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  1. D A Y » Sunday, August 9, 2015

    T I M E » Morning (8:25 AM)

    W E A T H E R » A bit chilly, but mostly sunny.

    [I will do this for every time skip.]​
  2. [​IMG]
    "'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood! You know it used to be mad love. So take a look what you've done, 'cause, baby, now we got bad blood! Hey!"

    Today was the day. It was the day that Sherman would finally go to Serendipity. Whoop-de-doo. He's been dreading this day since he was told about his whole...'destiny', if that's what you'd like to call it. "You've been enrolled into Serendipity so you can take your father's place amongst the stars! Aren't you excited to be presented with such an honor?" The young male mocked in a high voice, remembering when his mother told him about the news, voice laced with joy. He was shocked at the news, which was followed by anger. Sure, he was honored to have his life practically high-jacked from him. The memory of how it all began made him mutter under his breath and pack his things in an angry matter, throwing things into his suitcases. Letting his music overwhelm him, the blonde calmed down, closing his eyes and breathing deeply, before he finished his packing.

    "Teddy, are you almost done? We've got to be at the school at nine o'clock!"

    "Yeah, I know, Mum. Just packing some last things," Sherman responded, his voice carrying throughout their decent-sized home. He hoped that she could hear the annoyance in his voice. Sighing, he threw the last pair of pants inside of one of his many suitcases, zipping it shut afterwards. Grunting, the small male hauled his luggage up and out of his room, dragging it down the hall. Almost falling down the stairs, he glared at his mother when he safely made it down the stairs to meet her. She was way too cheerful for his liking and he made it obvious that he felt this way. Either she didn't notice, or she did and ignored him.

    "Alright, let's be on our way!"

    All that Sherman could do was follow his mother outside and to the car. She helped him load the trunk before hopping in the driver's seat with him filing into the passenger's seat. Turning the radio on, the male got ready for the ride that would lead him to his destiny.

    [Sorry, it's not the best. But, basically, everyone is on their way to Serendipity. ^^]
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  3. Michelle Fairchild >> Libra
    "Honey, look at how beautiful our daughter is!" her mother exclaimed as Michelle descended down the stairs wearing her mum's pin on her baby blue hair, representing her zodiac sign: Libra.

    Her mum was bouncing up and down her feet out of excitement for Michelle is about to attend Serendepity. Her mum is very proud of her while her father wrapped an arm around his wife before taking a good look at Michelle before smiling "Of course she's a beauty, just like her mum"

    "I bet she'll be the talk among the boys~ Aww, Michelle you're so cute!" her mother cooed, hugging her husband dearly with so much gusto, Michelle can almost hear bones breaking

    "Oi! No boys allowed! I'll make sure to castrate them if they give on nasty look on my daughter!" her father voice boomed, proud and serious, trying to pry his wife off of him

    "But dear, that would mean no heir for our family. Is that what you want? Our only daughter to be alone for the rest of her life? I'm so disappointed in you"

    "D-Dear, I didn't mean it like that! She... I...”

    Michelle giggled at her parents. Seeing them so lovey-dovey in the morning always makes her smile and all the nervousness she's feeling suddenly fade out. She was preparing for her whole life to take her mum's position among the stars, and she'll do her very best to do so.

    "Mum, Dad, I'll be fine. You shouldn't worry about me" Michelle said with a smile, hugging her parents and kissing them lightly on the cheeks. "I promise I'll do my very best, out of love"

    "You're going to make your mum cry" her father said, wiping off some stray tears in his eyes.

    Her mother did cry, and hugged her dearly with her father. “I’ll miss you love. Be yourself okay, and don’t forget to be just”

    "Of course mum, I’m your daughter. I’ll never let you guys down" she hugged back and waved her parents goodbye before driving off to Serendepity.

    This is the first time she’ll be away with them and she’s very nervous about it. What if everyone hates her or there will be bullies? What if she met some girls? Or maybe her dorm mate will be mean to her? These thoughts immediately flood her mind but shook it off. She needs to be strong and be her usual self. She’s a Libra after all, and Libras needs to be balanced.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Taurus Astro >> Taurus

    Taurus sighed as he stared up at his ceiling. The tiny glow in the dark stars placed to look like constellations looked down at him, along with planets, including Pluto even though they try to say it isn't one anymore. He used to love just staring up at it and imagining himself flying through them as he traced the constellations. But now he was off to school to become one, and suddenly they didn't seem cool anymore. He forced himself to sit up on his bed that was covered in a quilt with an owl design. In the middle in its own patch it said: If you strive for it, any Dream can be real.

    He had seen it at a yard sale and had begged his parents for it. After a while they accepted. He had used it since, and it always brought comfort, made him feel better. It was probably the strangest thing in his room. The rest were models and sets, books and movies. It all reflected how he had grown up as a kind of scholar over the years. Of course he had fiction books too, especially his favorite series, a series about owls. And looking at it now, it was strange to know he would not be seeing it again for a while, or maybe ever.

