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  1. Serenity Down- Prolgue:
    You'll Never Take the Sky from Me

    You awaken, cold, wet, tired. You have no idea how you got here, or why, or even where ‘here’ is. The earth beneath you is nothing like you’ve ever felt- it’s almost…throbbing, breathing. Thick layers of moss and mould coat everything around you, unleashing a foul, pungent odor that burns your nostrils like acid. You struggle for breath, you lungs clinging to whatever cleanliness they can, only resulting in wheezing.

    Wherever this place is, it’s certainly far from being hospitable.

    “Equip our guests with oxygen masks, private” A voice cries through the murk- its bitter, hardened by many ours of barking orders or shouting across warzones. The pitch is deep, coarse, yet you differentiate it as female. Whoever it belongs to mean business, without a doubt.
    She speaks again, her temper slowly fading
    “Now private!”
    A scurrying figure runs through the smog, following the tracks cut through by the commander’s words. He’s hunched over, running almost on all fours, pressing what appears to be a suitcase close to his chest.
    Sorry Ma’am” he whimpers, his voice as weak as his figure. He is encased within a blue cacoon of a uniform, one far too big for his skeletal design. The Private’s helmet seemed to hang of his head so loosely, he could have been mistaken for a child dressing up in his father’s clothes; no wonder to pale scarecrow hadn’t been promoted yet
    “My name is Private Henry Certcon, I’m a Nova in training” He turns, addressing you. “You’re probably wondering how you arrived here; believe me, all will be revealed shortly; just put on these oxygen masks, and I’ll start to explain: its hard to talk if you're not used to the fumes”

    “Let’s start with the basics, shall we?” Certcon steps forward, beaconing you to follow with a single wave of his wiry hand. “You have all been taken from your respective dimensions by the Nova Corps- that’s us- to help with an investigation of sorts. It’s hard to describe; it’s best if I let the boss fill you in”
    You follow Henry through to a vast clearing in the smog, an area where the foul gasses are repelled by vast, advanced air jets. All around you shine large, makeshift workbenches, each reflecting the swamp lights across the scene. Everywhere more and more workers, dressed similarly to Certcon bustle about, busying themselves with paperwork and repairs equipment. Several larger guards stand upon a mound of dirt, guarding the formidable figure who the first voice had belonged to; the Nova Prime. With a complex tablet in one arm, a short blaster in the other, the woman seemed far too busy to give any non-essential personnel the time of day; they simply were not worth her time. To her, the guards were nothing more than time wasters, more simple minded rookies who had somehow climbed the ranks of her operation without getting their hands dirty, and were thus in no better shape to defend her than she was. The moment she catches sight of you, she dismisses her entourage


    “Forgive the Private’s impertinence; he lacks adequate experience in the field of diplomacy, or in any field, to be entirely honest. I am the Nova Prime, chief of what is officially known as Operation Moonhall. What I am about to tell you is of the utmost secrecy; any attempts to leak such information shall result in permanent incarceration; have I made myself clear?” She continues, without giving any such time for a response “As I am sure the Private so bluntly informed you, you have been removed from your home dimensions by some of our professionals. We believe that you may have some link, or some information regarding the crashing of the Cargo Freighter known as the ‘Serenity’ 3 weeks ago today.

    Serenity (open)

    As you should already know, this ship was infamously property of some outer rim smugglers, fugitives, and borderline terrorist; under normal circumstances, the Nova Corps would have simply let this sleeping dog lie, so to say. That was, until we were met with this message”

    Nova Prime presses her index finger against a large red button upon the screen in her hand, playing a short audio clip. A voice speaks out, with broken words and short breaths
    “This is Captain Malcolm Reynolds…”
    He stops to pant, clearly wounded or fatigued
    “This is Mal…we’re going down. The Serenity…we’re losing her…Sustained too much damage…”
    The clip seems to skip forward slightly, leaving a moment of static
    “Calling out to…to
    The Maker, Universe 1610, Coordinates 40.712N 74.0923W
    The Maker (open)

    Last Order Universe 7230, Coordinates 35.992N 140.89E
    Last Order (open)

    River Tam…from this universe…Coordinates 52.89N 6.3098E
    River Tam (open)

    Cameron Goodkin, Universe 3421, Coordinates 52.567N 13.567E
    Cameron Goodkin (open)

    Xenomorph, Universe 91724, Coordinates 12.42N 9222.33W
    The Alien (open)

    Peter Quill, Universe 1999999, Coordinates 51.987N 0.135W”
    The Starlord (open)

    Kiande Thei-de , Universe 1894, Coordinated 23.56N 447.9W
    Kainde Thei-de (open)

    Shaitan, Universe 98211, Cooridinates 729N 7112.2E
    Shaitan (open)

    Spike Spiegel, Universe 782.34N 221.98W
    Spike (open)

    Xenomorph, Universe 1894, Coordinated 27.56N 457.9W
    Alien (open)

    Mikoto Misaka, Universe 717, Coordinates 2233N 648E
    Misaka (open)

    Misaki Shokuhou, Universe 717
    Mikasi (open)

    Battle Ushiromiya, Universe 881, Coordinates 34.56S 340.54W
    Battler (open)

    Momoyo Kawakami, Universe 7888 Coordinates 78S 53.55E
    Momoyo (open)

    The static retuned once again, concealing more information
    We ** *** Need* ***** *Earth**** ** *Three*** ** *** *Al***
    “There was no more information salvageable from the distress signal; but it appears as if Malcolm Reynolds wanted you for something…whether or not it is or was illegal doesn’t matter.” Tucking the tablet beneath her arm, Nova Prime ran her spider-like fingers across her cheek in contemplation "All that matters is that we get answer; and you like answers, don’t you, Mr.Richards?” A glance was thrown towards the Maker “And I have no doubts you shall wish to find out what Captain Reynold’s wanted you for, Mr.Quill, from both a human…and financial standpoint” An emotionless stare was given to the Star Lord. She had no need to address the others; Ms.Tam was already emotionally involved within the case, Cameron was in no position to say no to more answers, and Index…Well, she has special plans for index.

    "In short, your very presence opens up so many routes, so many more opportunities for us to learn more about what happened to the ship…and to its crew. Thus, under Supervision, you have been granted special permission to explore the vessel, and provide your insight into the case. Perhaps you’ll discover information my men and women have missed. Feel free to take a look around my facility in the mean time, while we prepare this exposition"

    Welcome To Serenity Down!! In a brief summary, you've just woken up on the planet known as "Earth-That-Was" and have been taken into the employ of the Nova Corp. You could ask Nova Prime any questions you see fit, gather some equipment from the Armory, read up on some of the Files at the information desk or other wise snoop around before you can venture off into the fallen ship

    Enjoy the game!
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    Sign Up Link (open)

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  2. Peter Quill groaned as he hated being kidnapped and he wasn't particularly happy when the Nova Corps were the people who had taken him away from him. He was trying to find things outside about himself and now that was on halt. However, he was curious how this human who he had never met had called him out of all people. He could honestly say he did not know a single person in this room besides Nova Prime and she always seemed to have her own agenda and he noticed the creepy look she gave to the little girl. Hmm . . . where to start with Nova Prime?

