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  1. The beginning

    The year 2500 saw the introduction of a new kind of machinery. Personally controlled mechanical suits. These revolutionized many aspects of the human world. One massive part of human life these robots influenced was war. Obviously new weapons were made from this piloted robots. The new machines built for war became known as Battle Mechs, or BMs for short. However a world wide peace treaty was signed at the beginning of the production. This was decided on by multiple governments, to help widen the human understanding of these machines. They chose to begin a vast research plan, before we decided to rip each other apart with our new toys. This lead to the creation of multiple manufacturing companies, each designing the machines in different ways. This peace treaty also created something else, a school. This school went by the name of Senso, and was built just of the coast of japan on an artificial island. It was founded and created by an alliance of Mech building companies, and served the purpose of teaching the new generation. More schools popped up around the world, aiming to do the same thing. However Senso was the largest and most renown amongst the lot.


    Senso is the largest Mech teaching school in the world. With people transferring from everywhere just to learn. They do provide basic education as well, but most of the lessons are constructed around Mechs. One of the most outstanding features of the school is its battle arenas. Senso provides education, not just for normal Mechs, but also teaches about BMs. This was frowned upon to begin with, but soon was praised after some time. Senso teaches people fully how to control BMs in multiple ways and in group squadrons. Senso is classed as a boarding school, so all students live on the campus area. Senso works of the american system. With freshman being 15, and seniors being 18. However after they graduate students can return to take higher courses in subjects, or even become a teacher. Due to its large focus on BMs, Senso offers multiple competition and competitive events between students and classes. Even inter-school or inter-country competitions are help at Senso.



    Battle Mechs, or BMs for short, are the main combat design for Mechs. They vary from company to company, and even from person to person. BMs link with the piolet and almost develop a concision. This means no two BMs are the same. Mass production of BMs are created for everyone on to use, they are shipped into armys and are the basic of basic BMs. On the other hand some people are able to gain personalized BMs, these are built around a specific person Personal BMs are very unique and can be a mix of multiple classes, giving them endless combat options. Personal BMs are also normally given a unique and specific skill. BMs are normal split into classes, these include: Tanks, Sharpshooters, Assassins, Brawlers and Supports. Personal BMs can be a mix of classes e.g a Tanky Support. Because of the emotional link between the BM and the pilot. Some people have problems operating them, and the majority of pilots seem to be female. It is not yet known why this is. However some males are able to pilot personal BMs. This means that the population of any Mech schools is very one sided.


    Tanks- These are the buffest of the BMs, designed to take multiple hits. They can also carry a lot of stuff on them, however they are rather slow.

    Sharpshooters- These are the BMs with the most firepower. They are normally light weight and weak, but are able to blast multiple opponents with their guns.

    Assassins- These are the sneaky ones. They are very fast and carry multiple small close combat weapons on them. They are normally fitted with a cloaking devise of some sort.

    Brawlers- These guys are the close combat fighters. They can take some hits, but not as much as a Tank. On the other hand they can dish out tones of damage at close range.

    Supports- They are BMs designed to assist a team. Normally fitted with small fixing Mechs or healing equipment. They are created to help friends or hinder foe.

    Each personal BM can be a mix of multiple classes.

    Character sheet


    Appearance: (Anime pic please)

    Alias: (this is normally given to those who do multiple competitions. It is not required if you don't want one)

    Battle Mechs

    Class: (This can be mixed)
    Other equipment:
    Owner of BM:

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