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  1. Sekirei: Wings of Fate

    In the year 1999, the mysterious Kamikura island burst to the surface of the ocean. A young researcher decided to explore the island and found an alien spaceship-like construct. Inside were tanks containing life forms: 1 adult, 8 embryos and 99 fertilized eggs. These life forms turned out to be "people" with a genetic code similar to humans. These beings, dubbed "Sekirei", have strange powers beyond anything humans are capable of, but it takes something special to release their true power.

    All Sekirei are people that would be considered "beautiful" in one way or another; most are women, some are effeminate men, and very very few are more masculine men. Sekirei can only access the majority of their power(s) through contact with their Ashikabi. Ashikabi are mostly-regular humans whose DNA is compatible with the Sekirei. An Ashikabi and a Sekirei become bonded for life through oral contact (a kiss if that wasn't obvious enough), a process known as being "winged". A Sekirei's power is directly relative to the bond between them and their Ashikabi, as well as how many Sekirei their Ashikabi has.

    Every Sekirei has a number, from 1 to 108. Number 1 is the Sekirei who was already an adult when discovered, and is widely accepted as the most powerful, winged or not. 2-9 are the Sekirei discovered as embryos; they are known as "Single Numbers" and are generally as powerful as a regular winged Sekirei before even having an Ashikabi. A Single Number and Ashikabi pair would have a distinct advantage against most others. The Sekirei are part of a scheme called "The Sekirei Plan" that pits them against each other until only one is left and declared the best. There is no telling exactly why.

    For the past 18 years most of the Sekirei have been kept in research facilities controlled by the MBI conglomerate, having no acess to the outside world besides TV and whatever MBI tells them. Over this time the Sekirei underwent numerous (surprisingly not abusive) tests and experiments and recently recieved physical augments to be more combat oriented and fit with MBI's designs... some of which were less than clean and innocent. Hiroto Minaka, owner and CEO of MBI, has decided the Sekirei Plan is ready to begin and has released all the Sekirei into Tokyo with one command: Find the humans who will be their Ashikabi.

    Day one of of the Sekirei plan
    The Great Clock of Teito Tower strikes 12 and emits its daily tone; one so loud, it can be heard across Tokyo. Atop Teito Tower stands a white-haired figure wreathed in the same color. This person is Hiroto Minaka, President and CEO of the MBI conglomerate. Minaka sweeps his arms in a grandiose gesture, though there is only one other person on the tower with him. He begins to speak “I'm going to tell you a story from long ago. In ancient times, the Gods lived in a land known as Takamagahara. It is said that the stone ship of the Gods once landed here, carrying their treasures. However, that is just an old story. It is merely a tired, ancient myth, unrecorded even in the Nihon Shoki and the Kojiki.”

    "But the new legend begins now! One hundred and eight Sekirei have been dispersed! The Sekirei must fight for the Ashikabi which they have chosen for themselves. The final one remaining, shall guide their Ashikabi to the heights of heaven, where they shall obtain the faith of the world! So, let the new legend begin! The beautiful tale of war! The miraculous love story!"

    "It is finally time to put my wonderful plan into action! Go! Go forth my Sekirei, and find your Ashikabi! Go forth and begin the greatest love story of all time!" After his miniature speech the man begins to laugh psychotically before slipping and barely catching himself on the edge of the tower. The other figure on the tower casually walks over and helps him back up before releasing him and stepping back again with a deep sigh."

    Not to far away a young man rushes through the streets of Tokyo

    Shit shit shit shit the young man though as he ran, their gonna fire my ass if i'm late again. He had been late for work three times this week, and it was only Wednesday. I have to stop staying up so late to watch wrestling, its going to make me lose my job. He continued to run, almost knocking over other pedestrians as he did. Stop thinking about other stuff, just run you idiot. Lucky for him he lived close to work and arrived in just a few short minutes. Entering the restaurant he frowned, it was empty except for another man cleaning a table. “Maki, your late.” the other man said. “No shit.” Maki replied “Where is everyone Ito?.” The man named Ito shrugged and said “Probably at home, were closed today didn't you know?” Maki let loose a sigh of relief, at least he wasn't getting fired. “But as long as you're here,” Ito continued “You can help me clean.”