    Cameron was taken aback by all of this. He was in the same universe as the hit TV series Firefly and he was standing in the same room as *Gasp* Nova Prime ( who was kind of shady if he remembered his movies) and Peter Quill, The one and only StarLord. The only thing to make this better was to talk to these people. Of course there was a small part of him that wanted to know why. Wait, had the captain on the communicator call this place Earth? This wasn't his Earth that was for sure. " Where exactly am I?" He asked, addressing Nova Prime

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  3. Show Spoiler

    Ï don't like answers, Miss. I like solutions." Reed Richards had been in space before. He'd been to alternate planes of existence before. So his...sudden arrival here had barely disturbed him. He'd been to at least 5 universes of note, and this did not seem to be any of them. He ran the calculations in his head. These people had power. Not the power they assumed they had over him of course. Just technology powerful enough to rip him from Earth-1610, without City noticing or forewarning him. Usually that would be a worry. After all, City was the fruit of a 1000 years labour, whole generations living and dying to uphold it's maintenance.

    "Start Environmental Scans." His helmet began to scan the nearby area. Any animal life, plant life, all of the local biomass would be reported back to him and categorized. In his centuries of existence, he had discovered...patterns, in creation. Everything could be categorized. Put into a box. Dissected to reform something better. Something of his design. He was The Maker, after all.

    He marched up to a medical stand, and picked up a piece of equipment. He glanced at it for a second. "Your equipment is useless. It won't help us here. Outdated too. Can't imagine what interdimensional backwater this is. Surely you have better." Had he moved up or down in the multiversal stack?

    He turned to see a...vaguely familiar face. "You. You're Star-Lord. One of the survivors from the Universe-616 Life Raft. I never understood why, when the world ended, they took you. I can think of a t least 12 more valuable candidates for the trip. Perhaps you were a last resort? Despite being me, the Reed Richards of Earth-616 always confuses me. His ethics clouded his judgement, and universes burned for that.

    I shall go ahead of you Mr Quill. Check for exterior damage or radiation. And to answer your question, you're on another level of the Multiversal stack. To clarify...." It had been a while since Reed had had to simplify his work for a lesser mind. A 'normal' person.
    "Imagine a stack of papers. A thousand stories high. Let's say that your universe was the 773rd piece of paper. And that this was the 223rd. The Nova Corp has tore you through 550 universes to reach this point."
    But growing bored of the conversation, the Maker turned away from Star-Lord. While his feet remained still, he stretched his body away, the top half of it stretching towards the crashed ship.
    Show Spoiler

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  4. Now it was Peter Quill's turn to be confused. " I can honestly say that you got the wrong guy or as you told the other guy, the wrong version of me at least," he said, as he was referring to Universe-616 and he wasn't someone who knew about the life raft that the man was referring too. If things kept going this crazy, he wondered what else he had to take into consideration. Was there another version of him or perhaps people died?

    " I am fine with that, Maker," he said, as he was going to do some snooping on the ship instead. He didn't trust Nova Prime and the looks she gave to people. It seemed like a plan for all of them and he had to figure out what was going to happen too for a moment. There was something off about the message too for a moment.

    Cameron had never taken into account that his universe was seperate from others before it. Of course, if Nova Prime had taken him, she must have known something about the Stitchers program and might want to do it on the people here. Of course, no one here was Kristen and that made do it harder since it was her father who had made the algothorim just for him. He had so many more questions, but had been turned off by the Maker who seemed to have powers like Mr. Fantastic which meant that he was one.

    Of course, there was the issue of what the man said. Everyone was so focused on why they were here, but Cameron wondered if there was a way to make the whole message heard. Perhaps he listed more people on the sheet and it wasn't just them. The audio had been cutting in and out. " You wouldn't happen to know about what I do?" He asked Nova Prime.

    Peter Quill paused as he listened to the mundane. Hmm . . . What he did. It seemed like the woman might have another use for the human who was amongst them. Knowing Nova Prime, there must be a file system in some way on all of them too. He looked at the ground and wondered what could be so vague that the man didn't want to say it aloud to the others. He could have powers or it could be something much bigger that he was asking her directly too. If he had learned anything about the universe, it was that every government organization had their secrets. Some of them had corrupt leaders, working for someone else. Others were doing useful programs too. He pulled the Cameron kid aside before Nova Prime could answer to him. " Listen and listen good, she's not trustworthy, so what exactly are you talking about and can it harm us?" He asked.

    Cameron was at a loss for words. " Well back home, I worked for the government under a secret program, the Stitchers program. We essentially can send a particular person's mind to see how they were killed and enter their memories before death. Of course, it is very dangerous as the person feels everything the other person feels, hence why the only person who could do it had no emotions and was put into an algothirm by her father," he said.

    Peter paused, processing that data in the back of his mind. If she wanted him for that to happen if one of them died, then she could learn things. If Mr. Reynolds was dead, then they might want to see his last moments. Hmm . . he wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing. " Is that all it can do?"

    Cameron gave a pause. " Well, the original purpose was to raise a dead woman," he added.

    Peter sighed. If Nova Prime or the Nova Corps could do this . . . well, then it was very dangerous indeed.

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  5. Nova Prime passed a disheartened look towards Cameron; clearly someone had more knowledge on pop culture than multiverse travel...
    "This planet resides within sector 21587 multiversally speaking; most travelers in this dimension call it "Earth-That-Was""

    "Of course, my mistake" A muttering reply came, spat through gritted teeth. The Leader of the Novas would have to humor his arrogance, at least for as long as he was under he 'care'. Of course, it wasn't the first time she would have to appeal to a man's ego, but never before had she been forced to deal with a self consumed was going to be a long day.

    The Maker's environmental scan would reveal that there was no animal life in the area, or at least no living animal life. As a result, the plant life had grown relatively unconsumed, thus overgrowing to extreme levels. Strange bacteria had formed in the strange environment, acting almost as a collective intelligence....What had happened to this "Earth"

    A stout scientist looked up from his work, his teeth grinding into his lips. All these travelers were the same; parading around the place, acting like they own it. They throw their weight around, poking their abnormally large noses into other peoples business. They never truly understood what he was working matter what breed of 'Genius' they claimed to be. "Do you mind, you overgrown rubber-band? You intolerable wretch! This equipment is some of the greatest in the Stack, I'll think you'll find, especially in the field of medical science! Sure, you and your perfidious companions can poke around in that subtle aaalll you like, the study I am conduction of this bacteria could provide more vaccines than I have IQ points, so I'd greatly appreciate it if you would shut your mouth and leave me be!"