    He looked at his alarm clock. He was expected to be finished packing and downstairs now. He had mostly finished packing, but there was one thing he needed to grab. His quilt. He wasn't leaving it behind. So he made sure to grab it, and fold it up. It was a bit difficult but he got it in one of his bags. His father wouldn't allow it. So he wouldn't tell him. He would merely hope the man didn't check his room until it was too late for him to do anything about. Which would when he was already a the academy.

    So with hope he walked downstairs to see them waiting for him, his father looking impatient. He didn't want to do this. He didn't know what he wanted to do, but it wasn't this. His father had been priming him for this since birth, without asking if he wanted to do it. He didn't want to be forced into something. He wanted to find out on his own, and this wasn't that. The man didn't care however. He didn't even help with the luggage. He just went to the care, Taurus' mother following. Both leaving the boy to put the stuff in the trunk and climb in the car. It was a silent ride. He knew it would be. He didn't care though. He just took out his phone and read on his kindle app. Serendipity here he came.
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  5. Nikolaus and Natalie Voss >> Gemini
    "Hey, Niko."
    "Let's run away."
    "What? Don't be stupid. Dad'll sic Canis Mini on us."

    The twins had discussed their new predicament to great lengths. They had looked it at all angles, scrutinized all the paper work, they even read the fine print, but they couldn't find a way out of going to school. Although...School wasn't the problem, it was the whole endgame that set them on edge. They were only sixteen, they hadn't even seen the world yet and now they were being sent away to train to take a job they didn't want or ask for.

    "Let's convince mom and dad to have new kids so they can take over their lame jobs."
    "Blegh...I'd rather go to school forever than have that conversation."

    The days leading up to the day of their departure had been spent trying to negotiate with their parents. Offering to do chores for the rest of their life, with no complaints. Walking Canis Mini without being told and having to deal with the star dog's shitty attitude and disobedience. Their parents had thanked them, given them both a peck on the cheek and said, "But you're still going." They had dropped everything then and retreated to their room to sulk. They had stayed in that room for days only coming out to eat and relieve themselves, but still their parents wouldn't let up. So finally, they had given in to their fate and satisfied their leftover anger and insecurities with creative suggestions on how to weasel their way out of going to Serendipity.

    "They're calling."
    "Let's go, then."

    Nikolaus and Natalie dragged themselves off of the bed and grabbed their stuff simultaneously, they both took a deep breath and exited their room. As soon as they shook themselves free of the gloom that had permeated their shared room, the twins donned impish smiles and looped their arms together. They may be being sent somewhere against their will but they weren't going to leave without having the last victory, even if it was small and petty. Their parents were waiting at the bottom of the stairs, smiling at them and the twins grinned back, taking the stairs two at a time, with bags in hand.
    "Mom, Dad, we've had a change of heart. We now understand why you guys are sending us to school."
    Their parents both cocked an eyebrow, "Oh?"
    "In with the new out with the old!" The twins shrieked, and dashed out of the house with their parents cursing behind them. The siblings tossed their bags into the waiting car and hopped in the back. The driver, Marty rolled his eyes at their antics before pulling off.

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  6. Meera Enki » ♑ Capricorn ♑

    Meera felt the bed dip down, but stayed where she was: under the covers and pouting.​

    “Meer, sweetie, I know you’re awake. We have to go soon.” Her Dad said quietly. She remained still, and after a few seconds he sighed. There was shuffling around her bed and another person sat down. Meera had the split second thought of Oh, sh- before the other person grabbed one of her ankles and startled tickling her foot.

    “Papa!” She squealed, caught between giggling and trying to kick her way out of her other father’s grasp, “Papa! Stop! Please!”

    Meera’s Papa finally let go and she took a moment to recompose herself, the laughter falling back to her original pout. Both of her father’s exchanged glances before her Papa rolled his eyes and gave her a very not amused look. “We’ve talked about this, Meerz. It’s time to stop pouting. We have to leave.”

    It’s true, they had talked about it. Meera had tried everything in her arsenal to get out of going to this stupid school; she had cried for hours, she had stopped talking to them for a week, she had done all of her chores before they asked and she hadn’t fallen asleep at any of Auntie Agatha’s family gatherings even once. But in the end they had sat her down and told her that it was going to happen either way, and that it was not as bad as she thought it would be. She was still angry about it though. It wasn’t her fault her Papa didn’t want to do his stupid job anymore.

    “We could also get ice cream on the way there...” Her Dad checked his watch. “But only if we leave right now, otherwise we could be late.”

    Bribery was totally not fair play, but her mind supplied the image of raw cookie dough ice cream and she was significantly more willing to go. In the end, she knew she would have to go either way. Might as well get something out of it. Meera sprang out of bed, snatching her 3DS from her dresser and pulling on her backpack full of travel goodies. She was out the door in a matter of seconds, her wild red hair sweeping behind her.