    Stupid alarm clock Maki thought as he wiped down a table, if it worked earlier I could of showed up on time, then gone home. He had better get paid overtime for this, well he knew he wouldn't but he still should. Maybe Ill talk to the manager, wait no that would just be a waste of time. His thoughts were interrupted by Ito “Hey it one, you wana go get a bite to eat?” Maki tossed his towel to the side “You sound like your trying to ask me out Ito.” The other man chuckled and sarcastically replied “Only if you're paying.” Maki smiled “Then I gotta say no, i’m tight on cash this month already.” Ito took out a pack of cigarettes and lit up “Well then have a good day and remember to lock up.” Maki walked towards the door “Yeah no, I wasn't supposed to be working today remember.” Ito followed him out then locked the door “Yeah yeah, whatever. See ya around.” Maki bid his co-worker farewell then headed off to nowhere in particular.

    As he walked along the busy streets of Tokyo Maki began to recall the strange dream he had the night before. “Teach all the little birds the power of love.” the beautiful voice had told him as a soft hand caressed his face. The dream had felt almost real, as if had actually had actually been there. His own hand rose to touch the same place as the soft hand had done as he slept. What does teach the little birds the power of love mean? Maybe i'm supposed to get a job with birds. Didn't I see an ad for an aviary a few days ago? They might be hiring, wait no, i’m terrible with animals. His stomach growled, interrupting his train of thought. Sounds like its time to get something to eat. Maki reached into his pants pocket, took out his wallet and looking inside it frowned. Inside there was nothing but his ID. “Damit.” he said out loud, “Why do I never have any cash.” He sighed, this day was not going his way.
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  2. "So this is where it begins?" The tall man spoke to himself as he walked of the plane, everyone around him kept walking forward as they had always done in their heads this was most likely any other day just as the ones before but things would soon change. A small frown apeared on Kumagawa's lips, but it was hidden away by the bandages that he had wrapped around his body this gave him some odd glances and had even talked to security once but he played it of with saying that he was a victim of a severe burn wound. Laurence V Blightheart was the name that Kumagawa called himself by, a name that he made up when his first name did not suit his own tastes.

    The walk through the airport had been without any events that were worth spending his thoughts on, instead he wanted to scout out the city. He would need to be able to find his way around if he wanted to be of use or wanted to get away from someone, a beeping sound came from his cell phone which interupted his train of thoughts. Once he had fished the phone out of his pocket he opened it to see what it had been that made the noise, there was a message with a number asking him to call whoever was the owner of said number. "Is there something you wanted?" He spoke in a cold tone wanting to get the call done so he could start his search for the one, the one who he could proudly call his master.
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  3. anra.png

    Anramath slowly got off the plane he was on, sighing slightly as he mutters. “and so it starts.” he looks around in distaste and gloominess, wishing that he wasn't here but having little choice in the matter. He walks in the crowd, feeling more alone then ever. 'how sorrowful..' he thinks to himself as he gazes at the shadows the crowd cast as they walk, nothing but illusions to hollow shells. Clay to be use and destroyed. A chained object that would do better ripped from it's host. This is how Anramath views the shadows and how he views the life of the Sekirei. He hopes he will never be tethered, but knows that if it's fate's will.. then he will have no choice, if he learned anything from his time away it was that no one can escape fate.

    Anramath can only hope that if fate will cast him into the role of chained dog, it will be to a master.. not a mistress. Anramath feels much more happy around men, he feels slightly safer at least. Though he's had bad experiences, at least he knows where he stands with men. He sighs and breaks away from the crowd, feeling the shadows cry in anguish. He walks quickly, looking around for somewhere more secluded to stay for a while. He just needs to think about things, and plan what he's going to do.

    As he walks he feels a faint gust of wind blow against his face causing strands of hair to flutter gently. He gazes up at the sky, at the clouds and watches them intently. “..can I..face my fate?” he whispers.
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  4. "Ashikabi...Ashikabi...Ashikabi" Ayane whispered to herself while walking aimlessly around Tokyo with her head down. After walking a few feet, she hears someone banging on a Styrofoam cup. She looks up and a few feet ahead to see an old man in rags banging on a Styrofoam cup with a permanent marker. She rushes over to the man and crouches in front of him. "What are you doing?" Ayane asked curiously. An old man sitting cross-legged in front of an convince store hitting the Styrofoam cup repeatedly with marker and a cardboard sign resting on his leg written to say 'Need food. Please give money.' is strange. Then again, maybe it's normal in Tokyo, many people are ignoring him.

