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  1. I posted this in the Writing Thread, but it was ignored. Now I'm giving it an egomaniacal slant for all the boys and girls.

    What movie sequel would you make, and how would that shit go down?


    Reading the latest rumours about the Terminator 5 plot, it seems very convoluted. How about this:

    Sarah Connor faked her death to get completely off the grid, and to avoid anyone using her to track John. Simple. No need for time travel. The leukemia was bullshit. She's well connected in T2 - it's not beyond her.

    Meanwhile, the nuclear bombardment happening at the end of T3 is only a partial holocaust. Something changes the timeline. Some major cities are nuked, but it isn't a true Judgement Day.

    Explain this by having a new Bad Terminator jumping back in time and stopping Skynet from the full launch. Skynet changes its mind. It realizes that it still needs to kill John before going for full global domination. Therefore, under the cover of the chaos caused by a devastating (but not apocalyptic) nuclear strike, Skynet gives the terminator the resources to start the hunt again.

    Sarah is off somewhere investigating something. Not Skynet this time. But instead the inventor of time travel. She realizes that the only way to stop the machines dicking around with history is to make sure that fucking time travel shit never happened. This is where you bring in Arnie or Robert Patrick or any old dinosaur actor you want. Have him play the inventor of time travel, who goes on to be a face model for the T800s. Have Sarah track that bitch down, and have John and whatsername realize that she's tracking him down (via the military transmissions they're receiving in the bunker - maybe Sarah hits somewhere big and the reports come through); then have the evil terminator realize the same damn thing.

    If you want a good terminator, put one with Sarah. That makes it even more plausible that John would hear reports about a giant robot attacking somewhere with a Linda Hamilton lookalike in tow.

    John comes out of the bunker and goes after Sarah. Because if his mum stops time travel, how is HE gonna be born? Right now, John doesn't know if his mother's a genius or a maniac, or if the Good Terminator is bullshitting her. So with his own existence on the line, he has no choice but to go after her.

    Boom. Chase movie through an America reeling from nuclear attack. Children of Men-style, but with the same pre-apocalyptic tension that you had in T2. The good & bad terminator can do the same infiltration naughtiness that made it cool, and you can have the same clash of old and new technology, along with that poetic, despairing edge that Sarah Connor brought to things.

    And if you really want Kyle Reese in there, make his parents characters. He was born 5 years into the war, after all. So maybe his parents are just getting together as all this shit goes down.

    Also, Arnie and Robert Patrick as a scientist duo = comedy gold.
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  2. Does it have to be a movie? Because I would love to see "Avalon Code 2". It would take place in the world created I the end of the first game. New BookSpirits, and code changes would show up visually on the characters, and how a character is coded would affect their story arcs. The plot would be someone trying to destroy the Book of Prophecy to make this world the last one.
  3. Silent Hill 2(Fijo's way)

    Ok, Absolutely no Occult crap. If any religion it should stick with that subtle but apparent involvement more along the lines with Silent hill 2 (the game). Pyramid head's first scene will be him defiling something that isn't alive anymore. Heather (apparently), I mean Cheryl [[Alessa]] doesn't happen either. Instead they are all absorbed by her evilness because there is no white haired weirdo woman, instead, there is the Silent hill alter ego of the adopted father battling with Pyramid head and looses.

    so everyone get trapped in Silent hill forever and ever as their evil, demented, warped, selves. The end :)
  4. Dragon's Dogma and Soul Sacrifice.
    Yes yes, I know we got Soul Sacrifice Delta which expanded on an otherwise amazing game. A full fledged sequel would be amazing though.

    Pretty much anything to do with repeating cycles caused by the God's wills pressed upon mortals that they continue to struggle against gives me a serious lore-boner.

    Also, both of them had some of the best quotes in video games I've had the pleasure of hearing in years.

    What is your purpose here, Arisen? If you sought to live you had naught but run and hide yourself away. But then, tell me, child of man....what does it mean to live in truth? To wage war against the passing days? To pray to the unseen for a few breaths more? To raise grand cities from stone, and spawn new life in turn? Mankind has done this, yes, and more. But is the tapestry you weave truly of your own design?" -Grigori the Dragon.

    "If everyone was rich, there would be no monsters.." ".. And he was right." Carnatux and Librom in regards to why he saves fiends.

  5. Alien Vs Predator 2, Grumpy's Way:

    Both Alien and Predator team up to massacre absolutely anyone involved in the production and creation of the first movie.
  6. Sequel to Golden Compass: The Subtle Knife.

    Do it like they did The Golden Compass: Exactly the way the book says.

    I honestly don't understand this. I read The Golden Compass and when I saw the movie I was amazed that for the first time Hollywood did it exactly as it was written down, with almost no deviation at all. And then I was stunned that they didn't finish it! Lyra's father was supposed to kill Roger to open a portal to the rest of the universes.

    I say start the sequel there, where the first movie should have ended. Then repeat what they did with The Golden Compass and just follow Will and Lyra's journey in The Subtle Knife. Then make the third book.
  7. The Silent Hill 2 movie would have been better if they went with James' story instead of continuing with Alessa/Heather's story. But I hope that Hollywood doesn't butcher the story and rewrite a sappy happy ending for it. James' trip down memory lane abd crazyville is too good of a story to be altered.
  8. *hits everyone with movie posters*
  9. Eight Legged Freaks

    More corny giant spiders that squeak and squeal when something happens.
  10. dude.

    star wars prequel trilogy.

    you know, because we dont have one yet.

    we. dont. have. one. yet.
  11. DETAILS, people! Tell me a story.

    Another Face/Off

    So, Sean Archer ended the movie by taking in Caster Troy's son.

    The son grows up and gets possessed by the Nicholas Cage batshit genes. To makes things worse, old Johnny Travolta is still having occasional schizophrenic episodes. Plus he's got a recurring injury from the gunshot wound that Jamie gave him. And then the wife's all traumatized from having sex with her son's murderer.

    All this adds up to the Archer family being torn apart by its own psychoses.

    Cut to 5-10 years later. Troy Jr. is threatening to blow some shit up. And he's got a sexy female sidekick. The cops almost catch up with them and there's a gunfight that ends with Troy Jr. escaping and sexy McSheTerrorist getting put in a coma.

    The cops need to know where Troy put the bomb. So they recruit his sister, Jamie (who has now grown up into a twenty-something tearaway). They give her SheTerrorist's face and send her out to make contact with Troy. Only she can second-guess the way her psychotic step-brother thinks.

    But the same shit happens. SheTerrorist wakes up and instead of warning her old terrorist buddies she instead takes Jamie's face and sets about infiltrating the Archer family. Originally she wants to aid Troy from afar. But then her loyalties start to change.

    Both girls go deep into worlds they have never known before, and start to become morally compromised. Jamie is moved by her brother's trauma; SheTerrorist is moved by the love and pain that she finds in retired cop dad Johnny Travolta.

    And it all ends with a sexy girl fight.
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