    In her room, Meera’s Dad stood up and straightened out his suit jacket as her Papa stared out the door she had just exited. “Our 16 year old daughter was just bribed with ice cream.” Her Papa said.

    Her Dad smiled at his husband. “She has your genes.”

    “She has your pout.”

    Her Dad snorted. “Whatever. Let’s go before she tries carrying those suitcases herself.”

    After the suitcases were loaded into the trunk and they had set out, Meera sprawled across the backseat and fell back asleep with her head phones in and her stuffed Capricorn in a tight embrace. Her Dad gave her Papa a questioning look. “You let her bring her stuffed animal.”

    Meera’s Papa cleared his throat, not meeting his husband’s gaze. “I, Uh… I let her bring most of them, actually.”

    “Steve.” The other groaned, burying his head in his hands.
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  7. Face the fire...

    Torin Claud >> Leo

    The alarm clock buzzed in his ears as it nearly vibrated itself off the nightstand. Blinking awake, Torin stared up at the ceiling, almost in a daze. His dream last night seemed to real; his mother telling him that he was to replace his father among the stars as the leader of Zodiac. The constellation Leo was waiting for him. Blinking some more, he could feel a cold shimmer through him as he realized suddenly that that was NOT a dream. His mother told him that only a month ago! Sitting up quickly, he looked at his alarm clock to see that it was almost time for him to get going. Groaning, he sat up. His blonde hair laid in a mess on his head, and his blue eyes scanned the room before him. Everything was torn apart as he had frantically last minute packed just the other day. Slowly getting up, he stood and stretched. All of his suitcases were laid about his room, ready to get thrown in the back seat of his mother's jeep. With another sigh, he realized that this meant his entire life was going to change. He was to become a Leo and take his father's place. That was a lot for a sixteen year old to take in!

    A sudden knock came at his door, startling him slightly. "Torin, are you awake?" His mother's soft voice called out.

    Torin smiled and went to open the door, "Yeah. Just got up, actually."

    "Oh, honey. We have to go in an half hour! You need to get ready, right now!" His mother looked at her watch before looking her son up and down. Sadness could be seen wash through her eyes followed by happiness. She would miss her boy. With her husband always gone on business trips and the like, she found herself lonely at times. But she knew that this was for the best. Her little boy was to become the next Leo. That was something any mother should be proud of.

    Torin's eyes widened at this. "A HALF HOUR! Why didn't you wake me sooner!" He tore down the hallway then and into the bathroom to quickly shower and throw on clothes.

    Watching him run down the hallway made her laugh. She shook her, knowing full well that they had plenty of time to get to the school. This was just the only way to make him get going in the morning. She was surprised that he had never caught on.

    An hour and a half later, Torin and his mother packed the jeep and headed out. Heading for Seredipity: School of Constellations. Although he was excited, Torin was unsure of what was going to happen. Unsure of what being a Leo meant. Would he be liked? Of course he would be! He's awesome! With a smile on his face, he looked out the window. This was going to be an adventure of a life time!

    .....conquer the Flame

    Mentioned: @Polystical

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  8. [​IMG]




    Yuuki rolled over in her bed and reached out her arm from under the soft, warm covers and into the cold air of her bedroom. As soon as her hand hit the snooze button, it retreated back into the cozy blankets.

    "Just... five more... minutes."

    The alarm on her phone didn't allow her those five minutes though, and it started to ring and vibrate on the desk all the way on the other side of her room. Yuuki slowly sat up in her bed, her hair tousled from a rough night's sleep, her eyes squinting to adjust to the morning light.

    "Why did I set that alarm on my phone again?"

    She slowly put one foot after the other onto the icy floor of her bedroom, regretting it each time she did so. Her mom liked it cold in the house, and her dad liked it warm. They were always arguing over the thermostat. Thankfully, both of them left early for work, so after she turned off her alarms, she switched the temperature back to something in between warm and cold. Then she checked the calendar, trying to remember why she had set such an early alarm. She looked at the date today, and finally remembered...

    "That's right! It's the first day at my new school today!"

    She had spent almost all of last night packing, so she didn't get much sleep, but she felt a renewed sense of energy thinking about a new school, and a new adventure. While you don't always see it in her at first, Yuuki is a leader. She does her best to live up to the Aries name, and since it's considered the first zodiac, Aries are usually natural-born leaders. She allowed her thoughts to wander, and imagined herself exploring all the secrets to the school, bringing together her fellow star-signs, and becoming well-respected throughout the school. She raised her fist in the air, full of determination.


    She grabbed her suitcase and the keys to her car, ready to head out the door, but she decided to grab an orange for breakfast before she left. When she got the the refrigerator door however, there was a note on it that stopped her in her tracks, and she grabbed it from underneath the magnet holding it in place.

