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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

"This is Mitsuki Nagano reporting LIVE outside the Tokyo Dome, in the heart of Tokyo Dome City where Sakura Musume has just finished another AMAZING concert! Singing their Oricon chart topping hit, Kiyomizu Dera! The whole crowd was abuzz with their performance and how could they not be?! This has got to be the best tour ending concert anyone has ever performed! What will their next move be? My sources say they'll be resting up and heading into the studio to start on their newest singles! A PV might be on the way before you know it! This has been Mitsuki Nagano, live outside the Tokyo Dome! Stay tuned after the commercial break when I interview some of the members and their manager and then we head out to the heart of Shinjuku where people have been talking about the recent meteor shower that was seen by countless spectators!"

In this game the players will be members or close associations of the hit pop idol band Sakura Musume! What nobody is yet aware is that they are all destined to be the greatest team of monster fighting heroes Tokyo has ever seen!

Recently in Tokyo people have gone missing and strange meteor showers have become an almost nightly occurance which are actually alien creatures landing. So far the idols haven't awakened to combat the threat but some are on the verge.

There will be one leader and one sub-leader of the band. Idols are not allowed to date under any circumstance, if they do so they will be removed from the band dishonorably.

This is what the Senshi uniforms look like, but they are colored based on the gemstone/element of the person

Bio Format:


Nickname: (Idols typically have cute nicknames given to them by fans)

Age: (Idols typically range between 12 and 23)



Birthplace: (Japanese only band~ Sorry!)

Favorite Food:


Personality: (Feel free to split on stage with off stage)



Gemstone/Element: (For when they finally awaken)

Power: (Start off with just one, but be prepared to update with growth!)


Voice Sample: (Optional. If you have a specific voice actress or singer put a sample of their voice here, this is mostly just for fun)
Cast List will go here
Name: Mikoto Yoshizawa 吉澤美琴

Nickname: Mikitty, Mikki

Age: 16

Apperance: Mikki stands at 5 feet even, though she still has a little time to grow. She has short lighter brown hair that the manager and fans seem to like to be styled in a faux-hawk style. When she lets it go down it only goes down to just above her shoulders. She likes makeup but she tries to keep it within regular bounds. She has deep brown eyes that border on black.

Birthday: January 27th (Aquarius)

Birthplace: Otsu, Shiga Prefecture

Favorite Food: Takoyaki

Likes: Puppies, Cookies, small children

Personality: On stage: Mikki is the higher pitched member of the band typically taking the background notes. She tends towards being a stronger dancer and is usually one of the front line dancers for the band. She likes to get the audience involved with the cheers and dances. Being one of the younger members she is usually pegged as being the "cutesy" one as well.

Off Stage: Mikki is quiet and works hard for her studies, she values her grades but likes to balance with lots of fun. She is typically the "kid sister" in the group, always looking up to the others and asking for help when she needs it. She aspires to be a great singer like her other band mates and tries to act mature around them but usually ends up showing her age in one way or another. She gets embarrassed when people make fun of her Kansai dialect but she works hard at speaking with a Kanto accent.

Strengths: Studying, she's great at staying up beat and positive, was great at kyudo in school, she is a great dancer and people person so she's great at whipping up the crowd in a cheer

Weakness: She can be a bit dense when it comes to grown up matters and tends to be more on the innocent side, she tends to be more trusting towards the older members and following their lead good or bad, her singing isn't as great as the others but she tries hard to get better

Gemstone/Element: Citrine/Love

Power: Love Beam: Through her pure love for singing she fires a beam (a la Kamehameha wave) that pushes the enemy back and can knock them down

History/Background: Mikki grew up in the town of Otsu in the Kansai portion of Japan. Her family was always pushing her to strive academically and in kyudo, and she worked hard to please them. While going to school they also supported her in the arts as she decided to sing and join the choir. Mikki was pushed into auditioning for Sakura Musume the day before her 17th birthday and she won becoming the third generation member to become part of the group. She continued her schooling as she became part of the pop phenomenon that was sweeping Japan.

