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  1. It is the year 2013, September 1st and it is a special day. The Sekirei plan, a secret plan developed by HMTAI INC (Hyper Medical and Technological Advancement Incorporated) has initiated it's stage one. It is the release of all 108 of them including the first ten. Magoichi Hanabi has already taken over much of the city and his partner David Summerset is already working on claiming the rest. Various Ashikabi have already winged their sekirei in total about thirty have been winged including the infamous discipline squad. However the majority if not all of the people in the city have no idea about the sekirei plan at large in their city. With the intention of finding their Ashikabi and fighting for them and their love. With dreams of winning the grand prize the ashikabi and their sekirei fight one another all for the plan made by 'The King' Magoichi Hanabi. However Hanabi has been keeping a secret to be sprung soon...the secret being that an alliance based battle will take up the majority of the plan...and they need to rely on more than themselves to find the one sekirei of destiny among them.

    The physiology of a Sekirei is similar to humans. They have similar requirements such as the need to eat food, drink water, and breathe oxygen. They are also also capable of reproducing with the human species; thousands of years in the past, some Sekirei were able to conceive offspring with their Ashikabi. Due to this, the genes of Sekirei, while recessive, are still carried by nearly half of the world's population. However, they also have a significant differences that set them apart from normal members of humanity. Many members of this group have greater strength, speed, and stamina than is possible for a normal human. The what is most important and unique for the Sekirei's is the Sekirei Core, the source of their power and very existence. Sekireis who lost their core cease to function. In order to terminate a Sekirei, a fixed amount of damage inflicted to her is needed or the Sekirei opponent needs to touch the Sekirei Crest and recite a spell (Norito). Then the Sekirei crest disappears and a Sekirei whose crest has disappeared can't function. The amount of damage a Sekirei received is categorized in 5 shutdown levels. Going from 1 - 5 (1 being the simple damage with 5 being the most serious), the more severe was the damage taken which caused the termination of the Sekirei. According to Natsuo Ichinomi, as long as terminated Sekirei don't approach their 'Death' as living creatures, they can be put to sleep after special surgery according to the termination level. After that they are sent to a special facility, their body still alive. But a living body doesn't mean the Sekirei isn't dead, the loss of the Sekirei crest equals death for a Sekirei.

    Ashikabi (葦牙) are humans with unique genes that enable them to empower Sekirei destined to serve them through an exchange of saliva between Sekirei and its Ashikabi, which is usually done through a kiss, thereby resulting in a "winged" Sekirei with who an everlasting bond is forged. For many Sekirei, the reaction is one of deep love and fondness. If a person is an Ashikabi they can forcefully wing Sekirei against their will and make them their "slave", but this goes against the theory that the Ashikabi's power is the power of fate (Takehito Asama, Seo Kaoru) and thus the only Ashikabi seen to forcefully wing Sekirei were Higa Izumi and Hayato Mikogami.
    The power's of an Ashikabi increase with the amount of Sekirei that they wing. One important part of the Ashikabi-Sekirei relationship is the fact that when an Ashikabi is killed, all of the Sekirei that they have winged are 'terminated'. This is supposed to be classified information, however, most Sekirei and many Ashikabi know about it anyway. One part of the bond between Sekirei and Ashikabi is that they can feel each others feelings. For example, when Musubi's crest disappears and Minato becomes sad and starts crying, Tsukiumi and Kazehana (who wasn't winged at the time) feel his pain. Kusano who is far off at Izumo Inn immediately knows what happened and it is implied that Matsu also can feel Minato's feelings. The feelings of the Sekirei can also be felt in return by the Ashikabi.
    1. All rules of normal roleplays apply power playing, overpowering, and meta game along with the other typical rules.
    2. All explicitly sexual scenes that aren't PG 13 are to be taken to private messaging.
    3. Clothes rip and tear and of course this is based off an ecchi anime but try your best not to get REALLY explicit in your wording if you must have female or male bodies showing.
    4. The singular number Sekirei, up to number ten, are not to be picked due to the power advantage they have on other sekirei.
    5. As the GM I retain the right to have the final say in what is or what is not allowed or accepted into the roleplay.
    6. Only two sekirei per ashikabi are available at the start.(Meaning if you need to or want to you can have two other characters for your ashikbi or in other words make two sekirei for your ashikabi) With that being said you are allowed to pair up sekirei with other people's ashikabi and vice verse.
    7. All characters are to be at least eighteen years old.
    Character Roster:
    Brandon Hunter - VanceXentan
    Captain Kagemura Gosuke - Razalin
    Habane Suichiro - Yahtzee
    Izumi - Vancexentan - Winged by Brandon Hunter
    Sayo - Raredrop - Winged by - Captain Kagemura
    Sora - Razilin - Winged by ____
    Rei - Raredrop Winged by ____
    Kitsune - Winged by Habane Suichiro (See Habane's link)
    The NPC Character Roster (open)
    The North:
    Hideyori Matsumodo -
    The East:
    Tayori 'The Prince' Shimazu
    Mutsu Mikada
    The West:
    The Hero
    The Chess Master
    The South
    The Rebel
    Number 21 - Minami - Unknown
    Number 44 - Momka 'Momo' - The Prince Toyori Shimazu
    Number 61 - Azami - Eliminated by Izumi
    Number 70/55 - Winged by Unknown - Rivals to Izumi
    Number ? - Nohime - Winged by Hideyori Matsumodo
    Sekirei Numbers 67/79 - Winged by Hideyori Matsumodo

