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Fluffy, I'm opening up an OOC so we can discuss the plotline just in case we aren't able to chat on MSN about it.
I'm thinking that we should have our duo end up stuck in the swamp for this chapter and encounter some creatures that are like giant rat things. Then we can have them move on to Oren.
Swamp and giant rats? Okay. Sounds good. :P And then getting out will end the first chapter? Or going to the swamp starts the second?
Okay, I think swamp will be Episode Two, since it is a change from the relative calm of Paint Sparrow.
I'll post later tonight. Going to some Middle Eastern talk thing.
I may have some issues with posting for the next few days.
I'll post tomorrow. I didn't get around to it today because I had an allergy attack at the mall, so I had to spend some time resting on the couch before finishing my homework. Now it's about 1:30 AM and I can't function properly... I sorryz.
I was going to post, Roru! But the thread is closed. I know sometimes that happens on accident but let me know if you just didn't mean for me to post right away or something. :P
Na, looking at log thread was an accident.