or the main thread until we fix something up, sorry ^^' Great to have everyone on board, and I will post the thread link here~
  15. [[I'm new to this, so I hope I'm doing this right...]]

    Name: Rhae
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Race/Species: Banshee - not the typical old witch, but a young girl who screams whenever she sees death. By those who do not know her species, she can seem insane, talking to people or things that do not exist in this world.

    Personality: Quite shy at first, but very observant of her fellow workers. She has almost complete self control and prides herself in her ability to keep calm. She is protective of her species and would, without a doubt, bribe or blackmail anyone threatening to reveal it.

    Long brown hair, often wearing black mourning clothes (this being the only indication she may be a Banshee), green eyes and very pale skin. She does not age a day after 17. - mourning clothes (included only the link as the picture is MASSIVE...)

    Reason for Taking this Job: As a distraction and a chance to live down her crazy reputation.

    Job: Serving girl

    Anything Else you Think we Need to Know: Although perfectly sane, she is living down a reputation for being insane. She spent many years misunderstood and speaks little of her past. On her 17th birthday she first experianced death, activating the Banshee within her - she now remains at 17 for the rest of her life - never able to be quite an adult. She is often found painting or drawing in her spare time.
  16. Accepted~! Also, it is your turn to post, so we eagerly await it~!
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