    Character Sheets:
    Ashikabi Sheet:
    Special Skills: (Computer skills, karate training, military training, etc)
    Sekirei Character Sheet:
    Nickname: (Required for Sekireis because they are all known by an Alias of some sort Karusuba was the Black Sekirei and Yume was the Sekirei of Fate for example.)
    Sekirei Number:
    Sekirei Norito: By the ____ of my Pact/Contract/Pledge, My Ashikabi's ____ shall/will _____ (Examples: By my fist of the contract, my Ashikabi's perils will be shattered, By the thunderstorm of our pact,our Ashikabi's perils will be (completely) destroyed!, By the Four Winds of the contract, My Ashikabi's dark clouds will be blown away)
    Sekirei Type: (Sekirei who use their hands are called fist types, sekirei who use water are water types, etc. Put what type of ability your sekirei can use be it something like matsu's technological skill or musubi's fist type abilities)
    History: (This is revolving around his or her time at the labs and how it was growing up there. Some people have fond memories of it while others complete despise it. Include his or her impression of the world and how he or she has viewed it since leaving the island and or the HMTAI Facility they were in)
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  2. Name: Brandon Hunter
    Nickname: Silver
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: Straight
    Clothes -

    Special Skills: Gun Training - Quick Reflexes - Excellent planner and organizer
    Personality: Brandon is normally very relaxed but dedicated person who has always gotten the job done for himself and his team. He likes a good challenge and gets very competitive when things start to get 'interesting' to him. He is also polite and courteous to others no matter who they are. He has a personal code that he keeps under most circumstances. He refuses to drink alcohol and he does not believe in gods nor masters only himself but he doesn't shove his beliefs down anyone's throat. He loves the chance to show people what he has in his skill set and when something doesn't live up to his expectation it get's to him somewhat. He is not above playing dirty if someone else is and one of his favorite, but most underused tactics, is the infamous ambush preferring quick hit and striking to out right fighting people. As a student he tends to be a great adviser to those around him on how they should handle the work assigned to them and also capable supervisor at club events. He is known for his love of dogs as well especially when it comes to volunteering at animal shelters and his favorite subject is history, specifically military history. When angry he tends to be very arrogant and carries himself like a jerk however in a complete switch of pace for the man. Brandon detests criminals to a great extent and has taken action against more aggressive criminals in the past. He is a firm believer in justice and an eye for an eye and he refuses to simply give up without a fight only giving up when things have become beyond hopeless.