    Dear Yuuki,
    I know we said our goodbyes last night, but we both feel so bad not being able to see
    you off! We wanted to wish you good luck at your new school, and keep making the Aries sign
    proud! You are destined to become a goddess among the stars, so never give up on being the
    best you can be! We'll make sure to write you lots, and come visit when we can! We love you!

    - Mom & Dad

    "Mom... Dad..."

    Yuuki eyes started to well with tears, but she shook them off and wiped her eyes to avoid them spilling down onto her cheeks. She grabbed her suitcase and headed out the door.

    "I'll make you proud! I promise!"

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  9. Juniper Quarius Font.png
    Juniper opened her eyes into a well-lit room with a brilliant plethora of colors. Amazing shades of green that shimmered like an emerald in the shining sun, blues that reminded her of the ocean, which was right outside her window, and reds that glimmered like fire in a pitch black night. She always loved to look around her enormous room and see all the various various colors. It reminded her of a rainbow after a gloomy day with rain and mucky weather. She had a weird way of comparing things to one another. Not that it bothered her though, because she thought she was perfect in every way. Well... Almost every way.

    After spending a few glancing moments at the walls, she decided to get out of her bed. She wasn't sure if she wanted to take a shower or not this morning. She didn't want to shower, but she knew that if she was going to meet some new people today, she needed to put forth her best effort to have an extremely good first impression. After a few moments spent pondering the subject, she decided that she was going to. She thought, Eh... It wouldn't hurt. Hopefully someone will take a bit of an interest in me. She giggled at her own thought.

    She walked into her bathroom and checked herself out in the mirror. And what she saw was... ASTONISHING. She looked... She looked... BEAUTIFUL. Only someone as great as me could pull off bed-head. Alright, enough about my looks, I need to jump into the shower. While she slipped her clothes off, she was humming the tunes of different well-known songs. In the process, she sounded worse than nails on a chalkboard, NO. She sounded worse than a cat being slowly run over by a car. Yes, it was that bad. Though, she, of course, thought that she had sounded amazing. And then the worst of it came. She started to do a little dance. As she started to dance and sing, she looked and sounded like a manatee struggling to get out of the ocean. (Please just imagine that for a second)

    Once she was done taking her shower and done having her 'jam session', she looked for her school uniform. She thought the school uniform was a bit... Well, the easiest way to say it was, BO-RING. She hated the uniform from day one, but she... tweaked the uniform a little bit. She put the hem of the skirt higher up and she had 'accidentally' cut the collar all the way down to her cleavage. And once she had done that, she was going to innocently tell her teacher that she had gotten into a horrible accident and ripped her clothing. She had yet to figure out what the accident would be, but... She knew that she would come up with something brilliant.


    She opened her door and tried to keep a cheery attitude. "Okay Mommy! I'll be right down!" She laughed as she grabbed one of her many small purses. She headed down the stairs toward her 'mother'. Her family was a bit complicated. Her father and mother weren't exactly... a father and mother. She had two dads. But one night, one of her dads had gotten really drunk and... Well, some things happened and... BAM! Juniper was born. Luckily, she does still know who her real mother is because... Her real mother is the maid of the house.

    "Juniper, you have a nice day. The maid is going to take you to school because mommy has things to do and daddy is at work. Okay?"

    "Alright mom, I'll call you tonight. Okay? Make sure you pick up. I'm going to make both you and dad really proud, okay? I'm going to make sure that I graduate at the top of my class."

    "Alright, that's the right attitude. Make sure that you don't push yourself too much though. Promise me, I know a thing or two about pushing yourself too hard." Her 'mom' laughed.

    "GROSS! I'M LEAVING!" Juniper stormed out of the house and into the car, where the maid was already waiting.

    The maid bowed to her. "Miss Juniper. The car is ready for you." The maid opened the door and tried not to make eye contact with Juniper.

    Juniper didn't say anything as she got into the car. The maid started the car and headed towards Juniper's new school.

    Serendipity: School of Constellations
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  10. Chase Flemming >> Sagittarius

    Chase had awakened to a lick from a very massive Saint Bernard. He had slept a little too late last night, researching all that he could on the school. Though it was very little information, which was to be expected of course, humans didn't even know his kind even existed. He uses what little strength he has to lift the dog's face off of his, even if it was just a short difference. "Alright, I'm up already!" He muttered, and to his delight, the dog decided to get off.

    "Ah, so you are." His mother says, coming from the kitchen to look down at him on the sofa. "And didn't I tell you not to fall asleep on the couch?" She questioned.

    "You should know by now that just telling me will never work." He replies, getting up from his awkward position. He closed his laptop and put it in a satchel as well, "I already packed everything, so no need to remind me. I just need to get ready." He said, facing his mother and nodding before going upstairs.

