Seperated at Birth

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  1. Issac wondered how it all came to this. He was being dragged away to some gang. It all happened so fast. One minute he was resting at home alone, his parents away on some business, the next the window breaks and some thugs in masks come in and tear the place up. They looked to be looking for something. When they broke in he hadn't the slightest idea of what to do. He did what felt right and hid in his closet. He had come from a well off family, raised with a silver spoon and went to a private school. There was no way he could fight any of those thugs off, especially with him cornered in his closet.

    Obviously, they found him on their rampage through the house. It was only a matter of time. As he stared at them, their faces hardened and menacing, the look on their faces was as shocked as he was. They looked to be cold hardened criminals and no stranger to killing, but it was odd that they didn't off him on the spot. Instead they grabbed him and hauled him away to their van. They placed a bag over his head that had muffled some of the outside sounds. All he could hear was some quiet chatter. The voices sounded surprised and shocked. He couldn't hear much from the back of the van.

    They drove for what seemed like days until they had stopped somewhere, in what he presumed, to be the ghetto. The sounds and smell of the poor dwelling in the area gave it away. He was pushed and prodded along an unmaintained walkway to an interior of some building. He assumed that this was their hideout.

    They ripped off his hood and to his surprise, sitting on a chair that implied a sense of importance, a girl that bore a striking resemblance to him

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    Ivy growled in anger and annoyance when she was told that they didn't find the money that bastard Harold owed them. She was so annoyed that she punched the wall, making a hole. "I want that bastard found!" she yelled in anger. She hung up and sat down on the sofa they had in the main room. She was tired and annoyed. She'd have to find some way to get the money back but she was sure they would find the bastard. She could already see what they would do to him and his family. She was thinking they'd have his wife work the streets or even at the brothel they owned. She'd keep Harold as a whipping boy and beat him up whenever she got angry.

    She was surprised when she got a call from the boys she sent to trash the place that they found a kid. She decided to just back in her chair and wait. When they finally arrived and took the black hood off the kid she stared at him in shock. He looked just like her, except in boy form. She was so surprised she didn't say anything, not for a little while. After a few moments she regained her composure and looked at the kid with hard eyes. "Where is Harold?" she asked her voice hard. Her hair was in a high pony tail and fell down to the middle of her back. She wore tight fitting black jeans and combat boots. And she wore a black leather top and had a leather jacket on as well. She had a few scars that were visable, one on her cheek but it was covered by her tattoo. She was the leader of the Black Dragons, a black dragon on her cheek, raising up.
  3. Issac whimpered in fear. He's never been in this kind of situation, nor is he even prepared for something like this. He struggled as the two thugs held restrained him against his will. One of them hit him after he struggled and tried to pull away. His cheek felt bruised and his nose started to drip. He thinks that it's time to talk, though he didn't know where his dad was anyway.

    "Look... I-I don't know where he went. He just said that he would head out. I don't know where. I swear." He panted heavily, not used to being beat. He wondered why they looked so similar though. She looked so much more hardened and aggressive. He must have caught her by surprise since she seemed as shocked as he was. He just hoped that she wouldn't be too hard. Maybe even let him go, though it was a long shot.
  4. She watched him as her men beat him. She was studying him, and in her mind she was surprised. They even had the same beauty mark under their right eye. She needed to figure this stuff out and soon. She looked at one of her men, who instinctively went to her side. "I need you to get me a doctor that we own and I need you to have this brats and my DNA tested to see if we are related. Keep this hush hush though, I don't want anyone to know," she whispered to her second in command who in turn nodded to her.

