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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

"This is Mitsuki Nagano reporting LIVE outside the Tokyo Dome, in the heart of Tokyo Dome City where Sakura Musume has just finished another AMAZING concert! Singing their Oricon chart topping hit, Win UK! The whole crowd was abuzz with their performance and how could they not be?! This has got to be the best tour ending concert anyone has ever performed! What will their next move be? My sources say they'll be resting up and heading into the studio to start on their newest singles! A PV might be on the way before you know it! This has been Mitsuki Nagano, live outside the Tokyo Dome! Stay tuned after the commercial break when I interview some of the members and their manager and then we head out to the heart of Shinjuku where people have been talking about the recent meteor shower that was seen by countless spectators!"

In this game the players will be members or close associations of the hit pop idol band Sakura Musume! What nobody is yet aware is that they are all destined to be the greatest team of monster fighting heroes Tokyo has ever seen!

Recently in Tokyo people have gone missing and strange meteor showers have become an almost nightly occurance which are actually alien creatures landing. So far the idols haven't awakened to combat the threat but some are on the verge.

There will be one leader and one sub-leader of the band.

This is what the Senshi uniforms look like, but they are colored based on the gemstone/element of the person
Bio Format:


Nickname: (Idols typically have cute nicknames given to them by fans)

Age: (Idols typically range between 15 and 23)



Birthplace: (Japanese only band~ Sorry!)

Favorite Food:


Personality: (Feel free to split on stage with off stage)



Gemstone/Element: For when they finally awaken)

Power: (Start off with just one, but be prepared to update with growth!)



[glow=white]Cast List[/glow]

Nori-Chan - Diana

Yuyu - Fluffy

Kenji Takahashi - Ocha

Niko-Niko - Ocha

Kei - Dawn

ZuZu - Katsugi Graduated

Hoshi-Chan~ - Rory Graduated

Momo-Chan - Shiny

Mikki - Zypher

Kat-kun - Ramses Graduated

Mizu - Dukun


Character list is accepting a couple more bios, please post if you're interested! New characters will be transfers into the group from other sub-groups in the record label
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Name: Noriko Amaterasu

Nickname: Norichan! Or NoriMa!

Age: 20

Appearance: Noriko is small at 4'9" with a petite frame. Her bust fits her size and she has feminine curves. So she looks appropriate at her age. Her hair is stark white wavy and long, but she often likes to add color to it because she's afraid it looks weird by itself. She usually pulls her hair up in a pony tail. Amber eyes. Almost always wearing a dress of some sort.

Birthday: August 13th

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Favorite Food: Waffles!

Likes: Stars, sunrises/sets, fast rides, bubble baths, and butterflies.

Personality: Noriko is a center of attention girl not because she demands it, but because you just can't look away. Though she isn't one for dancing, she has a powerful voice for such a small body. She draws people to listen, and loves that she can do so. It is the one place she is confident, bold and commanding.

Off stage, she is a little less confident about herself. Noriko often feels awkward and out of place. Like she's somewhere she doesn't belong. So she tends to always want to be with or around a "safe buddy" that can do all the talking and take care of things for her. Noriko loves her friends and bandmates and would give them the world if she could! It's why she tries extra hard to sing her best and make sure they all have a good life.

Strengths: Noriko's voice cannot be ignored. When she sings it's beautiful, and on those very rare occasions she gets mad, she WILL get your attention. Physically, she can put all of her energy in to completing a task and it WILL get done.

Weakness: Noriko's determination to accomplish her goals does not come with a limitless supply of energy. She can "burn out" which leaves her exhausted and drained. She is also susceptible to illness and her tiny little body is frail!

Gemstone/Element: Sunstone

Power: Light/Life (As for specific power it will be SHINE! Casting away darkness with her light!)

History/Background: Noriko's family has always been very well off. They take pride in the old family heritage, their surname even honoring the Sun Goddess. Though her parents died while she was young, she still gets to enjoy the company of many extended family members and lived with her grandparents while growing up.

Her love for music was always a part of her life. They liked to tease her and say she was singing the day she was born. The moment she had her chance to be an Idol, Noriko jumped on the chance. She gets to spread her love of music to the world.

...who is Noriko really? She doesn't know her past life as the Sun Princess. And will be the last to know!
Miyuki Sasaki



A mature looking young woman who stands at 5' 7" tall. She has beautiful, dark brown eyes that look black if there's no light shining on them. Her black hair is about a foot in length and always hanging freely. This girl believes in natural beauty, so she seldom wears make up unless the artists suggest it. Because of her allergies, she demands to only wear eye liner, blush, and eye shadow at most.



