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There are people called Sentinels who have heightened senses. They have vision that can rival a hawks, their hearing can reach up to a mile, they can smell better than a bloodhound, their taste is sensitive and touch can be overwhelming to them. Sentinels can alter these senses by "dialing" them up or down. However they are susceptible to "zoning" out. They will become so focused on a sound or sight that they'll get stuck in a fugue state. To avoid this happening a Guide is needed. Guides are people with an innate ability to lead a Sentinel out of a zone.

Most Sentinels and Guides prefer to bond with another instead of having random counterparts. Weakened Sentinels can imprint on a Guide when bringing them out of a zone. When bonded or imprinted, a pair can have a psychic link - the abilities depending on the couples strength in their relationship.

Sentinels and Guides have spirit animals that can seen only by others like them. These spirit animals have precognition and will often warn their human of danger and guide them through trials.

Wade is a Sentinel whose quickly losing control of his senses and is zoning out more and more, but he's never found a guide compatible with him. Enter Peter Parker. At first it's a game of cats versus dogs as Wade is immediately taken by the younger man but is seen only as a nuisance. But how long can Peter hold out against Wade's... charms?

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A small city in New York, America.
They're in an expansive valley, surrounded by mountains.

Year 2016, September. Autumn has just started and daylight is already ending much earlier.
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⊱⊱ Wade Wilson Deadpool
Look into my eyes. Keep looking... now try to tell me "no" again.


Blood Type O

"I think my horoscope is cancer. Heh."

Mercenary He's hired by many different sources, most often a branch of government or military to assassinate targets.

Swordsmanship┊ Wade is skilled in combat with his katana. He uses two but can also fight with just one.
Martial Arts┊ Trained in multiple styles, Wade doesn't use a certain type. He's mixed them all together and added his own flair. Similar to breakdancing his moves are random and flowing, making it impossible for others to see whats coming.
Guns & Artillery┊He can use just about any weapon handed to him. Even if he doesn't know the schematics.


MoneyWade is not lacking financially. One of the perks of his job is that he's paid handsomely.
Physically Fit┊ He's agile, sure-handed, quick, strong, and healthy.
Courageous┊Wade is not scared easily. He wouldn't be able to survive in his world if he was.

Mentally Unstable┊Wade has PTSD and Schizophrenia. This impacts every moment of his life.
Impulsiveness┊There is no rhyme or reason to what Wade does and while it's helpful in a fight, dealing with day to day norms is virtually impossible.

Cross-dressing: Wade enjoys wearing traditionally female clothing like dresses and high heels.
Restaurant Hopping: He likes to eat out at different places, mostly crummy hole in the wall types.

Chimichangas (he couldn't live without them)
Flirting (anything moving goes)
Kids (he's soft on anything pure & innocent)

Wade more than anything wants to have some semblance of stability, the closest thing he has to it is an apartment he rarely uses. A partner of any caliber would do a lot for him as both a Sentinel and just a normal guy.

There aren't many things that Wade's afraid of but there are some internal things that scare him. The stuff he can't fight off with his fists or katana frighten him. Wade fears discovering his lost memories. He doesn't know what he'll find or the repercussions. He is also afraid of growing emotionally attached to people as it usually ends in catastrophe for him.



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