Seers- Ghost Cops

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    February 2nd, 2017

    Jason lifted his body out of bed. He was still sore from training the day before, but now it was over. He finally had become a member of The Society and was ready to help people. His family weren't thrilled at the idea, but that didn't matter anymore. He was old enough to make his own decisions, and he wanted to help prevent chaos on his own.

    He stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled. A small baby falcon flew onto his shoulder and did a light peck at his face. "Cut it out Force. We've got work to do today." Force was his spirit, a beast type that he had met many years ago. Force's base element seemed to be fire, but Jason never had needed to use it before so he wasn't completely sure.

    Force flew around the room as Jason got ready. Jason was an averagly built man, short brown hair, light stubble on his face and green eyes. Fashion didn't really matter to him either. Even though The Society allows accessories to modify the outfits, Jason just put on the black button down shirt and was fine. He checked to make sure his 9mm gun was fully loaded and holstered it. Finally Jason picked up his badge, looked at it for a second and then clipped it on.

    Jason Matthews
    Male, 23 years old
    Provisional Seer

    Jason locked up his house and got into his green Sedan, Force flew into the backseat. Force for the most part took a smaller form, in order to be easier on Jason. But for whatever reason, she loved to be full sized when he was driving. Force's full size takes up the entire back seat of the Sedan, and makes driving awfully difficult. But after a while he was able to make it to his location.

    St. Gregory County Police Station

    The Society used the actual police force as a way to hide their location. Go inside the police station, furthermost toilet in the back, the one that is "broken" and pull the handle. When it's pulled, it turns into an elevator and brings down the Seers.

    Upon reaching the ground floor, Jason looked at the various wanted posters that hung in the halls but decided relatively quickly to move on. His partner was waiting on him in the conference room, and he couldn't wait to meet them. They were going to be working together for who knows how long, so Jason needed to make a good impression.

    Jason opened the door to the meeting room and called out, "Hi! I'm Jason Matthews. I'm your new partner." Force was just relaxing on his shoulder, taking her small form as she watched her Seer try to be an adult. Force was so amused that a small red flame left from her beak.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.