Voice: Mitsui Aika

Name: Michi Yamamoto 山本道

Nickname: Chi-chan, Micchan

Age: 19

Apperance: Stands at around 5'5", and has a wardrobe that ranges from super frilly to total tomboy, depends on her mood or the occasion. Her hair is almost always curled and tied up in either fashionably cute styles, or weirds and crazy ones just for laughs.

Birthday: April 3rd (Aries)

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Favorite Food: Mochi and dango! No, cheesecake! Or maybe ice cream?

Likes: Music, cute things and pets, video games and anime!

Personality: Michi is playful, cheery and energetic most of the time, unless you mistake her for a highschooler or younger grade, she really hates that. This is because she looks more like a 16-year-old than a 19-year-old. While she is usually cute and trendy, at heart she's a total otaku with an obsession over video games, anime/manga, and other popular bands. On stage, Michi is energetic and even a little silly, her singing voice a reflection of her generally happy outlook on everything.

Strengths: Michi is willing to be friends with anyone, she'll most likely be the one to reach to someone first. Being adorable helps, but she hasn't noticed this as a strength. Theres also her insane Wii skills.

Weakness: She can be a little too trusting, and naive. Late nights playing video games sometimes leaves her sleepy during the day.

Gemstone/Element: Malachite/Electricity

Power: Electric shock! Though weak at first.

History/Background: Michi was a bit of a star at her highschool in sunny Okinawa, Japan. Out going and captain of the volleyball team, though when she wasn't taking part in vollyeball she was practicing karate as a hobby. Free time was usually spent with her friends at the beach and hoping she was lucky enough to see a lightning storm on the distant sea, which was more exciting than any fireworks show. While singing at a school festival an agent by change heard and was impressed by her energetic performance. Michi had never even thought about going professional before and just went to the audition for fun, not expecting to actually be chosen. Her parents objected, insisting she focus mainly on school, but the call to stardom fascinated her. Against their wishes she chose to enroll in a school in Tokyo so could join Sakura Musume's 3rd genration.

Voice Sample:

Name: 秋原 恵 Megumi Akihara

Nickname: 恵ちゃん Keichan/ 恵 Kei

Age: 19

Appearance: The most identifiable thing about Kei is her quirky, punk fashion sense and bold aesthetic. Her long hair, which she bleaches golden brown and often perms, is almost always up in a high ponytail, pigtails, side-tail, or bun. She has a small, upturned nose and deep brown almond-shaped eyes.

Birthday: August 15th (Leo)

Birthplace: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Kansai region

Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki


Personality: On-stage: Kei is a natural-born leader, and she takes charge as leader of Sakura Musume. She's known to fans for being a bit
of a Yankī girl.



Gemstone/Element: Fire opal/Fire




Reina Tanaka
Name: Kozakura Kyoko [小桜 恭子]

Nickname: Koko

Age: 20

Appearance: 5'2'', and not even her manager can get more out of her than that! She gives off an ethereal feeling. Koko often wears her hair loose in her free time. She has an obsession with nail art, so unless she's required to follow a certain color scheme in a performance, there are always rhinestones, glitter, and miniscule caricatures of cute animals on her fingertips.

Birthday: June 22nd​ (Cancer)

Birthplace: Azabu Jūban, Minato, Tokyo

Favorite Food: Chawanmushi

Likes: Nail art, silver jewelry, classical music, Korean dramas

Personality: Koko is the token 'kuudere' of the group, both on and offstage. On the surface, she's unapproachable, keeping her cards close to her chest; she only shows her softer, loving big-sister side around the other girls and her little brother.

Strengths: Koko is always there when the other members need a calming presence in their lives. She offers unbiased advice, a shoulder to cry on, and in extreme cases, free mani-pedis. She has an eye for detail that serves her well.