    History: Born in Massachusetts Boston he spent most of his life in the city. His father was a former soldier, a marine in the U.S.A Army, and his mother was a doctor whom took care of him after he broke his arm in a training accident put him in a hospital for a month during his adolescent years. He spent his younger years mostly just going to school and playing with friends as he really was not much of a TV or a reading person in general. His mother was overbearing at first but she grew into her role as a mother slowly and Brandon grew to love her dearly. Brandon was the sort of kid who was pushed by his dad to become better however and it would effect him for the rest of his life. He loved to play games that let him play a role like cops and robbers and this helped hone his reflexes that he would train later in life.

    His teachers noted him as a rather kind and reasonable young man and had little trouble from him normally. When he did get in trouble it was simply defending himself and or his friends from bullies or otherwise rather small things like not bringing in his homework or the occasional hooky. He had no qualms fighting bullies on their own home turf and he always was one to pay back a debt owed in one way or another. His father taught him how to use a paintball gun and it turned into a hobby for him along with shooting at gun ranges. Brandon's attitude steadily became more and more intense as he grew more and more engrossed in trying to improve his own abilities that it actually caused him to lose a couple of friends. It was one of the times his dad said that he needed to be more open about his hobbies and Brandon immediately took that as a challenge not a warning so he kept on doing what he was doing until he lost most of his friends and made an entirely different group of friends from his hobby. He enjoyed the challenge he and his new friends had when they went to fight in paint ball tournaments and he grew particularly good at anticipating and moving around the court. He was promoted to his team's strategist at major tournaments and they even won a variety of trophies other times they came close but where beaten badly depending on Brandon's calls.

    Each member of his team had a nickname after a metal alloy of some kind and his was Silver. He was a member of the golf club at one point but he was never interested in it earnestly and he only did it to help promote the sport at his school. He transferred to Tokyo at the insistence of one of his friends in order to go to college with him and he learned Japanese from the Rosetta Stone program within a couple of months before going to Japan.

    Sekirei Character Sheet:
    Name: Izumi
    Nickname: The Grey Sekirei
    Sekirei Number:
    Sekirei Number (open)

    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Sexuality: Leaning towards Straight but Bisexual
    Body (Note: Grey hair instead of black)
    character picture (open)

    Clothes: Izumi normally wears a short cut black colored leather jacket with a very formal white buttoned shirt underneath it. She has short white stockings as well but they are normally covered up by military boots and her hands are covered by fingerless gloves to prevent calloused hands and to prevent small hand injuries. She wears either a matching skirt, a pair of grey shorts, or a simple pair of blue jeans depending on the occasion.

    Sekirei Norito: By the swift death of my pact, My ashikabi's enemies will be broken.

    Sekirei Type: Sword Type Sekirei - Causes her sword to channel energy which can be used for ranged slashing attacks or to form an invisible after-slash. (Think of a person blocking her attack and then getting hit somewhere else afterward. It can be blocked if the enemy has something covering that area or if the original attack is dodged completely)

    Personality: Izumi is a girl who is somewhat blunt and honest about how she feels. She tends to hold grudges and tends to hate people go back on their word. She however knows that there are some promises you simply can't keep. She loves birds and has a fondness for dogs seeing them as loyal beasts. Izumi desires nothing more than to simply enjoy life but she has a fondness for a good fight here and there. She tends to curse when angry and has a strong sense of modesty. She is a person who follows the rules but only if they don't get in the way of her own rules. She dislikes when people give up without a fight but is always willing to hold out a helping hand to those she sees are in need of a true friend.

    She has no interest in murdering anyone but the sekirei plan has her hands tied and she has accepted the fact that she may need to hurt people to survive. She has a particular dislike of 'The King' and his 'Bishop' which borders on absolute loathing. When things get really dangerous in combat she tends to lose herself to the battle and become a cold blooded killing machine losing most of her morals and her only concern at that point would be the protection of her ashikabi and herself. She also has a tendency to become heavily sarcastic when annoyed and when in a dangerous situation that is outside of combat or a situation of importance she turns into a cautious woman who can be considered rude by some others.