    "Panhandling." The old man scuffed. "Panhandling? Is that a secret art passed down for generations.?The MBI didn't teach us this skill. Maybe it's worth learning." She thought before responding "How do you panhandle?". "You see this cardboard." The old man started to explain. "You take this marker and write down something you want in a polite manner. Just like my sign does. Afterwards, you sit and wait while holding the sign for people to give you what you want. You bang the cup to get their attention and maybe if you get lucky you will get what you want." The man stood up and stretched. "I'm going to another location. Just use my stuff." He told her as he walked away.

    She started to follow his directions. She flipped over the cardboard onto a blank side and grabbed the permanent marker. From there she started to write. "I know just what I want" She said aloud. When she was finished writing, it came out to say 'Need Ashikabi. Please give Ashikabi.'. She then sat down in the man's old spot in a traditional Japanese style holding the sign. "Hopefully, this panhandling technique will work." She thought as she sat there all alone in front of the convince store.
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  5. Shiro could only be described as one thing currently, confused. After they had let her off the plane and escorted her out of the airport she had not an ounce of an idea on where to go or what to do. It didn't help that she hadn't watched TV like all the other Sekirei and the Adjustor's recommended. So right now she was travelling randomly throughout the town, trying to find something to do, and had been doing so for the past few hours. It was only when she looked up and saw the position of the sun that she had started thinking about another problem to add on her ever expanding list, she had nowhere to sleep and spend the night at. It had already gotten dark and she was traveling through a park when she had stumbled upon a group of what looked like old and poor men and women. They all had tents scattered around in a large gathering and there were multiple barrels of fire scattered around with them surrounding them for warmth while they all shared their food with one another. She calmly and silently walked up to one of the unsuspecting men around the fires, of course some had noticed her by then but seeing as the man she was heading towards hadn't acknowledged or noticed she was there they stayed silent to see what would happen.

    " Excuse me..." She said silently, but loud enough for them to hear and get a reaction. Immediately the man jumped out of his seat, startled, before he realized what had just happened when others around him started snickering and laughing, before he turned around and noticed Shiro in all of her silent and skin showing glory. "What the hell ya' doin' SCARIN' me for!" He yelled loudly in her face, making her wince from the sheer volume but the man had quickly calmed down after noticing her appearance and her lost, confused, and slightly scared look. " S-Sorry, i was just wondering what you all were doing here? I'm lost and have nowhere to spend the night, and i don't have any money... " she replied stuttering at the beginning because her ears were still slightly re-adjusting. "Gah, it's fine, just don't be doin' that again! Scared the bejeezus outta me! Anyway, you got a tent and something to sleep with in that backpack of yours? If not i'm sure we can find someone in our group who you can share a tent with." The man said sympathetically as he watched her dig through her back pack once she had turned around, she pulled out a small makeshift tent creation set and a sleeping bag somehow, but the man and a few others saw that she was utterly confused and didn't know exactly how to pitch a tent. Thus the man and a few others had volunteered to help her and they had her tent set up in a matter of minutes. Then a few of the people that helped had brung out an extra seat and put it near the fire and had her sit in it, before they handed her a bowl of soup and a spoon like the others while everyone chatted and she listened silently, replying and talking here and there for a few hours, before all of them went to bed in their respective tents, including Shiro, once she had noticed all the others were heading to bed.
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  6. @RareSecret
    Atsushi was standing at the bus stop. He watched as people suddenly started to crowd around him. He was not doing anything exciting in particular today. It was the first day back to school after his long break. He was rather tired and while he enjoyed math, he wasn't sure he had the patience to sit through a math theory lecture. He looked around and thought that nothing was out of the ordinary thus far, but something was just off today. He couldn't quite place his finger on it, but something important was about to happen, or maybe that was just wishful thinking. The bus came to a stop in front of him and he got on hoping that there would be something interesting would be going on today. That was all he really in life. He just wanted to be interesting and important to someone or anyone for that matter. The chances of that were probably unlikely.

