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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

"This is Mitsuki Nagano reporting LIVE outside the Tokyo Dome, in the heart of Tokyo Dome City where Sakura Musume has just finished another AMAZING concert! Singing their Oricon chart topping hit, Kiyomizu Dera! The whole crowd was abuzz with their performance and how could they not be?! This has got to be the best tour ending concert anyone has ever performed! What will their next move be? My sources say they'll be resting up and heading into the studio to start on their newest singles! A PV might be on the way before you know it! This has been Mitsuki Nagano, live outside the Tokyo Dome! Stay tuned after the commercial break when I interview some of the members and their manager and then we head out to the heart of Shinjuku where people have been talking about the recent meteor shower that was seen by countless spectators!"

In this game the players will be members or close associations of the hit pop idol band Sakura Musume! What nobody is yet aware is that they are all destined to be the greatest team of monster fighting heroes Tokyo has ever seen!

Recently in Tokyo people have gone missing and strange meteor showers have become an almost nightly occurance which are actually alien creatures landing. So far the idols haven't awakened to combat the threat but some are on the verge.

There will be one leader and one sub-leader of the band. Idols are not allowed to date under any circumstance, if they do so they will be removed from the band dishonorably.

This is what the Senshi uniforms look like, but they are colored based on the gemstone/element of the person

Bio Format:


Nickname: (Idols typically have cute nicknames given to them by fans)

Age: (Idols typically range between 12 and 23)



Birthplace: (Japanese only band~ Sorry!)

Favorite Food:


Personality: (Feel free to split on stage with off stage)



Gemstone/Element: (For when they finally awaken)

Power: (Start off with just one, but be prepared to update with growth!)


Voice Sample: (Optional. If you have a specific voice actress or singer put a sample of their voice here, this is mostly just for fun)
Name: Mikoto Yoshizawa 吉澤美琴

Nickname: Mikitty, Mikki

Age: 16

Apperance: Mikki stands at 5 feet even, though she still has a little time to grow. She has short lighter brown hair that the manager and fans seem to like to be styled in a faux-hawk style. When she lets it go down it only goes down to just above her shoulders. She likes makeup but she tries to keep it within regular bounds. She has deep brown eyes that border on black.

Birthday: January 20th

Birthplace: Otsu, Shiga Prefecture

Favorite Food: Takoyaki

Likes: Puppies, Cookies, small children

Personality: On stage: Mikki is the higher pitched member of the band typically taking the background notes. She tends towards being a stronger dancer and is usually one of the front line dancers for the band. She likes to get the audience involved with the cheers and dances. Being the youngest member she is usually pegged as being the "cutesy" one as well.

Off Stage: Mikki is quiet and works hard for her studies, she values her grades but likes to balance with lots of fun. She is typically the "kid sister" in the group, always looking up to the others and asking for help when she needs it. She aspires to be a great singer like her other band mates and tries to act mature around them but usually ends up showing her age in one way or another. She gets embarrassed when people make fun of her Kansai dialect but she works hard at speaking with a Kanto accent.

Strengths: Studying, she's great at staying up beat and positive, was great at kyudo in school, she is a great dancer and people person so she's great at whipping up the crowd in a cheer

Weakness: She can be a bit dense when it comes to grown up matters and tends to be more on the innocent side, she tends to be more trusting towards the older members and following their lead good or bad, her singing isn't as great as the others but she tries hard to get better

Gemstone/Element: Citrine/Love

Power: Love Beam: Through her pure love for singing she fires a beam (a la Kamehameha wave) that pushes the enemy back and can knock them down

History/Background: Mikki grew up in the town of Otsu in the Kansai portion of Japan. Her family was always pushing her to strive academically and in kyudo, and she worked hard to please them. While going to school they also supported her in the arts as she decided to sing and join the choir. Mikki was pushed into auditioning for Sakura Musume the day before her 17th birthday and she won becoming the third generation member to become part of the group. She continued her schooling as she became part of the pop phenomenon that was sweeping Japan.

Voice:Kago Ai

Miyuki Sasaki



A mature looking young woman who stands at 5' 6" tall. She has beautiful, dark brown eyes that look black if there's no light shining on them. Her brown hair is about a foot in length and always hanging freely. This girl believes in natural beauty, so she seldom wears make up unless the artists suggest it. Because of her allergies, she demands to only wear eye liner, blush, and eye shadow at most.

January 10th

Osaka, Japan

Favorite Food:

Teddy bears, the winter season, hats, trying new food, Godzilla.

A very competitive girl that can hardly refuse a challenge. She's extremely kind to her fans, however the majority of them tend to be males because they want to play video games with her at after parties. (And they think she's beautiful.) The moment you upset her or say something stupid, she gives you the cold shoulder. She's quite modest about her appearance and gets bashful about it when it's brought up. Lastly, she doesn't tolerate wishy washy behavior; she will step up and take charge.

