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  1. Selector Concerto

    A Tale of Magical Kids, Closing Schools, and Hero Clubs

    • There's a lot to read, so I'll give you the basics right here.
      • This is my foray into Dice RPing, with stats and shit. I'll handle the calculations, you just worry about the writing. Credits to Asuras for letting me use the barebones of his system.
      • The plot is basically...your school is closing and you want to do something to make it not close, so you're going to join a club centered around glorious magical girl/boy vs magical girl/boy combat and try to get internationally famous and get publicity for your school. Or something like that.
      • Your character is someone who has the archetype of 'hero', whether it be from tons of hard work or from getting a magical power or from being the Chosen One. Note that in this world, there's a ton of Chosen Ones with no Quests to fulfill, and there's tons of wielders of holy swords or sacred weapons. Feel free to get creative and snarky about stereotypes.
      • The world is a relatively safe place, but supervillains are still a thing. Just not in your town.
      • The actual stats and ability-making will be done after your CS is completed. I will be allocating a specific amount of stat points depending on the CS. Don't try to powergame, or I'll smite you.
      • The important things to read are the Plot, the Town, and the Magic. Everything else you can worry about after finishing da CS.
      • Note: Every year, magical boys and girls go through an exam to determine how their stats have fluctuated.
      • This is a silly RP, but don't be a jackass.
      • I will give an extra point for all those who PM all the anime references I made in this thing. They're pretty easy, so I'll make it even easier for you. There are four of them.
      Also, I swear, this is going to get prettier. I just have no stable net, meaning no ability to go picture hunting. Q.Q

    • Centuries ago, back when populations were still small, a Chosen One, a Hero of Light, or whatever else, would always be born in order to defeat the evil that loomed over the horizon and protect the world from devastation. They may be born from a long line of practitioners of the sacred arts, or they may be a once-in-a-hundred-years prodigy that came from humble origins. They may stumble upon an ancient relic that grants them immeasurable power, or they may be cursed or blessed by a diety, granting them their unnatural abilities. Regardless, heroes were born, made, or trained, rising up in their adolescence before fading away into peaceful obscurity in adulthood.

      There was always a perfectly maintained ratio of heroes to humans, and, as the forces of evil grew, the amount of heroes increased to match those hordes.

      That was then.

      This is now.

      After the human population exploded in the 19th century, the number of heroes also did, in accordance to the ‘Heroic Ratio’. This number continued to rise exponentially, until it became clear that there really wasn’t enough demons and monsters in stock to be a threat to the heroic armies. After being squashed, outnumbered, and overkilled countless amounts of times, the monsters eventually hung up a white flag and declared that humans were, indeed, the master race. From then on, the bad guys lived in coexistence with the good guys, never sticking their head into any more nefarious schemes of ill-repute. For a brief amount of time, the heroes were satisfied with using their powers to enhance society, not simply protect it. They would blossom into world-saving activity during their teenage years, before losing their powers at the age of 25 and moving on to enjoy the more mature aspects of life. Environmental problems didn’t exist. Food problems didn’t exist. Crime problems didn’t exist. With so many heroes around, the common criminal stood no chance, and they all understood that.

      And then, the amount of heroes became a problem. The inability to use their destructive powers lead to frustration, especially amongst those children who were going through puberty, and many weren’t satisfied with the mundane, eventless lives they held, when they could be doing so much more with those powers of theirs. There was no external foe to fight, and eventually…

      On a hot summer day, the cicadas buzzing lackadaisically in the air, an ice cream shop was robbed by a five year old with Telekinesis and True Sight. Though the mother apologized and paid for the ice cream eventually, word had already gotten out, at the fact that a ‘hero’ used their powers in a greedy, selfish way. And, just like that, villains of a human sort began to pop up all over the world, robbing banks or hacking video games or scratching cars or whatever misdeeds rebellious magical teenagers got themselves in. Immediately afterwards, the heroes that have not strayed overzealously engaged their dark counterparts, and it became clear to anyone with half a brain that the collateral damage caused by those fights did more harm than good. Magical lasers seared through the atmosphere and buildings toppled from the destructive impact of combatically-repressed kids, causing no shortage of things for the Earth Defense Force to clean up.

      The moniker of ‘hero’ eventually turned into ‘magical boy’ or ‘magical girl’, as they could no longer be considered a pure force of good.

      As governments, EDF officials, and former heroes discussed this growing societal problem, it became obvious that magical children needed a way to get rid of the frustration that came with having powers that could not be used. While dark magical boys and girls were still zooming about, providing a new enemy for the good guys, it was the root of the problem that they worked to address.

      One week later, they came to a decision. If the magical boys and girls wanted to fight in order to release childhood stress and frustration, then they should at least do it in a safe environment.

      And thus, the Selector League was created.