January 10th

Osaka, Japan

Favorite Food:

Teddy bears, the winter season, hats, trying new food, Godzilla.

A very competitive girl that can hardly refuse a challenge. She's extremely kind to her fans, however the majority of them tend to be males because they want to play video games with her at after parties. (And they think she's beautiful.) The moment you upset her or say something stupid, she gives you the cold shoulder. She's quite modest about her appearance and gets bashful about it when it's brought up. Lastly, she doesn't tolerate wishy washy behavior; she will step up and take charge.

Despite her feminine image, she is the tomboy of the group. Therefore, she is fearless when it comes to getting dirty, squishing bugs, beating someone up and being challenged to video games. She prefers not to be a leader, whether it be on or off stage, but is bold enough to take the stand if no one else will.

She has a terrible phobia of fire; she won't even light a match. She also has allergies that are at their worst in places with lots of green. She thinks she's too tough for prescriptions, so she doesn't take them.

Zulanite; Snow/ice

1. She can exhale a breath of cold air that can freeze on contact.

Miyuki wasn't very social during her school days. She was the shy, quiet one that would sit alone and keep to her studies. She had her close friends, though, who she is glad to be touring with in a singing group. It helped her build confidence in herself, bringing her personality completely out after so many years of hiding it. She always sang her heart out on stage and displayed a passion for food, stuffed animals and games and Godzilla.

As one of the elder singers in the group, she does her best to be a positive role model not only for them, but for her fans. She long desired to be cherished and to have a lot of people to spend time with. Now, she has her wish and could not be happier. The other girls in the group mean the world to her, so she vows to always be there when they need someone. That is, of course, if they don't tick her off.
I'm MAYBE gonna join! As a dude, if that's still alright? I can definitely play a bad guy subordinate if you want 8D
Can...can his day job be a janitor at the recording studio? Or something similar that allows him to be close to the girls without them being suspicious? :3

Edit: I can't make any promises >_>; And noooo I don't want to be THEE bad guy.
Name: Kenji Takahashi

Nickname: N/A

Age: 25

Appearance: Standing at 5'10" this dark haired young man is usually well dressed and at first look far too happy at his job. His smile can brighten up a room, but the opposite can take place as well. A slight frown can speak volume, and when he's angry, well, the whole world can see it in his expression. Kenji normally dresses nicely since his job is very public, and is never far from his glasses.

Birthday: December 18th

Birthplace: Tokyo

Favorite Food: Anything salty and sour like dill pickles or salt & vinegar chips.

Likes: Sports cars, sky diving, and rock climbing. And when he's not being an adrenaline junkie he likes calmer things like picnics on the beach.

Personality: Some people might think Kenji is a workaholic. This is far from the truth. He's just found something he can enjoy doing. Being the manager for the most popular idol group wasn't something he ever expected, but he loves his job and his girls and would do almost anything for them. He tries very hard not to show any bias to any one girl, but to be always fair in his dealings with them. He also doesn't take well to people messing with his idols, be it tabloids or even the record execs.

Strengths: Kenji has great people skills. He can usually smooth over ruffled feathers and be encouraging to the shiest mouse.

Weakness: Kenji might be his own worse critic. He's so concerned about doing right for others that he sometimes forgets to take time out to check up on his own needs. This can lead to mild bouts of depression with an over abundance of alcohol consumption.

Gemstone/Element: N/A

Power: N/A

History/Background: Kenji knows the business. He ought to, his own mother was an idol before she settled down with her dance instructor and started a family. Kenji was shown to lack the passion for performance that his parents had and despite getting a well rounded education in the arts was more interested in pursuing a job in technology.

Then fate took a hand when he was looking for a part time job while in college and because of friends of the family ended up working for a well known record company in Tokyo. He was the office boy, and wasn't expecting much out of the job but a paycheck, however every challenge that he met at work showed his talent with people and soon enough Kenji found himself making more then just pocket change and having little need to continue after his two year degree.

Why can I never get inspired when I NEEED it?
(Secondary Character Only)

Name: Nijiko Kazemoto

Nickname: Niko-Niko (smile!)

Age: 19

Appearance: This long legged idol only stands at 5'3" but you can't really tell with the platform shoes and all the stunts she's trying to pull.

Birthday: June, 27

Birthplace: Hokkaido

Favorite Food: Pancakes.

