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    Serpenterra is a brand new, literate dragon RPG. We just started up accepting members on the 9th of July... despite this, we are already growing quickly and gaining interest!

    With different dragon breeds and clans, you will always have a place to stay! Or if you're the type that likes to go rogue or loner, we have that for you, too! You can grow your characters, and if you feel like you want to add more, you always can with the points that you earn for even posting!

    Upon joining you can have two characters -- 1 dragon and 1 human. Even with these two characters, you can later on buy another (species of your choosing)!

    The forum is optimized for HTML, for all of your graphic/coding needs!

    If you aren't the type for dragons, we even have a quick role playing section where you can make a role play for members of the site to join.

    Members are always encouraged to do their very best, but even so we do not have a limit for maximum or minimum of writing. We know that you're growing, because we are, too!

    Think you're ready for the world of Serpenterra? Join today!