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Maybe you got sent here because you're completely insane, or you got pushed in while dragging your heels into the ground, or maybe, just possibly, you came floating in on clouds of money, sent here because your parents got sick of you. Whatever it was, you're here, at Secret Serenity Rehab, a ranch in Idaho. Except for the fact that not much is peaceful, and the fact that this place also serves as a foster type home, the name fits. You think? Watch your step, keep your head down, and we'll see how far you get around here...maybe you'll last a few days without going crazy.

Maybe you're watching through the glass though, soaring through your life with tons of money, or maybe just barely getting by, anyhow, those people in there are freaks. Am I right? Come on, they're in rehab, even if the place does try to pass itself off as a foster home, for goodness sakes it has it in the name! Just...try to steer clear while making your way through this town, just another complication in everything that happens around here. Are you gonna make it, or are you gonna crumble?