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  1. The mysterious town of Seele, covered by the freezing snow from the mountains. The Campesino Mountains (idk) were the tallest mountains on the continent, not even the best mountain climbers could climb it. Seele was isolated - the mountains to the north, and the ocean to the south. The inhabitants of Seele risked their lives to escape by boat because of the town nearest to them, (Buslandi--) Var, would shoot them down. Var proposed that if Seele's people could get over the mountains and be fine afterwards, they could pass through the waters without any difficulty... from them.

    This wasn't even close to Akrien Road's goal whatsoever. When he grew up, he lived off his own made up principles:
    1.) Everything as free.
    2.) Do what you want.
    3.) Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, . . .
    4.) Repeat!

    It was due to his mother babying him. He was her first child, and she wanted to protect him. However, Akrien grew up stealing, picking some fights, getting into some physical fights, and the only good thing -- becoming a kid athlete and hunting. He sometimes listened to the classes in school, but some immature kids kept distracting him. His opprotunity to live a good and normal life went down the drain.

    Because of his mishaps, the rulers of Seele were forced to banish Akrien from their land simply to make everyone's lives better. The Road family deeply objected, but they came to realize that there was nothing that could be done. They pushed him away to the mountains, where he found himself a cave and made it his home. However, because of the excessive amount of snow -- more than he's used to -- , he couldn't grow or find his own food. That's where Seele's festival came in.

    Seele's festival is to celebrate its establishment and birth. They held enourmos feasts, played an infinite amount of games, had many bars, and a few places to relax. It was just the time to steal the food and save it to eat later. Yet, the hard part about going up and down the mountain path was its ice. It was very slippery, and caused a few amount of casualities a year. It was mostly the brave, over confident men who tried to climb the mountain who died. Akrien was just lucky. He is a little too over confident, but not too brave, (but he's a tsundere. :P) yet he has no difficulty getting up and down the mountain.

    Well, that was until this year.

    A new sickness spread in the town. It must have been airborne because poor Akrien caught the cold -- or he just stole some food from a poor Spanish peasant farmer and was accidentally infected by the farmer's touch. Anyways, the sickness made the victim sick. Their stomach ached, their limbs felt numb, they couldn't think straight or even see clearly. Eventually the people got over with the sickness after a few days, but it cause a hindrance, especially for Akrien.

    It started with a cought one day, then the next day, the symptoms kicked in. Sadly, it was the day of the festival, and he had no food in stock.

    "I must go down," he talked to himself. "Or else I'll die. Mum and Papa might be really sad..."

    He stumbled out into the sunlight, tripping over his own feet. He clinged to the ice walls for support, but eventurally, his arms gave out, and so did his legs. The ice was too slippery and he fell, and suddenly, the world was black.