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    Raccoon vs The Student Council
    On the desk. No! On the chair, not sitting, standing! With one foot on the seat and a hand on my chin as I stare off into the distance!
    Fujimoto Kasumi was trying to figure out how to stand before the rest of the council entered the room. He wanted to make a kick ass impression. He would be remembered forever as the most awesome, coolest, smoothest student council president ever!
    "Oh! Maybe I should hide in the ceiling and then jump down on the first person to walk in!" He exclaimed, and tried to stack enough chairs so that he could reach the ceiling tiles, but there weren't enough. "Tch. Damn." He grumbled, putting the chairs back and slumping against his desk at the head of the room.
    "Fine, I'll just work on my speech. Eh-EHM!" He began, clearing her throat quite loudly. "I, Fujimoto, am your president. And you are my servants. No--Hm...I, Fujimoto, am your Monarchy and you are my serfs...Ehh...No, that's not right..."
    It was then that he noticed the large closet on the left side of the room.
    "...Hehe. Hehehehehe." He chuckled as he flung open the doors and squished himself inside. He pulled the door almost closed, so he wouldn't get locked inside. "And now...We wait."

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  2. *Click clack click clack* Went the heels of her shoes. All along the sides of the corridor she was walking through, people were standing in awe, looking at her. She smiled, and pulled some hair behind her ear. At least five guys fainted, and four girls screamed loudly. She arrived at the door which was her target, and looked at it triumphantly. "This is it... This is what I've been waiting for!" She thought to herself. She blew a kiss at the crowd surrounding her, and those left standing fell on their knees with a heavy nosebleed. She clenched her fist, put on her best smile, and entered.

    "Hiii, it's everyone's favourite, the one and only, super-cute vice president, Ushiromiya Kiyomi-tan!"

    She did a little routine, and at the end of the sentence she winked, formed a heart with her hands, and said

    "I hope we can all get nyalong~!"

    There was no one there to react to her entrance, and she was left standing in that pose, stiffly smiling.
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  3. A huge grin spread across Fujimoto's face when Ushiromiya-san entered the room. He stifled a giggle that was threatening to come through and prepared to leap. But then he stopped. Should he really scare the crap out of the school idol? And his partner for the rest of the school year? That might put a wrench in their relationship. But it would be funny...But consequences...Maybe he should wait until the secretary came in...Scaring kids was always funny. But he didn't think he'd be able to stay in this cramped closet for that long!
    Comedy trumps consequences any day. Fujimoto decided and burst out of the closest, arms spread wide and a crazy looking grin on his face. "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRAAAARGH!" He yelled.
  4. Kiyomi turned to face the lunatic barging out of the closet, with an even more crazed appearance. Her eyes were completely red, and a fiery aura surrounded her. She clenched her fist and cocked her arm back. The pressure of the force in her arm made the air inside the room shiver. The punch she lunged at him was so fast, everything appeared to be moving in slow motion.


    The perpetrator flew back into the closet, and she shut the doors. She then proceeded to seal it with a roll of duct tape. Kiyomi was used to dealing with crazed fans like this, but she honestly didn't expect to run into one her first day at the student council. She picked up her phone, and dialed to call the police.
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  5. It wasn't very fun for Ayano to have about five falls, she stopped counting, just before she entered the school. But, she brushed them off, there was no sense worrying about any new bruises she must have just gotten. Instead, she flipped her bag over her shoulder and headed for the council room. Ayano never thought she would end up there, but somehow she was now going to the council room, being a member. She made a happy sigh and found the door to the room, pushing it open with her foot because she didn't feel like moving her arms any. She saw the schools idol, Ushiromiya Kiyomi, just standing there on her phone acting like something big just happened when there was no one else there. Did the school's idol normally do that? "Uh, what are you doing?" Ayano asked as the door closed with a bang behind Ayano.
  6. Kiyomi looked at the girl who had just entered the room. She was a bit bruised. "That's the girl from the disciplinary committee. Has she been in a fight already? I didn't think the students here were that rough..." She thought to herself. She put her phone on the table, and reached her arm out to shake hands with Ayano. "Nakamura-san, is it? I'm Ushiromiya Kiyomi, the Vice President. I hope we can get along. And, about what I'm doing, it's nothing, really. I was just about to call the police, you see, some crazy fan snuck in and was about to attack me, but I managed to get the upper hand." She pointed to the taped-up closet. It was shaking violently, and screaming noises could be heard coming from inside. "It will be taken care of shortly."
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  7. Blood-red streaks and splotches were all over Naoto's apron and gloves as he came to the Student Council office. He was pretty excited to meet the new specimens who ran for positions. What kind of faces do they make? What kind of cries? He had a big smile on, ready to make a pleasant first impression. He slid the door open and was happy to see there were others inside already. And he knew them, so he didn't have to examine them. He didn't bring tools after all.