      An event like no other, the Selector League pits teams of three to six magical boys and girls against each other, in competitions that featuring various objective goals, but all end up being combat-centered in one way or the other. Popular both with those who want to play and those who want to watch, the Selector League is split into a multitude of smaller subdivisions that match teams up either by strength or by age. Supervised by the Earth Defense Force and set on holographically crafted arenas in the sky, it has quickly become one of the most exciting things to watch on television…even if not all matches are particularly skillful.

      Professional teams that show good sportsmanship are eventually granted Hero Licenses that allow them to apply their magical skills to the real world, and many of them become just as popular as actresses or celebrities, endorsed by dozens of companies and mobbed by massive groups of adoring fans.

      Needless to say, it’s pretty great publicity for pretty much anything, and it’s healthy fun for all involved.

    • Of course, most of that’s also irrelevant to your own life as a magical boy or girl. Living as a student of the only school in Sakurashin Town, a town out in the boonies, your powers have really only been used for mischief or cat-saving or making your chores easier. In a peaceful little town surrounded by the natural beauty that Japan’s old heroes fought to protect, there was pretty much nothing going on, even though the rest of the world went through gigantic changes. Rice was still being farmed, cows were still being milked, monsters were still chilling with humans, and students were still going to school.

      And then, one day, an earthshaking event occurred, destroying your illusions of a peaceful, normal secondary school life.

      Due to low enrollment rates, Sakurashin Secondary School was closing next year, putting a brutal end to your painless lives. Instantly, dreadful tales of super crowded train stations and scary, hip urbanites flash through your brain, and you fall into a crippling, brutal despair.

      It is in that desolate abyss that an announcement rings through the PA system of your soon-to-be destroyed school.

      The Hero Club is recruiting for a Selector team, and all are welcome to join.

    • Sakurashin Town is a typical Japanese town in the middle of nowhere. It’s near a bunch of farmers, so the vegetables are as fresh as can be, and the weather is generally rather fair and pleasant. When it rains though, it pours, and for that reason, most homes don’t have a basement, and are elevated a foot or so off the ground. There are a few convenience stores and a few supermarkets, but as for high-tech urban stuff, it’s better off to take the train and head to the city than to look through the local electronics shop. The prices may be cheaper, but the products are also older.

      A thirty minute bike ride away from the beach, it’s often used as a pit stop for people heading for summertime fun or whatever else. Most of the families living in Sakurashin own a boat, and it’s a popular pastime to go fishing during summer and fall. The namesake of Sakurashin, it’s massive, ancient cherry blossom tree, rests at the center of town, and creates a mesmerizing cherry blossom blizzard that lasts through the entirety of May.

      As it stands, the only hero operating Sakurashin spends more time as a teacher than a villain-fighter.

    • The fruit of knowledge that magical boys and girls possess, magic is the ability to do supernatural things, whether it be flying or shooting out lasers. They can be obtained through a variety of different methods, but the general consensus is that your magical powers will greatly decline or increase in ‘cost’ after you reach 25 years of age. There are certain exceptions to the rule, such as if you’re a magical boy or girl who got their power through tireless training, but most people don’t actually do that.

      While there’s a lot of fluff and faff that goes along with utilizing magic, such as lazer beams and plasma and monomolecular blades, ultimately, the strength of magic is determined by the user. If a weakling that has a plasma sword capable of cutting through dimensions goes up against a stronger magical kid who only has a normal plastic rod…the stronger kid’s going to block that lightsaber and send the weakling flying through three buildings.

      Ultimately, fluff is cool and can bring out special effects, but as long as it’s magic, even if you can stop time, that means nothing if they can just use LOVE AND JUSTICE to break free of those temporal bindings.

      After all, the true fuel of heroes is their emotions!

      …though, realistically, what they’re using is their energy, whether it be ki, mana, or whatever else.

    • Annually, all magical girls and boys must take a set of physical exams to see how far they have progressed or regressed in regards to their powers. Though there’s a much more complex set of data that is collected from those exams, for the benefit of children with short attention spans who still like to see big numbers, these stats are simplified and compiled into a very RPG-like set of details.

      Energy – Energy is the umbrella term used for whatever source of power people draw from, and can generally be used to compare how long a magical kid can do a magical activity, such as tossing out fireballs or erecting barriers. Energy also refers to the amount of energy that can be output in a single instant. Essentially, the more energy you have, the bigger your magical attacks will be, and the longer you can continue to magically attack.

      Willpower – Willpower is the ability to exceed your limits, to use the power of your pure emotions in order to push yourself into another level of power. This is often characterized by lots of dramatic speeches, following by yelling and slow motion cinematic attacks with long incantations and names. High Willpower will also allow you to not die when you should be killed, but generally, that bit’s irrelevant to Selector battles.

