EXERCISE Sentence Challenge

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  1. I thought it would be interesting to make a challenge too.

    Mission: Write a story, description, poem, etc about (or incorporating) the sentence.

    Prompt Looking at her, he realized he didn't want to know the answer after all.

    Note: Pronouns can be changed!

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  2. They both had been friends for awhile. The two were the perfect team. One could say it was them against the world. As long as they were together, nothing could stop their reign and their conquering. Then one quiet day, while the two were enjoying muffins on a rooftop on a starlit night, he had gotten bold.

    "Will you...go out with me?"

    The question was out of the blue and without warning. Surprise was written all over her expression, her eyes as wide as saucers. In the moment, the girl had been thrown off so much, the muffin in her lap slipped out of her hand and landed on a passerby's head. His angry threats were ignored by the growing silence between the two. Looking at her, he realized he didn't want to know the answer at all. Or was he just scared of what the answer would be? Was he afraid that their long-term friendship would end over one foolish moment of bravery? The questions whirred through his mind until-

    The world came to a stop. He was now the one with the surprised expression. She had leaned over and- and kissed him! It was quick and gentle, but none the less it was still a kiss and it no doubt answered his question!

    Well he was sure as hell glad he didn't stop her from answering...

    Here's my example for you.
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  3. There she was, sitting at her computer screen, going over her facebook news feed once again when she received a message from some random user.

    A couple months ago me and your boyfriend talked. Then we went to skype and things happened.

    Her heart stopped. A couple months ago? Surely she wasn't talking about HER boyfriend. The one she had been dating for almost 6 months now. Her hands moved to the keyboard as she went to type a reply.

    What do you mean things?
    Just things.

    She was willing to let it go, of course these couldn't be true, but then the stranger started typing again.

    Oh...I knew he was taken too.

    A mixture of emotions ran threw her mind. Surely this was a lie. Her boyfriend loved her. Her boyfriend would never do that to her. Her boyfriend...her boyfriend. With tears beginning to well up in her blue eyes, she took a snapshot of the screen and sent the picture to her boyfriend with one simple line of text:

    Explain yourself.

    She waited for what seemed like hours, but in reality was a mere few minutes before her cell began to ring with that cute little ringtone that loving girlfriends give to their boyfriends.

    Love is an open doooooooooooooor.
    Should I answer?

    Love is an open doooooooor with you! With you! With you!!

    With me? Obviously with her..
    Love is an open door.

    "Will you come over? So we can talk?"
    "I don't know if I really want to right now..."
    "Well, I'll come over."
    "No..I don't want you to..."
    "Well, can we talk tomorrow?"

    A pause in their conversation for only a moment. "Maybe.."
    "I...ok. I love you."
    "....I love you too."

    The next day flies by and she stops by his place after work, walking in as he's speaking to his friends over his video games. "Hey" is all he says as she sits down upon the unkempt bed in his unkempt room. Her thoughts came flooding back into her head. "Who is she?"

    For a moment he sat in silence, as if getting the courage to speak. Looking at him, she realized, she didn't want to know the answer at all. So she waved his silence away before stating, very solemnly, "Don't let it happen again..."
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  4. By some cruel twist of fate, he survives Nowhere. Harper Riddle makes it to the last train, and he returns to earth alone. He thinks of Inadi on the ride back and of the promise they had made to protect everyone—to bring all their friends home. The failure drives him mad, and a part of him does not leave Nowhere. Harper returns to earth with bunny guards in his brain and a black hole where his heart should have been.

    The doctor doesn't know what to make of him; he's a good kid that somehow just lost his mind.

    He rambles on about Lost Souls and magical trains, but Nowhere does not exist and not a day has passed. When he returns it is still the 1st of January 2013. There is no proof and an entire lifetime of cycles and sorrows goes unnoticed. The lost souls, the guides, the adventures they had—everything ceases to exist.

    If you die in Nowhere your existence is erased...

    Harper spends the following months chasing ghosts. He sees his friends in the oddest of places.

    He catches a glimpse of Leila in the library and sometimes he sees a blur of red walking down the street. He hears songbird outside his window and he dreams of Lesley's paintings and Jasper's kind words. His life falls apart at the seams and birthday cakes and green hoodies send him into a frenzy. "They're real, I swear they're real." He's praying Dr. Leah will believe him, but he doesn't count on it. No one ever has, and all proof was nonexistent. Every photograph and every item he had taken with him had vanished the moment he had stepped out of the train.

    He remembers looking for the scar below his chest. It wasn't there.

    The doctor stares at him from behind her thick rimmed glasses.

    "I met someone in Nowhere." He balls his hands into fists and focuses on his feet.

    "The Lost Souls?"

    She sounds skeptical, but he's talked to more doctors than he can count. "Yes, and one of them...a girl," he was starting to forget their names. "She was always the brightest person in the room."

    "What happened to her?"