Likes: Spas, hot springs, animals

Personality: Once upon a time Nijiko had nothing in the world to worry about. A bit proud, but always tried to be kind. Nijiko has always been one to try something at least once. Now she seems cold and distant to those that are around her. She's neither mean, nor unkind, but she seems to be withdrawn.

On stage Nijiko is the energetic, always smiling character. She knows how to make a large impression and seems almost like she's smiling and performing just for you!

Strengths: Spunky and athletic, Nijiko can and will keep on going and keep coming back no matter what. Fortunately she knows when to turn it down to deal with animals or fidgety people.

Weakness: Nijiko has recently been through so much that her ability to trust and let people in is all but nonexistent. Beyond that though, she's not very technologically savvy and needs help programing even her microwave. Don't leave her with complex directions, she'll never be able to follow them.

Gemstone/Element: Opal/Luck

Power: Karma is a bitch: A defensive ability that causes any attack against her to be redoubled onto her foe.

History/Background: Nijiko was born out in the countryside of chilly Hokkaido and enjoyed a childhood filled with creating her own adventures. As a young teen she got involved in a dance group and learned to express herself in song. This combination would eventually lead to her being scouted to join a new music group.

As a successful idol, Nijiko had it all! Adoring fans, a supportive family, and of course a hot boyfriend. Then she found out that baseball legend, Naoto Ozawa was having an affair with two other women. Shortly after that news that her father and mother that were coming to visit her were missing. She then sprang her ankle on stage during a show and had been out of the concert run for six weeks. It's as if all her good luck had run off and all she had now was bad luck. There was even a fire at her apartment.

And when she felt there was nothing left, and perhaps she should just quit the group she found a poor dog that looked like it had been through worse then her. Now Nijiko is back, sorta, but she's always got her dog, or is it a wolf, with her.

Niko Niko's voice

Nijiko's theme song
I want to play the Eri Kamei of the group sooooo bad.
Still working on it.

Name: Keichi Tsuchi

Nickname: Kei

Age: Looks 26, real age unknown.

Appearance: Five foot, eleven inches. Broad shouldered for a Japanese man. Deep, dark brown chin-length hair that sweeps wildly around his eyes, ears, and nape. Brown eyes, minimal facial hair on his upper lip and chin.

Birthday: N/A

Birthplace: He claims he's from Fukuoka.

Favorite Food:

Likes: Growing things (he has a garden on the roof of the studio), nature, walking in the rain without an umbrella and water in general.

Personality: Outward, he's rather quiet but very kind and full of compliments. He's peaceful, always going about his job as if sweeping and mopping floor were a form of art.

Strengths: Obviously his power, his ability to act and hide his true emotions from others,

Weakness: Fire. It's so bright and hot, it's a wonder how he survives the summer! Fire is dangerous, especially to things that burn easily, like plantlife and wood. He's charming, but he doesn't realize it. He could be using that attractive face to make people submit to him! His clouded memory often makes him second guess his initial feelings toward a person, place, or event. He can't remember why he hates Earth and humans and this leaves him conflicted and confused. His powers only work if he's physically touching the item he wants to manipulate and using too much of his power at once will viciously sap his energy, leaving him vulnerable.

Gemstone/Element: N/A

Power: Earth element. (Anything relating. Stone, brick, wood, plants. He can manipulate them by physical contact only. Later on, he may expand his control to metals, if that's okay?)

History/Background: When he landed in Fukuoka, he really had no recollection of where he was or how he'd gotten there. He was taken in by a small town doctor and his family, disguised as a human of course, where he learned most of what he now knows about the human race and Earth. After a week, he felt like he'd never find answers in Fukuoka, so he left.

As a strong believer in Fate, when he was offered a job as a janitor, at a recording and practice studio, he graciously accepted. He's been working there for nearly two weeks now, biding his time until his questions are answered, either by the return of his lost memory, or by another means.
Just popping in to check things out, Rory, you should play then! CCS, you can totally play the Kamei Eri of the group, even use her image!

Ocha, Diana, your characters look great! And Dawn, if you can swing it I'd love to have you join, I have a few baddies cooked up (Including non-magical rival pop idol groups >:D) so you won't be the sole badguy in the game!
Name: Suzume Ibihara (suzume means sparrow) 

Nickname: ZuZu

Age: 21


Birthday: December 11 


Favorite Food: meat and potatoes, anything grilled really, and sweets

Likes: food, horses, bows, gingham, cowboyboots, dresses, skirts, riding, parapara, and jean material

Personality: the tsundere of the group, she's rude and disregards with slight malice to fans but is very different to people in the industry and her bandmates. She figures that if you let the fans take an inch that they will walk all over you. But that doesn't prevent the idea that she's a tsundere, which it totally true but she won't admit that. When she's around her band mates she very touchy feely. She likes making food for them and is sometimes called the mom of the groups because of her cooking and advice skills. She's a no bullshit girl and very down to earth.

