Sekirei Redone (Rin and Andy)

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  2. Sato clung to the shadow of a building, aware of the two Sekirei fighting just ahead of her on the street. She cursed silently to herself. They're already going at it? she thought exasperated. The fight continued, the body of a sekirei flying pass where she hid in the alley. She pressed herself against the wall, her blade pressing against her back. She needed to get out of there, but if she moved too soon she'd be found out. She began to back away slowly as she heard the more victorious girl approaching, moving backwards to keep her eyes on her potential enemy. Her heel connected with an empty can and sent it clanging down behind her. Shit!

    A menacing looking sekirei filled the entrance of the alley, looking smugly at Sato. She was frozen for one second before she turned and bolted to the other side of the open alley, deperate to get away.
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  3. Will was walking down the street with a small smile on his face. He had just gotten accepted to the college that he had wanted to go to for so long now. Nothing could ruin this day he thought to himself as he walked down the street whistling softly to himself. He had a nice apartment complex not far from his college so that would make the trip even shorter then he feared it might be. Ever since he was a boy he had wanted to be an athlete. William was going to scool to be a chef and he had just gotten accepted to the best culinary school in the city. Of he could successfully graduate from this school his life would be set on the best track in the culinary world. "nothing is going to go wrong today!" Was what he told himself but he wasn't paying attention and walked right in front of the alley that Sato was running out of directly into her path.
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  4. She didn't even see him;she hadn't registered the passing boy until her body slammed into him, sending her blade flying from her back to where it chartered to the floor by her feet. Instantly her breath was knocked out of her and she struggled to regain it as she finally took in the boy.
  5. Will hit the ground hard. Hard enough that his head actually bounced off the sidewalk. He winced hard and let out a slow gasp of breath as his head cracked. It wasn't anything serious just a light scratch but it wouldn't take long for the blood to start flowing from it. He held his head and slowly opened his eyes to look at the person who ran into him and paused when he saw her. He hadn't seen anyone as cute as her before but what was odd about her was her attire and...the giant freaking sword by her feet! What was this girl doing carrying around a sword like that?!
  6. Sato took in a deep breath, her shock wearing off. She looked at the boy, wondering if he was hurt. That crack his skull made against the sidewalk hadn't been very reassuring. "Are you ok, sir?" she crawled toward him, holding her hand slightly out. She winced, realizing that she had skinned her knees, but ignored them as she approached the boy. "May I see?" she realized that he had opened his eyes and was looking at her. She stilled not wanting to come across as weird and followed his gaze to where he sword had landed. I didn't even feel it fall off, she thought in a rush, wanting to reach toward it but not sure if she should. He seemed unnerved by it as it was. "I can explain that," she started before a sinister voice cut her off.

    "Little bird, where did you think you were going?" the older looking girl laughed behind her. Shit! She had forgotten all about her. Sato flipped around, positioning herself in front of the boy but she was too late. "My, my, it looks like you found a toy. Shall I play with it?" the girl laughed again.
  7. Will looked at the girl again and then paused when he heard a sinister sounding girl talking somewhere. He looked over and when he saw the new girl he shivered. While this first girl was strange and could possibly be dangerous the new girl..she scared the hell out of him and he knew that she could and would kill him without a second thought. He started to slowly back away as he stared at them both with wide eyes. He didn't know what was going on nor did he really want to at this point he was just too afraid of one of these girls killing him. He started to stand up but he didn't even make it to his knees before he fell again. He fell hard too he just barely managed to keep himself from striking his head on the ground again. He winced and held the back of his head. He could feel the blood flowing from the cut in his skull and between his fingers. Damnit he thought. I might need some stitches..
  8. Sato felt the boy stumble behind her. She saw the girl tensed, but she only laughed as he fell back down. Damn, this is gonna to be hard, Sato mused, wondering how to escape. She couldn't just leave the guy, it was kinda her fault that he was in this mess to begin with. He couldn't be trusted by himself, not in the condition he was in and Sato was sure that this girl meant harm on him. For some reason that fact caused a small bit of anger to broil in her stomach. She shook the feeling off, trying to focus. She started reaching for her blade, but as soon as she moved the girl clicked her tongue, shaking her head with a smile. Dammit, I'm going to need a distraction....

