EXERCISE Sentence Challenge #4

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  1. Mission: Write a story, description, poem, etc about (or incorporating) the following sentence:

    Prompt It was definitely strange in my opinion and I couldn't help but get suspicious.

    Note: Point of view can be changed.
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  2. My example

    The town was always so dull and gray. Every day went by just the same. People worked, students went to school, and then they'd go home. Everyone hung out in the same places, everyone did the same things. Nothing changed...And then one day she moved in. Everything changed when she moved next door. It was as if Life itself waltzed in and awakened the entire town at once. She had an ember glow to her. Despite her age, her doe eyed expression made her appear younger than she was. Her appearance, despite how beautiful she was, wasn't what brought life to the small town. In fact, it was the music she brought with her.

    One particular warm day, she was sitting in the park, under the largest tree there. In her hands was a shiny mahogany colored violin. Her eyes closed as her bow touched the strings. One moment, she was alone and playing such a sad song, and then the next moment she had an audience full of crying people. Even the dogs being walked that day seemed under a depressing spell. At first, one would think, maybe it was just how well she played. That was the reason everyone teared up so much. But it couldn't possibly be the reason why her audience's mood reflected her playing so well. It couldn't have been possible for old and young men and women alike to be crying their eyes out one moment and then all of a sudden be in a fit of laughter as if nothing happened before.

    It was definitely strange in my opinion and I couldn't help but get suspicious. So, I watched and wondered what she would perform next. This time, a new gleam in her light brown eyes shined, but I couldn't make out the meaning. I kept my distance as she played a new tune, still calm as ever. In contrast to her expression, this tune was angry and violent. The air around her audience changed once more. With the new feeling of anger washing over them, people and animals began to fight. She puppeted their emotions with a few simple notes. The song itself was for the entertainment. More than likely her own entertainment.

    This new girl, she changed everything...all by the sound of music. She was no ordinary person. She had to have been a sorceress or some evil witch in disguise. However, I couldn't prove it, and getting close to the unknown was way too dangerous. And yet this was probably the best thing to ever happen to this town...but who said I wasn't falling into that same musical spell?