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  1. Good morning / evening random person, thank you for checking this out! It means a lot to me c:
    Welcome to my Partner Search thread, I guess?

    My name is Sen and I really need excuses to procrastinate so I'll be updating this whenever I get new ideas. Most of these are MxF or MxM. I'm still learning how to play FxF, so if you have any ideas, we could do that instead!

    Status: Closed.

    Open Plots: Wish Painting (3/3), I Spy, Resurrected, Don't Go To The Other Side (2/3, Dark Wood Circus

    A little about me:
    I am a sucker for romance, enough said.
    I also love fantasy and anything supernatural or magical.
    I do watch anime, but I don't roleplay fandoms. (With the exception of Pokemon.)
    High school student who procrastinates way too much.

    Just a few things before I start:
    1. Post lengths: I normally do not mind how long your posts are as long as they aren't one-liners. Even two sentences is fine with me, as long as you contribute to the story and push the plot forward, even if you do this slowly, it's all good, at least the plot won't be stuck in one place. My average is about five to six sentences in a single paragraph, but if there is enough information for me to work with, I can go up to about two to three paragraphs. My longest is about five to six paragraphs, but don't expect any of that, I rarely type that much.

    2. Posting speed: I know we all have our own lives, but I would love it if you could post at least once every two days, so I know you're still alive. If something does happen, PM me, I understand that we can't be on all the time. I have school, so there will be a huge gap where I'm offline (although sometimes I sneak a reply in when I meant to be doing work *cough*) but I am always on when school ends. On Sundays expect long delays because I'm either doing homework or playing games, I do check Iwaku every time my game finishes. School breaks means I'll be on all of the time, except when I'm sleeping or gone outside (don't worry, I'm 90% hermit)

    3. My grammar and spelling isn't the best. I'm still improving, so please bear with me. I am going to make some silly typos once in a while, even when I proofread it, I don't see it. If my post doesn't make sense to you, PM me, I'll patch it up. This usually happens when I'm replying on my iPad.

    4. Preferences: I play both female and male, dominant and submissive. In all of these plots underneath, I do not have a preference for the characters. I'll play whoever you're not playing. I don't mind. Smut is absolutely fine. But please, no scat. It's just not my thing.

    5. I am willing to try anything that doesn't put me off. Kinks? I'll give it a shot. Your plot candies? Throw them at me. I don't want to limit my abilities so I would love to play just about anything so I can learn.

    6. Roleplay in a thread please, not PMs.

    Really open to anything. Here are some I like, though:

    • Imaginary Friend x Human (might turn out to be a ghost)
    • Corruption of Champions.
    • Soldier demon x Healer angel
    • Butler x Daughter of the house
    • Half-creature-half-human x Half-creature-half-human (I don't know how to use this idea at all. They're meant to be humans that are half animal, having traits from their animalistic side. e.g magpie = wings, compulsive stealer...)
    • Harry Potter AU in a world focusing on Dark Arts?
    • Assassin x Victim
    • Class President x Class Rebel
    • Shapeshifter x Human
    • Werewolf Master x Vampire Slave
    • Werewolf Slave x Vampire Master
    • Pokemon

    NOTE: Most of these plots were inspired by something. Not 100% original.

    (Open) - Self explanatory.
    (In planning process) - Partner and I still mixing our creative juices together. I might consider playing the same plot with someone else if you can make it different somehow.
    (Taken) - Plot no longer available for anyone else. Until the current roleplay finishes.

    Wish Painting | Three to Choose From (open)

    #1: (Open)
    #2: (Open)
    #3: (Planning Process)
    Demon x Human

    MxF / MxM / FxF

    A young painter lives in a large estate on a giant hill on the outskirts of town. The painter's parents are extremely restrictive, isolating them from the world by keeping them inside the house and never letting them out even once. They were home schooled and barely had any friends, apart from family friends that her parents rarely invited over. The parents had a reason though - the painter was so exceptionally good at painting her works would come to life and roam the living world for a single day, living until the sun sets. Sometimes if you entered their room, there could be dragons flying puffing smoke from their nostrils and breathing fire, or cute fantasy creatures so fluffy they looked like pompoms.