    Atsushi yawned and finally he got off at his stop. He would have to walk the rest of the way to his university by foot. On the way there he saw a girl sitting with a sign. Ashikabi? What was that? He raised an eyebrow. He contemplated whether on not he would ask her what it was. It wasn't like in concerned him though. After all, she was panhandling. Maybe she was just looking for someone? Atsushi gave the girl one last look before continuing on his way to the university. Once there he stared at it in disbelief.

    "Why does class half to start today?" Atsushi muttered to himself.

    "Don't complain Atsushi! Maybe if you were a bit more positive more interesting things would be happening in your life!" A voice said from behind him.

    "Oh shut up Masahiro. You and I both know the possibility of me doing anything interesting is about one in eight," Atsushi said jokingly to his friend. Well, he had to admit, he did miss his friend every now and again. Masahiro sure knew how to keep a positive outlook on things.
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  7. Satomi
    Satomi was walking down the streets, feeling a certain unease, yet still fairly comfortable midst the regular human people of the city. She had a small bag of sweets in her hand, ones that she had tried before and fallen in love with, and was walking with no particular aim or goal in question. She had been doing so for quite awhile now, and really had had not a single thought towards her further goal and what she should be doing. It occurred to her, as she popped a candy into her mouth before stowing the back away into her jacket for later, that she should probably find a place to spend the night, or even further, to live in for the duration of this game, but she didn't want to settle down and deal with that sort of thing just yet. She preferred to be wandering and free roam- although camping out in a park didn't seem to hold any appeal for her. Perhaps she'd just focus on finding a place to stay later in the day. It would get done, just not now. For now, she had to try to find a way to enjoy this bustling city while she could. Before the games got seriously underway.

    The games made her stomach roll with knots. She was excited for it, but she also dreaded it. The concept of the Ashikabi, and that only one could win, was nerve wracking. From what she had heard of love- what little she had heard of love- made her dread the very existence of Ashikabi. Still, she was curious. Of all things to be curious about, it was this one thing. She wanted to understand what it would be like to be with her own Ashikabi as much as it terrified her, and as much as she simply did not want anything to do with it.

    As such, she had merely decided not to think much about the entire ordeal until later. Maybe, in her aimless travels around the city, she would just run into her Ashikabi. Or, perhaps she wouldn't. However it went, she would be fine with it. She didn't need to worry, and so she wouldn't for now. Besides, she had her bagful of sweets and free reign of the next few weeks of her life. Why should she let this game drag her spirits down?

    Her stomach growled a little bit at her as the scent of something delicious began to make its way to her from across the street. A small restaurant place was there, and fairly busy by the looks of it. She could understand why. Even from here, she could smell just how good their food was. She didn't have too much with her, but she was willing to treat herself to this. And, in such a busy place, she could, perhaps, run into her Ashikabi, although it was unlikely. She crossed the street and made her way inside, following her nose as much as she followed her stomach.

    This park was peaceful. Aimi sat underneath a tree, notebook in her hand, pen in the other. She quite often found that this was the best place for writing. It was usually quiet and peaceful, and the park was also incredibly beautiful; what else was better fodder for the imagination? She doodled across the margin of the paper, drawing a spiraling swirl down the edge to the bottom, and then moved back up, adding little flowers. For the moment, she wasn't sure what to write about, and was taking the moment to gather her thoughts before jotting them down on paper. It made for cleaner editing later on.

    Aimi was trying to write and publish her own book. She wasn't sure what it would be about, or how well it would sell, or who would read it, but she wanted to have her name out there on the cover of a shiny, excellent novel. She imagined how it would feel in her hands, and how her fans would react when they saw her on the street. She would have signed copies sent all over the world. Even those in other countries would love reading her story, although perhaps in translations- she would have to make sure any translator did it well, not crudely. She desperately wanted to tell her own story and have others love it too. It had been her dream since she was a young child. Her siblings used to tell her that it was impossible. "Little Aimi? A writer? Published? Pff. As if!"