    Chase lived in an average house, not too interesting. Everything was organized and kept tidy, everything but his room. The only place he won't let anyone come in, or clean. Though it's not the kind of messy you'd expect, not like dirty laundry and half-eaten pizza everywhere, Chase's room is instead filled with papers which are pinned to the walls and pencils cover half the floor. However, this time will probably be the only exception it's not a mess. In one of his suitcases, lays numerous amounts of notebooks and agendas, with pencils hastily thrown in the mix. The only reason why his room now seems so barren.

    Chase arrives and prepares himself to look at least semi-presentable, taking a shower and even combing his hair a bit. Taking his bags, he leaves his room just as quickly as he entered. Once downstairs, he faces his mother at the doorway, obviously tears-eyed and will probably cry as soon as he left the house. "C'mon, mom. No need to be like that. It's not like it's any different from the past, it'd just be reversed." He tried to reassure, giving a crooked smile. He would be replacing his mother as the next Sagittarius constellation, and would often be left with different nannies while she did whatever it is she did. The comment did not at all help the situation, and it instead made her cry the moment he smiled. 'Fudge, seriously?!'

    "You're right, you're absolutely right. But that doesn't mean I won't miss you, take care of yourself, okay?" She managed to stutter, while giving him an arm crushing bear hug.

    "Oh Mother Theresa on a banana boat! I want to live, my precious birth-giver!"

    She looked at him funny, before releasing. He nods and kisses her on the cheek and petting his dog's head. "Fail and I'll kill you!" She shouts one more time, before he finally reaches the car and his uncle drives off, laughing at the sudden change in mood. Chase rolls down the window, then yells back,

    "Love you, Ma'."
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  11. Robert Frost >> Virgo
    The white trunk door of a 1998 Pontiac Firebird slammed down with a hefty pull, locking Robert's luggage inside. Of course not all of his things fit in the back of the car; not with all the space that had been removed to add the hydrolic system for the convertible top. He had stuck a few extra things into the small back seat of the car and in the passenger seat.

    Robert took a deep breath of the morning air. The trees where golden and red, and the mild air was soothing. It was the perfect day to drive with the top down. Robert opened the door, slid into the low seats of the vehicle and started the car. "Last day in Colorado... Then I get to live who knows how long in fucking California... God damn it." He quietly swore to himself as he drove out of his driveway and began to make his way to what would be his new school and his new home.
    He had left two days before in order to actually get to the school in time. "Who's damn idea was it to start this shit on a Sunday? Who starts anything on a Sunday?" He has been driving for hours, and had made a couple of stops along the way and was now thoroughly upset. Looking at the road for hours on end with nothing but the radio on, and occasionally the wind in his hair when he put the top down, he was bored out of his mind. Of course it wasn't all bad. He did enjoy driving his car. He had put a good deal of work into it and as such it drove like a dream.​
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  12. Mina Hazelwood >> Pisces

    "Mina time to get up!" Her mother's sweet voice echoed up the stairs of her house and into her bedroom. Awakening the small girl from a peacefully slumber. "Hmm..?" She moaned as she buried her head back into her pillow. "Mina Charlotte you better be getting out of bed!" Her mother yelled this time. "Alright.. Alright!" Mina finally mumbled as she sat up and stretched. Yawning and turning her head side to side to crack her neck she opened both her baby blue eyes and smiled. "Today is the day Mina!" She said excitedly to herself as she got out of bed and threw open her curtains to let the sunlight stream in. The birds chirped happily and Mina felt her smile creepy onto her face. She quickly made her bed and then ran to her bathroom and closed the door. "AHH!" She screamed as she looked into the mirror and saw her long blonde strands sticking up at awkward angles. Quickly she scurried to brush out the kinks and knots in her hair. Plugging her curling iron in and washing her face she began to curling her blonde locks. Once she was finished she skipped down the stairs and giggled as her mom looked at her. "Good morning sweet heart! Are you ready fro your first day?" Mina nodded and took a spoonful of milk from her cereal bowl.

    After a long car ride of her father nagging at her about God knows what the family arrived at the school. Mina got out of the family's black Mercedes and took her luggage from her dad. "Well here we are!" Her mother said happily. Her father beamed proudly and hugged his daughter tightly. "I'm so proud of you Minnie, you're going to make me so proud and take over as the next Pisces constellation." The pressure hung around her a cloud of thick smoke as those words left her fathers lips. She gulped nervously and put on a fake smile. "R-Right of course daddy. Anything to make you proud." She said nodding her head. After helping Mina put her things in her new room they hugged her again and left. Looking around Mina noticed her roommates weren't there yet so she took the opuntinity to unpack her things before settling on her bed and cracking open her latest book. ​
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  13. [​IMG]
    Tell me I'm wrong
    Turn around and run
    Still, I'm gonna
    Save my heart for you

    "Teddy, we're here!"