    Our painter grows up, and naturally gets curious about sexual life. They read plenty of novels, asking her servants to go to the library and pick out random books for her to read. She comes across a book about two demons who love each other very much and how they journey across hell and earth to meet each other. Inspired, she draws a very beautiful/handsome demon using her imagination, watching as the demon emerges from the paper. This demon was indeed very special, it sensed her curiosity, and from its body it emitted a strong aura of lust that caused the painter to explore their sexual nature.

    Scenario #1
    The demon and its creator get to know each other, but the painter knows they will disappear by sunset. A romance occurs between the two of them but they bid each other farewell every day, the painter watches as her creation disappears into black smoke. The painter continues her life, continuing to draw, but never forgetting the demon. The painter decides to draw it again, hoping to see it - but to their surprise, it's the exact same demon! Instead of a new creation that simply looked alike, it was the one she had met a month ago. Same personality, same appearance and it missed its creator very much. From then on, the painter would paint the demon every single morning, their relationship going even further - but the painter had an important task; hide it from her parents.

    Scenario #2
    The demon and its creator get to know each other, but the painter knows they will disappear by sunset. Not wanting to see such a magnificent creature go, they decide to go to sleep before sunset. When the painter wakes up, they are surprised to see the demon still there, smiling beside them on the bed. Every once in a while, the demon would sneak the painter out to see the outside world through magic, showing them parts of the world that she couldn't even imagine. Love sparks, but the painter's parents have already arranged a marriage between them and a rich family's son/daughter, how could the painter keep the demon and their relationship hidden?

    Scenario #3
    The demon and its creator get to know each other, but the painter knows they will disappear by sunset. However, just minutes before the sun sinks below the horizon, the demon drags her into the paper in which they were painted on. They arrive in a twisted but beautiful wonderland, a kingdom of imagination. The demon is the ruler of this small world and declares the painter their mate. But a force that is known to eat imagination itself comes closer by the second, its eyes set on the painter...

    I Spy (open)

    Human x Human
    MxF / MxM / FxF
    Note: This plot is a balance between adventure and romance.

    In a medieval kingdom, a spy from a rival kingdom was discovered by the guards after weeks of being disguised as an aristocrat and thrown into a cell to slowly die. Thankfully, the king is very against physical torture, so the spy only suffers through starvation and dehydration. The spy lays there in their cell, all alone. Suddenly, one day, the spy hears a faint scratching sound and murmurings through a well-sized crack in the stone walls. There's another prisoner in the cell beside theirs. Though the spy cannot see their new companion, they can talk freely. They get to know each other, spill secrets and tell each other stories. A month later, the prisoner is released since they committed a lesser crime. However, they also break the spy out and thus broke the law. The duo are on the run, going on an adventure. Their personalities clash but they run across the world in order to return to their own kingdoms.

    Sing For Me (open)

    Dragon x Human
    MxF / MxM

    Set in a fantasy version of the medieval era, the world was has been taken over by dragons. All shapes and colours and different weapons to kill humans with. Whether it be claws or fangs, poisonous breath like gas, blasts of hot, searing fire - the dragons were clearly the dominant race. The dragons were ruled by a single male dragon, famous for his ferocity in battle and his generosity, willing to spare the inferior humans as long as they worked for him. In order to appease the dragon, a small village up in the mountains had been tasked with choosing a girl, whose fate it was to sing for the dragon leader and calm it from its violent tendencies. This tradition was started many, many years ago, when a young woman, outcasted from the village, ran away to a cave high up in the mountains. Not knowing she had stumbled into the den of source of her misery, she was kept by the ruler of dragons, who made her sing for him everyday. Rumor has it that the dragon had fallen in love with her. Ever since then, the village chooses a human, either male or female, to play the role of the sacrifice and give up their life to protect the rest of the world by singing prayers to the dragon to keep him in his den.