    It only made her more determined to do it. She was going to get her name out there- eventually. But as for now, she would have to settle with this tree and this park, writing in a notebook random thoughts that made her happy. She would have to piece things together later, and just start with things now.
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  8. "How long have I been here?" Ayane thought to herself. "This panhandling doesn't work." She started to get up but toppled over since her legs are numb. Sitting for hours at a time can loose the feel in your legs and Ayane was now reminded of this. Grrrrrrrr. She was also reminded she was hungry. "" Ayane said aloud. "I could use the card they gave us at the convince store right next to me or... at the cafe that should be selling snacks." She made up her mind with that last part of the sentence. She moved across the wall with her right hand and started dragging her currently useless legs in the direction she came from earlier. After a minute or two, they started to work properly. Ayane continued down the same street until she spotted the café. "I knew it was here." Ayane mentioned to herself with pride as she ran into the café.

    "Table for one?" A lady in a maid costume said. Ayane in shock of the maid costumes everywhere could only nod. "Alrighty. Follow me, mistress." The lady directed. Ayane's eyes darted everywhere from the white tiles, to the heart decorations on the wall, following the teenagers at the booths, and ending at her table. "I am your maid Miyoko. If you have any questions just ask." She said while putting down the menu. The menu had iced teas, coffees, and assorted desserts.

    Ayane looked around to see what everyone in the café got since she was unable to make a decision. It was a bunch of coffee, parfaits, and cakes. "So many choices." Ayane thought. Minutes late, Miyoko came back to her table with a smile on her face. "Do you know what you want?" Miyoko asked. Ayane still hasn't made a decision and couldn't turn Miyoko away so she took a gamble. "I'll have what they are having. Ayane took a bite of the cake first. "So fluffy!" She exclaimed with a smile on her face. She gobbled down the whole cake forgetting to savor the strawberries and the icing. Next was the coffee. "Bitter" Ayane thought with a foul look on her face. " Twenty packs of sugar should work." Ayane hoped as she took the first packet of the unknown brand of sugar. Packet after packet, she dumped the sugar in. When she was done, she took another sip. "Better." Ayane nodded to herself, only to notice all eyes were on her and her empty packets of sugar. The now embarrassed Ayane went up to the register to pay and left the scene.
  9. Ayame wanted to take off her shoes, run around in vibrant green grass, and feel the small blades in between her toes the moment she was set free. She wanted to stand in some rain if possible and she wanted to see snow! Oh how snow would be a great adventure. Her mind reeled with all the beautiful things she wanted to see, no, all the beautiful things she wanted to feel!

    But for now she had to get settled in, she couldn't let herself get carried away. So pulling her coral hair over her right shoulder and adjusting the brilliant blue flower in it she set off to find something to either eat or drink. She walked along Tokyo, she wasn't sure how she felt about all the people bustling around. She wanted to be in a place of peace and tranquility, a park or something, but she knew a park would not have food! Or would it? Ayame stopped to think but people pushed past her and caused her to lose her footing, almost tripping over her own two feet. She took note of not standing in a sidewalk full of people.

    She had been here once, but she didn't actually talk to anyone the one time she was set out of MBI. She had spent all her hours on nature, so interacting with regular people was still a problem for her. But Ayame held her head up high and let out a slight smile, she wanted to make people feel like she was confident and lovely. Just like a little flower starting to bloom!

    Ayame wandered the streets, not sure where she was suppose to be going. At the same time she felt hungry she also felt very nervous. She knew her true mission was to find her Ashikabi, but the thought made her nervous and slightly ill. She took a deep breath, pursing her lips, before smiling again and batting her eyes. She would be okay.
  10. It was after Shiro awoke and did not see the familiar white walls of the MBI tower but instead saw the inside of her tent that she started to panic. That was, until she remembered exactly why she was in a tent in the first place. As she got up and grabbed her white back pack off the tents ground she headed outside. She noticed that most of the others had moved on, the barrels were gone and there were around 4-5 tents still up. She read the manual for her tent that she had found in her backpack last night, and remembered how exactly to take down said tent without a problem this time.

    Once Shiro had finished getting her tent into her Backpack, she continued walking through the city absentmindedly. she barely noticed out of the corner of her eye that in one of the windows there was a girl piling more and more sugar onto her already too sweet treat. She saw the girl look up embarrassed, before running to the cash register and paying before running out. Shiro shrugged her shoulders from the strange scene before continuing on her way. As she walked she noticed a very tall and thin man standing in her way. She noticed he had a scar on his throat and was worried slightly about him. It was with this thought that she walked up to him and stood in front of him so his green with golden specked eye's would notice her. She was going to take initiative once again, twice in 2 days, which was a new record for her personally.