    Harper thinks of descending into dusty basements and fighting off witches with flaming swords. He thinks of birthday parties and baseball caps. "She was snuffed out just like everyone else...they were all good people." Harper fiddles with the sleeves of his jacket, his face blank. "They're real, I am not making this up." He thinks of Inadi and his dreams of becoming an author, of Martini's kindness, and of Songbird's hug.

    The doctor frowns. "You said this took place during the span of a year?"

    He nods his head, knowing she won't ever believe him, that Avian's sacrifice and the hooded figure's assistance will have all been for nothing. He thinks of Ran and Toby's goofy grins and of Riley's horrible puns—all of them are gone now.

    "I'm sorry but you never went missing." She's talking in a calm and soothing voice. "You left St. Luke's hospital at 9:11pm on December 31st and your parents found you catatonic at the station on 12:30am of January the first."

    He told them about the scar he had from being stabbed and about the living list, but they found nothing. Sometimes Harper doubted Nowhere's existence and now was one of those days. He didn't know anymore.

    The boy focuses his eyes on the doctor and pleads. "I'm not crazy," his resolve shatters. "I'm not crazy, right?"

    Looking at Dr. Leah's worried expression, he realizes he doesn't want to know the answer after all.
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  5. For several years he had wandered the wasteland. He did the best he could to re-cultivate the planet. Matter was formed and unmade by his will as he walked. It was a simple albeit long task most of the time, but there was one thing that seemed to complicate things. The feral beings that had once been the humans inhabiting this world. They had become cursed with an unnatural longevity that kept them alive for thousands of years. But that longevity didn't extend to their mental health, and now most of them had devolved into mindless husks. One of them he had watched for quite some time. It was a young girl, or at least it appeared to be. He had built eden around her, tried to bring her back to some semblance of sentience. It didn't really take too well. She had become a kind of pet since then. Few things bothered him, but seeing a race with so much potential waste away to this, not to mention the state they had left their planet, really got to him. He studied her and wondered how the hell things could have gotten this bad. What must have been going on in her head. He wondered what it would be like to go through the same thing. However, Looking at her, he realized he didn't want to know the answer after all.
  6. The sound of sirens consumed May, as Jason ran to her haphazardly, weaving through the faceless crowd, and dodging the firefighters who darted around like flies. As he came to a halt behind May he followed her gaze, counting the floors in the building he looked again at May and exhaled deeply. May turned to the sound and looked at Jason with sad eyes before looking down at the dusty ground. Ash drifted through the warm arid air, wound its way through May's short blonde hair and kissed Jason's flushed cheeks. May shifted in her boots, keeping her eyes on the ground. Jason watched as she scrunched up her brow and pursed her lips. Finally she lifted her gaze, locking her eyes onto Jason's crooked nose. Jason looked up behind her, flames still billowed from the building behind them, Jason wanted to ask if her family was okay but perhaps this is an answer better left untold.
  7. I thought I'd seen snow the other day, only to be fooled by my imagination.

    As it had and as it will, the fires only helped perpetuate the rain of ash which now covers our lands. Soft like silk yet it corrodes the lungs and darkens the skin, choking the sun upon our world, like hands around the neck of mankind. Selfish as usual. We'd hear talk about the downfall of mankind, the harsh reality was the downfall of this very world. I'd gaze out into the crowd of sickened people, the contrast of fresh blood on a dry grey had become a common sight; spitting up blood from weakened chests and malnourished bodies. To my left my love lay, yet to be sick of the body, yet her mind had become a direct reflection of the landscape. Dull and listless, we'd all become relics that had yet to die.

    We would walk to the old fields where crops once grew, the ground had become terrifying, wrought with deep cracks for it had not rained for over a year now. We'd forgotten what the taste of fresh water was like, the cold splash of hydration on chapped lips and a thirsting tongue. I'd look to her again, pale blue eyes surrounded by a filth of skin and dreaded hair. It had made us mad, willing to find ourselves in ways we would've not imagined those years ago when we said goodbye to the pale blue of the sky, as I did to those once remarkable eyes.

    So much has fallen through the cracks of humanity, far into the depths of what was left. Like an abysmal equation, impossible to solve, one may only writhe in pain when attempting to solve the arbitrary riddle of "why?" Faith was all we had left and it to ran in short supply. I turned to her again as we sat upon a tall dilapidated structure, once a building of homes and families making their way in what they thought to be a harsh world. Now only the bones of apartments, laced with poison fumes of yesteryear and crumbling foundations as we'd become. All things were slowly returning to their original state, returning to the earth in a sterile landscape with only warm ash to cover a shallow grave we'd all eventually fill.

    "What do you see?" My words scratchy and hoarse, my breathe had a hard time leaving dried airways. My voice seemed to leave an impression within the thick fumes of the atmosphere around our cursed bodies. She did not answer as her head pressed against my shoulder, my arm wrapped tightly around her body. Life was seeping away as the hourglass seeds fell. My gaze fell upon her gaze and only silence resounded. Looking at her, I realized I didn't want to know the answer after all; somehow, I already knew.
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