    Just in luck, she heard the sound of three helicopters approaching behind her. Probably to pick up that finished sekirei. As they passed overhead, the girl looked up and Sato took her chance. She lunged for her sword and with a cry, swung it toward her opponent, who reacted by jumping back into the alley, but not before the tip of her blade slashed across the top of her left eye. "You idiot!" the girl cried out, moving to wipe the blood from her vision. But Sato didn't stay to listen. She turned and grabbed the boy's hand and with a quick apology, began to pull him away, dashing as quickly as she could while holding her blade at her side.
  9. Will couldn't see much. His head was swimming and his vision was blurry. All he could make out was the sound of helicopters above them then all of a sudden he heard someone scream and the next thing he knew he was being pulled along by someone clearly in a hurry. He just stared straight ahead as he tried to keep his feet moving with the girl hanging onto his hand. He wished he hadn't hit his head so hard. Hell he wished he could at least just see clearly as to what was going on. All he knew is that those two girls there was something going on with them, they wanted to kill each other, and now he was caught in the middle of it. He looked up at the girl he was with and he could just barely make out that she was the first girl he had seen the one with the sword. "..where..are you taking me?...what's going on?.."
  10. Sato didn't answer him at first. She was too busy listening to see if the girl was following them. When she didn't hear footsteps for two minutes she stopped in a small empty park, facing the direction she came with her sword at the ready. They weren't followed.

    She turned toward the boy, "We needed to get someplace safe. We're lucky she didn't follow," she answered finally, returning her sword to her back. She glanced at the boy and bit her lip. "Sorry. It probably wasn't good that I did that huh? But we had to get away and i didn't see any other way..." she trailed off noticing some blood on his neck. "Oh, gosh! You're bleeding! Here let me help." She ripped off a piece from the bottom of her dress. "It's your head right? It did hit the flor hard."
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  11. Will sat down hard once they stopped running. He could barely keep his eyes open and barely heard a word she had said. He knew he had a concussion it was clear to him right now that he did. He shook his head again and forced his eyes to stay open. He knew he couldn't fall asleep if he did he could slip into a coma and that was the last thing anyone wanted especially him. He was barely aware of the girl with the sword rubbing the back of his head with a piece of her dress that she had ripped off. "who are you?...who was that other girl back there?..what is going on here?.."
  12. "Hold on." Sato jogged to a near by water fountain and rinsed the bloodied cloth, hurrying back and cleaning his wound before tying it around his head in attempt to stop the bleeding. She looked him over, noticing how sick he looked. Crap, what if he has a concussion? Well either way now she was responsible for him, at least for awhile. "My name is Sato," she replied sitting down in front of him. "I can't tell you much about what was going on, normal civilians aren't supposed to know. I can only tell my Ashikabi."
  13. He rubs his eyes and rests his head in his hands. He felt like he was going to throw up right now. Damn it all why did this have to happen to him? Things were going so good for him today now all of this was happening to him? why? why was this happening? He looked back up at her as she sat down in front of him and then frowned at her words "what the hell is an Ashikabi? what are you talking about? please tell me that I didn't get involved in some kind of drug cartel show down and that an Ashikabi is the name of your group leader or something like that"
  14. She couldn't help but giggle. "No, silly. Drug aren't my thing, I'm not sure if they even affect me the same way as others," she thought for a second then shrugged. "And an Ashikabi isn't a group leader. He's supposed to be the greatest person in my life." Her voice had changed, becoming more serious and slightly dreamy.