Despite her feminine image, she is the tomboy of the group. Therefore, she is fearless when it comes to getting dirty, squishing bugs, beating someone up and being challenged to video games. She has the qualities of a leader, too.

She has a terrible phobia of fire; she won't even light a match. She also has allergies that are at their worst in places with lots of green. She thinks she's too tough for prescriptions, so she doesn't take them.

Zulanite; Snow/ice

1. She can exhale a breath of cold air that can freeze on contact.

Miyuki wasn't very social during her school days. She was the shy, quiet one that would sit alone and keep to her studies. She had her close friends, though, who she is glad to be touring with in a singing group. It helped her build confidence in herself, bringing her personality completely out after so many years of hiding it. She always sang her heart out on stage and displayed a passion for food, stuffed animals and games and Godzilla.

As one of the elder singers in the group, she does her best to be a positive role model not only for them, but for her fans. She long desired to be cherished and to have a lot of people to spend time with. Now, she has her wish and could not be happier. The other girls in the group mean the world to her, so she vows to always be there when they need someone. That is, of course, if they don't tick her off.


Name: Akane Daidouji

Nickname: Nene, or less commonly Aki

Age: 17.

Apperance: Nene stands at 5' 2", and has a rather girlish appearance. With pale skin, and dyed dark hair, the idol has a rather severe look about her. Her eyes are dark brown and her face oval in shape. While the young lady loves to experiment with hair styles and different cuts, she always prefers to have bangs. She tries to make her style sophisticated but still adorable. Most of her clothing collection is borderline lolita, and while the girl has expressed mild interest in the fashion, has deliberately kept from getting a full collection of lolita dresses. Mostly, Nene is afraid of losing fans if she would.

Birthday: October 1st.

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan.

Favorite Food: Tako sushi, grilled cheese.

Likes: Parties, deep beats, loud noises and the shade white.

Personality: On stage, she has a very up-beat but quiet attitude. She's full of energy, but lets the others take the spotlight. Her role as keyboarder is far stronger than her ability to sing and while she has a very strong alto voice it's not precisely what's wanted for an idol band. She loves to dance, though is far less successful at this than singing. Mostly, Nene will rock with the beat during songs and keeps to her keyboard.

Off the stage, Akane doesn't like to stop the party. The girl always needs something to be happening. She's an adrenaline junkie, willing to do outrageous things not for attention but just for the rush of doing something! Quiet unnerves her and sitting still just about kills her. Akane hates to study and especially dislikes things that are complicated in nature. She'd rather have fun, because that's what life is all about! While this makes her a bit easy to anger, she's equally likely to forget all about it or forgive others for her own mistakes. It's a rather insufferable personality, but the girl makes up for it with her unyielding loyalty and her capability to include everyone in whatever she's wanting to do next.

Strengths: She can always find something to do, and she's damn talented on keeping up complex rhythms on her keyboard. Akane is rather mature for her age, not in the way of wisdom, but of knowing adult matters she's yet to experience. She's strong in will as well, stubborn and unrelenting. The lifestyle has made her have a better endurance, able to keep up high energy levels for long periods of time.

Weakness: Silence and sitting still, or trying to think complicated matters through. Sometimes she can forget other people have feelings as well and can thus be rather inconsiderate. Akane also has a very poor memory unless it's something important to her. Just as well, she's physically weak and can't lift heavy things or run very fast.

Gemstone/Element: Amber/fire

1. Detonation: the ability to make an already existing flame burst up into a whole cloud of fire.

History/Background: Born in Tokyo, her parents pushed her to take up a musical instrument from a young age in the hopes of her becoming a successful classical musician. Akane would have given up in the sweep of school drama and the pursuit of getting a boyfriend, but her parents always forced her to study the piano and singing. She rather hated it at first because of the way she was pushed to keep at it, but at eventually finding an electronic keyboard in a shop, she fell in love with music. The energy the keyboard had and the sound it could produce was perfect for her. So when she went and auditioned for the Sakura group, which her parents never really expected her to get into. Akane did though, becoming the first in her family to have gained any sort of popular status. The girl has been more than grateful for this, since she's finally found friends and something that can take as much energy as she can put into it.
Okay, I'll wait for one more person before we officially start!

Bios are still open!
Name: Katsumi Kachida

Nickname: Katsu

Age: 17

Appearance: Katsu stands at an average 5'4 and usually dresses fairly conservatively. She loves denim and lives in her jeans and jacket. Her hair is long, thick, and curly, reaching the middle of her back and she keeps it dyed an auburn shade.

Birthday: September 19

Birthplace: Yokohama

Favorite Food: Udon with veggies

Likes: Shopping, being with friends, and visual novels

Personality: Katsu likes being the center of attention, but in a group with other girls she understands everyone needs their time in the spotlight, and therefore tries to keep herself reeled in. She's energetic while on-stage, giving the fans her all. She loves the adoration she receives as an idol and sometimes let's it go to her head, but usually not to the point of being snooty or stuck-up. She reacts in kind to what the fans give her, pouring her heart out more and more the louder their cheering gets.
Off-stage, Katsu is a little more low-key, but not by much. She's spunky and energetic most of the time, particularly while doing things she enjoys. She tries to be a good friend to the other girls, and her outgoing personlaity usually helps with this. Sometimes, however, she proves to be a bit much and can get on peoples nerves without realizing it.