Strengths: being focused and stable, never backing down, cooking, working with horses, parapara  

Weakness: being stubborn to a fault, bugs/reptiles touching her, impatient at people who won't listen. close spaces

Gemstone/Element: Turquiose/Wind

Power: Start off power: wind blades that knock the air out of an opponants lungs 

History/Background:she was adopted by a lovely family however her parents divorced when she was young. Her mother was a free spirit living in Osaka while her father lived an hour away in a rural town working with her. Suzume spent every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with her mother earning the love of parapara and cute fashion in the city while being grounded and riding her Dune color horse named Lady. She was discovered when she was 17 when she was dancing in a club. She's known more for her dancing than her singing. The reason why she's so rude to fans so much is becuase when she was first started(still reletively unknown) she was kidnapped by a delusional fan. She obviously made it out of alive.

Is this good?   
Name: Saeko Akira

Nickname: Hoshi-chan~

Age: 19

Off stage

On Stage/Fighting Gear

Birthday: Febuary 20

Birthplace: She forgot...But most likely on one of the US Naval Bases.

Favorite Food: Nachos and Cheese~

Likes: Solitude to dream in, mystery in all its guises, anything discarded to stay discarded, the ridiculous, likes to get 'lost.'

Personality: Chaotic stupid. Hoshi-Chan is just as likely to kick the dog, as she is to paint it purple, forget about it, pet the dog, or even ignore it altogether and go chase butterflies. Akira in the real world, possess a gentle, patient, malleable nature. She has many generous qualities and is friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around her, and responds with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering she encounter. Akira is deservedly popular with all kinds of people, partly because of her easygoing, affectionate, submissive nature, seemingly being no threat or challenge to stronger and more exuberant characters. She tends to be too otherworldly for the practical purposes of living in this world as it is. She sometimes exists emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively more than intellectually. She longs to be recognized as greatly creative.

Strengths: Her Guitaring. She's been playing since she was a young girl. However, it is her imagination that helps bring out her more flamboyant ideas for songs, etc.

Weakness: She is very escapist and idealistic, secretive and vague when it comes to dealing with the other band members. She is also weak-willed and easily led in love affairs.

Gemstone/Element: Moonstone/Water.

Power: Megane Beam! She uses light from the moon and forms into a high level blast that comes from her glasses!

History/Background: Akira has always been involved with the stage and lime light. Her mother was a big "dress pageant" sort had Akira go from district to district either acting or singing. She has developed many different voices and personas because of it, and still to this day, outside of the band, she's a well known VA for popular animus. Her main hobby has always been focused on the guitar and that remains her strongest act. Because of all the weird people she's met over the years, she can be eccentric and an annoyance to everyone but her fanboyus. She's had a lot of schooling aside from acting, so she's well educated but rather navie at times as well.
Name: Moriko Yamamoto

Nickname: Momo-chan

Age: 23


Birthday: April 3rd

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Favorite Food: Dango! No, cheesecake! Or maybe ice cream?

Likes: Music, cute things and video games!

Personality: Momo is playfull, cheery and energetic most of the time, unless you mistake her for a highschooler or younger grade, she really hates that. This is because she looks more like a 16-year-old than a 23-year-old. While she is cute and trendy, at heart she's a total otaku with an obsession over video games, anime/manga, and popular bands. On stage Momo is just as playfull as in real life, sing out in a soothing voice.

Strengths: Momo is willing to be friends with anyone, she'll most likely be the one to reach to someone first. Being adorable helps, but she hasn't noticed this as a strength. Not to mention her insane Wii skills.

Weakness: She can be a little too trusting, and naive. Late nights playing video games sometimes leaves her sleepy during the day.

Gemstone/Element: Malachite/Electricity

Power: She can give a pretty bad eletrical shock, but only with direct contact (for now).

History/Background: Momo was born and raised in Okinawa. Her father ran a martial arts dojo out of their home, so from a young age she was trained in the art though she didn't hold that much interest in it. It didn't help that for the first 4 years of her life her father actually thought she was a boy. After high school she lucked out and caught the attention of a talent agency while singing at a karaoke bar. From that point life has been some-what of a game to her, all about having fun and seeing what fun places her voice will take her.

