Sekirei: Wings of Fate

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  1. Sekirei: Wings of Fate


    In the year 1999, the mysterious Kamikura island burst to the surface of the ocean. A young researcher decided to explore the island and found an alien spaceship-like construct. Inside were tanks containing life forms: 1 adult, 8 embryos and 99 fertilized eggs. These life forms turned out to be "people" with a genetic code similar to humans. These beings, dubbed "Sekirei", have strange powers beyond anything humans are capable of, but it takes something special to release their true power.

    All Sekirei are people that would be considered "beautiful" in one way or another; most are women, some are effeminate men, and very very few (maybe 3 or 4 at the most) are more masculine men. Sekirei can only access the majority of their power(s) through contact with their Ashikabi. Ashikabi are mostly-regular humans whose DNA is compatible with the Sekirei. An Ashikabi and a Sekirei become bonded for life through oral contact (a kiss if that wasn't obvious enough), a process known as being "winged". A Sekirei's power is directly relative to the bond between them and their Ashikabi, as well as how many Sekirei their Ashikabi has.

    Every Sekirei has a number, from 1 to 108. Number 1 is the Sekirei who was already an adult when discovered, and is widely accepted as the most powerful, winged or not. 2-9 are the Sekirei discovered as embryos; they are known as "Single Numbers" and are generally as powerful as a regular winged Sekirei before even having an Ashikabi. A Single Number and Ashikabi pair would have a distinct advantage against most others. The Sekirei are part of a scheme called "The Sekirei Plan" that pits them against each other until only one is left and declared the best. There is no telling exactly why.

    For the past 18 years most of the Sekirei have been kept in research facilities controlled by the MBI conglomerate, having no acess to the outside world besides TV and whatever MBI tells them. Over this time the Sekirei underwent numerous (surprisingly not abusive) tests and experiments and recently recieved physical augments to be more combat oriented and fit with MBI's designs... some of which were less than clean and innocent. Hiroto Minaka, owner and CEO of MBI, has decided the Sekirei Plan is ready to begin and has released all the Sekirei into Tokyo with one command: Find the humans who will be their Ashikabi.
    MBI is an abbreviation for Mid Bio Informatics, a powerful conglomerate founded by Minaka Hiroto, with their headquarters based in Teito Tower and in charge of the Sekirei Plan. With the overtechnology, found in the alien ship on Kamikura Island, he built up MBI as a pharmaceutical company. Soon after this MBI became an economic, technological and medical network, controlling the world in every field. MBI has enough power and influence to take control of a huge city like Tokyo and to own and keep a company army.​


    You are one of the Sekirei recently released throughout various parts of Tokyo City to find their Ashikabi, or a regular person who has just unknowingly become involved in the Sekirei Plan. The Sekirei have been cooped up in MBI facilities for years and currently know nothing of the outside world besides what they've seen on TV and that they must try to find their Ashikabi. (The Single Numbers are more knowledgable of the outside world but have still been kept in MBI facilities for the past year in preparation for the Sekirei Plan.)

    The night before MBI releases all of the Sekirei, every Ashikabi has the same dream simultaneously. Each Ashikabi feels as if a hand is gently caressing their cheek and they hear a voice that is soft and sweet but firm and demanding. "Teach all the little birds the power of love... " After awakening the Ashikabi will go on with their lives as normal until the first time they encounter a Sekirei; at which point, whether you bond or not, you find out that you are a part of the Sekirei Plan.

    So just in case your wondering no its not an original idea, it based off the anime of the same name. If anyone is interested I can have the blank CS for either Ashikabi and Sekirei whenever so thats about it. I hope this RP can get off the ground
  2. *swings arms back and forth*
    I like the sound of this, if you'll have me. ^^
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  3. Of course. Though we probably need at least three other Ashikabi and Sekirei.
  4. I've had this on watch since it was posted. Was waiting for see if anybody else came along. I'd be willing to play either a Ashikabi or Sekirei or both, depending.
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  5. Haha, I was going to wait, too. cx
    Them I'm like "Eh... no. Post now." xD
  6. Well two is a good start. I'm glad there a people expressing interest in it.
  7. Bump. Still hoping to get more people.
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  8. Ok I put the OOC and signups in the fandom section and am now accepting applications. No offense to you two but i'm hoping we can get a few more players.
  9. That's not offensive unless you mean it to be
  10. Hey its the internet, someone is always offended.
  11. That is very true
  12. hi! I'm interested in joining as a Sekirei guy :] if there are any spaces may I please join? :]
  13. it looks amazing! may I reserve a spot, I will get my form in tomorrow at the latest of it's okay?
  14. Of course, but believe me you have time, as much as I would like it too I don't think its going to get that many hits.
  15. thank you so much! :] I hope it does, an RP as awesome as this should get the respect it deserves! :]
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  16. Well i'm glad your enthusiastic about it.
  17. *pokes gently with a stick*

    I find this very interesting as well. (: It's a bit over my head though. I'll probably have to read the introduction a couple of times and research the anime, but it's totally worth it. I think it's a pretty awesome idea!

    I'll join as soon as possible.
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  18. Glad to see your interested, and don't worry its a little confusing when you first look at it, but all and all its not too deep.
  19. Ha! I understand it now and it sounds even more fun! I'm excited for this!
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