    "Excuse me, but, are you alright sir?" She asked attentively, her voice quiet but loud enough for him to hear, worried about the even more visible scar on his throat now that she was in front of him.
  11. [​IMG]

    Anramath puts his hand against one of his strands of stray hair and moves it back into place with a slow and deliberate movement, he gazes distantly at nothing and is lost in thought. He thinks about the days ahead, the things that most be done. His lips part slightly in ether a sad sigh or a dark smile, before once again resuming their normal shape. 'I cannot make friends, I cannot get close to anyone.' he thinks to himself as he watches some small children play together. 'how strange that things are simpiler and more unified for children, and being an adult raises more questions and isolation. There is no joy in growing up for them, for me there is no joy in anything..except..'

    He breaks out of thoughts when he notices a girl looking at him, his face remains blank as he gazes at her outfit-or lack of in his view- as well as her genetics. Though inwardly Anramath feels edgy about talking to a women, or at least a female. Though he begrudgingly accepts that half the world is female it doesn't make it any easer for him, not to mention it makes him painfully aware of his hight. Sepiroth has noticed that people-men- who are smaller have tended to try and pick fights with him in the past due to their complex, which irritates him. He continues to gaze at her calmly, tilting his head slightly to the side as he wonders why she's even talking to him. He cannot help but not trust people when they talk to him, he cannot help the fact that he vowed a long time ago to never rely in such a pathetic emotion like trust.. yet..

    He contemplates her question when she speaks, subconsciously he traces a finger across the scar on his neck in thought. His eyes narrow as he muses this. “ be alright is subjective..” he says slowly. “but I suppose that I am quite well in your definition of alright, so let's go with yes.” he nods his head. “I am fine..why do you ask?”
  12. Laurence and the man who had called him had a conversation which lasted about twenty minutes, it involved Laurence's plans for the near future asking him if wished to be part of the disciplinary squad something that he was actualy expecting to be invited towards, after having gone through what it would mean for him to join it he said that he wished to get some time to think of it and a chance for him to find a Ashikabi before pledging himself to the plan. He slowly shut the phone as he let out a sigh, he would get nowhere by just standing in the airport so he left the building and entered the city of Tokyo.

    Wandering through the crowds of people he merely glanced once or twice when he saw something which looked mildly interesting but sadly Japan just didn't suit his tastes, he started to day dream about his time in london as he continued his walk well he day dreamed untill he walked right into a metal beam. He frowned underneath his bandages as he walked around the metal object it was at this moment he saw a tall person, a person who he knew by name due to both being male Sekirei and being a one digit number. He walked up to mentioned male and spoke out in a gentle tone. "Good day, Anramath."

    He walked up to the man's side as he spoke and noticed the young girl standing there as well, not wanting to be disrespecting he decided to greet the young lady as well. "Good day to you as well, Miss."
  13. "Well, i saw the scar's and i thought that they must be painful. Are you sure you're okay?" Shiro questioned as she studied him, he had a good foot or two (she couldn't tell) over her, and had an imposing figure, despite being skinny he still looked slightly threatening. It was after this thought that she had heard the strange man wrapped in bandage's greeting.

    A-Ah! Good day to you too, sir!" She said politely, it was obvious this man knew the newly addressed Anramath, and judging by his friendly tone it seemed they were most likely more than just acquaintances. She panicked a little on the inside from the two slightly imposing men she was addressing, the only men she had talked to before were her adjuster and the man from the group from last night, so being in the presence of two men, one who was quite good looking but imposing, and another who had his head wrapped in bandages and was very polite, it didn't do her nerves good whatsoever.

    M-My name's Shiro!" She announced quietly, just loud enough for them to hear, but to her it sounded like she had just shouted loud enough for people the next 2 blocks over could hear her. She blushed slightly at the embarrassing thought before calming down.
  14. [​IMG]
    Anramath's hand instinctively stops rubbing the scar when she says she saw it, his body tenses ever so slightly. For a few moments he doesn't speak, before nodding. “I am sure that I am fine, I do not need anyone to be concerned for my well-being.” he says slowly, once again wondering why she even cares. Before Anramath can press her on the subject he hears the soft, gentle and elegant voice of Laurence.