Strengths: Katsu is quite good at puzzles and problem-solving tasks. She has a tendency to think clearly when she puts her mind to work. Once she starts on a task, her focus never wavers until she gets it done.

Weakness: Katsumi is terribly awkward around boys, as she's never spent much time around them.

Gemstone/Element: Diamond/Light

Power: Diamond Strobe- a dazzling strobelight radiates from her hands and blinds her enemy

History/Background: Katsumi was raised by her grandparents and always enjoyed music and performing while she was in school. Still, she was somewhat shy when she was younger, mostly from being an only child and having a hard time getting along with others. It was through singing and dancing that she truly grew into herself, throwing herself at every opportunity she could find to get on stage. There, she didn't feel as self-conscious and could let go of all her cares. Eventually, she heard about the group Sakura Musume and that they were holding auditions for new members. Making the trip to Tokyo, she could harldy control her nerves but managed to work through it and still perform. A few weeks later, she got the call and was elated to hear that she had been accepted.
Okay! I'll have the game posted sometime today, bios are still open however so if you want to join still there are available slots!
My Character Sheet:-

Name: Hikari Sakuragi

Nickname: Kary, kari & Sukki

Age: 18)


Birthday: September 12

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Food: Noodles but she'll basically eat anything and she loves trying new and foreign dishes.

Likes: Dance, riding dirt buggy's, swimming and car racing.

Personality: Kary as people call her is a tomboy girl, she loved messing with her hair style so her hair is never in one style, she'll keep changing, she can although switch her fashion from tomboy to sexy gal with a tinge of tomboy in it. She's in a group named Sakura Musume and she's new. She loves animals, specially bunny's puppies and kittens at best. she likes to go touring and also partying but not the wild ones the decent ones. She also does and likes photography and is a little hardcore for a girl.

Strengths: Kary is very good at hand to hand combat although she barely trained a certain style and just learned street fighting at a very young age and she's rather good at it for a girl. She is good at answering back witty stuff, pranks is her job she loves it but other than that calm, peace and serenity are her main strengths, she does this thing she calls meditating before a show that is wander of alone in the fresh air to calm herself and is a very patient person.

Weakness: She has a weak spot for kids although she hates the way they annoy her and cuddly critters. her biggest weaknesses are anger and frustration that gets her really out of her mind and do crazy things.

Gemstone/Element: Opal, Storms of all elements but only storms.

Power: At the moment she can only create minor cyclones, most of her powers work usually in anger or deep emotion but small sand dunes and cyclones are things she can do with ease.

History/Background: Although born in Japan Kary's ancestors were Korean who migrated to Japan and married here so she's a mix blood. Kary despite her tomboy attitude had always been a great dancer and had an amazing voice, She loves rapping but not good at making any so backstage she'd play around doing weird raps and making her friends laugh. Once in a school's talent show she performed a dance routine followed by a song cover of her favorite Korean band f(x). She always uploaded her performance videos on the internet and one day her luck sparked when a young group asked her to join so she's basically new to Sakura Musume, her voice is lot heavier than most girls so she can really hit hight notes well.

Voice Sample: start listening from 1:42

Note: See now if it works =D
So is Hikari part of the band itself or a one time collaborator? The girls all are supposed to be a direct member of the band but if you want to keep that I'm sure I could work it into the plot in an interesting way! :D
They were a one time collaborator but if you can you know get her in through the plot I would deffinitly LOVE it hehe =) love ur thread btw hope it carries on seems very intersting ^-^
Well it'll be very difficult to fit her in because the group is on tour and they won't be working together, plus Sakura Musume wouldn't have need for a rapper in their ranks since they're an idol group. Doubly so since she wouldn't be able to get powers because it is being restricted to the girls in the group...
ah thats tough let see what I can do, is it possible that any of the members of Sakura Musume makes music solo aswell as with group so her solo work is usually pop rap and with the group she sings the idol songs?
Well in Idol world, if a member of the group wants a solo career they graduate from the group and do their own stuff, but they don't work with the main group anymore really (Except on special occasion) and they would have their own tour dates and everything so they'd still be separate from the group still
hmm so rapper doesn't work huhs oh well I np hehe so I'll edit up my char sheet and my ic post right away and once i do. do see if its ok then =)
i fixed it =) leme know if its okay so i an edit my ic post aswell
Well she wouldn't be in a separate group, and there aren't any boys in Sakura Musume, so you'll have to edit a bit more.
I edited that part, made her more like a newbie to Sakura Musume or at least the last member to join plus I deleted my post in IC so you guys carry on I realized I was holding the story back. =)
*pokes Leander* Is it alive?