    She sat down in her chair once more and listened to this kid as he said he didn't know where his father was. She didn't believe him and she stood up suddenly and kicked the kid in the stomach, hard. She leaned down and looked at him. She hated kids like him, weak by their upbringings. She had met rich kids who were tough but most were all the same. They were all pussies. "I'm going to ask you one more time, and this time I better hear more information then 'I don't know' or 'he didn't tell me'. I want every detail punk or I WILL beat you to the brink of death and then deny you it," she said, her voice calm but her words held the strength and truth that made some of her men shiver in fear.
  5. As the kick connected with his stomach, all the wind was knocked out of him. He coughed and wheezed heavily. He didn't know where his dad was and he really couldn't give any more information. He guessed that he could bullshit the information and buy him some time. Time for what? He didn't know.

    In between his coughs he managed to spurt out some kind of answer, "I don't know where they went... but they looked dressed up and nice. I think they might have went on a date or a fancy wine and cheese evening. I don't know specifics, just that I couldn't go." That was not far from the truth, so he hoped they bought it. Still, he didn't want to rat out on his parents, who knows what they were gonna do to them. He prayed to God that they wouldn't rough him up to much either.
  6. She watched him and her facial expression, hardened. She knew he was lying, but only about them leaving for a fancy night out. How she knew this, she had no clue, but he made a weird gesture with his eyes. They flitted about and she knows that means he's lying, because thats what she did when she was lying. She stood up again and kicked him once more. "What did I say? Do you think I want to be lied to?!" she yelled, punching him in his stomach. "Get Rodny," she said. Rodny was her guy to go to if she needed information on the computer. She would find this out and she would find them. She grabbed Issac by his hair and threw him onto the ground. She began beating him and some of her men in the room winced as they stood there and watched.

    After a few hours of beating she moved away panting. She had blood on her hands and on her face, but Issac was still alive. "Patch him up and lock him up," she ordered, sitting back down.
  7. Issac was severely beaten, to say the least. He had to endure constant barrages of blows from the viscous girl. By the end of the beating, lasting a couple hours, he was just barely hanging on for dear life. It was a wonder how he even survived the onslaught. He lost consciousness after the first few minutes, coughing up blood and vomit. He groaned and rolled over, bruised and battered and on the verge of death.

    The two thugs obeyed and dragged him off to the infirmary to be treated. Taking off his clothes, he was covered in bruises and blisters from the prolonged beating. They can even see tears that fell from his face during the beating. He must've been crying as he was beaten. The thugs did their job and gave him some painkillers and bandaged them up to the best of their abilities. By the end of the treatment, he looked like a mangled mess.

    They gently hoisted him, not because of pity for the man, but because if they handled him too rough he might die on them. They took him to an empty storage room and rested him against a wall, locking the door behind him. There was only a small window slit on the door making the room near pitch black. After a couple minutes he regained consciousness with the pained slightly dulled since they hopped him up on painkillers.

    Looking around he sat in the darkness. The way he was resting was uncomfortable so he tried adjusting and not only did it hurt, it didn't help. Gritting his teeth he crawled over to a dirty corner and propped himself up against the wall to rest. This was about as good as it gets.
  8. "I want Harold and his bitch of a wife found, Rodny. I want you to track his bank account, his credit card hell even his passport. I want to know where he went!" she yelled in frustration. "Okay Ivy... I'll do my best.."Rodny said. He was a thin kid she knew from the orphanage she had been in all her life. She kept him safe but he owed her his life. So he learned to hack and became of use to her and her work. She growled in frustration and looked at Rodny. "Sorry... I'm just pissed off," she said to him. No one else was in the room so she didn't have to act. She let him leave and she laid back onto her bed. She kept thinking to herself about the kid that looked like her. She sighed when someone knocked on her door. It was her second in command and a doctor, dressed as a normal average person. She let them in and she let the doctor take a blood and hair sample from her. They had already gotten a sample from the kid, after she beat him up. "I'll have the results in a few days time," the doctor said. She nodded her head and once they were gone, she laid down on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. her room was like a medieval cell. The walls were made of cracked stone and so were the floors. She felt trapped in there on numerous occasions but this time it calmed her. At least this was constant.
  9. Issac leaned his head against the wall. He took in his breaths slowly, but painfully. It hurt to breathe and he's pretty sure she broke some ribs. She also might've bruised his lungs. It didn't hurt as much now, with all the painkillers in his system, but it's gonna be excruciatingly painful when it wears off. If he didn't get any professional help he could form some severe health conditions, assuming he doesn't die in any more of her beatings.

