Serellan Studios' Kickstarter Project Succeeds: A New Tactical Shooter is Born

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  1. Sick of all the Call of Duty and Battlefield? Do you miss the days where if you got shot there were consequences? Where you had to plan out what you did?

    Well then do I got news for you.

    Earlier today Serellan Studios' Kickstarter project successfully raised $200,000 dollars (And more!) to begin funding on a tactical shooter similar to that of the old Rainbow Six games, Project Takedown. The game is presently set for a June 2013 release and has a team of developers with several years of experience under their belts. Looking for more details? I suggest reading through the kickstarter page itself.

    Having played the original Rainbow Six (though my memories of it are few, other than I loved the game to death), I'm actually really thrilled to see something like this happen. I honest to god hope they do well with this, because frankly we need a good tactical shooter.

    Anywho, the game will come to PC first with ports to consoles later.