    "Ara ara! Good morning, ladies!" He greeted with a bow. "Fujimoto-han! What a pleasure to work with you on our last year!"

    He came inside, finally realizing that he was still wearing his apron. "Oh, pardon me." He took it off and folded it neatly, putting the gloves on top. "What's our agenda? Oh, right! First meeting. I'm Kisaragi Naoto, School Paper chair. Big fan of yours, Kiyomi-han. And Ayano-han if you'd like, I can help you with those bruises while the Health chair isn't here." He gave them both a lingering look that seemed to scan them.
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  8. Kiyomi looked at the man who had just entered the room. He had a weird aura around him. She didn't particularly like that. As if he was about to see right through her. "Um, hello there, Kisaragi-san, it's a... pleasure to meet you, too, but, I don't see Fujimoto around. Do you happen to know where he is?"
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  9. "Well, I did hear Fujimoto-han so he-a! She's probably in there." Naoto said, pointing to the closet with a childlike smugness. He chuckled heartily, "He's-oh-she's a good person so there's no need to tape it shut, I s'pose." He gave Ushiromiya a knowing nod. "You'd do best to know the president herself, Kiyomi-han. She's formidable, that one."

    He looked for a moment as if he'd remember something. "Kiyomi....Kiyomi." He muttered, rubbing his chin and taking out a notepad from his pocket. He leafed through it. "Spelled with purity and beauty? Or purity and truth? Lovely." He jotted something down, seemingly enlightened.
  10. "Uh, right..." She didn't like the fact that he was scribbling things about her, but then again, she was used to paparazzi. She undid the tape from the closet, and opened it. "Prez! What are you doing in there!?" She exclaimed. She then realized she had punched the president in the stomach and locked him into a closet on the first day. Not the best first impression.
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  11. [​IMG]

    A dull expression was over the delinquents face as he walked through the hallway, forgetting where the student council room was once again. His hand ran through his hair as he let out a sigh, creeping out most of the students in the hallway. Takamuri Kage was surprised by the fact that one of his exasperated breaths could scare away those within the hallway. He gave an innocent girl who was walking by a grin, and she quickly ran in the other direction. The bad boy's hands slipped back into his pockets as he walked up the stairs, remembering where the student council room was.

    "Heh. Guess I still uphold my notorious reputation..."

    He came up to the hallway, looking to both sides before seeing the room. The delinquent leisurely walked to the door before pulling it open, peering in to see who else was within. A rather awkward situation came down in front of him as he saw the school idol undoing tape from the closet door, revealing the class president. Kage quirked an eyebrow up at the two before turning to his left, seeing his Vice-Chairman and the leader of the school newspaper. He grabbed a chair before sitting down, propping up his feet on the table. His gaze went in the direction of all the others within the student council room.

    "Name is Takamuri Kage, or you can just go ahead and call me Kage. Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. Hope we all have a good year together."
  12. "Crazed fan?" Ayano repeated but just then someone else walked through the door. Kisaragi Naoto, Ayano was slightly surprised at the way he looked but he didn't seem to be too bad. "No thanks, a few bruises don't really bother me." She replied concerning his offer. Though it was strange that he was writing down some notes. After hearing that the person in the closet was actually their president, Ayano made a shy, hoping the president wouldn't be angry at any of them. Another person walked in, Takamuri Kage, he was the chairman of the committee that she was vice to. "Hey." She said to him when he greeted them and took his idea of taking a seat.
  13. He was never going to scare someone ever again. Ever.

    Fujimoto hadn't expected cute and kind Ushiromiya-san to punch him into oblivion. Honestly! She didn't even look like she could force her hands into fists! He should have picked someone else...Like the secretary. Scaring children was easier and funnier...
    "Guh..."He groaned as he was released from his temporary prison. "Ushiromiya-san, that huuurt!!" He whined, reverting back to his boy self and taking his wig off. He glared at her even though he was the one at fault, but he was the president! So yeah...

