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  1. I am probily one of the few people who enjoy this franchise. Has anyone heard of Sengoku Basara? It's a game as well for an anime series. One of the few Animes I enjoy. So, anyone heard of it?
  2. I have, though I feel DW8 is more precise and solid in gameplay and probably story structure, I like Segoku Basara for it's over the top nature, which it goes more ridiculous than the DW Series.

    I do believe it works better as an Anime.
  3. I love the Basara anime and the characters. Seeing a pirate sporting purple, pink and mauve is pretty fuckin' manly. Date's yazukaish army is pretty badass as well. I dunno. I just really adore the characters in the franchise. I got Basara 4 recently. I had to import it. Now Basara 4 Sumerage is coming out and I want it.

    The over the top nature is what makes the game and anime enjoyable. It's ridiculous in a good way.
  4. First; Basara is pretty damn popular. No need to try and paint yourself as a rare fan :D

    Second; GET YOUR GUNS ON!
  5. I gave the series a shot because it made me think of Dynasty Warriors, and I am a huuuuge DW/Koei fan. Unfortunately I had a really hard time trying to get into Sengoku Basara. I enjoyed a few of the characters, though.
  6. Hmmm Oichi...
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