    Anramath smiles a faint and slight smile at the other single digit Sekirei, he nods slightly. “Laurence .” he tilts his head ever so slightly. “nice to see you.” his face set's back into that cold and flat look that's natural for him, though he was happy to see the English loving Sekirei he wasn't prone to open displays of affection or joy. “you made it back here alight? Customs and flights can be annoying and foolish.. going by boat is better in my view.” Anramath gives him a sideways look as he politely greats the girl, he never understands why or how the other man can be so polite to everyone he meets. For Anramath even talking is a chore.

    He notices the girl stammer and vaguely wonders why she seems on edge. 'it's official..' he thinks gloomily. 'I am that repulsive that I disgust everyone into a state of fear, I suppose I should have guessed why she was so concerned and strange..' sub continuously he places a pale hand to his cheek and sighs softly as he thinks. 'this face.. has disgraced me so many times..' he casts a glance towards Laurence as he resumes his thoughts. 'it is I who should hide my face from this world, not him. I suppose it is to late now.'

    Anramath blinks, startled at how nervous her voice sounds. He lowers his hand slowly and nods. “Shiro..” he echoes. Anramath has a strange view about names having a self fulling prophecy.
  15. Laurence looked at Anramath and said. "I agree compleatly, there is a certain charm to the swaying of a boat gently lulling you to sleep as you read a interesting book..." He cleared his throath as he got of subject and then said. "But i needed the plane as i had to go betwen London and MBI to get some things. That reminds me, if you have no place to stay for the night i woudn't mind sharing my hotel room with you." He continued his little chat with Anramath but he then noticed a shift in his attitude when the girl had begun to stutter towards him, having known the taller man for quite some time he had an idea of where his thoughts were going.

    He placed his hand on Anramaths shoulder giving him a smile, though it was hidden underneath his bandages. It was when the girl said her name and he had gotten a closer look at her that he started to remember who she was, Laurence had been abit odd as a One digit number that he had returned and left several times from the MBI base and he recogniced the girl from one of the times he had stayed to help out with the chores. To smooth out the conversation and reveal to both of them about the other being a Sekirei he simply said.

    "I belive the miss is looking for her Ashikabi then?" And when the girls eyes turned to him due to his words he simply raised a hand and made the number three.
  16. Shiro gently lifted up her hands and spread both of them out, signifying ten. She was slightly startled about Laurence being a Sekirei like her, but was wondering if Anramath was one as well seeing as he had started talking about it in front of Anramath without reserve. She waited patiently for Anramath to show his number as she receded into her thoughts.

    'So their Sekirei too, well at least it explains the weird appearance, though i don't think i can really talk about anything appearance wise... They seem weird but nice, maybe i could partner with them until i can find my Ashikabi..." Shiro thought before saying aloud "Y-Yes! I am looking for my Ashikabi, though i don't really know where to start, i don't know the layout of the city, and i might get lost easily..." She replied with a tinge of sadness, hoping the Sekirei and possible Sekirei and/or Ashikabi won't get annoyed or mad at her.
  17. [​IMG]

    Anramath smiles faintly and nods. “I was reading the tale of the Moby dick the great white whale upon my trip here, it was strangely apt..” he pauses and adds. “drawing on a boat is nice to.” drawing is one of the few activities Anramath loves, it's a shame he only draws disturbing things. He pauses when Laurence offers him a place to stay- were it anyone else Anramath would have refused. “I would be very grateful, yes.. but are you sure I will not be a burden?” he asks quietly.

    Anramath flinches slightly at the touch and then relaxes and smiles his thanks, the touch at least broke his train of depressing thought. He thinks Laurence is smiling, though it's hard to tell. He blinks when Laurence reveals that the girl's a Sekirei, Anramath's eyes narrow ever so slightly. 'of course.' he thinks to himself. 'it makes sense.. if they are all like this girl, I have nothing to worry about.. at the same time, nothing to be challanged by.' he thinks with a hint of arrogance and disappointment. Anramth knows that he shouldn't judge by number, and he's not doing that.. but he's judging her personality, her will to fight. 'I only hope she'll toughen up.. the weak will be crushed by the strong, that is the way is rotten world is.' his expression softens slightly.