    He adjusted his position once more and just tried to blot out the pain. He'd cry but he just doesn't have the energy anymore. He felt miserable and felt even worse thinking about what they'd do to his parents if they ever found them. He just wanted to wake up and be all a dream. With pained thoughts he slowly drifted off to sleep. Even in his dreams he couldn't find peace. Visions of cruel punishments happening to him tortured his mind.
  10. He was woken up by Ivy who had a man with her. He carried a bag and he was the same doctor from before. "Fix him up and make sure he doesn't die. I need him alive, understand," she said to the doctor, another man came in and stood guard while she left the doctor to his work. He was able to set all the broken bones and gave Issac some anti inflammatory to keep the bruises from swelling. He also gave Issac stronger pain killers that would numb Issac from the pain. She hated the kid, but she still needed him alive. If he was her brother, she'd keep him alive, but if he wasn't, she'd sell him to someone who'd want a boy slave. She'd make a pretty penny on him.
  11. There was a sudden flash of light from the hallway that silhouetted the girl that had beaten him up. There was also a man next to her that had picked him up from his corner and started mending his wounds. He groaned as he was moved from his semi comfortable spot. He fixed him up alright but it was a painful process up until he gave him stronger painkillers. It still hurt to breathe but not as much anymore. As the doctor finished up his work he adjusted back into his corner.

    He finally mustered up the courage to speak. "Why are you doing this to me?" It hurt to speak so he kept his sentences short. "Why keep me here?...What do you want?" He cradled his stomach in pain and waited, hoping that the girl didn't come back. He doesn't even know her name and she's inspired so much fear into him. She was so brutal and just wished that he could be left alone in his pain.
  12. She wasn't there to hear his words, but her man was there and he just shrugged as he pushed the doctor out of the room and let a smaller girl come in, leaving a plate of food on the floor for Issac to eat later. She looked frightened as well, but she said nothing as she was let out and the door to his cell was closed once more. Ivy sighed as she laid in bed, naked like always when she slept. She had gone to sleep and was only able to sleep for an hour. She felt pain in her stomach, but she had already been checked by the doctor, she was in perfect health, yet she still felt pain in her stomach.

    She stayed laying down, awake as the night turned into day and once her alarm went off, she had finally gone to sleep and she couldn't hear it. Her second in command came in, thinking she was awake already, but he blushed when he could clearly see her naked in bed. He turned and walked out silently, making sure no one bothered her. She worked to the bone for the gang and she needed some time to herself.
  13. He sat alone in the darkness, no one there to comfort nor harm him. He liked it like this, taking into account how it's been for the last few hours. He vaguely remembered that there was some food left out for him earlier when the girl and the doctor came in. He shuddered at the memory of that girl. What could she possibly have gone through to make her so cruel and bitter? He wondered a bit before attending to matters at hand. He crawled out a few paces in front of him, trying to feel around for the food that the little girl left for him. After a bit of feeling around he felt the plate left for him. He didn't feel any utensils though. He cursed, as he was forced to eat with his hands. The worst part was, it was slop.

    It felt mushy in his hands and when he brought it to his face it smelled horrible. He wanted to throw it across the room, but his stomach protested. It had been running on empty for a while. Reluctantly, he brought it into his mouth and it tasted like gruel. It also had an unpleasant texture about it, but he forced it down his throat. Cringing, he took another handful. He hated the position he was in now, on his hands and knees forced to eat food with his hands. His entire life shattered within hours.

