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There is a house that exists in the world. Ever-changing in its location. Ever-changing in its goals. Some say the house brings you to your ideal world, one where everything is perfect, where all the pain of your life has gone away and death is no obstacle. Others say that the house changes you to make you into the perfect version of yourself. Either way, whoever enters the house is lost.

The reason or its purpose doesn't matter to you. Less than five years, someone you know entered the house and never came back. The house is back and you are determined to find out the truth.... once and for all, even if it costs you the world. But dark forces are working against to keep the perfect houses secret? Can you solve the mystery and make it out unchanged or are you just another victim?

Character sheet

Gender: (Please denote gender changes)
Age :
Starter Appearance:
Appearance after side effects: (
There will be multiple rooms, so you may list them all here and I will randomly pick them as your 'side effects' in the house)
Starter personality:
Personality after being affected by the house:
Abilities/ skills:
Magical/ Mana resistance: ( Each person may have one character who is highly resistant to the effects, but no more than one. ( Similarily, this can be resistance to mental alterations if you wish to still have the physical ones)
History (optional, but highly recommended):


Name: Jackson Williams

Nickname: Jack

Gender: Male

Age : 17

Starter Appearance:
Image result for blonde hair and blue eyes teen boy

Jack has blonde hair that is pushed forward that goes into his eyes. He is relatively average in height and stands at 5’7 inches. He has an average weight, being no fatter or thinner than most people his age. He traditonally wears glasses and a blue t-shirt with blue jeans along with sneakers. His eyes are blue in color and he has an average facial features.

Appearance after side effects: Height growth by an entire foot, beard growth, vocal changes to have a deeper voice, hair change to brown, eye color change to emerald, eyesight improves to not need glasses.

Starter personality: Jackson is the friend you know who is gullible and believes whatever you tell him. He is very happy and go-lucky, often finding the best in the worst situation. He is also very friendly and helps those in need.

Personality after being affected by the house: Unaffected/ becomes less gullible

Abilities/ skills: Can read signs within the house that are not always visible to others. Can solve mysteries. He is also a decent singer.

Magical/ Mana resistance: Jackson has a high aversion to the mental changes that the house wishes to induce on him and despite going through the physical changes, his body is not tolerant to them at all.

History (optional, but highly recommended): Nobody is quite sure what his history is. He doesn’t talk about it.

Family: Jaclyn Williams ( Sister-Entered the house five years ago) John Williams and Jamie Williams ( Missing- Entered the house when Jack was a baby and they were in their twenties), Lucinda Williams ( Grandmother-Raising Jack) Luke Williams ( Grandfather- Missing. Entered the house when he was in his twenties) Kevin Dawson and Kelly Dawson ( Grandparents from mother’s side- Missing. Entered the house when they were also in their twenties.)

Extra: He owns a journal that he writes in. He is the one who knows the most about the house, researching it throughout history. Jack is the seventh member of his family to enter the house and is determined to find out what it did to the rest of his family.