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  1. little poem I wrote one day...possibly thinking of creating a story behind it...we'll see

    On the edge of twilight is where we stand

    Between the morning and the night

    Light fades to dark as we nearly collide

    Yet the distance is all too clear

    Though forever our love burns bright

    Circumstances keep us apart

    As our hands but so nearly touch

    We look both to our burning stars

    Hoping to catch a falling light

    We tempt fate and say a prayer:

    Carpe noctem, carpe diem

    Seize the night, seize the day
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  2. Beautiful Poem, Kate. Beautiful.
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  3. thanks Fijo. I haven't really written anything in a while and was just inspired to write that one day....partially because of Robin William's death and one of my favorite quotes is "Carpe Diem" from Dead Poet Society.

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  4. Your tone is really quite mature — and you handle your motif without unwarranted cliché. I find the particular degree of abstraction you've written to be especially attractive in this piece; I think you've taken away the baseness of the carpe diem sentiment and pointed toward potential implications which, when noted in light of your signature motto, might suggest this piece is of special meaning to you. :3
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  5. I thank you for your comment :) I don't write poetry often anymore but I do write when my life is impacted in one way or another so yes it does have great sentimental value. Not only for the actor whom I quote the Carpe Diem from, but from my own personal life. Thank you again for your input.
  6. Any time. c:
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