    Sherman was pulled out of his music stupor by the sound of his mother's energetic voice. Lifting his head from the window of the passenger's side, he glanced out of it. Sure enough, they were parked in Serendipity's parking lot. He could see the school and children around his age entering it, some chatting with others and some not. The sight made him frown and his stomach drop. This was actually happening. The moment he stepped beyond those double doors, he was practically accepting his destiny. Not like I could go back home or anything. I can't even remember the way back!, he thought grouchily. The only thing he could do was suck it up and get out of the car. Or mope around and get out of the car. Either way, he had no choice but to get out.

    With that in mind, the blonde opened up his door and hopped out of the car, closing it shut behind him. He made his way to the trunk to gather the luggage that he brought, which happened to be one suitcase and a duffel bag. Slamming the trunk, he shuffled his way over to the driver's side so he could wish his mother a farewell. The short goodbye was filled with hugs and kisses before Sherman was able to break free and begin his trek to the front doors.

    "Oh, and don't forget that the orientation is at nine thirty-five sharp!" With that, his mother pulled out of the parking space and sped away. The statement made him fish out his phone, checking the time on it. The digital numbers read 8:45. He blinked as he let the time sink in. He had more than enough time to get settled before said orientation began. The thought made him slow down his walk a bit, taking him a few minutes longer to reach the entrance. Upon entering, he immediately made his way to the Office to receive all of the paperwork that he would need. The receptionist smiled kindly at him as she handed him his schedule, a map, an ID, and the key to his dorm. Smiling back at her, he exited the Office and scanned the map, walking in the direction where the dorms were located. At least, he hoped that he was.​
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  14. [​IMG]

    Taurus walked alongside his father. First the office, where his father did the talking. The receptionist shot him a sympathetic look at the fact that he was stuck with the man. And then he walked him to his dorm room, helping him to put away his things. He couldn't help load them but now he acted like the caring father? Yeah he just wanted to make sure he didn't make a run for it. His mother was there too. Quiet. Obedient. It sucked. It was already 8:50 when he finished everything. So they walked him to where orientation would be.

    "Okay I'm good now," he told his parents. "I can be on my own."

    His father shook his head, standing there stoic, arms crossed. His usual position. It annoyed Taurus. He hated it. He hated when the man did that, when he ignored him. It was one of the few things that got on his nerves easily. He never reacted though. Wouldn't dare to. Instead he stared down at the ground, feeling stares on him.

    "Dear. We should leave him be now. Taurus is a good boy. And there is no need to make things hard on him socially," his mother said. Thank goodness. He loved when she defended him. It always made him feel better.

    "No need for friends. They're a distraction from studies." And of course his father had a reply that made sense.

    "As is bullying. That could lead to injury and that would be even worse," she responded.

    His father let out an annoyed sighed, relenting to the woman. "Fine. Concentrate on your studies not other people," his father ordered before leaving.

    And he let out a breath. Finally alone. One thing about the school he would like; his father wouldn't be there.
  15. Meera Enki » ♑ Capricorn ♑

    While the drive from southern Oregon wasn’t excruciatingly long, Meera was more than ready to escape the car as soon as they pulled up to the school. The cramped space made her uncomfortable.

    Papa unlocked the trunk and plucked her suitcases out easily while Dad wrapped up one of his Important Business Phone Calls™. The three set out towards the office in an amicable silence, although Meera felt anxiety twist in her gut. There were so many people here! Well, not really, but everyone was a stranger and she wasn’t the best at making friends.

    They arrived at the receptionist’s desk just as another set of parents and their child were leaving. The father’s face reminded her of a wall, albeit a rather grumpy one. Meera felt sorry for the son. Something nudged at her brain and she looked up at her Papa as Dad did all of the talking. “Was he…?”

    He gave her a curt nod. “Taurus.”

    Soon they were back outside with Dad steering them towards the dorms.

    “Looks like you’re going to have some roommates, Meerz.” Papa said after taking a peek over his husband’s shoulder.

    “Who?” Meera liked her own space, and the idea of sharing her room with another was uncomfortable at best. Her opinion of this school was plummeting by the second.

    “Let’s see…” Dad adjusted his glasses and scanned the page, “Yuuki Omori and Mina Hazelwood.”

    Some of Meera’s distant relatives always wrote her birthday cards addressed to “Meena” instead of “Meera”. Maybe this Mina girl received cards addressed to “Mira” instead of “Mina”. Meera doubted it, but it’d be a funny happenstance. “Are they also Zodiacs?”

    “Yes.” Papa answered immediately. Was it an innate thing to know, or did Papa just have a good memory of past Zodiac’s names, Meera wondered. Frankly, Meera didn’t know much about Zodiacs. Maybe they all worked together?

    The door to her dorm was already open when they arrived, and one of her fellow occupants was already there, reading on her bed. With an Enki family brand style of communicating, namely significant eye gestures and vague hand motions, the three agreed to drop Meera’s stuff off up here and do their goodbyes outside so as not to disturb her new roommate. Meera was pretty sure her family’s weird nonverbal communication had already garnered the attention of the other girl, but she didn’t pay her much heed.

