Sekirei Anyone?

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  1. Sekirei anyone? This is really the gist of it plot will be made once people join. Those of you who haven't watched the show I'm just gonna put a wiki page link up so you can get the gist of it and if this does get started up I will need a Co-Gm but for those of you who don't know here is your link: and the number of characters I shall allow are 2-3 maybe 4 we'll see how it goes but anyways Sekirei.​
  2. Oh my... If this gets more attention i might join.
  3. ;-; might......
  4. Yea well i do run two RPs right now Sasha, plus i'm in your other one and plus i got anime to catch up on so.
  5. Yeah i know i've actually tried doing one of these before so..... Yeah
  6. i'm in! i heart sekirei
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  7. sweet if you know people who'd be interested please by all means invite them
  8. sorry boss I don't really have much interest in joining someone else's Sekirei roleplay. Izumi and Brandon are the characters I am set on playing and the way the are made would probably make it difficult for other GM's to play with. Regardless good luck with the roleplay.
  9. I'm perfectly fine with you using pre-made characters, I honestly don't mind how anyone roleplays so it would be no big deal.
  10. No it's my sekirei's backstory that's the problem. If you really interested in it I'll give you a PM all the same I doubt Izumi would fly all too well in this roleplay.
  11. sure what could be the harm send the pm
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