    He scanned everyone else who had entered the room, as he bypassed the committee table and trudged to his desk. "Okay...So there are definitely a lot less people here then I though there would be..."He said as he snatched up the Student Council Roster and skimmed down the list. "Bakemono-san," He began, staring pointedly at his vice president. "Kisaragi-kun, Takamuri-san, Nakamura-san...Where the hell is everyone else!" He snapped, slamming the paper down.
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  14. Kiyomi was thrown back by Fujimoto's words, as if he had punched her in return "Bakemono-san!? Will I go down in student council history as the demon who punched the president!?" She woed over her own demise, and fell to the floor, sobbing gently. "I-I'm sure they're just late, prez..." She tried to make herself look as vulnerable as possible, so that Fujimoto would forgive her.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Kage looked over to his left, seeing his Vice Chairman sitting down. He scooted his seat closer before gently grabbing her wrist and balling her hand into a fist. He let go, using his fist to bump into hers, showing that he approved of her. The Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee looked over to the president as he said Bakemono-san, which made him slightly chuckle. The President would obviously not forgive the Vice President's blunder easily. The Vice President then mentioned something about going down in history as the monster who punched the President, and that made him laugh even more. He was also wondering what they were wondering as well. Where were the rest of the student council?

    "Who knows Prez. Maybe they are just sick or something? Oh and Vice Prez, you probably will be known as the monster who punched the President. All in favor of having her name title be Bakemono-san raise their hand."

    Kage's hand slowly went up into the air as he grinned at the girl who was sobbing on the ground. ​
  16. Ayano blinked as she watched Kage take her hand, put it into a fist, then fist bump it. "Oh." She thought in her head, "So, that's what he is doing." At first confused, but replied with the fist bump as soon as she realized it. She took a look at the girl on the floor. She didn't really care if they called her by her name or nickname, didn't matter to her. But, she thought about where the others might be. "Perhaps the others got attacked by some dogs because they stepped on it's tail, or fell down a hill and rolled into a tree...." She said, but realizing their looks of 'WHAT!', decided to stop. "Does that not happen to you guys, or something?"
  17. Oooo, she'd missed it! Miki had waited for ten minutes for Kage to get there so she could meet him at the door, and now she'd missed him! It was because all those other people had started coming that she'd been forced to run and hide; that's why she missed him! But Miki would not be deterred! She stepped up to the door, reached high to turn the handle, and pushed it open.

    The door swung open only far enough to allow the small girl to enter. She sidled in as discreetly as she could, flinching a little when the zipper on her backpack rubbed noisily along the wall. There were a great many tall people assembled, including the very loud Ushiromiya-senpai and the super-scary Kisaragi-senpai. Her only comfort at that moment was that Ushiromiya-senpai was drawing everyone's attention with her hysterics. Trying to use that chance, Miki padded her way behind the Disciplinary Committee's desk. She stayed back against the wall for now, behind and a little to the side of Kage's chair. The side Nakamura-senpai was on, just in case.
  18. She was finished. All of her actions up until now had made her seem weird and excentric. The head of the disciplinary committee's jeering voice, the judgemental stare of the little girl that had just walked in... Kiyomi truly snapped. With the sound of a timer going off, she fell onto the floor, steam rising up from her body. She lay perfectly still for a moment, until she suddenly popped open a packet of Pocky. Sweets was her only comfort at times like this. She sat down on one of the chairs, curled up into a ball, quietly munching on her chocolatey snack.
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  19. Fujimoto pursed his lips and slapped his wig back on, resuming the role of Kasumi. He suddenly felt bad for Bakem--Ushiromiya-san. He had been at fault after all, and her crazy instincts would come in handy in the long run--Oh and what in the hell? Fujimoto stared as the school idol curled into a ball--Is she having a mental breakdown?--and then started jamming pocky in her mouth.
    "Err...Okay, grudge over. You are forgiven for punching me in the stomach. Ushiromiya-san." He said quickly, waving his hands in a 'No worries!' motion.
    With that he began to listen to the excuses that people were giving for the late comers. He briefly wondered if he should keep the paramedics on speed dial for Nakamura-san, because what she had just said was not normal at all. "How are you even alive...?" He asked, in awe of the DC vice chairman.

    It was then that, he noticed the door. It had been shut before and now it was open. Nobody had left, so that means..."Oh! The chibi is here! Err--I mean
    Suzuki-chan!" He squealed, and pointed at the little girl who was standing behind the Disciplinary committee. Even though the kid was a genius and probably better at reading then he was, he couldn't help talking in a mushy baby talk voice. It was just how he spoke to little kids.
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  20. Miki's entire face bent down in a disapproving frown. The small girl pulled her backpack off and set it against the wall. Then she trudged to Kiyomi's side, climbed up onto the chair beside her, and softly patted the Vice President's head. "It's okay, Ushiromiya-senpai. You can punch the President whenever you want to, so don't feel bad. You didn't do anything wrong." Miki turned to glare at the terrible person who had made a girl cry, and even swindled Kage-dono into agreeing with him. "Isn't that right, Fujimoto-senpai?"
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