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  1. Welcome Recruit! Here's what you need to know as a new member of The Society.

    Ghosts? They exist. Everywhere, although you already know that. You wouldn't be here if you couldn't see them. What makes them so special though? A ghost can grant a human like you or me their powers, and if they do the damage can be disastrous. But that's where we come in; As Seer's working for The Society, our job is to form covenants with ghost's ourselves in order to prevent destruction.

    There are three major types of spirits. Beasts are the most common; They're non-humanoid beings incapable of traditional forms of speech. Even so, it's like dealing with a dog. You can get a simple enough understanding. Beast's powers are elemental in nature, and are usually the causes of rogue natural disasters. History is self explanatory. They're humans who have died. They are in their prime and have access to all of their equipment they had when they were alive. Finally, there's the Unborn. The Unborn are spirits that for whatever reason have appeared in the past before they've been born. They're exactly the same as History spirits, except they have more advanced equipment. When they are born in the human world, the spirit ceases to exist until the future when it becomes a History. History and Unborn spirits can temporarily take the form of a physical item to assist their Seer.

    There's a few other organizations that The Society has to deal with a common basis.

    Red Fox: The Red Fox are a group of Seer's the use Spirits as a weapon. They hire themselves out as mercenaries and fight for whatever and whoever is paying them. They don't have a strict moral code, although some members may be more inclined to not be completely heartless. It changes from individual to individual.

    Juliet: The member's of Juliet are freaks that have fallen in love with their Spirits. For the most part they only fall for History spirits, but that's not always the case. Juliet's goal is to find a way to bring the dead back to life, so that they can be with their Spirits. This wouldn't be problematic if not for the fact that they'll go too far in order to get their loved ones.

    Doctors: The Doctor's are simple. They use Unborn spirits in order to advance society's technology. They care nothing for their partners and will dispose of them willingly when the Unborn is close to coming to life. They care about science and nothing else.

    Chronos: Chronos' intentions are unknown. They show up randomly wherever disaster strikes, and corrupts their spirits turning them into Ghouls which will kill anything in their path. Including the Seer's who formed covenants with them. The reason why is being looked into.

    Now that you know what you're getting yourself into, head on home. You'll meet your partner when you come into work tomorrow. You have a lot of work ahead of you.


    Hi! So this is an RP that I've wanted to do for years. Instead of doing a Group RP for it, I decided a 1x1 would be best in this situation.

    After the roleplay starts, I'll PM you and we can talk about future plot threads we want our characters to go through. (So that we don't have to worry as much about plot holes, and we can have at least a bit planned out ahead of time. Mostly things like what type of criminal we'll go after next, who should be recurring characters, things of that nature.)

    Just a few requests of mine;

    • No romance between our characters unless it becomes organic and agreed on later.
    • I'm wanting this to be a long running roleplay. Please don't join if you're not going to stick with it. (Or if something comes up and you can't continue; Tell me and we can have your character retire and I'll find a new partner.)
    • Please avoid the edgy loner trope. We'll be a team, and that would make morale and teamwork difficult.
    • Comedy is fine, but everything isn't a joke.
    • And please, have fun!

    In case you want to know about my character so you can plan yours;

    My character will be a new recruit, much like yours. He'll have come from a long line of Seers, although he's the first to have joined an organization. He'll have a beast spirit that's based around fire. The rest you'll find out once we start.
  2. I'll be glad to do this with you :) It looks really interesting
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