    "We know many things, Mr.Goodkin, your line of work included; if your talents had not been well documented...well, let's just say you would not be here"

    Upon passing over the barrier of swamp trees surrounding the Nova sanctioned area, Doctor Richards would find a most disturbing spectacle.
    Spectacle (open)

    There it sat, the once proud vessel known as 'The Serenity', former Queen of the Skies reduced to nothing more than a stick in the mud. Even now, half submerged in the putrid slime of the swamp, half coated in smoke and flame, the titan of a vessel still seemed to have some sense of might surrounding it; despite the caved in hull, melted tail and shattered windows, the transported still carried than sense of authority than arose with infamy. It was this power that radiated the idea that, if left long enough, it would become a monolith of sorts, worshiped as an idol to whatever life came crawling from the depths over the coming millennium.

    "Admire the view all you like, Doctor" a voice cried, calling out from the Nova clearing "You shan't be taking another step closer until I give the go-ahead" The being the unleashed the bellow appeared to be as human as the rest of them; he had no strange powers, no fancy laser beams, only good old fashioned wit, wisdom and cunning. He carried himself upon his own self importance, both in personality and in posture, walking upon the Earth as if he believed himself to be mercy-incarnate. His eyes, hidden behind think shades, stared up at the elongated man, squinting for a better view. Though neither man would wish to admit it, the men seemed to parallel each other strongly. Yes, Reed's dark hair was a contrast to the man's gold, and the later possessed a stronger physical from, but they were both geniuses, masters of their respective fields. The God of Tactics alongside King of

    "I take it you all need an introduction to your handler?" Nova Prime uttered, slowly approaching the base of The Maker. This investigation was slowly going to evolve into a war of self important men, with the Scientist already provoking the scoundrel, and the conscientiousness as confused as ever. Of course, Ms. Tam had remained as reserved as one would expect, and the child was most likely lost for words, but that justified nothing; the only way to keep the piece among egos was to issue and even large ego

    As the handler himself had stated oh so often

    Power never truly is simply overcome by greater power

    "I can handle introductions from here on out, Prime. Go busy yourself with your paperwork, or whatever it is people of you stature do all day" Prime turned and left, barely glancing at Albert as she left; he was a good agent, one of the best, yet sometimes, the Leader wished he would return from a mission, so to say "My name is Agent Wesker; it is my job to make sure all of you survive this god-forsaken expedition. Believe me when I tell you, I have no patience for time wasters or disobedience; If you posses any of those qualities, I advise you start to reconsider your life decisions."

    Agent (open)

    "I dont have time for any asinine queries" The Agent muttered, his lips barely moving. These people were hardly worth the manpower it would take to transport them; what could they possibly bring to the investigation that he couldn't? "We set out for the ship at oh-eight-hundred, not debate. That should be sufficient time for the rest of you to get your acts together..."

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  6. Cameron was very attune to multiuniverse theories, but he didn't suspect them to be real as he didn't find any proof of them until today. It was interesting to know what he had learned for the time being as he took a deep breath and he looked over at Peter sheepishly.

    Crap, of course she knows, Peter Quill thought and he worried what he would have to do for them . He wasn't sure what was wrong but he wondered why they wanted him. He did have a lot of skills, but what had the man wanted from him? Was it possible that Nova Prime was against him being here or was he getting too suspicious of her? Why not his whole team?

    Cameron took a deep breath as he may have played a Resident Evil game or 2, so he recongnized him a little bit, but he was very bad at them so that was more Linus's terriority than anyone else. " So 6PM we will be leaving," he said, more of a statement of fact and less of a question. He knew army time, come on, he worked for the government too. He wondered how come they hadn't taken his whole unit or if it was dumb luck that he was the only one taken. He wasn't good at mapping or actually stitching or for that matter all the stuff that Camille and Maggie was, so why him? He decided now was a good time to look at the case files.

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  7. "HISSSS...!"

    The Xenomorph XX121


    One of the deadliest creatures to ever become a plague upon the galaxy at large. Having been created by a race known simply as The Engineers, the Xenomorphs were designed to be the perfect organism. They'd be able to kill whatever they were set upon without hesitation. This unfortunately included their creators who failed to keep control of the Xenomorphs and were promptly set upon by them. This allowed the Xenomorphs to spread across space, changing, becoming even more dangerous. Their reach seemed to have no limits. They came into contact with humans, Yautja(known as Predators to humanity)and so many other races. They even invaded other realms.

    That is where this Xenomorph has found itself. Having been the first newborn out of a previously dormant nest of eggs residing in Outworld, the chestburster waited patiently. It could wait as long as it needed to. But someone would come across the nest, they always did. As a squad of tarkatan troops loyal to the dethroned Empress Mileena were out on a scouting mission, one of their number came across the strange looking leathery objects. Believing them to be worth Mileena's attention, one of them attempted to make off with the eggs. Only for the facehugger to take it's shining moment of opportunity and lashed out. The tarkatan could do nothing to defend itself as the facehugger forced it's eggs down the creature's throat. From there the the poor soldier would lay surrounded by Xenomorph eggs with his comrades wondering just where one of their number had gone.

    This benefited the parasite perfectly however. The less people it gathered meant that it could fulfill it's purpose without interruption. Eventually, the facehugger would have deposited the last of it's eggs and fell off to the side, a withered up husk. The tarkatan woke up and unsure of what had happened, he believed it might have just been best to leave these eggs alone. Lest anymore of them have strange oddities lurking within them. It was unfortunate however that he chose not to inform his comrades of the nest. For he'd suddenly be stricken by immense chest pains and coughing up of blood before he could rejoin his scouting party.

    It was almost like something was trying to burst through his chest!


    And so it was. Having bid it's time, slowly incubating within the tarkatan's chest, the chestburster wriggled around as blood dripped off it's body. Not the most pleasant birth ever. But even at this young stage, the alien knew that it posed no threat to the other tarkatans if it were to be discovered. Pulling it's vestige of a tail out of the hole it had made, it quickly scattered along the ground. Looking for any kind of abandoned looking warehouse so it could grow into it's mature form and so it could fulfill it's obligations to the rest of the hive. Which was to bring back as many suitable hosts as possible. At least until they had a Queen.

    Over time the xenomorph's ploy would have paid off and it grew into maturity without being detected. But it still had to be cautious. This was unfamiliar territory after all and who knew what kind of creatures could be lurking around here? No, it had to be wary and start off by picking at the remants of that scouting party. Extending it's newly gained wrist blades, the alien set out and the scouts never knew what hit them. Whether it was a tail spewing acid at them, a tail skewering them through the chest, or a inner mouth crashing through their skull. The party was no more and the alien was free to continue it's search for potential hosts unabated.