    Of course, the ruler of dragons had a rival. A black dragon, faster than light who was just as dangerous and ferocious but he had no room for humans in his domain and slayed all. He rarely approached the perimeter of the leading dragon's territory since many other dragons supported him and defended his domain and attacked the black dragon. Years and years they have fought.

    The black dragon hatches a plan and disguises himself as a human, working his way up the palace of humans and becoming a general. No one knows he is a dragon and the guards respect him. He leads a charge to the ruling dragon's den with soldiers that admire him and kidnap the current sacrifice, taking them to the castle. The ruling dragon has no choice but to either destroy the castle or turn into a human (or humanoid-dragon) to retrieve them. But by then, they have already been forced to take a potion which erases most memories. The ruling dragon now goes on a quest to woo them in order to take them back. But he is always under the watchful eye of his rival.

    Daily Check-ups (open)

    Incubus x Human
    MxF / MxM

    Welcome to a famous boarding school, where both females and males learn about everyday things. A normal school. Though the place was pretty famous, there wasn't anything special about it. An incubus, watching from his domain, smirks. He was going to change that place forever.

    He joins the staff as a male nurse. Soon he is known as a stunning man, the doctor is a charismatic that oozes 'pure sex appeal'. A lot of students start to admire him, develop crushes, fake being sick just to visit him. What is strange is that practically nothing is known about him. However, it's said that anyone who manages to catch the doctor's eye is often called to the infirmary for 'check-ups'. Who will be the doctor's next patient?

    But the incubus has other plans. His semen was capable of corrupting humans if they become addicted to it. For some odd reason, it tastes like what they love or crave most, allowing them to want more. If women get too much in their system, they can become succubi. If men get too much in their system, a new incubus is born. The incubus plans to corrupt everyone in the school and create more of his own kind, as well as keeping some for his own purposes, finding a mate was also important.

    Out of all of the students in the school, only one is suspicious about this nurse. But unfortunately, the student seems to have caught the incubus' attention...

    Broken Contracts (open)

    Demon x Demon Hunter
    MxF / MxM / FxF

    In the land of Nora, Humans can no longer stand up to the fierce and numberless hordes of demons emerging from the Northern Lands. The demons roamed everywhere in the land, avoiding towns and killing off travelling humans. Cunning demons disguised themselves as Humans and hid in cities and towns, managing shady businesses and walking among the people.

    There are a few people in Nora who kill off demons by making contracts with others. A 'guardian', they are called. By selling something to them - your voice, your soul, your sight, family, sometimes even bodies - the demons are willing to fight with you against their own kind.

    A demon hunter is assigned to kill a famous businessman who is actually a demon in didisguiseThis demon is notorious for being a nuisance, making weapons for the demon army and allowing them access to the city. The demon also happened to be the business rival of the hunter's best friend, who owned one of the remaining powerful Human companies. But when the hunter breaks in, they find out that the demon they are meant to kill is actually a demon whom the hunter had a contract with a few years ago. The demon is happy to see its old partner and tries to get back together in order to save their life. The hunter, on the other hand...isn't so pleased

    Resurrected (open)

    Werewolf x Werewolf

    It has been years since he lost his mate. There were times where he cried for her, but he knew it was time to move on. He had watched her die at the hands of his own pack who wanted her gone. Angrily, he left the pack and decided to live in a small house near the edge of his old territory, which was near a rather large town. As the years went by, he found a new girlfriend. But she was human and she didn't know that he was a werewolf. In fact, she had no idea the supernatural existed. He cared about her a lot, but it was clear her love for him was stronger than his love for her.

    One day, when he was buying groceries in town, he hears a rumor. A female wolf who had the exact same appearance as his mate was guarding the woods near town. He didn't believe it. There was no way. That night, he explores the woods in his wolf form, lying to his girlfriend and telling her he was going to be in town. He reaches the river running in the middle of the woods and howls at the moon through the opening of the trees. To his surprise, a howl that floods his mind with old memories comes back not far away. He dashes towards it, running right into the mate he thought he had lost.