    Born into the world on the island of the sekirei, Izumi was taken care of by HMTAI and raised by a man known as Kuro Masumoto. Her early life was filled with wonder of the world around her as she was raised alongside number twenty one Minami. She was assigned her number when it came her turn to receive it. Izumi and Minami loved each other like sisters and spent a lot of time together training and becoming stronger. When they weren't training they were often playing together or with the other sekirei around their age who were around the facilities. They promised they would do their best to become the best sekirei ever. Eventually however things took a darker turn for her and her world became bleak as she learned of her true nature of what she was and what she was destined to do.
    Not one to deny facts she accepted what her life would be like after 'the incident'. Izumi not only had a bland outlook on her immediate center but she also had a rather bland look on the outer world as well due in general because of the channels she watched on the TV she watched with Kuro. However Kuro promised her things would get better in the world and maybe she would be the one to do it. It was much later when the duo of Minami and Izumi were split apart from each other. Minami was taken elsewhere away from Izumi and eventually she was taken to another area all together. Izumi spent the majority of her teenage years learning in a group that she would not tell anyone about. She was noted for having a rivalry with numbers seventy and fifty five as well during her time there. She grew to hate two people in particular for some of the events in her life being Magoichi and David. She has spent a few weeks now out in the real world living at HMTAI housing while looking for her ashikabi whom she has yet to find.
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  3. imagesQUJ8UTDD.jpg

    Name: Sayo

    Nickname: The Loud Sekirei

    Sekirei Number: 48

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Sexuality: Straight

    Sekirei Norito: By the sound of my Contract, My Ashikabi's troubles will be silenced.

    Sekirei Type: Voice Type- Her power can overwhelm a person's sense of hearing and can push them away by just using her voice. Her norito allows her to scream high pitched but it hurts her throat.

    Personality: Sayo is a very talkative person by nature. She just naturally ends up talking a lot. Her conversations end up being one-sided, sloppy, and meaningless after while. She has the ability to talk for hours non-stop and this isn't just because of her being the loud sekirei. Sayo is friendly and outgoing which causes her start the meaningless conversations. She is also a bundle of energy making her very active and lacks the ability to stay still.

    History: Sayo was considered annoying by the other Sekirei. They would roll their eyes and say rude things when she wanted to just talk to them. Even the scientists would try to shut her up and would use duck tape to cover her mouth using punishment as an excuse. There were exceptions but there were very few. She just had so much on her mind that she wanted to share that she couldn't just stay quiet and keep it to herself. Such as, her really wacky and confusing dreams she have been recently having is something she wanted to tell everyone.

    When she was released into the outside world, she had no clue how it worked. She would roam clueless, until she would inevitably start asking questions to strangers who knew a lot more than her. The strangers would eventually answer her when her questions start to pile up after a while and she wouldn't leave them alone. They would simplify the information and then help her for a little while. For the last two weeks, she have been living off the answers of strangers and the HMTAI. She has also been talking to a lot of people since there are so many people to hear her speak and hear her thoughts.

    Other: She really loves sweets but give them to her and you'll regret it.
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  4. At the very least the bio needs work. Like how she views the outside world, how she learned about it, small experiences that made her the way she was because it seems she had a very abusive or at least very sheltered if she was viewed as an annoyance by some of the workers. Any info on how she has done the past two weeks since the sekirei hunt began. Did she get food off of HMTAI or did she go solo?
  5. Name: Kiyoshi Sato

    Nickname: Kiyo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Sexuality: Straight

    Standing at 5'9 and weighing a healthy 185lb is neither an exceptionally large or small man. He has a slightly stocky build and while he is strong his appearance is that of an average male. He has brown, medium length hair that is somewhat unkempt with side burns going just beyond his ear. With warm, brown eyes and devilish smile he has a handsome, roguish look to him and looks older than he is. He normally wears cargo shorts or jeans and tee shirts and the occasional jacket.