    That was it's mission up until the Special Forces from Earthrealm got involved. Fearing the possible scenario of an Xenomorph outbreak in Outworld, the tarkatan-xenomorph was apprehended and forcibly restrained. Having studied up on what they could of the creature's cryptic origins, they knew controlling it was a fool's errand. Therefore, the only real possibility seemed to be to execute it. But then Tri-Borg murdered it's creators and broke free from the Special Force's control prompting a mission to bring him back in before he caused too much damage. Knowing full well of the Xenomorph's supposed nature as 'the perfect organism', a chip was created that would hopefully damper some of the Xenomorph's more violent tendencies so that the Special Forces could have it murder Tri-Borg and bring the remains back for research purposes.

    But this would have to wait as the Nova Corps sought aid from Earthrealm and seeing no better opportunity to test out the potential of the Tarkatanmorph, they offered it up. Keeping up the guise of having been made docile by the chip's effect, the xenomorph was simply playing the waiting game yet again. It would play along with these beings for as long as the hivemind deemed it to be necessary. It would still find suitable hosts and bring them back to the nest. That was it's purpose, it's sole reason for existing.

    So when it appeared in this mossy field, the Xenomorph bared it's fangs as the others who had appeared near it. Buckets of saliva dripped from it's fangs as it extended it's inner mouth outwards.



    In keeping in line with it's animal like nature, the xenomorph savagely walked on it's hands and feet as it kept up with the others. To attack now would only invite risk of imminent danger to it's well being and thus the hive as a whole. It couldn't afford to risk that. So it'd continue to play along.

    For now.

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  8. “'MISAKA MISAKA would ask how you ripped MISAKA out of her universe.' MISAKA MISAKA says as she stubbornly stands her ground like Kiyama-Sama taught her.”

    Last Order posed with the exaggerated defiant look of a child, legs planted far apart, hands on hips, as she declared.

    “'Accelerator-Kun will come and smash all you up if you don't take MISAKA MISAKA home right now.' MISAKA MISAKA bluffs as she tries to connect to the MISAKA Network, frantically realizing MISAKA MISAKA can't.”

    Last Order's defiant pose quickly crumbled as she suddenly found herself completely alone in a big scary universe for the first time. There was no Accelerator by her side, no Kamijou Touma or Onee-Sama coming swooping in at the last moment, and worst of all, none of her ten thousand sisters.

    Last Order ran over to Quill, burying her face in his trenchcoat and asking in a small voice. “'Will you be MISAKA MISAKA's big brother until MISAKA MISAKA goes home?' MISAKA MISAKA asks in a hopeful voice, pressing her advantage as an adorable child.”

    C'mon Star-Lord. Don't be a heartless bastard. Who can resist that look?
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  9. Peter Quill looked at the strange thing that was talking who had been silent before.Even he wasn't that stubborn, but that was saying something as the man as very childish too.

    Cameron tilted his head, still not understanding how children could figure this out and use it to their advantage strangely enough.

    Peter Quill wasn't sure what to make of this small child. He was instead more focused on the strange Alien thing that looked like it could kill them all with a single glance. He wasn't caring what the little girl was saying.

    The child reminded Cameron of something and that something was the world's most hated Star Wars character of Jar Jar Binks who loved to repeat his names and was the most hated things about the prequels. He may have also known that this child was going to be a thing, but what the hell was up with the Alien,. " I don't mean to impose, but can we trust the giant freaky alien thing that looks straight out of all the Alien movies?" He asked Wesker.

    Quill looked down at the thing who had just clung into his trenchcoat. Where had that come from and what did it want? He assumed it was the name of the child and that was something he hated. He didn't think he mad much of a choice with that look. " Sure, I'll be MISAKA MISAKA's big brother," he said.

    Cameron chuckled a bit at the Star Lord's luck. " Shut up, Goodkin," Peter Quill said.

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  10. [​IMG]


    Opening it's mouth, the xenomorph extended it's inner mouth towards Cameron in a threatening manner. It knew that these people were not it's allies. In any other situation, they'd all be dragged back to the hive and made into hosts. Yes, even The Last Order. But if this human wanted his concerns to be put to rest, the xenomorph would attempt to do so. It had no qualms about murdering everyone in it's general vicinity. But doing so would endanger the possibility of the hive back home receiving any new hosts. They had laid dormant for years until that one poor tarkatan trooper came across the nest. Who knows how long it would take before another potential host stumbled by and what if the rest of the eggs were destroyed?

    Rising to it's full height of eight feet, it stepped towards Cameron and as it drew closer, he could see the alien's fangs coated to the brim with thick saliva. A puddle could have been seen forming at the creature's humanoid-looking feet as it tilted it's head to the side. This human didn't seem like any kind of threat. At least for the moment.

    After 'looking' Cameron over, the xenomorph sought to step past him with a hunch to it's walk as it's tail swung from side to side. Little droplets of acid could have been seen here and there. Although thankfully none of them landed on anybody present although they came very close.

    It'd shake it's head up and down in an almost mocking-placating gesture that yes they could trust it.



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  11. Battler just scratched his head at the explanations. He was a mystery fan, all this technology was completely beyond him. The Endless Sorcerer just took a minute to gather what he could.

    First. He'd been moved from the gameboard of Rokkenjima, his domain, to another board. His prowess as the Gamemaster did not apply here.

    Second. As a mystery fan, all of these crazy devices he couldn't understand didn't sit well with him at all. Was it really even technology?

    Last. This company was insane!

    Some guys looked like they belonged here. That was fine and all, this wasn't the board he was used to, but why was there a little girl and...

    "...Oi, if that's a prank of some sort knock it off. There's a kid here," the Endless Sorcerer berated the alien.

    Of course, he wouldn't easily accept that it was an alien, even if it was pretty damn convincing.

    To the rest of the company, he flashed a goofy looking smile, though it was a little darkened by the alien in their midst.

    "Battler Ushiromiya," he introduced himself, scratching the back of his head. It didn't sit well with him for their only introduction to be indirect from that clip show. "Nice to meet you guys."

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  12. "Hiss..?"

    The alien was distracted from it's mocking gesture of peace towards Cameron by Battler addressing it. Another human who seemed like they could pose a threat later on down the road. At the moment however, he seemed to be concerned more so for the young spawn that was roaming around. There would be no exceptions. If the alien had it's way then the spawn would have found herself implanted with a facehugger just like all of the others. The xenomorphs knew nothing of mercy for as clever as they may have been, they still relied heavily on instincts and animals didn't show mercy to their enemies. But they did show when they were unafraid.

    Crawling onto it's hands and feet again, the alien turned it's head in Battler's direction with it's inner mouth still extended.