    She looked at him again, concerned. "Should I take you to the hospital?"
  15. He pauses for a moment and then sighs again. He didn't understand a word she was saying. It made no sense. What the hell did that mean? An Ashikabi supposed to be the greatest person in her life? What was up with this girl? He slowly tried to stand up again but fell back onto his butt and let out a soft groan when he hit the ground. Damn his head hurt. He held his head again and closed his eyes tightly as he tried to calm the pain that was pulsing through his head. ".ok not in some drug gang...that's cool...but I still think whatever I just got in the middle of was nothing good.."
  16. She jumped, her eyes widening. "You're really bad aren't you? Should I take you to the hospital?" She hesitated, not sure if she should touch him. That and I don't think a hospital would let you keep your sword. She bit her lip in thought. She just had to keep him awake, didn't she? Sato wasn't sure, but it seemed as good a plan as any. "I can't really tell you about what's going on or the Proffesor might do something bad..." an idea hit her and she beamed. "How about I chose you as my Ashikabi and then you wouldn't get in trouble for knowing?!"
  17. Will frowned a bit at her words. If she was supposed to find an Ashikabi wasn't that person supposed to be really special to them? Why was she just going to pick him out of the blue like that. The way she made it sound an Ashikabi was supposed to be almost like your one true love in a way. He looked at her and rubbed her eyes "But..I thought you Ashikabi was supposed to be someone special to you. How do you know it's me? and what If I'm not supposed to be your Ashikabi? If I'm not supposed to be then that means there's someone out there who is and..I don't want to take away your chance to meet him or her"
  18. She blushed slightly. He must think I'm an idiot of something. She had to admit she did feel a bit foolish, talking about an Ashikabi like that to just go and pick him out of nothing. She glanced up into his face, partially covered by his shaky hands, and something stirred within her. As he reopened his eyes, she met his gaze and it was like a switch had flipped. No, it wasn't nothing. Her blush deepened without her realizing it and she had to pull her gaze from his.

    "Ashikabis are supposed to be very special. Though I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure how it's suppose to feel when you met them." She didn't realize she had moved closer to him until her face was a foot or so away from his. Why was her heart beating so fast? She cleared her throat and continued, leaning her face away a bit, but her body remained. "We met by chance, even if it might have been bad luck on your part. For that I'm sorry and to make up for it I will watch over you. I can't explain what you experienced because some bad things might happen to you if you knew without first becoming a part of it. I don't know if your my Ashikabi or not. It might be you, it might be someone else, but I'm not lying when I admit that there is something about you...." she trailed off embarrassed with how open she was being. This isn't like me...
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  19. He noticed that she was getting closer to him and started blushing himself. He didn't know why but something about her was really pulling him closer. He shook his head a bit. It had to have been just a physical attraction. But that didn't explain why his heart was beating so fast. He shook his head again as he tried to keep his eyes open which was getting harder and harder by the second. He looks down as she started speaking. Yeah they definitely met by chance and so far it had been bad for himself because he had a concussion and he was dangerously close to falling into a coma if he fell asleep. He needed to get to a hospital but he could hardly stand up.

    He looks at her again and swallows hard. She was really really cute he couldn't deny that and there was something that was attracting him to her but he had no idea what it was. "l..Look...I um..I don't really know whats going on..and at the be honest it's one of the least of my worries..I need to get to a hospital..but I can hardly stand..can you help me get to one? We can talk more once I've been properly looked at ok?"
  20. As she nodded in reply, her blush deepened slightly. You idiot! Here he is in need of help and what are you doing instead? What was she doing? She wasn't sure, but whatever it was she shook herself out of it and stood up, looking around the park as she retrieved her sword from her back. It was one of the very few times she regretted having such a large weapon. She walked a couple steps away then threw her blade into the nearest tree, smiling when the branches caught it. I hope no one finds it, she willed silently.

    Sato returned to the boy and crouched down, throwing his arm around her shoulder as he helped him stand up. She looked at him and something occurred to her. "Oh, how rude of me, I never asked your name," she smiled sheepishly. "What is it?"
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