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  1. Hello potential roleplayer! You may remember me from my other thread, but this is for serious roleplayers than casual ones. I'm just going to get to the important stuff first.

    About me:
    -Intermediate/Advance rper
    -Passive and Aggressive
    -Specializes in antagonist/villain/weird characters
    -Daily/several times a week replies
    -Extremely OOC friendly
    -Loves to co-op plots

    -No smut
    (rps are rated M. Can include suggestive scenes but must fade to black)
    -Will not rp suggestive scenes with rpers under 18. Sorry, only fluff stuff for you.
    -16+ rpers only
    -I will not be the sole leader of a rp. You must collaborate.
    -No outside source for rp
    (So, no Skype, e-mail, Google Docs etc)
    -No fandoms
    (I don't know enough animes/shows/movies/books etc for one)

    I will add an extra limit that needs urgent addressing. NO BDSM, DOM/SUB RP. I see how popular they are, but...not for me!~
    (Those underlined will be the part I will play)

    (Demon x Human): In order for a mythical creature to break a 1000 year demon curse, he/she must find true love and go through the process of becoming human. If not, after the 1000 years the demon becomes an immortal demon with the fate of being alone and loveless for the rest of eternity (allegedly). On the night of your character’s wedding, the wife/husband reveals his/herself to be a 1000 year demon in hopes of tricking your character into true love will break the curse. Shocked, appalled and humiliated, your character ends the marriage that moment without fully thinking it through. The 1000 year demon, who is truly in love, dismisses the end of the marriage and attempts to kidnap your character to take you back to his/her lair to force the marriage on you.
    Somehow, your character escapes. Now, your character is on the run from the 1000 year demon and has to think of a way to either have the demon fall in love with someone else or kill him/her. (MxM, FxF) (age 18+)(Romance rp) (This plot is fully developed)

    (Beast x Human Child) Your character lives in a military control, octagon tower city in the middle of a mountain region. No one is allowed to leave the tower city as the people are exiled from the country beyond the tower city limits. Your character chooses to explore the outside world for the first time and comes across an ancient burial ground inside a cave. Guarding the burial ground is a massive 100 foot monster carved statue with the upper body being man, the lower an Asian inspired dragon, and demon wings.
    As your character touches the monster statue, it awakens a legendary beast that only your character can control. Take your new responsible and save the world from a horrendous Satan-like Emperor. (MxF only) (age 16+) (More plot details are needed) (No romance)

    (Intersex Alien x Alien/Human): Your character has been captured, charged, and is sent for execution by impalement. As your character is positioned on the spike, the leader of the newest alien colony steps forward and uses its power to pardon your character for an unknown reason. The leader of the colony that has charged your character sees the pardon as a threat or a power play for control. The newest alien leader takes your character up to its ship and uses your character to gain an advantage over the impending doom of war. (MxOther) (FxOther) (age 18+) (Romance optional) (Massive plot development is required)

    (Urban elf x Neko): From the deep slums of Haven City, an urban elf longs to find a way out his pathetic, lonely life and to the Lower North side of the city where the wealth is. He meets a neko who has the same dreams and a plan to get there. They partner up and collaborate on selling an android/mech to the newly developed tech company that suddenly appeared, changing the ways the city normally runs. (MxM, MxF) (age 16+)(Diesel-punk/cyber-punk) (Romance optional) (More plot details are needed)

    (Orcan/Merfolk x Human/other): The " high fantasy" era is coming to an end as a futuristic and alien technology is taking over Earth. All previous species are forced to accept these new alien technology by going through genetic programming and other means to adapt to the new environment all located on land or high in the sky.
    The last to change are merfolks and those who live at sea. Even all these millennium years later, the Earth's deep seas are still a mystery. YC is part of a voyage out at sea to capture these merfolks/underwater species (similar to the whale hunting during these times) and force them through genetic changes. YC somehow falls off this the ship and MC, who has a pure heart, saves YC and takes him/her to a safe place. (age 16+) (MxM, MxF) (Romance optional) (Massive plot development is required)

    (Space Pirate x Human): Somehow, the last human to exist has appeared on the Sunset Ring, a notorious space pirate ship and crew. The captain takes the human prisoner, planning to sell him in the black market for a large profit. A few circumstances and events happen, making the captain realize that the human is the key to unlocking a brand new universe that rivals their failing one. The crew of the Sunset Ring only have a few years to gather the rest of the items to help unlock the power within the human until their own collapses. (age 18+) (MxM only) (Romance optional) (Massive plot development is required)

    (FBI agent x Escort Crossdresser): Plot WIP (not open) (age 18+) (MxF only) (Romance optional)