    That was meant to serve as a warning towards the sorcerer to keep his distance if he valued his life. Not that it'd matter in the grand scheme of things. Once it got this pesky chip removed then it'd go about escaping from here and returning back to it's hive back in Outworld. But not before bringing in a whole new assortment of suitable hosts in tow.

    Retracting it's mouth once it's 'point' had been made, the alien shot another disdainful hiss in Battler's direction before scrambling away to put some distance between it and the human. It wouldn't harm the spawn. To do so would only invite danger and that simply wasn't acceptable at this point in time. Least of all when some humans already seemed cautious of it's appearance here in the first place.

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  13. [​IMG]


    Looking back, perhaps Misaka ought to have been more surprised by all that she had just experienced in such a short amount of time. That wasn't to say that she wasn't shocked in the slightest. After all, as much as the technology of Academy City and the magic mumbo jumbo that had desensitized Misaka to anything that any "normal" human would consider strange, it seemed that even she had her suspension of disbelief.

    After all, even for her, it was hard to grasp when someone idly mentions that you had been taken from your home world, as though you were taken away by aliens. Of course, with a name like the "Nova Corps," thoughts of American comic books would come to mind. But this was no comic, nor was this a manga. After all, fiction wasn't nearly as strange as reality.

    Upon the mentioning of "dimensions," thoughts raced through Mikoto Misaka's head faster than an ordinary human's brain could even begin to comprehend. A perk of her electromaster capabilities. The multiverse theory came to mind. It was something that every student and their mother had at least heard of, even if they didn't know its name. The theory that out there existed limitless worlds, dimensions, possibilities. A world, for example, where Misaka probably had water manipulation powers or something. Or a world where Kuroko was hopelessly in love with Saten or Uiharu instead. Or a world where that guy wasn't such a blockhead!


    Oh, whoops. That was close. She almost caught herself thinking about that reckless guy again. Ugh. She was already irritated as it was at the moment. It didn't really help that some old lady acting all high and mighty like she owned the place (granted, this lady probably did) was giving orders and expecting respect right off the bat when Misaka could barely even comprehend the situation that she was in right now.

    Tch. How the heck did I even get here? Couldn't have been the work of an Esper... Misaka thought to herself, letting out a long sigh, The Nova Corps, huh... I haven't heard of them before. If they aren't lying, then that's another question. How even were they able to take me from my... "dimension," and why did--


    "Goooooodness gracious! Of all people, I never would have expected to have run into you here, Railgun!" A certain troublemaking Misaki Shokuhou exclaimed in exaggerated surprise (not to say that she wasn't surprised though, as she just had a bad habit of being condescending towards the irritable Misaka whenever they met). A vein would be seen practically ready to burst in Misaka's forehead when Shokuhou began speaking, as though the sound of her very voice was enough to cause migraines.

    "Whatever might you be doing here anyway?"


    "Come to think of it, what am I doing here?"

    Misaka wasn't exactly in the mood to deal with Shokuhou's antics at the moment, but hopefully, the blonde was tactful enough to know that this was a serious moment. After all, in this place of unfamiliar people, mostly older men that made the young teenagers feel self-conscious in turn, Misaka needed all the help she could get.


    "How am I supposed to know that?!"

    Ugh. She let that one slip by accident. Oops. Oh, well. Could have been worse. Accelerator could have been here for all she knew.

    "Still, your guess is as good as mine. I'll trust that you didn't just mind control everyone into orchestrating this as a big act and that we're actually... not in Kansas, as the people in America say, against my better judgment."


    "I wouldn't dream of such a dastardly act!☆" She said with a playful wink, before clearing her throat as the girl with the star-shaped pupils would change her expression to a more serious one.


    "In any case, it would seem that these Nova people want something to do with the other people in this place. Something to do with a... Serenity? My, it's like we're in a sci-fi C-movie! How exciting!"


    "Maybe for you."

    Perhaps this cooperating thing wasn't going to go as smoothly as Misaka would have liked if Shokuhou would continue being careless like this, though one tiny sliver of Misaka's consciousness could almost believe that Shokuhou was at least making an effort.

    "Anyway, I'm gonna go talk to those people over there. Don't break anything. Or anyone," Misaka said sternly, as though commanding a mischievous child, before approaching those that seemed to be introducing themselves to each other. First impressions were everything. Gotta make this one right.

    Clearing her throat, letting herself be known to everyone, Misaka would begin to speak, hoping to maintain some semblance of composure. Her legs were shaking ever so slightly though, admittedly, though even she wasn't exactly sure why. Certainly not because she had to talk to these people. After all, as a celebrity of Academy City, she had to deal with strangers of all shapes and sizes practically every day. Maybe it was because...

    ... Because she already missed home. She already missed Kuroko. Saten. Uiharu. Komori-senpai.

    "Excuse me. I don't know if you've heard of me before, but my name's Mikoto Misaka," she said, introducing herself to everyone, "Would anyone here happen to know--"

    "Misaka-saaaaan! Wait for meeee!~☆"

    Lightly jogging over to Misaka's general location, and by extension, everyone else, Shokuhou would let out a breath, as if the light jog had tired her slightly, before she would speak.


    "How rude of you to go off without your dear friend, Misaka-san! My name is Misaki Shokuhou! Charmed, I'm sure!☆" Shokuhou would say to everyone around, giving a playful wink, before two things would catch her eye. With a small gasp, her eyes locating Last Order, the stars in her eyes practically sparkled.

    "D-Dolly? Is that really...?" She would begin to utter, Shokuhou's smirk replaced with a look of sincerity for once for a brief moment, before something would snap her out of that.


    "What in God's name is that thing?! Oh, get it away, get it away! Don't let it touch meeee!" The blonde would suddenly exclaim in horror upon laying eyes on the Xenomorph, instinctively moving and hiding behind Misaka, who would only sigh.


    "Look, just calm down," the electromaster said in an almost defeated tone, "It's probably just a guy in a costume trying to scare us or something. Granted, it's a pretty realistic costume, but..."

    Wait a minute.

    Dolly? Who the heck was she talking to?

    And then she saw her.



    Upon laying eyes on Last Order, Misaka's eyes would widen substantially. Was this... a Sister? Why did she look so young? And... why was she here too? Misaka struggled to even breathe, let alone form any more words, as it seemed that anything she wanted to say was stuck in her throat like a stray piece of food.

    "You're a... Sister?"

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  14. [​IMG]


    For the most part the xenomorph had been able to tolerate the actions of these humans. Clearly biased against the alien they may have been. Wary of the alien's true intentions but the creature made no false promises. It was not to be any kind of friend. It may have been playing nice but that was more due to the creature's intentions on surviving throughout the duration of however long it'd be staying in this foreign place. Then it'd be back to business as usual which would first involve the removal of this pesky chip through some means and then bringing back potential hosts. The hive would grow, it would prosper and the Xenomorphs would spread. Until they controlled all of Outworld and even beyond that.

