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    GM: Valor
    Co-GM: Searching

    I'll be there, hold on,
    They'll change you somehow - So where are you now?
    I'll reach you by dawn, before you can be turned,
    Illusions are torn.

    Interest CheckThis thread is to gauge interest and discuss details for a new Seraph of The End 『Owari no Seraph』 group role play. I am currently looking for active, intermediate level role players for this. The role play will take place in an alternate universe, with the same setting but different characters. (No canon characters for the most part.) Despite this, some knowledge of the world will be necessary to participate. (A few episodes from the first season would be enough for those of you who haven't gotten into the anime yet.)

    The story would revolve around members of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army taking part in battles across Japan against the Vampires. The vampires will be the major antagonist of the role play and will be reserved for either a GM or Co-GM to control. Ideally, we can have a player who doesn't mind playing the bad guy to play as the Vampire threat. If not, I will take that role myself.

    I am looking for at least 5 dedicated players to create this. If there's more interest, I would like to have 8-10 players, so that we could have the possibility of two teams. One team will consist of higher ranking, older, veteran members who will start out incredibly stronger than the other team. The other team will consist of the younger, "newbie" members, who will eventually realize their potential and out scale the veteran team.
    Interest Check
    • Looking for at least 5 dedicated players​
    • 8 players preferred, (10 is absolute maximum)​
    • Intermediate level (2+ paragraph posting requirement.)​
    • Looking for a Co-GM​
    • No-canon characters will exist with the exception of some faction leaders.​
    • Ideas and input always welcome!

    • If interested or have any questions please post below.​

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  2. I loved Owari no Seraph so count me in ^^
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  3. Well me and another person are interested, he can mention himself if he likes, I can possiblly get two others as well.
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  4. I am said person! I'm also pretty up to date with the anime, so I shouldn't need to research anything.
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  5. Awesome! I'm glad to see that there's interest beginning to form. So we should be able to put together one team at the very least.

    Unfortunately I went home for the holiday and have no access to a computer until Monday, and so what I can do on my phone and tablet is pretty limited until then. What I can do is start putting together the character sheets so that you guys can start drafting up and thinking about your characters.
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  6. Sure thats fine, no need to be in too big of a Hurry, me or him will ask the other two as well when we have the chance. I'm also current with the anime.
  7. That'd be awesome! The more the merrier!

    I'll have the character sheets up tomorrow so we can start thinking about the sort of characters we want. Feel free to ask any questions you guys may have in the mean time.
  8. Right, Emp (Or EmperorsChosenOne) Notified me of this rp. I'm interested.
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  9. Finally got a chance to post. I'll go ahead and say I'd be interested in joining this too! If I still had the same free time I did a couple of months ago, I was actually going to try to run an Owari No Seraph RP myself. But luckily one seems to have come up!

    I also have my ideas from the RP that never got out I had in draft (such a whole different side of events that occurred at Kaneda Air Base) that I'd love to use for my character's background.
  10. Awesome! We certainly have enough people to get this started, then. I will have the character sheet up tomorrow so people can start working on it and the OOC will be up on Monday when I have access to a computer again. Hopefully we can find a few more in the mean time!
  11. Well. Consider me invested in this RP.
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  12. Sooooo. The space bar on my tablet keyboard broke so I can't really type up anything significant at the moment.

    Here's a basic character sheet so you can at least get started on the details...

    Age: (16-20 for Team 1, 20-40 for Team 2)
    Team: (Team 1 is the starter team, Team 2 is the veteran team.)
    Rank: (Ranks will be assigned later. Leave blank for now.)
    Appearance: (Pictures are fine. Anime preferred for obvious reasons.)



    Combat Style:

    Cursed Gear Name:
    Weapon Appearance:
    Awakened Ability: (Team 1 will not have access to these at the start.)

    Please note that this sheet is NOT a final draft. This is just to brainstorm with. When the OOC comes around, some details may need to be added to keep it up to date. It's also very ugly because I wrote this on my phone, so you are welcome to spice it up if you'd like.

    Also note that we may not have enough players for two teams. If that is the case, there will only be one team. If there are other details you would like to add to the sheet, please feel free to do so.
  13. Okay, so... just making a poke to see if this is still going?
  14. I'm still here~
  15. I am as well, just waiting to see when it will start.
  16. It definitely still is going. I'm sorry for making everyone wait so long. I've been working on setting up the info for the new thread and will notify everyone once it goes up. (will be late tonight)
  17. No worries. Take your time. I've been busy with school stuff so tonight would be perfect with stuff clearing up for me.
  18. Sounds like a plan, I look forward to it
  19. Hey guys, the thread containing the OOC/Sign-up thread is now up.

    Please note that everything is still a work in progress, so please excuse the mess. I'm doing all of this alone while on final's week so it's been a little hectic for me. That said, we can at least start posting character sheets and organizing teams before we get things started. While my character is still in progress, you can kinda see how long/detailed your character sheets will need to be from that, which is not very.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm not sure if we have enough players for a second team, if that's the case everyone will be part of the same team.

    If you are interested in Co-GM'ing the story with me or are interested in being team leader for the rookie team, let me know. Thanks.
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