    What should he do? He had spent so long with his human girlfriend, but he hadn't once forgotten about his mate, the connection was still there. He was at a loss.

    Nightmare Paradise (open)

    Merperson x Human
    MxF / MxM

    During an exotic school trip, a few students decide to go surfing since there is a high tide. However, one of the students somehow becomes separated from their friends and is swept away by the ocean. They waste their energy and try to swim back, but the ocean persistently pulls them back even further away. Eventually, the student gives up after not being able to see the island anymore. Exhausted, they let themselves go, going under the water. However, from a forest of seaweed, a merperson - who has never seen a human before - spots the student. Realising that it was an air breathing living being, the merperson pulls them to safety on a strange island.

    During the day time it seemed like a tropical paradise. But at night, all sorts of creatures lurked within, waiting for fresh meat.

    Dark Wood Circus (open)

    Supernatural being / Human x Human
    MxF / MxM / FxF

    This is a love story between a member of a freak show and the daughter/son of the Headmaster. The Headmaster is cruel and loves to watch them suffer. The freak show member doesn't know much about the outside world or common knowledge like emotions. All they know is that they have to smile during performances and keep their mouth shut - or have it sewn shut. The freak show member always watches the Headmaster's child, the only pure and sane person in the whole circus. One day, the child of the Headmaster decides to take care of this one member, becoming their friend, taking care of them, teaching them what it meant to be a proper human. But the Headmaster did not want the 'freak' to be with their child once he was convinced they were in love and tries his best to separate them, preventing them from seeing each other.

    I'm Sorry (open)
    Angel x Demon
    MxF / MxM

    The Celestials had lost the war and the demons had triumphed. The General in charge of the army aligned with Hell agreed to spare the Celestials' pathetic lives if they agreed to sacrifice one of their own to their master. Send them to Hell, where they will be kept there to create hybrid children, demon and angel blood in one body - destined to be raised up to start a future war. The Celestials had no choice but to agree, sending an angel down to Earth to live among the humans until the time came.

    The angel befriended a demon who lived on Earth. They became friends as children. The demon knew very well what the purpose of the angel was, but the angel believed he was just a mere human. They grew up together and shared secrets, had sleepovers and hanged out together, living a completely normal life. On the night of the angel's eighteenth birthday - the day the Celestials had picked for the sacrifice - the demon finished his duty and kidnapped his best friend. The angel was taken to Hell where they were to stay for the rest of their life. The angel was to be betrothed to one of the Crown Princes of Hell, who just couldn't wait to use the angel for his plan. The demon who betrayed his only friend was assigned to be their personal guard, making sure no other demons got their hands on the pure angel.

    On the demon's first night of duty, he was sent to the dungeon room, where he was met with a hideous sight. The angel, tied up and blood seeping out of whip wounds, tears all over their face. They were tortured. It was then he had realised the severity of what he had done. He was going to save his friend from this mess, even though they might not forgive him. He was going to protect his friend. Stand against Hell itself. The demon was going to have to face the Crown Prince.

    Don't Go To The Other Side (open)

    This plot I can use again. Maximum of three roleplays with this plot.
    #1 (Taken)
    #2 (Open)
    #3 (Open)

    Supernatural being x Werewolf
    MxF / MxM

    Each werewolf in the pack of the Woods were taught one thing by their parents as they grew up; never go into the Other Side of the Woods.

    There was no explanation why they were not allowed to go into the Other Side. The border to the Other Side was clearly marked with a wall of thick thorns growing out of the ground that choked the rustling trees. Rumor has it that a corrupted renegade werewolf guarded the wall, walking up and down the thorn wall every day, killing intruders. No one had ever ventured past the wall and came back alive to tell the pack what was on the Other Side. The Other Side was there before the pack had established their colony in the Woods. It was a silent and dark place, anything that grew around the thorns were choked to death. The Alpha of the pack seemed to know why the place was forbidden, but it was taboo, no one spoke of the vile place, and so for many years the werewolves left it alone.