    Anramth feels that it's expected of him to show his number, he mutters. “five.” as he waves his hand in almost dismissal as if saying 'that's not important.' to Anramath all numbers have an equal chance of winning, what set's them apart is their raison 'd etre.

    Anramath sighs. 'we are all lost in one manner or form.. some more then others.. it is nothing to be sad about.' he thinks to himself before he adds slowly out loud with a faint shrug of his shoulders. “ one is ever truly lost less they lose sight of who they are.. and lucky for you, Shiro, your form of lost is one of the most simple and easy to fix.”
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  18. "Of course you woudn't be a bother, otherwise i woudn't have offered it." He waved away Anramath's questions as he had finaly suceeded in lightening the mood, he would not let the first day of ¨freedom¨ for his friend hold negative memories. And frankly it would be nice to have a person to hold a conversation with, or just serve said person some of the tea that he buyed during his stay in London. His eyes wandered a moment towards the girl as he thought of what he should do with her, there was no way he could ask a lady to sleep in the same room as two men. The easiest way out would be to fix a room for her to rest in at the same hotel that way he could be help if she ever needed it.

    Laurence slightly raised an eyebrow at Anramath's words about people being lost and said. "I see that you haven't lost that poetic speaking pattern of yours my friend." A chuckle escaped the bandage wrapped mans lips. "But i can see how the city would be confusing towards you who werent allowed to have a look outside the MBI, and do not worry i am sure that a beautifull young lady like you will be able to find the one who is destined for you." He said to the younger Sekirei. Their talk about Ashibaki reminded Laurence of the offer MBI had given him of becoming a member of the Discipline Squad, he might mention it later on to Anramath and ask for his opinion on the matter.

    Suddenly he clapped his hands together and said. "Anyway i am feeling abit famished, someone else who would like to go and get something to eat?"
  19. At last, a breath of air so divine it would sear the insides of her throat.

    The 108th, Ming, who had always dreamed of life on the outside was finally there. Being the last to be let out, the area before her seemed a touch desolate for her liking. Regardless, it was truly amazing to finally feel the winds outside, how they had been portrayed in the media she devoted herself to when she was younger. For now though, there was a distinct lack of people, rather, a lack of Sekirei, within the immediate vicinity.

    Despite being the last number, Ming was tall in anyone's perspective. A highly defined face and tall cheekbones saw her to be likened to a raven, and with her body strikingly appealing to most who saw it, surely it would not be long before she met what was on her mind.

    "First time outside... And all I think about is this Ashibaki! My, my... What an odd thing to think about. I'm meant to get one, but... Where to I start? Drat, the times I should've been attentive, I was... Lazy..."
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  20. Atsushi was happy that classes only lasted until about lunch time. He yawned. The day was still young and he had the rest of it to himself if he so desired. He felt like being lazy, but he was also hungry. He supposed it wouldn't hurt him to grab a bite to eat. Atsushi wandered the streets for a bit before finally deciding on a cafe. He ordered his usual, a cake doughnut with coffee served black. He sat down at a table by himself with his backpack hanging on the back of his chair. Atsushi really was just itching to do something interesting. He was just so incredibly bored with his life at the moment. Nothing exciting ever happened. At least it seemed that way. Finishing his snack he walked back outside onto the streets. For some reason Atsushi found himself nearing the airport. He heard a loud clapping sound and he snapped his head in that direction, noticing three people grouped together.

    He did a double take noticing that the guy was completely wrapped in bandages. He blinked a few times, barely able to believe what he saw himself. Then there was a really thin guy who seemed out of place himself. He was tall and thin... well very thin. Atsushi believe he possibly stood a good inch taller than the thin male. And then lastly, there was a female who he couldn't help but notice looked increasingly nervous and lost. Then again, he would be nervous too, standing next to people like that. In fact, two out of three of them looked lost. He paced back and forth debating on whether or not he should help these strange people. Maybe they were foreigners? He also didn't want to insult them either. The hairs stood on his back. He didn't even want to know what those people were capable of.

    Finally after about two minute of pacing he did approach the threesome.

    "Excuse me, but you three couldn't be lost could you?" Atsushi felt oddly out of place, but if they really were lost, he wanted to offer his assistance at least. He smiled at the three of them, but it didn't quite reach his eyes as was customary of him.
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