    Special Skills: Well maintained body and is quite strong for his size. Very high IQ but no real will to use it to his benefit.

    Personality: He is generally a friendly and kind person and willing to lend a helping hand to those that need it. He is quite intelligent but is very forgetful and lazy. While he will become involved in things he is interested in, he is quite lazy when it comes to work he finds boring or pointless. The exception is that he is big into fitness and can often been found running or training his body in a gym. He currently has no true goals in life and just lives day to day.

    History: Kiyoshi grew up in Tokyo as an only child being spoiled and loved by his two parents. His childhood was a good one even though his father rarely home due to work. Since his mother was a higher up in large corporation and his father was a very lucky archeologist, they were well off. His earlier school years went well with him excelling in both academics and his favorite sport baseball. He was popular in school as well with many people finding his friendly nature easy to get along with.

    As he grew older his grades started to slip for no other reason other than Kiyoshi no longer trying. He still maintained his large assortment of friends due to his optimistic outlook and with the exception of having more free time due to not working, very little changed. this time he also became infatuated with Professional Wrestling, his second love next to baseball. HE As he approached this final year of school, he finally started to take it seriously, hoping to try and get into a university. But because of his of terrible grades throughout his school years and his poor testing grades he was not accepted to a single university. His parents helped him afford a small apartment and more or less kicked him out of their home. He now works as a waiter just getting by.

    Other: Loves to eat even if its unhealthy. Hates doing manual labor and is extremely lazy when it comes to things he deems boring. Enjoys board games that require the use of strategy and heavy thinking. Is terrified of heights. Has a mean baseball swing.

  6. I'll accept Sato Deer
  7. By the way I have edited it. I will make more changes, such as the personality, but can you look over it to see if everything so far is acceptable?
  8. Thanks, I know its not that good, but I always find my self making bad CS.
  9. Just a small voice about the voice ability. It doesn't seem that she uses wind based attacks and more or less shouts or screams. It doesn't seem like that sort of attack would make a barrier so much as nullify or cancel out other attacks or repel them back at a person. Also what would he awakened attack be? When sekirei get kisses again by their ashikabi they awaken in a sort of way that powers them up. The girl in the anime's ability put them to sleep.


    I'm trusting you to put up a better performance in RP. I understand that some people have trouble with CS's.
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  10. Also Pink Arrow dropped interest so it may just be the three of us if nothing happens. I'll wait until the late seventh, as tomorrow is a big update day, and will make the IC if everyone is finished by then.
  11. A shame that she did but what can you do.
  12. She says it was because she didn't know it was an actual anime/manga. I believe that is a really weak reason to leave a roleplay but to each their own and I hold no grudge about it. It's highly inconvenient but I do what I must and move on. Assuming Rare does not leave I can still make this work. This rp is meant to be played in a group and I don't want to make another sekirei for use as a main character so this will die if rare or you leave rare.
  13. Well others that have expressed interest in a Sekirei RP before, but due to me being GM for the first time it was hardly fulfilled. That was during the summer months and since the site has slowed down a bit.
  14. well if you're able to then please invite more people to this if not then that is fine.
  15. I remember that. It was my first RP. I'm still having trouble with the Character Sheet. Ahhh. Memories.
  16. Let me see who I can find, and if your willing to put one up I believe a banner got me most of my players
  17. Well good to hear that you at least know each other so maybe that will help your characters' relationship as ashikabi and sekirei assuming you are winging rare's girl Deer.

    As for a banner I would refrain from putting on up and when we get going I'll commission one from someone.
  18. Might have too if I can't recruit anyone.
  19. well here's to hoping.
  20. Okay. What I was going for was that her power revolves around being loud. I was thinking about screams and shouts. I choose the voice sekirei because I remembered it being a name and I just thought it had to do with being loud. Like I have said, it's been a while since I watched the anime. Maybe I should go with a type that's easier. In a nutshell, I need help.
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