Serenity Point Volume 1

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Introduction Plot +Plot updates! Characters

  • [bimg=fleft|no-lightbox][/bimg] They say we change for the better, that every year we change for the good and strengthen our community, but everything they say is wrong. We don't change for ourselves, we change because we want to fit in. That we change because we don't wanna be this way, we don't change for ourselves, we change for the sake to be like everyone else. We don't live for ourselves, we live to please others. But we don't try to fit in because of what we look or how we talk or hear, we try to fit in because we are different from everyone else, we aren't normal, we are supernatural.

    Humans aren't the only species on earth, there were folklore and stories about different species, the werewolf who was cursed from the moon. The vampire, the monster who drinks human blood, and the other stories that scared children from going outside at night. But everyone knew that all of those stories were fake, but they were all wrong.

    Serenity Point is the most prominent home for the supernatural, for years the CIA have been tracking the species throughout American soil. Every place they went the CIA would try and kill them, or something worse would. But when Serenity Point was opened in the early 1700's, at first it was like any normal town, until more and more vampires, werewolves, witches, angels and reapers appeared in the town. After a fire in 1800s it was assumed to be too dangerous for the supernatural species to live there, but it was the perfect spot to hide.

    Throughout the years, each supernatural family raised their children here, whether they stayed to raise there children because they also were supernatural, or stayed because they don't wanna be killed.

    But some are wondering how the supernatural species have declined through the years, and have been searching for these monsters, wanting revenge or just hate the creatures. Serenity Point isn't what it seems...

It's October 17th, 2015, it's the Saturday which is the weekend, so it will give us time to start before everyone goes to school. It will be like any other day in Serenity Point, but someone is coming to town and mysterious murders of men and woman with bites around there neck has hunters coming to town, and apparently targeting the founders council of Serenity Point.

More to come during IC

  • Callaghan Crowley//Vampire//39
    Lionel Moreau//Human//15
    Luka Jeremy Ruiz//Witch//20
    Melika Haventon//Human//21
    Eclair Belmont//Half-Vampire Half-Human//25
    Oliver Matthews//Vampire//359
    Dakoda Flamewood//Werewolf//26
    Aliceandra Reed//Witch//19
    Quinn Moreau//Human//18
    Kayla-Mae Moreno//Reaper//17
    Ariane James//Angel//19
    Victoria Franco//Vampire//19
    Alexandra Cross//Werewolf//18
    Axel Cross//Werewolf//
    Amelia Thompson//Werewolf//21
    Cassandra Flamewood//Werewolf//27
    Iden Colewell//Witch//32
    Helen Rose//Witch//17
    Kevin Ghost//Human//23
    Mark Carraway//Human//25
    Hope Chavez//Werewolf//21
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