    But in reality, behind the wall of thorns lived an ageless ____. A fallen one, banished for his/her lustful sins. They had lost their innocence, their purity, and had fallen into the Woods countless years ago. S/he sat in a secluded garden, where trees and flowers grew from the light emitted from his/her body and the sun. Behind the thorns was the ___'s own private garden and orchid, a comfortable cave surrounded by soft vines, a green haven surrounded by cute creatures that lived on the Other Side.

    The Other Side was beautiful in its own way, but it was a paradise only for the ageless ____, and no one else. The ____ did not mind the company of the werewolves, as long as they did not pass the wall and taint his/her garden with their barbaric traditions, s/he was happy to share the Woods with these creatures.

    The ____ had a magnificent pair of wings that allowed him/her to fly over the wall to explore the Woods, but the werewolves - especially the Alpha, who knew of their existence, did not approve of their appearance and would chase him/her away with sharp claws and painful bites.

    Sick of being chased, the ____ decided to hibernate for a long time, locking him/herself into a dormant state. With only the corrupted werewolf to guard the Other Side, the Other Side was now ripe for exploration.

    Rise (open)
    Vampire x Human
    MxF / MxM

    The vampires declare war on the humans, believing them to be a plague that must be eliminated. Most humans were killed, some that sparked a vampire's interest were taken away to either become one of them or become pets.

    A male vampire spends a long night destroying a large mansion, killing all of the inhabitants. As he finishes his dirty and bloody work, he walks around the grand building, kicking the corpses of the humans to see if any were alive. He walks to one of the bedrooms and throws the door open. Next to a bleeding corpses was a sleeping, breathing human. The vampire raises his fist, clasped over a knife, over the living human's head, but he hesitates. There was something very interesting about this human, something the vampire couldn't quite put his finger on. He shakes the person awake, who opens their eyes slowly, their eyes adjusting to the bloody sight in front of them.

    The human starts to scream. To silence them, the vampire starts to choke her. He has to threaten to kill them to make them agree to be his pet and blood donor. At first, he treats them like a toy, not even caring if they starved. But eventually, he starts to feel something happen inside him. He doesn't understand what it is, but he starts to get intimate with his pet. Being a high tier vampire, he gives his pet privileges, giving them power among his servants. His pet wants nothing more than revenge, which they can get by becoming the head of the house, but will they end up killing him?

    The King/Queen of Fairies (open)
    Fae King/Queen x Knight
    MxF / MxM / FxF

    There isn't much to do in a Fae territory. There aren't many invaders or forest fires, so the members of the Unseelie Court get extremely bored. Especially the supreme ruler.

    One day, a brave warrior ventures out on a quest set for them by the human King. They are promised a great reward if they are able to finish their job.

    After walking for half a day, the warrior decides to have a rest. Unaware that they have stepped into fae territory. They fall asleep and have dreams about nature, sparkling ponds and coloured trees and beautiful flowers. The warrior wakes up hours later, bound in chains and sitting in the Unseelie Court. The fairies poke at him and laugh and the warrior finds out that they have been taken captive by the ruler.

    Against the warrior's will, they become the pet or toy of the fae ruler, who is selfish but beautiful. For the first few weeks, they try to escape by killing guards, resisting, running away at night - but escape is impossible for a human. Eventually, the warrior turns to the Unseelie Court ruler and tries to live life as a fae, slowly forgetting their previous life. Becoming infatuated with the ruler, the warrior realises they have to leave. And fast. 'The longer one stays in the fairy world, the harder it is to leave.'


    That's about it right now, folks.
    Now I shall fly away on a unicorn!

    I look forward to fun roleplays~
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  2. I would like to do your idea DON'T GO TO THE OTHER SIDE :)
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  4. I will do my best to reply every two days or so! Since the plot I was interested in was taken, I'd like to do I'm Sorry. :D
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