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    It is the year 2013, September 1st and it is a special day. The Sekirei plan, a secret plan developed by HMTAI INC (Hyper Medical and Technological Advancement Incorporated) has initiated it's stage one. It has been about two weeks since the release of all 108 of them including the first ten. Magoichi Hanabi, CEO of and Head of HMTAI, has already taken over much of the city and his partner David Summerset are already working on claiming the rest.

    Various Ashikabi have already winged their sekirei in total about thirty have been winged including some of the infamous discipline squad. However the majority, if not all, of the people in the city have no idea about the sekirei plan at large in their city. With the intention of finding their Ashikabi and fighting for them and their love. With dreams of winning the mysterious grand prize that is vaguely described as "a wish that will come true no matter how ridiculous or crazed'. The ashikabi and their sekirei fight one another all for the plan made by 'The King' Magoichi Hanabi. However Hanabi has been keeping a secret to be sprung soon...the secret being that an alliance based battle will take up the majority of the plan...and they need to rely on more than themselves to find the one sekirei of destiny amongst them.
    Keynote: The following below are assumed that the sekirei are female and the ashikabi male. However both can be either gender.

    Sekirei Info: The physiology of a Sekirei is similar to humans. They have similar requirements such as the need to eat food, drink water, and breathe oxygen. They are also also capable of reproducing with the human species; thousands of years in the past, some Sekirei were able to conceive offspring with their Ashikabi. Due to this, the genes of Sekirei, while recessive, are still carried by nearly half of the world's population However, they also have a significant differences that set them apart from normal members of humanity. Many members of this group have greater strength, speed, and stamina than is possible for a normal human. The what is most important and unique for the Sekirei's is the Sekirei Core, the source of their power and very existence. Sekireis who lost their core cease to function. In order to terminate a Sekirei, a fixed amount of damage inflicted to her is needed or the Sekirei opponent needs to touch the Sekirei Crest and recite a spell (Norito). Then the Sekirei crest disappears and a Sekirei whose crest has disappeared can't function[16]. The amount of damage a Sekirei received is categorized in 5 shutdown levels. Going from 1 - 5 (1 being the simple damage with 5 being the most serious), the more severe was the damage taken which caused the termination of the Sekirei. According to Natsuo Ichinomi, as long as terminated Sekirei don't approach their 'Death' as living creatures, they can be put to sleep after special surgery according to the termination level. After that they are sent to a special facility, their body still alive. But a living body doesn't mean the Sekirei isn't dead, the loss of the Sekirei crest equals death for a Sekirei.