    (Foreign exchange student x host family): A teenage boy arrives in a brand new country completely different than his. After a good few hours of being lost after the family forgets to pick him up from the airport, he arrives and meets his new hosts. They are a bunch of eccentric people with a huge secret to hide. (age 16+) (MxM, MxF) (Romance optional) (Massive plot development is required)

    (Murderers): A fry cook and a landscaper are caught up in a terrible series of events after the accidental murder of a man/woman. The two, who can't stand each other, are forced to continue their "ordinary lives" all while trying to keep the secret between them, keep the police at bay, live with their guilt, and one trying to contain the growing attraction for the other. (age 18+) (MxM only) (Romance rp) (Pre-made characters) (More plot development is required)

    All these plots will be IN THREAD and some may require multiple characters. Advanced roleplayers who do not need constant leading in the roleplay is required. Please come with ideas as I love to add in your ideas to my roleplays!~

    And, I know some of these plots sound a But, don't worry. I'm just bad at summarizing things!

    Don't be scared to message or PM me with your interest/questions.

    Happy roleplaying~​
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  2. I'm definitely interested in Demon x Human plot! :)
  3. Off to send you a message @xSiryn =)
  4. Dear Pray,

    Hmmm, I am interested in the Beast x Human Child plot. I do have some questions beforehand however. :) I will post it here, but you can reply here or just thru PM, your call. ;)

    1. If the latter is a human child, why is she (I assume she's a she since the plot is MxF and the beast is described as having the body of a man) aged 16+? In my understanding a child is someone 13 or below, 16 would be considered mid-teenager. I don't mind if she's 16+, it's just the plot says Human Child so that made me a bit confused. Rather important since her age will very much determine how I will play her.

    2. I request elaboration on what you mean by "No Romance"? Is it limited to just no romantic relationship between the MCs or will the plot contains No romantic relationship at all (NPCs included)?

    I have a couple of ideas myself that came up when I read this particular plot, I will share them to you should you be interested in RP-ing with me. :)

    With deep regards,
  5. Questions are good @Izurich

    1. The (age 16+) means only roleplayers of that age or older are allowed for it. In the rp, the child is between 8-12.

    2. I chose the whole rp as "no romance" because the rp is mostly centered around the beast and the child. There won't be any romantic relationships between our characters (a given, I think XD) and I won't have the beast have romantic feelings with any NPCs. The evil Emperor may be in a relationship or not. We'll have to figure out a stronger motive for him. But, there won't be a storyline within the rp of the Emperor looking for love. This rp is more about "coming of age," "kid saving the world" and "responsibility" and I think romance shouldn't be involved anywhere.

    I'll send you over a PM too =). I just wanted to answer your questions here in case anyone else who was reading was curious!~
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  6. An update for you all~

    The Demon x Human plot is taken along with the Beast x Human Child~ There are more plots for those interested, so please pass along a PM or message here =)
  7. I would love to do the Urban Elf x Neko plot! Just pm when you get the chance!
  8. Perhaps we could do an insane asylum rap if you are still taking requests. If not that is completely fine ^•^ thank you.
  9. I noticed the Urban Elf X neko wasn't crossed off, is it open? If not, I'll gladly be open to do Orcan/Merfolk x Human/other.
  10. @Aryk Jay Ichijou

    Yes, I am still taking requests! I'll pass along a PM to you~

    @s k u l l.

    Oh, I'm sorry. But the Urban Elf x Neko is taken! I'll cross that off asap. But the Orcan/Merfolk x Human/ other is open~
  11. Oh! I'm being so forgetful! For those wondering, the Intersex Alien x Alien/Human is pending. But the other WIP pairings are still open. Thank you!
  12. @Pray4me
    Ocean/Merfolk X Human/Other it is then. Send me a PM, would you? :)
  13. A quick update. One plot is now reopened and a few more plots in my head are being developed to be shared. I think I have room for one more rp before I feel overwhelmed C=
  14. New update for you all!

    The urban elf x neko is open again and is looking for a roleplayer! Please note, that this rp is somewhat of a "slice of life" with a fantasy theme.

    There is also a brand new plot I hope you all will be interested in. A rare "slice of life" romance from me all tied together with an accidental murder. This plot does require a pre-made character as it needs fully developed characters in order for it to succeed. If you have a pre-made character that has his own personal story and is in need of a character growth, this is the one for you!

    More plots are being developed! So, please check in again! Thanks!~
  15. Two more plots are added and the final one is being developed! Let me know what you all think!~
  16. Still searching! Don't be shy~
  17. I'm here and still looking for some new roleplayers!~
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