    But these two younger humans or one of them seemed to be having a feeling similar to what the xeno interpreted as fear. It had seen this on the faces of the tarkatans as it murdered them one by one. The way their eyes widened, how their bodies trembled, fear made them weak. Easy enough prey for the so called perfect organism. With it's tail idly swinging from side to side, the xenomorph hunched over slightly while still looking over in the direction of Misaka and Misaki. Just as the others who had gotten too close for comfort with the xeno, the two girls would see the saliva dripping from the xeno's razor sharp fangs as they opened their mouth and an inhuman shrill cry erupted outwards as did the inner mouth.

    Only this time upon coming out, the inner mouth snapped shut. As if to get across another threat. Similar to the one it had made towards Battler after the sorceror had chided the alien.


    "So, that's what I gotta look after huh? Great."

    A new voice entered into the fray and tore the Xenomorph's attention away from the girls. As the newcomer stepped forward, a flicker of light could have been seen coming from them as they pulled out a cigarette from a carton they'd been keeping in their pocket and flicked their lighter. As a small trail of smoke began to drift up from the cigarette, the man propped it into his mouth and his eyes briefly scanned around. Aside from how uptight this place seemed to be for what otherwise resembled some kind of swamp, he didn't spot any 'no smoking' signs which was a godsend. More so than this current job anyway.


    The satisfied grin still residing upon the man's visage, he slowly shook his head in response to Misaka's attempt to reassure her companion. All the while taking steps towards the xenomorph who now had it's full attention on the strange smoking man.

    "Ahh, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am. Not a single 'no smoking' sign in sight. Only downside is that I get stuck babysitting you, huh?" The man murmured to the alien who angrily hissed at him and raised it's tail as if to strike but the man still seemed to carry the same uncaring demeanor.

    "Hate to break it to ya and your scared friend, kiddo. But this thing here is the real deal. Saliva dripping, acid blood, ugly as sin. It's got the works for a Xenomorph..Something something numbers. They're real bad news, but people keep collecting them. Trying to use em for weapons I guess. Bit out of my range of caring though. I'm just getting paid to make sure this one doesn't chew off any faces, ain't that right?"

    Glancing up at the alien which had two feet on him, the man slowly pulled out his cigarette and blew a puff of smoke right into the creature's face. All the while his other hand was slowly making it's way down to his pocket once again. The smoke hit the xenomorph dead center in the face and infuriated it. It's tail swung downwards with the intent to cleave this human right in two. Before the tail hit home however, the man had a whistle in his lips and was blowing. Although to pretty much everybody else they'd hear absolutely nothing. It'd seem as if nothing was happening. But if one paid close attention, they could see a dimmer of a red light coming from within the xenomorph's forehead and it's tail smashed into the ground beside the man. The acid oozing from the tip began to burn a hole into the floor as the xenomorph clutched at it's head and turned away.

    Taking another bold step forward, the man continued blowing on the whistle. The light grew brighter and brighter until eventually the xenomorph got on all fours and sprinted from the man. Getting some distance between them, it turned and hissed petulantly. Pleased with the results, the man pulled the whistle from his lips and smiled.

    "Huh, this worked out a lot better than I thought it would."

    Having temporarily tamed the xenomorph and removed any threat of immediate danger to both himself and anybody else he'd be liable for, the man turned towards Misaka and Misaki. All the while taking another drag on his cigarette.

    "Sorry 'bout all that. Name's Spike. Spike Spiegel."


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  15. "Keh."

    Battler didn't have much else to add. Reacting to its threat felt like losing. He was a man, so he wouldn't give in that easily. Besides, this guy in that disturbing suit seemed too dedicated for anything short of brute force to get him out of there. There was naturally the possibility of it being a fantasy creature. He wasn't the Game master, and there was no guarantee he was the "detective" of this tale. Thus, any sort of delusion could be placed upon him. His personal narration was not guaranteed to be accurate.

    There went the Red and Gold Truths, then, until he could discover the truth of this game board. That would be a pain in the ass. Back to the days of when he and Beato fought it out.

    Back to the monster, if it truly was a monster then his Endless Nine would deal with it perfectly. The goal of this game didn't seem to be the one he was used to, but presumably he could still work his magic as a piece on this board.

    His assumptions were reassured as a young girl, probably around 14 or so, asserted the same thing as he suggested. Just a guy in a costume. Nothing to worry about. He would've spoken with her, but she seemed to be particularly interested in the little girl there. They did seem pretty similar. Siblings? Family relations were nice.

    That train of thought was broken by reality when the newcomer spoke up.


    "Don't fuck around with me!" Battler shouted at Spike, clawing at his own head in frustration.

    No, he had to calm down. He'd already been over this. A creature like that was nothing more than fantasy. Then there was nothing to fear. He'd easily protect himself, and the other people here if it came to that. Though man or alien, Spike seemed to have control over it.

    The Endless Sorcerer quickly regained his cool. If he got worked up over every little thing, he'd never see the truth.


    If that thing wasn't here this might've been an interesting way to meet new people. Instead he'd gotten all worked up. Luck was a cruel mistress.

    "Just keep it under control."

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  16. Then you shall receive no trouble from me, you prattling pragmatist. said Reed, stubbornly, leering at Wesker. "It's clear that this world's Nova Corp choose their field leaders on presumptuous egotism instead of intelligence. said Reed, without a hint of irony. It seemed that he was quite unaware that, at heart, he was a presumptuous egotist. He drew his elongated body back to normal, arriving next to Star-Lord, as if he'd never left.
    From what I've gathered so far, there only seems to be what damage you'd expect from a crash from that altitude. No foul pay from the outside upon first inspection. Fire. Hull damage. He paused.
    For those who don't know, my name is Reed Richards. But to the people of The City, I am the Maker.
    It had been a long time since he'd introduced himself to someone. In The City, he was known by everyone. He was their Maker after all. Outside of there, he was also well known. Reed Richards, superpowered lunatic. He'd saved the world a thousand times while in The Fantastic Four, but after his...perspective was widened, so to say, he decided to 'go solo', and change the world the way he wanted to. The way he was meant to.