      Intelligence – Intelligence refers not to knowledge of the physical world, but of your own powers. The more intelligence you have, the finer control you have over your magical abilities. You’ll also have a wider array of magical abilities with high Intelligence, as well as more efficient energy usage. Basically, if low Intelligence gave you linear beams, high Intelligence would allow you to curve them around and shoot more of them for the same amount of energy.

      Strength – Strength should be obvious, but it’s basically how strong you are when you go into battle after activating your magical boy or girl form. This encompasses all forms of strength, from lifting to striking to gripping to whatever else you can imagine. High Strength, generally, doesn’t correlate with muscle mass...because you should get your dream body type from wholesome exercise and healthy eating, not magical drugs!

      Speed – Speed is also obvious. It’s how fast you physically move after transforming or whatever else. This covers flying speed as well, as normal methods of magical flight only allow you to fly as fast as you run. Naturally, if you’re faster, you’re also more agile, allowing for fancy backflips and parkour maneuvers. Of course, Energy would still determine how long you can run.

      Skill – Skill refers to two things that aren’t really similar: reaction speed and dexterity. High amounts of Skill would, for example, allow someone to react to an arrow being shot at them from behind, before catching it with two fingers. This is all about physically being badass, instead of magically being badass.

      Obviously physically inclined heroes, such as wielders of holy swords or prodigious martial artists, would have higher Speed, Skill, and Strength, while magically inclined heroes, such as magister magis and ACTUAL magical girls, would find more usage for Intelligence and Energy.

      And, of course, every hero of justice should have tons of WILLPOWER.


    • Every stat outside of Willpower can be used as a modifier for an ability.

      Each point put into a stat signifies a d10. Thus, having 5 points in Strength will mean that every time you attack, you roll a d10 five times.

      Landing a hit requires you to roll your Intelligence or your Skill stat, depending on whether the attack is magical or physical, before adding in any extra ability modifiers that you may have. In return, the other person can choose to either attempt to block, dodge, or parry the attack.

      Blocking uses half of your Strength dice and half of your Skill dice. A successful block gives you a chance of reflecting the attack if it’s ranged, and unbalancing the attacker if it’s melee. Against consecutive attacks, each successive block will suffer a penalty, and it is up to the player to determine which attack to prioritize blocking.

      Dodging uses half of your Speed dice and half of your Skill dice. A successful dodge allows you to move immediately afterwards, allowing you to dodge the next attack more easily, if there are consecutive attacks.

      Parrying uses half of your Skill dice only. A successful parry will automatically reflect and unbalance attacks, while suffering no penalties from dealing with consecutive attacks.

      When an attack lands, half of Energy and either half of Intelligence or Strength, as well as any ability modifiers, is rolled to determine the amount of damage done. This is rolled against the enemy’s Willpower stat, and the resulting value is used to determine how much damage is actually done. The same applies when rolling against negative status effects, because Willpower and gustiness can solve anything.

      Your Barrier, that is, your HP, is set at a static value of 10.

      As the battle goes on, your Energy stat will slowly to drop. After it goes to zero, Skill and Intelligence begin to drop as well. Essentially, you’re going to get tired as hell.

      Willpower gives you the ability to add a bonus amount of dice, depending on the amount of Willpower you have, if you permanently expend one Energy stat for the rest of the engagement. Essentially, if your character is almost out of Barrier, and has only one Energy point left, why not go all in and try to take down the enemy with you?

      BE A MAN.

    • Fluff-wise, abilities can be pretty much anything.

      Mechanics-wise, I’ll handle it. Just understand that there’s a simple rule: the more flexible a singular ability is, the weaker it is. Telekinesis, for example, can do more than DEATH TRIANGLE STRIKE, but is much weaker.

      Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    • Character Image: Anime only. Pretty looking pictures are preferable.
      Character Quote: Something that your character won’t feel embarrassed as hell saying.
      Name: Generally Japanese. Last Name, First Name
      Age: Should be in secondary school, so anything from 12 to 19.
      Biometrics: Height, weight, and details that are not present in the picture.
      Transformed Appearance: Anything that changes after you power-up and transform, if that’s actually a thing for you.

      Personality: Two paragraphs describing their personality. If you’re a lazy cunt and I’ve RPed with you before, perhaps you can try your luck and put in one paragraph instead. Note that, as the goal of the RP is for your character to get into the Selector battles, your character is better off not being a pessimistic loner that has no reason for being anywhere.
      Likes: Obvious.
      Dislikes: Ctrl + C

      History: Should tie into their personality in some way. Also, should detail what exactly makes them a magical girl/boy.

      Skills: Mundane things that your character is good at.
      Theme Song: You’re a magical girl or boy, but more importantly, you’re a hero! Get an equally heroic theme, yeah?
      Others: Anything else?

    Questions are encouraged. I have no laifu.
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