Name: Mikoto Yoshizawa 吉沢美琴

Nickname: Mikitty, Mikki

Age: 16



Birthday: January 20th

Birthplace: Otsu, Shiga Prefecture

Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki

Likes: Puppies, Cookies, small children

Personality: On stage: Mikki is the higher pitched member of the band typically taking the background notes. She tends towards being a stronger dancer and is usually one of the front line dancers for the band. She likes to get the audience involved with the cheers and dances. Being the youngest member she is usually pegged as being the "cutesy" one as well.

Off Stage: Mikki is quiet and works hard for her studies, she values her grades but likes to balance with lots of fun. She is typically the "kid sister" in the group, always looking up to the others and asking for help when she needs it. She aspires to be a great singer like her other band mates and tries to act mature around them but usually ends up showing her age in one way or another. She gets embarrassed when people make fun of her Kansai dialect but she works hard at speaking with a Kanto accent.

Strengths: Studying, she's great at staying up beat and positive, was great at kyudo in school, she is a great dancer and people person so she's great at whipping up the crowd in a cheer

Weakness: She can be a bit dense when it comes to grown up matters and tends to be more on the innocent side, she tends to be more trusting towards the older members and following their lead good or bad, her singing isn't as great as the others but she tries hard to get better

Gemstone/Element: Citrine/Love

Power: Love Beam: Through her pure love for singing she fires a beam (a la Kamehameha wave) that pushes the enemy back and can knock them down

History/Background: Mikki grew up in the town of Otsu in the Kansai portion of Japan. Her family was always pushing her to strive academically and in kyudo, and she worked hard to please them. While going to school they also supported her in the arts as she decided to sing and join the choir. Mikki was pushed into auditioning for Sakura Musume the day before her 17th birthday and she won becoming the third generation member to become part of the group. She continued her schooling as she became part of the pop phenomenon that was sweeping Japan.

Voice: Aika Mitsui
Name: Katsuno Ai

Nickname: Kat-chan

Age: 17

Birthday: June 21

Birthplace: Sapporo

Favorite Food: Jingisukan

Likes: Seafood, flowers, stuffed animals, roller coasters

Personality: Generally, Ai is shy, timid, and quite reserved. She gets very anxious when left alone, and tends to latch on to someone she trusts when in uncomfortable situations. Ai is very defensive of people she cares about, however, although she can never quite figure out how to appropriately express her emotions, leading to her getting a bit flustered at times.
Onstage, Ai's personality makes a complete 180. Fearless and confident, she makes her presence known during every performance, sometimes at the risk of upstaging her bandmates. When she really lets her hair down, her behavior can be wild and reckless, particularly when the crowd gets involved. She is not afraid of stepping on people's toes when it comes time to do a show, and that goes both literally as well as metaphorically.

Strengths: Kat-chan is extremely playful and up for most any challenge, so long as she's not on her own. She has no problem sticking up for others, whether she knows them particularly well or not, and will get in someone's face very quickly if they rub her the wrong way. Fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones, Ai would never abandon someone she cares about.

Weakness: Ai can be moody a lot of the time. If someone crosses her, she is sure to hold a grudge and finds it very hard to make-up with someone after a falling-out. Sometimes she is a little too blunt and will tell the truth to someone straight without the slightest bit of sensitivity or consideration for the other person's feelings.

Gemstone/Element: Chrysoberyl (Cat's-eye)/ Vision

Power: Ai casts a hypnotic glare that paralyzes her enemy, stopping them in their tracks.

History/Background: Born to a family that owned a small seafood restaurant, Ai grew up with three older sisters. As the youngest, she was often made to feel inferior and became quite reclusive and shy as a result. Longing for a way to break-out of her shell and get herself noticed, she nurtured an interest in becoming a pop idol, spending hours in her room staging practices with her stuffed animals as an audience. There she developed her onstage persona, which she kept as a secret, quietly going through her ordinary routine of helping her parents with the restaurant. One day, she snuck off to Tokyo to audition for a group, and although she was nervous and scared out of her wits, she aced it. Returning home, she struggled to find a way to break the news to her family, who she feared wouldn't approve of her decision, but surprisingly, they were delighted that she had found a dream to pursue. With their blessing, she relocated to Tokyo to embark on a singing and dancing career.
The IC is up, check the character list to see if you're accepted in the first post! Go ahead and start posting~