    Once back downstairs and outside, her Dad handed her the bundle of papers from the desk and began instructing her on things to do. “Your schedule is on top. Be sure to look through it all. Orientation is at 9:45. Focus on school, but be sure to make some friends. Wear your uniform every day and eat a good breakfast. Call us every so often-“

    “Every day.” Her Papa intercepted.

    “In fact, twice a day.”

    “Three times a day.”

    “Before and after every meal.”

    “In between classes-“

    “Dads.” Meera groaned, burying her face in her sweater.

    They both gave her a smile before the silence stretched between them. It was her Papa that spoke first. “We’re so proud of you sweetie.”


    Dad opened up his arms and Meera began to get choked up. She hugged him with a death grip.

    “We love you, Meera. We’ll miss you a ton.”

    Her Papa joined in on the hug and they stood there for a moment, soaking in a final goodbye. After they separated, Meera pretended not to notice her Dad’s red eyes and waved at them as they left. This would be the first stretch of time she had spent more than a week away from them. She took a deep breath and looked upwards, gazing at the scattered clouds above. Unpacking was going to be a pain in the ass.
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  16. Nikolaus and Natalie Voss >> Gemini

    When they arrived at school they tried to bribe Marty into helping them flee the country.

    The cheeky asshole actually pretended to consider it, with tongue in cheek and everything before grinning wickedly and dragging them both out of the car. He tossed their bags at them and blew them both a taunting kiss, before pulling away. The jerk even had the audacity to honk at them as he passed the school gates. The twins made a mental note to harass the hell out of him the next time they saw him.

    "It looks like shit." Natalie muttered, as she gazed at the school. It didn't actually, in fact it was quite pretty with a nice architectural design, but she wasn't going to say that out loud. "Like a creepy abandoned church." Nikolaus agreed. They continued to diss the school as they approached.

    Tragedy struck when they got their paperwork from the office. Ever since they were born, the twins had shared a room. Even when they went on vacation, they always shared a room and they loved it! It was a tradition! Nay, it was a law! But now...At this damned school they would have to separate just because of a stupid thing called gender segregation. The twins stared at each other for awhile when they entered the dorm building, before doing a pinkie lock and promising to meet right there at that exact spot later.

    Nikolaus Voss

    Nikolaus headed to dorm room 102 with a sense of purpose and on the way he happened upon someone who nearly made him lose his shit, cause man that boy was hot. Nikolaus found himself sneaking glances at the other boy and hoping to hell that he was his roommate. Unfortunately Nikolaus reached his room relatively quickly and it didn't seem like the guy was going to enter his room. Nikolaus pouted for a second before lugging his bags onto the bed on the right and hastily began shoving his clothes in his dresser. When he was finished, his clothes were sort of sticking out of the drawers, but Nikolaus figured that since they were at least part way inside of the thing that it was no big deal.

    Sitting on his bed, Nikolaus let his gaze wander around the room before settling on a spot on the wall. The teenager grinned, fished a poster out of his bag and tacked it to the wall with a satisfied smile. Star Stud, one of the most popular space rock stars and the hottest guy in the universe. Nikolaus just knew that if he was able to stare at Star Stud everyday, he would be able to bare with attending this stupid school.

    Natalie Voss

    Natalie trailed her way to her room, stopping every once in awhile to admire the carpet or the wallpaper. She was definitely not procrastinating. "Ooh a penny." Natalie gasped and snatched the shiny coin off the ground and shoved it in her pocket. When she reached room 103 she flung the door open after unlocking it and tossed her bag under her bed. She would totally unpack later. Totally. For now she was just going to decorate her side of the room with all of the things that she had brought. Fairy lights, a few stuffed animals, posters of various bands, a picture of Niko. "I wonder if they'll let me paint..?" She asked aloud.

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  17. [​IMG]
    Yuuki pulled up to the school and parked her car in the parking lot, noticing that there was only a few other cars there.

    I wonder if I'm the first student here... Or maybe they're all getting dropped off?

    Yuuki popped the trunk and stepped out of the car. She struggled to get her heavy suitcase out from the trunk, but she eventually got it onto the ground, pulling out the handle to get it ready to roll behind her. She shut the trunk door and locked up the car, thanking her lucky stars she lived only a few hours away from the school. Yuuki then looked around noticing she was alone in the parking lot. She smiled, rolled the suitcase so it was in front of her, then pushed it while holding onto the handle, running at top speed behind it.

    "BEEP BEEP! GET OUTTA THE WAY, WE GOT AN ARIES COMIN' THROUGH," She spoke in a deep voice, trying to make herself sound funny, talking to no one in particular.