    After his fourth mouthful, he couldn't take it anymore. He just left the rest in the center of the room and crawled back to his corner. He thought now would be a good time as any to rest.
  14. Hours passed and Ivy woke up almost suddenly. She sat up, rubbing her eyes, her hair falling over in front of her. She got up after a little while and went to shower. She let the hot water run down her tattooed back. She had a large back tattoo of a dragon, hugging a lotus flower. She could still remember when she got it. She had run away from the foster home she had been in. She was taken by a visiting Chinese gang leader and she fought harder then he'd expect so he trained her and when she was 15 he had them tattoo the marking on her back. She led his American affairs. He usually left her alone, except for every five years he would come and visit for one day and then leave once more.

    She sighed and finished showering and then dried off, fixing her hair like she wanted before she got dressed. She finally looked at the clock and cursed, seeing that she was late. She pulled on her jacket and her shoes and walked out and towards the main area. Everyone seemed to have been relaxing, but they stopped as she came in. She just nodded her head and they went back to what they were doing.
  15. He was awakened by faint sounds of talking and eating. Though it was extremely faint, it pierced the pure silence of the closet he dwelled in. The pain seems to have stopped, but it was probably just the painkillers. He groaned as he attempted to stand up. He was finally able to stand without too much pain.

    Nevertheless, he stood and hobbled over to the door. Futilely, he tried the knob. It jiggled, but didn't open, expectedly. He peeked through the small window on the side of the door. He could just make out some of the thugs eating in a big room. They must have some better food than him, even it was probably some peasant food anyway. What he wouldn't do for some decent food.

    He hobbled back to a corner, tripping over his food plate, getting mush all over his shoes. He groaned, wishing his misery would just end.
  16. She watched everyone relaxing as she sat in her chair, looking at everyone as she slowly calmed down and relaxed as well. After a few hours she looked over at one of her men, motioning for him to come over. Once he was close she looked up at him. "Has anyone fed the welp anything decent? Mush won't keep him alive, and I need him alive," she asked him. When she didn't hear what she wanted she frowned. "Get him food," she said to him.
  17. He waited patiently in the darkness for nothing in particular. Soon there came a knocking at the door. Probably one of the thugs and hopefully not to beat him up. It wasn't likely though. The knocking was more of a courtesy though, not like he could open the door anyway.

    Someone, hard to tell who, appeared in the door way menacing as always. He prayed silently for someone to kill him quickly rather than brutalizing him, or worse. In fact the opposite happened. Someone came in carrying another bowl. It was probably much, and wanted to eat no more of it, but he had no choice.
  18. The bowl held some rice and chicken. It wasn't a lot but it was better then mush. It was the young girl from earlier, setting the tray down before quickly leaving and leaving him to eat in the darkness. Ivy sighed to herself, as she continued to let her men have their day off. She got up suddenly and left the room heading to her bedroom. Once inside she took off her clothes and climbed into the shower. Although she hadn't done anything, she liked being clean when she slept.
  19. Issac saw the girl drop some food. It wasn't mush. That in itself was a great improvement. He crawled painfully to the bowl on the floor and dug into the appetizing meal. It was miles better than it, and he couldn't have asked for better. Or at least while he was in captivity like this. Back at home he could get really anything he wanted, but that seemed like centuries ago.

    Still he just sat and ate while he still can and regained his strength. Who knows what she would do next. But before he knew it the chicken was all gone, too fast he thought.
  20. When she was done showering she had her second come in while she was drying herself, nt caring if he saw her naked form. "Ye-..... Yes Ivy...." he said a blush on his face. He looked back her and waited for instructions. "I want the welp to be cleaned and the bandages replaced. Then I want him moved to a cell with a bed," she ordered, moving the towel to her hair. She had beautiful figure and her second always felt captivated by her beauty. "Johnathan?" she asked looking at him. She had such strength in her eyes that snapped him back to reality and he excused himself before he left to go do as she had asked.