    This 'Battler' fellow seemed to be easily confused. Upon his arrival, Red could already tell that not everyone was going to make it, but now he was nigh-on certain on who would be the first casualty.
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  17. [​IMG]'
    A small, sarcastic smile formed across Wesker's lips "Well, well, well, its quite a party, isnt it? At last, all of our guests have come to their senses"
    A small child, a man made of elastic, a young killer, an outlaw, a scientist, a predator, a sith lord, an Endless Sorcerer, several class B superpowers and a rather unique alien; perhaps this journey would be worth his time after all, if not just quench sheer intrigue such a concoction awoke within him. All these unique personalities, each a contrast to the next, brought together by the ghost call of a falling spaceship; oh, how it baffled him. It was, indeed a mystery, both to Albert and to his employers...and mysteries had to be solved.
    "If it were that simple, Dr. Richards, why on Earth would you still be here? For a self proclaimed genius, you are inconceivably closed minded. Wake up, Reed, this is not the world you are used to! The crash should have completely obliterated a ship of that size, coming down as such speed; the wreckage should've be nothing more than a box of scraps sitting upon my desk." Albert paused, inhaling deeply. The science of it all would undoubtedly confuse some of his party, especially the younger, more sheltered members- perhaps it was better for him to ease off the deconstruction The Maker's conjecture, at least until the mystery was solved. "To put it into simpler terms, 'You are wrong'"

    The Agent's eyes swiftly fell upon that hissing creature. Oh, what a puzzle that beast had created. Xenomorphs had no names, not at least, any in common tongue. They usually acted as part of a hive, or among eggs or their young when isolated. Yet Captain Reynolds had managed to pinpoint the exact location of this specific creature in his log...this one alien was special, even more so than the Novas had first perceived.

    Then, came the child's demands. The Handler had despised children his whole life, even while being one. There were always more important things to worry about; work, research, school study, none of these things left any time to think of petty socializing or settling down. The young were just another distraction; loud, whining, distractions

    "You shall not be going home, child, not until this investigation has been finished. Am I clear?" He took the tone his supervisors took with him at that age; he turned out fine, so why shouldn't Last Order? In fact, the Wesker children had turned out more than fine- they were superior- he was doing the child a favor! Unless, of course, Mal had requested the presence of Goodkin purely for baby sitting duty....maybe he should just let Cameron run his course....

    All of a sudden, a short sharp chorus of beeping shot out from Wesker's digital wrist watch, vibrating around the area. It was time, oh-eight-hundred, time to move out

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  18. Serenity Down Chapter 1
    Burn the Lands and Boil the Seas

    Within seconds of his alarm going off, Wesker leaped into action, ushering every man, woman, child and alien present onto a small hover carrier, only muttering two words throughout the entire process
    "Hurry up"
    There was no point in filling such an event with petty exchanges; this was simply an opportunity to get the job done, not a social outing.
    The Agent removed his glove to active one of the many holographic panels coating the transporter. What he was doing seemed complex, with little to no crew members being able to keep up with the constant codes, finger print scans and commands the handler was inputting. At times, it was almost as if he guess what to do next; the flurry of fingers was so fast, so random, it couldn't be planned, could it? Yet, by some supreme intervention, the team slowly became airborne, steadily meandering down a stream of air towards the cargo ship. As swamp became forest, and forest became river, and river became swamp once more, minutes began to tick by... their destination growing ever closer
    Meanwhile- A Hologram Conversation, Somewhere in the Forest
    "You know your mission, don't you?"

    A almost robotic voice muttered, clearly concealed by some sort of voice changer. The figure bearing it was well concealed in shadow, only its silhouette being visible to its business partners

    "Of course, I've you've told me time and time again; reach the ship, destroy the evidence, get back as soon as possible"
    The second speaker carried no such discreetness, speaking in her pure, iconic tone. Her words were bitter, foul; she knew she was better than the man in shadow, better known, stronger, faster, smarter. But right now, she needed all the money she could get her hands on; disappearing is harder, and more expensive, than it seems
    "And the rest of it?"
    "Don't get caught, don't engage in combat, I understand perfectly; secrecy is all part of the deal"
    Yes, part of the deal. How she had fallen, once making pure business deals, seeking to further her own agenda, and that of her associates...look at her now, reduced to a mere bounty hunter, working for her own bread. Damn Starling, damn the Queens, Damn it all. She had to make a name for herself all over more Isabel Rochev, business woman and co-head of Queen Consolidated...she was someone, something, else...
    "I am the Ravager, after all. Leaving no trace is what I do"
    She terminated the call, and started her hunt

    At the Serenity- Everyone
    A heavy clanging sound could be heard around the local area, as the steel capped boots of Albert Wesker slammed against the armored doors of the Serenity. These were blast doors, made to withstand any sort of attack; including a crash. They were truly titanic, several inches thick, with two layers of shielding, locking mechanisms and any other modifications the crew had put in place over the years. Their strength was undeniable, and their scrap value almost inconceivable; but they had one major weakness; age. Many years against infinity's great vacuum combined with a week in the vile acid swamps of Earth-That-Was had rendered them almost useless; all it would take was a right placed kick and....


    The titanium gateway divided, instinctively springing back into a neutral position.

    Patience may be a virtue, but it is no substitute for careful calculation. The artificial gravity should kick in any second now...

    The cargo hold was the first sight to meet the eyes of the travelers, the first scraps of light reaching through past their shading bodies. It was filled with crate after crate, some shattered, some split, some completely intact. The once tidy area was now littered with whatever salvage had spilled out of those boxes, alongside any other slime or sludge that had poured in through the cracks. The wire bridges that hung above the heads of the travelers had been cut clean in half, as if they had been melted with some sort of blow torch. Akin to the bridge, many of the lights appeared to have been melted too, with specks of liquidized glass dropped around the area. Those that were still intact had long since been trained of electricity; aside from the light of the open hull door and whatever light they could make themselves, the crew appeared to be in the dark, both figuratively and literally

    Something just felt...wrong, about this whole situation. It was unbelievably unnerving, even for Wesker.
    "Proceed with caution" he whispered through gritted teeth "The Novas have sent probes down here, but no lived researchers; as a result, a lot of the shuttle is still un-mapped"

    He had been in situations like this before, but only with advanced knowledge of the situation. He had grown so used to being the master manipulator, the genius who was always one step ahead- now he was just as lost as everyone else
    "First things first, we need to get the back up power online; use the flashlights you were given back at base in the meantime. Remain close; we don't want any of you to get yourselves killed now, do we?"

    It was clear that the travelers had man decisions to make,- they could take a look at some of the shattered crates, melted lights, explore the bridges or go further on into the ship

    Current Crew
    The Maker/ Reed Richards- @Mighty Roman
    Index- @Thuro 116 Pendragon

    River Tam @CookieMonster
    Peter Quill/ Starlord and Cameron Goodkin @LuckycoolHawk9
    Kiande Thei-de and Shaitan @Ringmaster
    Spike Spiegel and a Xenomorph @T.O.M
    Mikoto Misaka and Raildex @Verite
    Battler Ushiromiya @Gibbons

    Mobile Post
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  19. Where others interacted, he meditated.

