Seoul Mental Asylum OCC & Plot Discussions (FetusMaknae & LuLei)

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  1. IC:

    Theme: Horror, paranormal.
    Rating: Can be up to NC 17+
    Time: 12th of January 2013, 11pm.
    Setting: Seoul Mental Asylum
    Plot: Seoul Mental Asylum is a old aged, abandoned asylum. Rumour has it that were many paranormal events happening in this building. Many reporters and curious minds have sunk into the building and only a small fraction have returned and yet returned with major mental scars.

    Character Sheet:
    Given Name:
    Family Name:
    Short Bio:

    -Forum rules apply.
    -Minimum 3 sentences in each paragraph and minimum of 1 paragraph per post.
    -No godmodding.
    -Please don't kill off other characters unless we both agree to.
    -Maximum of 3 characters
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  2. Given Name: Calum
    Family Name: Wu
    Age: 19
    Picture/Description: [​IMG]
    Short Bio: Calum is a university student who moved from China to Korea to get a good degree. Highly interested in paranormal events and goes to abandoned buildings as a hobby.
  3. Given Name: Kibum
    Family Name: Kim
    Nickname: Key
    Age: 18
    Picture/Description: [​IMG]
    Short Bio: Key became friends with Calum when he moved to Korea. He has a fascination for paranormal events and stories, but doesn't often go to abandoned buildings and the like. He will go with Calum every now and then, when he is done with his homework and doesn't have anything else planned.
  4. Heyy~ Key from SHINee! Holy shit I love that guy. xD
  5. Tao is my EXO bias *smiles* he's so sexy, but so adorably cute at the same time
  6. I know Tao is such a cuties but Kris is my bias. ^^
    Anyways I'll post the IC.
  7. Alright and Kris is my second bias. I ship him with Tao *smiles*
  8. Taoris shipper, ey? I ship them too but I also ship Tao and Sehun too. ^^
  9. I ship Tao with everyone really...Because...Tao....
  10. Ahha true, gotta admit Tao makes me wanna fly into the sun because he's so cute yet so hot at the same time. xD
  11. *nods* agreed.
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