EXERCISE Sentence Challenge #3

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  1. Hi again guys, another challenge~

    Mission: Write a story, description, poem, etc about (or incorporating) the following sentence:

    Prompt She had no choice but to go out and face the world now...

    Note: Pronouns can be changed.
  2. My example for you~

    "Guys, this is as far as we go. There's a dead end here, and no sign of the treasure we're looking for." It was a small group of three. Two of them were male, Nick and Thomas, the other a female by the name Jade Soto. They were a trio of archaeologists propped in a cave that had gotten relatively small since they had gotten in. They were each crouching, Nick more so because he was the tallest of them. "We're not accomplishing anything by standing and watching you dust a wall Jade." For an archaeologist, Nick was a rather worried one, but it was a perfectly rational fear to have the cave collapse over them.

    "Relax Nick! Jade here takes after her mom! She always finds somethi-" Just as Thomas started prattling, the floor beneath them slid open. "GYAH!!" The simultaneous yell from both men echoed as they fell. Jade on the other hand teetered on the very edge.

    "My bad guys- ah!" She too slipped and fell into the hole, however, when she fell she landed on something soft. "Huh? Oh! Sorry Nick!" She scrambled off him and flicked her flashlight, only to find that they were surrounded by skeletons. "This wasn't even in the research...a whole new area..." Jade shined the light around.

    "Ha! See? What I tell you? She always finds something." Thomas walked on, pushing skeletons out of his way. Only minutes later did they discover a small black box with grey and purple markings. "Hey, I found something!" Thomas picked it up, blowing off dust. Besides the unreadable markings, the only odd thing was that the box had no lock. Where a lock normally was held, there was a seal, ones that Jade read about that dealt with magic. "Oh good, we can just open it."

    "Are you mad? You don't just open artifacts without knowing what they are! Look at all the skeletons around here, you imbecile!" Jade snatched the box from him and turned to Nick who was searching for a way out.

    "Ah, don't be a baby. If it's open that means thieves must have came and taken them." Thomas took the box again and stepped away from Jade. The two began to fight over the box and Nick watched before simply putting a hand to his forehead and shaking his head.

    "Can't we just agree to disagree? Let's get out of here first." Both of them stopped and looked at each other.

    "Yeah, that works-" Yet nothing in life was ever easy. Thomas tripped over a skull, causing the box to land right in front of Jade, who had to pick up her flashlight. The moment her eyes made contact, a bright purple flash shined causing a rather painful burning sensation in her eyes. "Hey! Jade?! What happened?!" Thomas tried to get the box to reopen, but it wouldn't budge for some reason. By Jade's cries of pain, he knew it was something bad. "C'mon, we need to get her out of here!"

    He reached to grab her and Jade looked him in the eye. She blinked...and he was gone. "T-Thomas!?" In front of her was a new skeleton and the travel clothes he had been wearing. "Nick? Nick! Is there a way out!?" Jade scooped up the box.

    "We- We have to get out of here! I don't know know what's happening, but leave that-" Nick looked into Jade's eyes and gasped. Pure white. They were as white as her hair was. This was a problem because her eyes had been green. But he couldn't say this though...In Jade's panic, she looked back at the skeleton that was no doubt Thomas', only to hear a clatter against the floor. "Oh...gods." Jade was petrified. She had no idea what was going on. Two of her colleagues had vanished within seconds and she was still alive...but how!?

    She sat there in her panic for...minutes that turned into hours... In all her years of her career, this was something she had never been prepared for. Trapped beneath the weight of the situation, eventually she could see a faint light from where Nick had found an exit. She had no choice but to go out and face the world now...
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  3. The patter of rainfall on the windowsill filled a young woman's ears as her hand almost mechanically moved back and forth polishing the silver of a double action revolver resting in the palm of her hand. Part of her raven colored hair fell over her shoulder as she leaned forward a little to take care of an especially stubborn stain.
    Very little else mattered to her in this world then the gun currently in her hand, and it showed in it's appearance, granted the only people that saw this gun weren't give the opportunity to do so again.
    On the side of the gun at the bottom of the grip were two initials 'RP' which belonged to the woman's name, carved into it moments before she was handed this gun.
    Runa Peterson.
    Opening the cylinder Runa reached down and grabbed a few bullets off the bed before slowly loading one into each chamber of the revolver, she made the process very meticulous and lengthy, which with the speedloader in her possession could be avoided but each time Runa left her home she repeated the process.
    Each of these bullets had the potential to kill a person and she was well aware she was going to take another life today, she wanted to acknowledge her future action now, commit to the sin that was going to happen in roughly five minutes.

    The room Runa resided in was incredibly small consisting of a worn out bed with tattered blankets, a scratched wooden dresser and one half open closet while the walls were covered with a dull white paint that was chipping away in alternate places and unknown substances scattered on each of the four walls.
    It wasn't a place meant for human habitation but for the time being it was her home and she enjoyed the last few moments she'd be spending in it.
    Within three minutes armed men were going to pour through the only door to her room, she'd either be captured by them and killed the next day or executed now for 'struggling'.
    She was a traitor to her country, her actions had caused a plethora of problems and with her own little group she sought to lessen if not weaken the government that watched over them.
    Each time she stared into the eyes of the gray clad soldiers who eventually pointed her guns at her she was reminded of how many times she's stared out her window watching them march by as young girl.
    Back then she felt powerless and trapped, it was a feeling similar to being suffocated but left barely alive just when one's breath was about to run out.
    Looking out her window now all she could see was desolation, buildings destroyed by all manners of weaponry, the streets torn up by tanks, mortars and explosives some of which she had set off only moments before.
    The sky was dark mostly because of the grey and black smoke floating into the sky, even though it was barely evening but this sight was a normal one and she turned her attention back to her revolver accustomed to it.
    One minute until her door was broken down, she could hear them trying to bust through the door downstairs, she put furniture in the way so it was going to take them a few tries.
    Runa's lost count how many times she had to move, how many homes she's lost and just how many lives she's taken and she stopped caring a long time ago.
    Even with her life on the line she felt strangely free, she could make her own decisions and she even breathed a little easier compared to back then, now she could speak her mind and act however she wanted to, eat what she wanted, sleep where she wanted, the options were limitless and she'd do whatever was necessary to make sure things stayed that way.
    In one motion she slammed the cylinder back into the gun before pulling the hammer back closing her eyes as she took steady breaths hearing their footsteps coming up the stairs.
    Her eyes went to the door as the men pounded on it screaming at her to open it, ignoring them she stood up and walked over the other side of the room and raised her gun to the door, her finger rested on the trigger and she prepared to repeat what would probably be happening for the rest of her life.
    Strangely enough the thought almost brought a smile to her face.
    The moment the door opened, she met the eyes of a soldier and pulled the trigger.
    She had no choice but to go out and face the world now...