Seen Any Good Movies Lately...

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  1. Didn't see this kind of thread so I decided why not.
    Seen "Oblivion" and "Now You See Me". Both were really good and are on my "Must Buy" list.
  2. I'm kind of a horror movie freak, and despite my doubts when I went to the theater to see it, I REALLY enjoyed The Conjuring. It had the right amount of mindfuck and jump scares. Not quite nightmare-worthy, but a good watch nontheless.
  3. My fiance went to see and said pretty much the same thing. I hope to see it soon.
  4. I saw Turbo which was moderate to me. I thought it was a cute idea for a children's movie (normally I don't watch kid's movies but that one looked interesting).

    I have hopes that the second Hobbit will be better than the first one.
  5. Finally caught Kick-Ass 2. Worthy successor to the original. It doesn't quite go as far in terms of pushing the boundaries of what modern cinema can get away with, but hey: it's kinda hard to top having an 11 year-old calling a bunch of gangsters cunts.
  6. That is so very true. I hope to see that one too.
  7. Also, have you all watched Pacific Rim yet?

    No? Go and fucking watch it, then. Right now. I'm serious. Right the fuck now. You can thank me later, just get it done.
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  8. I saw the World's End.
    Fucking loved it, though Simon Pegg's character could have done without the giveaway early on.
  9. Agreed on Pacific Rim. When I think about seeing it again I get all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Then I punch the air in an epic fashion while squealing like a schoolgirl.
  10. I can't stop singing Pacific Rim's main theme.

    And all the little nods to various shows and whatnot really made me smile.
  11. Do things make you smile externally?...Yeah dumb question.
  12. Third vote for the Conjuring.

    Also, new Wolverine movie was good.
  13. So I watched "The Ladykillers" and "The Producers" yesterday and both were funny and unexpected.
    And Now I just finished "Take Me Home Tonight"...that one was pretty good except one scene was just wow. That's the only way I can describe it without spoiling it.
  14. Yesterday, I watched Frankneweenie. Even though it is a kid's movie, it is, somehow, creepy. However, you should expect that from Tim Burton's mind, xhehe.
    Also, the concept, great. Story, greater. I deeply suggest it if you're into creepy things.
  15. I really liked that movie. I found it touching.
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