    She laughed at herself, relishing the ability to act like a kid, with nobody around to tell her to 'act more mature.' As soon as she spotted another student though, she stood up straight and slowed down, letting the suitcase trail behind her. She looked around once more, hoping nobody saw her.

    When she reached the office, she told the receptionist her name and got her student ID, the key to her dorm room, and all the other basic paperwork stuff. She let her eyes quickly scan the dorm room assignment. Room 101 with two other girls by the names of Meera and Mina.

    Uuuuggh. Their names are so similar. I really hope I don't mix them up.

    She thanked the receptionist, then headed off to her dorm room to get unpacked and ready for orientation. But before she could enter the room, she found herself tripping over a suitcase in the hallway, and collapsed onto the floor, bringing along her suitcase with her.
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  18. Chase Flemming >> Sagittarius

    The drive was long and kind of uncomfortable; Chase wasn't entirely sure how he managed to sleep through his uncle's reminiscing and annoying songs the radio played almost every other song. Though since he had nothing to do and there was no signal, he couldn't do much else other than play with his fingers and nap some more. He lived far away from the academy, he could really tell after an hour went by and they were still in the car. It also didn't help that his uncle was too proud to ask for directions when they got lost, which happened more frequently than he thought. 'I'm going to die here...' He told himself.

    It was 8:45 when the car finally stopped. He looked at the car watch, then glared at his uncle, who shrugged and apologized. He wanted to be early enough to explore the school, but he doubted that he would have the time to do so. Getting out of the car, still a bit grouchy, that is until he actually stopped and looked at the school in fron of him. His uncle threw him his belongings and drove off, though he was really too lost in thought to notice. So he kind of just stood there like an idiot for two minutes before saying aloud, "Damn...T-This us going to be great!"

    Picking up his stuff from the ground and then striding towards the office. Making sure to absorb every little detail inside the buildings. Once he got to the inside, he makes a light chat with the secretary. She was friendly enough. She eventually asks him for his name, he gives it, and she hands him whatever is needed. He really liked her kind, not too forced but would actually deal with brats like him, or just genuinely liked teens. Something he couldn't relate to, but she got her job done, and that was what mattered. Waving goodbye, then heading towards the dorms.

    He made sure to take the most scenic but efficient route to the dorms as possible. The orientation was important, yes. But he barely had that much stuff anyway, he reasoned to himself. The sights were gorgeous for a school, that he had to admit. Then again, who was he admitting to. He hadn't realized this feeling until now. 'Am I getting cocky?!'
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  19. Robert Frost >> Virgo
    After many hours on the road, Robert had finally reached the school. It looked old, but well taken care of. He pulled in through the gate and parked his car out in front of the main building of the school. When he got out of his car and made his way into the main office he noticed one thing in particular. "God damn. Everyone here are freaking Sophmores, aren't they?" He chuckled to himself as he saw so many parents and family members dropping their kids off. "God damn it... I'm going to have to give everyone rides..."

    He approached the main desk and received directions, and a room key. He thanked the person behind the desk and made his way back to his car, which he drove to over by where his dorm was. He got out, and began unloading his luggage. A backpack, a dufflebag, and a long rectangular case made of hard plastic. With all of his stuff in hand, he made his way to his room. He let himself in to see that it had two beds, one on either side of the room and it had seemed that someone else had already claimed one of them. "Ah, I must have a roomie. Lovely. He better not touch my shit."

    The other guy had gotten there first, and had already taken one side of the room. Robert took the side closer to the door, and put his things on what was now his bed and set his things down on it. He took the long rectangular case and slid it under the bed as it was. He left the room to go back to his car to grab one last thing. A large, heavy box from his trunk and another large dufflebag. He brought them in and set the box on the desk on his side of the room, and slid the bag under the bed. Now with all of his belongings he began unpacking his clothes and either hanging them up, or setting them in the dresser.

    After unpacking his things, he made his way to the orientation.
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  20. [​IMG]
    "Honestly, this school is just huge for no goddamned reason," Sherman muttered under his breath as he finally stumbled upon the dorm building. He sighed in relief as he entered it and began to search for room 104. As he walked, his mind began to wander, wondering what his roommate would be like. He was quickly pulled out of his thoughts as he felt another body bump into his own. Before he could utter a word, the person was gone, out of sight. It made the blonde blink owlishly in thought. He wondered what that was all about before continuing on his way. Soon, he finally reached his assigned room, opening it with the key he was given.

    Upon entering his room, he immediately concluded that his roommate wasn't there yet. Shuffling to one side of the room, Sherman placed his duffel bag on top of the neat bed, claiming that side of the room. With nothing better to do, he began to unpack his suitcase, putting his belongings in the drawers and hanging them up as well. Once that was done, which was fairly quick since he didn't have much, the Scorpion male went to his duffel bag and began to take out things to decorate his side. Posters upon posters, books, lights, stuffed animals, and pictures. He was going to make his side feel like home.

    [Room at home.

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