    Ashikabi (葦牙) are humans with unique genes that enable them to empower Sekirei destined to serve them through an exchange of saliva between Sekirei and its Ashikabi, which is usually done through a kiss, thereby resulting in a "winged" Sekirei with who an everlasting bond is forged. For many Sekirei, the reaction is one of deep love and fondness. If a person is an Ashikabi they can forcefully wing Sekirei against their will and make them their "slave", but this goes against the theory that the Ashikabi's power is the power of fate (Takehito Asama, Seo Kaoru) and thus the only Ashikabi seen to forcefully wing Sekirei were Higa Izumi and Hayato Mikogami.
    The power's of an Ashikabi increase with the amount of Sekirei that they wing. One important part of the Ashikabi-Sekirei relationship is the fact that when an Ashikabi is killed, all of the Sekirei that they have winged are 'terminated'. This is supposed to be classified information, however, most Sekirei and many Ashikabi know about it anyway. One part of the bond between Sekirei and Ashikabi is that they can feel each others feelings. For example, when Musubi's crest disappears and Minato becomes sad and starts crying, Tsukiumi and Kazehana (who wasn't winged at the time) feel his pain. Kusano who is far off at Izumo Inn immediately knows what happened and it is implied that Matsu also can feel Minato's feelings. The feelings of the Sekirei can also be felt in return by the Ashikabi.
    1. All rules of normal roleplays apply power playing, overpowering, and meta game along with the other typical rules.
    2. All explicitly sexual scenes that aren't PG 13 are to be taken to private messaging.
    3. Clothes rip and tear and of course this is based off an ecchi anime but try your best not to get REALLY explicit in your wording if you must have female or male bodies showing.
    4. The singular number Sekirei, up to number ten, are not to be picked due to the power advantage they have on other sekirei.
    5. As the GM I retain the right to have the final say in what is or what is not allowed or accepted into the roleplay.
    6. Only two sekirei per ashikabi are available at the start.(Meaning if you need to or want to you can have two other characters for your ashikbi or in other words make two sekirei for your ashikabi) With that being said you are allowed to pair up sekirei with other people's ashikabi and vice verse.
    7. All characters are to be at least eighteen years old.
    Character Sheets:
    Ashikabi Sheet:
    Special Skills: (Computer skills, karate training, military training, etc)
    Sekirei Character Sheet:
    Nickname: (Required for Sekireis because they are all known by an Alias of some sort Karusuba was the Black Sekirei and Yume was the Sekirei of Fate for example.)
    Sekirei Number:
    Sekirei Norito: By the ____ of my Pact/Contract/Pledge, My Ashikabi's ____ shall/will _____ (Examples: By my fist of the contract, my Ashikabi's perils will be shattered, By the thunderstorm of our pact, our Ashikabi's perils will be (completely) destroyed!, By the Four Winds of the contract, My Ashikabi's dark clouds will be blown away)
    Sekirei Type: (Sekirei who use their hands are called fist types, sekirei who use water are water types, etc. Put what type of ability your sekirei can use be it something like matsu's technological skill or musubi's fist type abilities)
    History: (This is revolving around his or her time at the labs and how it was growing up there. Some people have fond memories of it while others complete despise it. Include his or her impression of the world and how he or she has viewed it since leaving the island and or the HMTAI Facility they were in)
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  2. Whoopsie, slight mistake. Will be interested in this though. :-D​
  3. Well welcome back nova.
  4. Welcome back? I never left. *snicker*
  5. True enough but still.
  6. Same. If its you, me, and Nova as the more prodigious posters, I will likely play Sora again (no intent to get bonded, as last time) and a female Sekirei with intent to get bonded.
  7. Alright then that may make you and Nova compatible. I hope we get more people though.
  8. @N0VA - I'm gonna make a female Sekirei, probably a hot blooded fighter type who loves a good scrap, drinking, partying, and otherwise being wild and reckless. The obvious flaw being that she tends to get herself (and likely her Ashikabi) in over her head. You in on this plan? Maybe I'll make it a fire type?
  9. I will be playing my previous character as well. :-)

    It would be the same to me mate, I think my character would have the skills to protect himself. :-)
  10. Bash brothers/sisters it is, then!
  11. Brandon and Izumi will be once again be reprising their roles as well.
  12. Hmmm, though Raz will they be developing a sort of buddy/buddy relationship or will they be romantically involved with each other?
  13. Also to just let you know since we barely just got done the prologue in the previous Roleplay I have a lot of epic battles planned out. Especially out of that Hideyori character you met Raz.
  14. doesn't matter to me.

    i will likely not reprise kagemura and just stick with two sekirei for this one.
  15. I have absolutely no problem with that. Let's just hope that we get more people. I'll wait two days for people to show up. If not we can make it work, if a bit flimsily, with a couple of people.
  16. I remember reading a bit of this manga ages ago. But other than that, I know pretty much nothing about it. I might be willing to give things a try, if you guys don't mind that I may have absolutely no clue what I'm doing.
  17. I'd honestly recommend you at least go to the wikipedia and read about it. Canon story is pretty much thrown out the window except for the island in which the sekirei were found on. But none the less I'd still really suggest checking out the wikipedia.
  18. Yeah, that's usually a good first step for everything, so I'll go do that. I suppose it'd answer most of the big questions on the setting, not that anyone really needs to have a masterful grip on it, especially if they play someone rather clueless to begin with.

    And the wiki will probably answer my other question on what sort of powers Sekirei tend to have.
  19. well if you need any specific questions answered go ahead and ask after doing so. If you need a link I can provide one.
  20. Well, checked out the basic wiki stuff. I think I still don't have a full picture, particularly where fantastic powers are concerned, but enough to get the overall gist of things.
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