Weakness: She's a little fragile on the topic of her age, as she feels much older than the other girls. It's also been a long time since Koko's had a boyfriend… While she has legions of male fans, they- and men in general- are terrified by her cool, queenly demeanor. Koko is very protective of her little brother and Francis, their pet axolotl.

Gemstone/Element: Blue topaz/Ice

Power: Ice Nails – Razor-sharp icicles fly from Koko's imposing fingers in rapid succession.

History/Background: [tba]

Voice: Miki Fujimoto
Name: Kisaragi Katsumi (衣更着 勝美)

Nickname: Katsu, Kisa-chan

Age: 18

Appearance: Katsumi is every inch of 5'3" and prefers to wear her hair, which she dyes a chestnut color, long and wavy. Her chocolate brown eyes give off a gentle warmth that is complemented by the soft contours and delicate features of her youthful face. She usually dresses fairly plainly when not performing, being a lover of summery clothes like tanktops and spaghetti-strapped shirts.

Birthday: February 23 (Pisces)

Birthplace: Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Favorite Food: Tempura udon

Likes: The sea, going to the beach, swimming

Personality: While on-stage, Katsumi is often the one dancing in the background, backing up the other girls while they perform their solos. She doesn't usually try to grab attention for herself, but when it comes time for her to sing her part, no matter how minor it may be, she gives it her all. Her reputation within the band is as the "serious" one, so she rarely opens up to the fans, but occaisionally she gives them a smile or a wave for good measure. She's all business while performing, executing her moves with the passion and intensity that is the mark of a focused singer/dancer.

Off-stage, Katsumi can be rather quiet and withdrawn at times. The last one to speak up in a crowd, she mostly just goes along with whatever activities the other girls are doing without saying a word. If pressured, she can come out of her shell a bit and speak her mind, but she still gets embarrassed quite easily. Although usually somber, she does make efforts to be kind and courteous to both the girls in the group and other people they encounter such as fans because she believes respect and consideration for other people's feelings is very important

Strengths: Katsumi always has a very clear vision of what she wants to do and is very task-oriented. When there is a job to do, she takes to it with gusto and makes sure she gets it done in a timely, professional manner. When the other girls are distracted or worried, she helps to remind them of what they have to do and is good at coming up with useful suggestions to get their minds back on track and assure them everything will be fine

Weakness: Because she is usually so focused on getting the job done, Katsumi sometimes has to be reminded to loosen up a little and relax or have some fun. When busy, she can sometimes get stressed, making her even more shy and nonchalant than usual. She doesn't always see the importance of downtime and can get bored and frustrated easily when the group is in between events. Since she takes herself so seriously, Katsumi also often misses out on fun and rarely indulges in humor or playfulness. When she isn't occupied, her mood tends to shift abruptly from being calm and collected to worried and uncertain of herself.

Gemstone/Element: Aquamarine/Water

Power: Cascade- A large wave of water rises above and then comes crashing down on the target

History/Background: Growing up in Yokohama, Katsumi was always near the ocean. Her whole life, she felt a closeness to the sea that always led her back to the waterside time and time again. It was on the beach at sunset when she was by herself that she felt comfortable enough to sing, pouring out her feelings to the sound of the retreating and advancing of the waves. She rarely sang around others, except for the few times she performed in school plays, so she was very suprised when, after trying out on a whim, she was accepted into the third-generation of Sakura Musume. From that day on, she vowed to do her best to prove to herself and everyone else that she was a great performer.

Now that she has been touring with the group for a little over a year, Katsumi feels she has found where she belongs. Along with the other girls of Sakura Musume, she has enjoyed success as part of a J-pop sensation, and now she must keep her eyes on their goal of becoming the greatest group of idols in all of Japan.

Voice Sample: (Optional. If you have a specific voice actress or singer put a sample of their voice here, this is mostly just for fun)