Seoul Mental Asylum (IC)

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  1. Theme: Horror, paranormal.
    Rating: Can be up to NC 17+
    Time: 12th of January 2013, 11pm.
    Setting: Seoul Mental Asylum
    Plot: Seoul Mental Asylum is a old aged, abandoned asylum. Rumour has it that were many paranormal events happening in this building. Many reporters and curious minds have sunk into the building and only a small fraction have returned and yet returned with major mental scars.
  2. Calum took a deep breath from the icy winter air, slowing breathing out warm carbon. A thrilling smile appeared on his lips as his eyes scanned through the old and warred out exterior of the abandoned building. Excitement and joy overwhelms Calum has his eyes read over the dusty, rusted sign saying "Seoul Mental Asylum". Seoul Mental Asylum (SMA) is first asylum built in South Korea many years ago, and just 10 years ago due to low funding to the asylum it had shut down and completely abandoned, well that's what they say. Rumour has it that the real reason why it shut down due to the number of patients had died by experiments that was held in the deeps of the Asylum. After the shut down many have reported paranormal events and missing people who had gone to the building.

    "Isn't this just great?" Calum asked his friend, Key.
  3. Key shoved his mittened hands into his jacket pockets as he stared up at the abandoned building. He had a bad feeling when Calum first told him that he wanted to come here, but he couldn't let his idiot friend come here alone with all of the stories that he's heard about the mental asylum. He sighed, watching his breath dissipate into the cold air. "Fantastic," he mumbled to his friend. "Do we really have to go in there?" he asked. "What if we go missing or something?" he asked, not wanting to go in but wiling to if he couldn't convince Calum otherwise.
  4. "Don't worry we won't go missing. We won't stay long, just want to take a look and take a couple of photos then we leave," Calum replied to Key in a reassuring tone in his voice. "Now, do you have that hammer I asked you to bring?" he asked Key as he slowly made his way to the rusty front gate, he could see that someone replace a new lock to front gate. He needed something to break the lock, like a hammer or something.
  5. Key sighed again and pulled the hammer out of his messenger bag and handed it to Calum once he walked over to him. "Sure we won't stay long. That's what you say every time and we always end up in these places for hours," he said, rolling his eyes lightly. "I'm going to murder you if something happens, and you better not come back to haunt me," he threatened playfully, not really meaning it and knowing that his friend would know that as well.
  6. Calum had a slight smile on his face before he broke off the lock before turning back to Key. "Probably will," he replied with a cheeky smile on his face, he was clearly joking. Calum slowly pulled opened the gate, his smile grew bigger, getting excited about the place. "Come on, lets go," he said before making his way to the front entrance.
  7. "You better not," Key grumbled as he followed after Calum, pushing his hands deeper into his pockets. "Why did we have to come here now? Couldn't we have come later when it was, oh I don't know, warmer?" he complained, not one for cold weather. He looked up at the building again and sighed. "Damn, this place really gives me the creeps," he mumbled, sighing slightly.
  8. "Oh stop your wining if you really don't want to go in then don't go in. I'm fine by myself." Calum replied with an annoyed tone in his voice as he had enough of Key's complaining. He slowly pulled out the crowbar he had from his bag and stuck it between the walls. He flipped out one of doors and slowly opened it, taking a little peek, he regained his smile back. "Wow, it's pretty dark."
  9. "Like hell I could let you do something dangerous like this alone," he said. "Besides you know that behind all my grumbling and complaining, I'm actually pretty excited to go in there," he said, smirking lightly. "But let's hurry up because its freezing out here," he said, pulling out a flashlight from his messenger bag and switching it on.
  10. Calum had a smirk on his face as he heard what Key said. He pulled out his flash light and turned it on, seeing a little bit of the inside. Calum walked inside the buidling, the smell of dust overwhelms him, making him cough.
  11. Key pulled his scarf up over his nose and mouth as he followed Calum into the building. "God its so creepy in here," he mumbled, catching up with Calum and slipping his arm around the other's. "I don't want to lose you," he said, looking away as a slight blush appeared, masking it by looking around the area that they were at.

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    Calum felt Key's warm arm wrap around his, it forced him to give a shy smile. He couldn't help it but he enjoyed having their arms linked together and was glad that Key doesn't want to loose him because he felt the same way as well. "I don't to lose you either," Calum admitted, giving Kibum a calming smile. Calum quickly pulled his torch from his backpack. He turned it on shortly after, flashing the light out the room that they were standing on. Calum observed the details of the room which was the reception/waiting room of the asylum. He saw the rusty chairs and tables that looks like they haven't been touched for years, the dusty glass on the windows and the barriers on the reception desk, that was blocking the patients from the receptionist back then and the occasional wheelchair, idling around but surprisingly it looked like it was fairly new, like the ones you see in a functioning medical building.

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  13. Key shivered lightly in the cold room and stepped a little closer to Calum. "Why the fuck is it so cold in here?" he grumbled, pulling his coat closer to him. He moved his flashlight over the room, taking in everything that was there. "So where do we go first?" he asked, looking over at Calum, his eyes widening and he jumped slightly when he saw what looked like a shadow move across the room behind Calum.

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    Calum was about to open his mouth to answer Key's question but he saw him jump in wear, confused and wandered what he saw. "Are you okay?" Calum asked him worriedly. He kept close to Kibum, worried due to the fact that he lost colour to his face and looked like he saw a ghost or something.
  15. "Th-there was something behind you. I-It moved and looked like a shadow, but we're the only ones in here right?" Key asked, looking up at Calum and holding his arm tighter. Key laughed lightly and nervously. "I'm going crazy, aren't I?"
  16. Calum looked behind him to see that was behind him but he couldn't see anything. "I don't see anything but there's must be a logical reason for that. I don't think you're going crazy," Calum replied calmly, although his heart his racing a bit. His eyes focused on the reception desk, he wanted to take a look around there to see if there's some sort of map or something that they can easily go around the place. "Okay, first I need to find a map. I'm pretty sure there's one around at the reception desk," Calum told Key as he moved to the desk.
  17. Key nodded and shined his flashlight on the area that he saw the shadow as he followed after Calum cautiously, not wanting to be alone - even if it was just across the room. He frowned when he didn't see anything and turned to help Calum find a map.
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    Calum observed the outside of the desk, noticing there was glass and a door barricading the reception desk. He moved to the door, hoping that it's unlocked. Calum turned the handle, finding out that it was locked. "Great, it's locked," Calum muttered sarcastically.
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