    A solitary shadow in the background, overlooked by the others in favor of the more flamboyant members. He was not here to impress nor to make friends. Called from his universe, the Shadow Guard had taken to these events with rather more apathy then the rest. His helmet prevented any reading of his features and in the brief time it was removed, it wasn't much better. His was the eyes of a dead man walking.

    And dead men had no fear.

    Leaning on his pike, staring into the darkness he stared silently. His near-silent breathing the only indication there was a living man beneath the armor and cloth.

    And slowly, stepping forward into the darkness, he turned...Helmet cocked as he listened.

    Even as at the back of the group, a taller figure stepped back. As alien as the Xenomorph and considerably more belligerent, his kind was known as yautja in their native tongue. But to humans of his universe, he was known as Spectre.

    Whereas the Shadow Guard was willing to work with the group, Spectre regarded them with ill-hid disdain. Abominations such as the Xenomorph among other factors actually almost had him attack them outright, as a good yautja would.

    Fortunately for all involved, considering he hunted Bad Bloods, there was a degree of a pliable nature within him. A situation like this far outweighed in terms of benefits if his race could use.

    Entire new hunting grounds in which to stalk new, yet similar prey.

    So even as his bio-mask analyzed the people around him, Spectre would be stepping away from the group, cloaking himself as he leaped away.

    If there were survivors in the ship, the others would find them.

    If they fled in the swamp?

    There would be no hiding from him.

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  20. "..Uh."


    Spike could kinda understand where this guy was coming from. When those 'special forces' guys showed up at the Bebop, claiming to be operating under the supervision of the U.S. Government, Spike was wary. But then they added that they were from another dimension and wanted Spike to safeguard their little experiment. Which wasn't so little, clocking in at around eight feet. It also wasn't much of an experiment, the damn thing was left to it's own devices for the most part. With acid flinging from that tail every which way and razor sharp teeth, and the arm-blades. Couldn't neglect the arm blades.

    Jet, Spike's time weathered friend and partner was naturally taken aback at this news. He thought the SF goons were just a bunch of nutters. But after they showed some IDs and flung around some papers, he was reluctantly on board. Still, the idea of babysitting what sounded like a complete and utter killing machine with the mindset of a wild animal? Jet would have taken a dozen of average joe bounties over that. But Spike saw it in a different light. Every time he went on this hunts, he risked his life. Whether it was getting strangled, getting stabbed, getting shot. The only differences here were that this creature could stab, strangle, and shoot him all at the same time. So it was basically an amalgamation of what Spike faced on a daily basis. Only eight feet tall and with acid for blood.

    Besides, they weren't getting their stomachs filled by going after low bounties and that damn corgi wouldn't shut the hell up. So despite Jet's statements to the contrary, Spike took up the job and here he was now.

    "I didn't believe it at first, pal. Little green men in space, right? Well, turns out they're not only real but they're not so little. I'd also say it'd be a bit far fetched to call this thing a man. More like a dog. If a dog had acid for blood, razor sharp tail, and the only thing keeping it at bay is a modified dog whistle."

    "That's the plan, bud."

    Glancing over in the direction of the xenomorph, Spike noted how it seemingly refused to look his way. The SF guys had warned him that while at the end of the day, these things were basically extremely dangerous animals, they could still take down squads of heavily armed marines without much trouble. Didn't speak well for what might have happened back there if he didn't have the whistle. But probably didn't warrant too much thinking about lest he get cold feet about this whole thing. But it also left Spike wondering just what was going on in the alien's head.

    Was it thinking up a way to get back at him for hurting it? Him, just a measly human who's only purpose was to serve as a vessel for one of these things? Or was it just thinking about how to go about surviving this thing in one piece like him?

    Either way, Spike ended up coming to the same conclusion. The corgi was one thing. But at least it didn't possess a multitude of natural weapons that it could use to rip Spike to pieces.

    Pets sucked.


    The way this human looked at it caught the xenomorph's interest. For the most part, these humans reacted in what the alien could only interpret as fear. Perhaps because they didn't quite understand what the xenomorph actually was or they knew exactly what it was and wondered if it'd be safe keeping it along. Which made Wesker a curious oddity in the alien's mind. This of course wouldn't give him any particular leeway if everything went the Alien's way. It'd endure whatever treatment that human with the whistle put it through and it'd survive to see the end of this. Then it would take what it needed and return back to it's hive.

    Noticing the look the agent and the alien were throwing at eachother, Spike couldn't help but speak up.


    "..You ever hear of the expression 'take a picture it'll last longer?' Why don't you go and do that? Seeing you and this thing look eye to face is kinda giving me bad vibes."

    Spike wasn't just being snarky for the hell of it though that certainly played a role. But he'd been warned extensively that people bred/captured Xenomorphs in order to try and turn them into super soldiers. But every time it always ended in disaster. The people in charge believed that the xenos would be good little attack doggies who wouldn't have the necessary smarts to escape from their confinement and go on a rampage. But through one method or another, the aliens always got loose and so did hell upon the poor fools who believed they could tame these things.

    So seeing some guy make gaga eyes at the creature that many would either call an abomination or a marvel of science's ingenuity put the bounty hunter on edge. This was his money he was talking about. Any plans of military stratagems completely escaped his notice but this alien wasn't going with anyone but him by the end of this thing.
    Something about being crammed together and brought to some shuttle that wasn't completely mapped out didn't sit well with Spike. But he supposed that it could have been worse. He could have been doing this without a flashlight and without needing to take care of an eight foot murderous alien. As his cigarette reached it's end, Spike flicked the butt aside on the ground and drew his gun along with his flashlight.


    He usually preferred settling things with his own two hands if he could help it. Not that his measly pistol would have done him much good if he lost control of the Xenomorph. Those things shrugged off small caliber fire like his gun like they were popguns. Speaking of which, Spike glanced around and noticed that the xenomorph didn't seem to be anywhere around.


    Only a few minutes into the damn thing and he already lost track of the highly dangerous extraterrestrial-Oh. Feeling something wet fall down onto his hair, Spike glanced up and saw the xenomorph glancing back down at him from the ceiling. Gritting his teeth at how disgusting getting alien saliva on him was, Spike couldn't help but think that was the creature's way of getting back at him for earlier. Well, it may have been gross but it was better than it trying to bite/maul him at least. He hadn't been informed that these things could cling to walls but he supposed it wouldn't hurt anything. If the thing tried to sneak off then he'd blow the whistle and he'd hear it's wails a mile away.


    Shooting a hiss down Spike's way along with some more drool, the xenomorph continued to crawl along the ceiling. The dark was it's element. It was here that it could sneak around to it's heart content and it's enemies would be none the wiser. While it was up on the ceiling however, it made it's way towards the melted lights. It had seen the effect it's blood had on the floor and such, were there other members of it's race around? Trying to form their own hive? It couldn't hurt to check.

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